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Oracle Dba Resume


Professional Summary

  • Result oriented, analytical and self-driven professional seasoned with 12 years of working in a dual role of design/architecture and production support.
  • Experience in Installation/Administering Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i Databases of varying landscapes and sizes.
  • Excellent hands-on in database administration over Dedicated Servers, Parallel Servers, Data Guard Servers, Distributed Servers and Very Large Databases (VLDB) of sizes over 23 Terra Bytes on multiple instances which includes tuning, backup & recovery procedures.
  • Extensive experience in data center configuration and migration.
  • Extensive experience with Oracle patching/ cloning and configuration.
  • Extensive experience with implementation of Oracle Advance security Wallet Manager.
  • Experience with Oracle stream for the data replication for data mart.
  • Experience of implementation of DR (Disaster Recovery) plan with different approach like Dataguard / Oracle streams.
  • Experience with implementation of Audit and security implementation on oracle databases.
  • Extensive experience in Database Upgrades & Migration from oracle 8i to oracle 9i, oracle 9i to 10g with cross-platform migrations.
  • Experience using OEM, Grid control, Erwin, Toad for database administration, monitoring and design.
  • Worked extensively on Backup & Recovery online/offline using RMAN, BCV technology & User-Managed physical/logical backups using Import/Export. Along with performing DR drills using BCV’s and Tape recoveries.
  • Experience on Performance Tuning & Capacity Planning pro-active and re-active actions for optimal performance complying with business SLA’s.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills along with very good understanding and experience working in a highly qualified environment.

Technical Skills
Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i
Operating system: UNIX, HPUX, AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Applications: SQL Navigator, SSH, Reflection X
Monitoring Tools: Oracle 10g Grid Control, OEM, Toad, Net IQ, Veritas
Backup & Disaster Recovery: RMAN, Dataguard
Performance & Tuning Tools: AWR/Statspack reports, ADDM, TKPRF/Trace Analyzer, Oracle 10g OEM Grid control, RDA

Oracle9i and Oracle10g Certified Database Professional (OCP), ITIL V3

Professional Experience

Client : Confidential,CA Aug ‘10 – Till date
Role : Lead Oracle DBA


  • Partner with architects of different other engineering / application teams to engineer complex technical product in order to provide palpable business solutions to various business divisions as a part of DBA Engineering project activities.
  • Oracle streams implementation/administration for live reporting server, database consolidation, zero downtime migration.
  • Architecting Oracle Fail safe environments for site critical databases, including configurations, failover testing, tuning, creating standards etc.
  • Supervising application of One-Off, patchsets and PSU patches Oracle patches for 10g RDBMS and clusterwares.
  • Designing processes and procedures, setting up standards, creation of scripts for installation of Oracle Server software, creation of databases, setup backup using RMAN, DR solutions using tape backup.
  • Leading the efforts of performance tuning to scale up the test results in tune with the requirement of the application team.
  • Optimizing the downtime for maintenance by coordinating with the different application teams involved in the maintenance activity.
  • Strictly followed Change Control/Change management procedures as laid down by the organization in a highly qualified environment.

Environment : Solaris, Oracle 11.x/10.2.x/Cluster-ware, Oracle Grid control, Dataguard, Oracle streams, Toad

Client : Confidential,Pittsford, NY July ‘07 – Aug ‘10
Role : Database Architect/ Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Responsible for 24*7 supporting more than 30 Oracle databases (10g/9i) running on Aix 5.x, HP-UX 11i wherein the major chunk of the databases hold data of OLTP, DSS and other enterprise applications as a Database
  • Implemented, administered, reorganized and subsequently tuned all Oracle databases (development – production) databases with datacenter migration from Pittsford, NY (oracle 9i on HP UNIX) to Georgetown, TX (oracle 10g on AIX Unix) that save the company an estimated $3 million a year.
  • By Implementing the Advance Security Wallet Manger on oracle 10g database, solve many audit and application connectivity issue.
  • Successfully migrated Oracle 9i databases to Oracle 10g databases
  • Responsible for analyzing and designing the process to implement the oracle patch sets available in Oracle.
  • Responsible key member in designing/testing/implementing enterprise level move from user-managed backups to RMAN on Oracle 10g environments.
  • Configured database cloning to copy production to other prod copy (for adoc report purpose) using Business Continuity Volumes (BCVs).
  • Responsible for Validating Database integrity, security, auditing through SOX twice years to ensure the databases are FDA compliant.
  • Involved in performing Disaster Recovery drills twice a year for all production systems using BCV splits of remote standby databases and tape recovery for non-BCV enabled systems.
  • Maintaining strong working relationship with customers (UNIX, storage, developers and team leads).
  • Prepare validation documents for database setup (installation, configuration, operation, etc.) in a FDA regulated environment.
  • Strictly followed Change Control/Change management procedures as laid down by the organization in a highly qualified environment.

