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Oracle Database Administrator Resume



  • An Oracle DBA and Data Science Enthusiast with over 5+ years of experience in Oracle.
  • Comfortable with installation, upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, performance tuning, Data guard and RAC configurations. Worked in a variety of UNIX, Support Production, Test and Development Environments
  • Solid hands on 5+ years of experience with the database from designing, developing, implementing, monitoring & managing of users, performance tuning of applications and the databases Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8x as well; using SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, ORACLE RAC (Real Application Cluster), Standby (Data Guard) Database, Golden Gate, Oracle Utilities, Oracle Enterprise Manager & Oracle Management Server on Unix platforms
  • Experience in supporting and administrating large 24x7 production databases in Oracle 10g and 11g r2 RAC, ASM, Golden Gate and Data Guard environments
  • Expertise in installing, building, configuring, managing, upgrading, patching and trouble - shooting oracle databases in linux environment. Good hands-on knowledge in 10g/11g Real Application Cluster (RAC) with ASM
  • Experience with SRVCTL, CRSCTL, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 11g/12c, Grid Control, DBCA, VIPCA, OIFCFG, OCRCONFIG, ASMCMD and SQL* Plus for administration of Services, ASM instances and RAC databases
  • Experienced in Golden Gate installation, configuration of Extract, Pump and Replicate. Managing Golden Gate process, Trouble Shooting and Upgrade of software
  • Experience is adding/deleting a Node from an existing RAC Cluster and Load Balancing
  • Experience in maintaining Oracle Data Guard & Standby Database using dgmgrl & FSFO and providing critical solution with strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods
  • Complete range of Oracle DBA activities including day-to-day production database maintenance and monitoring, Backup & Recovery using RMAN, troubleshooting production issues, performance tuning, export-import, client installation, high availability (HA), disaster, and recovery, management of physical storage of database in Linux platform
  • Experience in creating non-production instances using Export / Import utilities / Data pump Schema and User management.
  • Coordinating several tuning efforts using ASH, AWR, Statspack reports, SQL tuning, OSwatcher with Dev and Test team’s that ensued in significant enhancements of response times by using index optimization and hints
  • Experience in backup and recovery, using RMAN, export/import and data pump
  • Experience in Oracle Partitioning, Range, Hash, List & Interval partitioning
  • Expertise in writing UNIX shell scripts and SQL scripts for database monitoring and administration
  • Expertise in hardening of databases using the standard security policies
  • Experience in Database capacity planning by observing Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly growth rate
  • Involved in production DBA support in solving the database problems and co-ordination with Oracle Corporation
  • Exposure towards Data Science Predicative analysis, Machine Learning Concepts using R, and Python


  • Design Thinking
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Photography


Databases & Tools: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Export/ Import, Oracle11g Grid, OEM 12c, srvctl, crsctl, OPatch, RMAN, Golden Gate, MYSQL

Languages: SQL, Lotus Script, Formula Language, Shell Scripting, Python

Tools: Microsoft Visio, Smart draw, UMLet, visual paradigm, Toad, OEM, Eclipse, Oracle Developer 11g, Lotus Notes Designer, Putty, MS Office, Lotus Notes client, Maven

Multimedia: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Flash 8, Xara 3D, Maya Basics, Dreamweaver Designer


Oracle Database Administrator

Confidential, Sunnyvale


  • Working with oracle support to resolve issues with database
  • Building database with active data guard setup to support high availability
  • Manage databases in a clustered/RAC setup
  • Resolving datablock corrupt issues in active dataguard database by copying corrupted datafile from production to DR using RMAN
  • Working collaboratively with end-users to resolve data load issues with violation of unique constraints, primary key constraints in Golden Gate.
  • Drop and rebuilding indexes, gathering statistics on tables and table partitions to optimize query execution
  • Impdp/expdp command logical transport of data from one environment to the other
  • Scheduling online RMAN full, incremental and archival backup in cron and monitoring backup jobs for any failures.
  • Created a standby database by using RMAN Duplicate in order to reduce the down time for the PROD database during the migration process.
  • Performing risk assessment for quarterly security patches releases by oracle and decide which patch has to be applied in the environment.
  • Proactively apply patches when necessary as recommended by oracle.
  • Enable flashback for database during major deployments to be able to restore database to restore points in the of a failure
  • Recommend end users to use bind variables as against literals to benefit from the performance gain in soft parsing rather than hard parsing which requires a lot of CPU resources
  • Generation of AWR reports, analyzing for any bottlenecks and providing suggestions to Application team.
  • Review the code changes and test them in UAT and suggest application team for any changes to have a smooth deployment in Production systems.
  • Working knowledge of Tablespace encryption (Transparent Data Encryption)
  • Working on ASM, adding & dropping of disk groups
  • Developed shell scripts/Automations for regular administration tasks that include various cronjobs for alert logs, Backups, restore and recovery
  • Good Understanding and Basic hands-on No SQL databases like DATA STAX DSE ( Cassandra )

Environment: Shell Scripting, RMAN, ASM, OEM, Oracle 11G & 12C, Golden Gate, Putty, OEL

Research Assistant



  • Involved in the High-level and low-level system design, planning, estimation and implementation
  • Involved in the design and development and testing phases of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Researched on recommender systems, user based collaborative filtering techniques, content based filtering
  • Implementation and development of recommender systems through Java Eclipse Tools, (and maven scripts) and Python
  • Researched theoretically the possibility of implementing Personalized Grade Prediction Application (pGPA) application through various databases like MongoDB




  • A prediction Application which predicts the grade of the student(s) on selecting the simple inputs like subject, intended subject and the year interested to take up the course
  • Developed an JAVA Maven project inculcating required Apache Mahout Machine learning libraries to achieve user based collaborative filtering concept
  • This yields the predicted grade helping the student analyzing the career selecting the possibility of better subjects

Oracle Applications and Database Administrator



  • Performed monitoring, administration & troubleshooting of multiple Oracle databases
  • Maintenance activities included ASM Configuration, Table space Management & User Management
  • Monitoring alert logs, trace files and log files to check Database health and corruption
  • Implemented oracle 12c active standby database for test database environment
  • Up gradation of Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Databases on multi- node RAC environment
  • Supported Workflow rebuild activity for oracle applications
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
  • Good Understanding of No SQL databases like Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB
  • Configured Physical Standby database using Active Database Duplication
  • Setup of Jobs using the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) database control
  • Implemented and maintained Oracle 11g Data guard /standby databases for fail-over purposes
  • Managing Database Locks and blocking sessions with ON Call support for weekend/weekday releases
  • Experienced in install Operating System and configure kernel parameters for Linux/Unix servers
  • Basic Experience in writing shell scripts using bash
  • Daily Database Administration activities on MySQL Databases

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