Environment : AIX/HP-UX/Windows, Oracle 11.x/10.2.x/9.8.x, SQL Server 2005, SQL, PL/SQL, Korn/C-Shell Script, Toad

Client : Confidential, Jan ‘07 – Jul ‘07
Role : Oracle Database Administrator


  • An active member in upgrading & migrating 9i databases to 10g for both OLTP and data warehouses.
  • For data-mart design, Implemented Oracle Stream (Advance replication) on oracle 10g.
  • Involved in creating, maintaining and refreshing required Oracle instances/databases for development, test and production environments.
  • Provided DBA support to the application development and acceptance team, both onsite and offshore for loading and testing data in 10g databases.
  • Implemented Oracle\'s Advanced Features such as Partition table, Partition Index, Function Based Indexes
  • Was responsible for setting up standards for database maintenance and monitoring.
  • Responsible for Report generation, monitoring disk usage, keeping systems healthy for the production environment.
  • Implemented changes into the existing cron jobs as per the business needs.
  • In conjunction with the security administrator established and managed user access, along with designing and implementation of user environments, also establishing enterprise level security standards.
  • Extensively used metalink for resolving technical issues, opening SR and use collaborative support for database related issues.
  • Responsible for documenting important scripts and administration of server environment.
  • Responsible for conducting weekly meeting, tele/video conference with clients, development teams both onsite as well as offshore.

Environment : AIX- Unix/ Oracle 10g, Sqlplus, PL/SQL, Sql Loader, TOAD, Erwin, Korn shell script, Perl Script

Client : Confidential, June ‘06 – Jan ‘07
Role : Oracle Database Administrator


  • Responsible for providing on call production support for 24x7 databases running on oracle 9i.
  • Performed day-to-day DBA activities like patching, performance tuning, space management, backup & recovery, query optimization, testing and implementation.
  • Responsible for installation and configuration of oracle 9i over Aix and Windows platforms.
  • Worked through all the stages of SDLC and was involved in requirement analysis.
  • Responsible for doing the capacity planning.
  • Implemented replication among the distributed sites using materialized views.
  • Performed Database Cloning to create TEST and DEV instances
  • Responsible for development of database schemas based on project requirement, database setup & configuration
  • Responsible for optimizing instance performance and throughput so as to keep in pace with SLA.
  • Implemented table and index partitioning for enhancing the query performance for demanding applications.
  • Supporting development team with in SQL query optimization using SQL Trace, Explain Plan, SQL Query Analyzer and Optimizer Hints.
  • Involved in implementing and managing backup & recovery strategies using user managed process.
  • Responsible for scheduling backup scripts in cron to run on timely basis according the strategy.

Environment : AIX/Windows, Oracle 9i, Crystal Reports, Erwin, TOAD

Client : Confidential, Feb ‘03 – June ‘06
Role : Oracle Database Administrator


  • Maintenance of Oracle Databases as per the requirement.
  • Managing the logical objects of the Database.
  • Rebuilding Index to rectify segment fragmentation.
  • Checking Alert Log file for errors and taking necessary actions to rectify them.
  • Frequent analysis of objects or schemas to improve the speed of the database.
  • Taking hot Backups.
  • Export / Import of Tables and Full Database.
  • Killing unwanted user sessions or processes.
  • Monitoring the database growth, Re-Organization of Tables.
  • Installing Oracle clients & ODBC for users.

Environment : AIX/Windows, Oracle 9i

Client : Confidential, Jul ‘02 – Jan ‘03


  • Troubleshooting desktop issues for the users.
  • Setting up the network for the users
  • Installing windows, oracle client and setting up hardware for the users.
  • Managing the hardware asset for the company.

Client : Confidential, June ‘00 – Jul ‘02


  • Installing Oracle clients on user machines.
  • Checking alert logs and user logs.
  • Tablespace management


  • Bachelor of Engineering