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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Rochester Hills, MichigaN


  • To be professionally associated with an esteemed organization that inculcates professional strength in me and provides channel to leverage my skills and knowledge on various business practices for a better professional trajectory.
  • 6 years of experience in Information Technology industry, 7 months of experience providing Oracle database administrator services and quality services for global clients such as Confidential Health Systems ( Confidential ), American International Group ( Confidential ), Confidential and Farmers.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and monitoring of Oracle databases on UNIX AIX /Linux.
  • Configure cluster environment using ASM on Production, Pre - Production, Development, and Testing servers.
  • Manage Oracle 11g/12c standalone databases and Oracle 12c ASM databases on different environments.
  • Hands on experience in configuring and implementing ASM, and also created ASM diskgroups using ASMCA and SYSASM.
  • Experience in performing standalone database refresh and ASM database refresh from Production to development and testing environments.
  • Hands on experience on upgrading the Oracle databases from 11g to 12c.
  • Migrate the databases from one Data Center to another Data Center using RMAN, Non ASM to ASM, and implement Datapump for any schema level data migration requests.
  • Experience in using RMAN for taking level 0 and level 1 backups, DB refresh, and database migration.
  • Register databases with RMAN catalog and perform restore and recovery.
  • Experience in performing cross platform data migration (From SQL Server Database to Oracle Database) using SQL Developer.
  • Have experience in applying PSU patches using Opatch utility and opatchauto in the environment.
  • Manage administrative tasks such as handling space management issues in the environment, creating user id’s, granting roles, privileges, and quotas to users.
  • Configure Listener and TNS for maintaining client/server connectivity.
  • Experience in monitoring performance of the databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager OEM 12c such as Active Session History (ASH), Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), blocking sessions, and also managing the storage for the tablespaces.
  • Knowledge on high availability techniques such as RAC, DataGuard, and GoldenGate.
  • Exposure in installing, configuring and monitoring of Oracle databases server on Linux.
  • Knowledge on performing block recovery, and data file recovery using RMAN utility.
  • Knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle STLC and Defect Life Cycle.
  • Expertise in analyzing the business use cases, requirements, developing and executing the test scenarios.
  • Identification of risk prone areas and prioritization of business scenarios based on the risk associated with the functionality.
  • Experience in Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Team Management primarily on the following areas: Functional, Smoke, Manual testing, Regression Testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Co-ordinate extensively with PeopleSoft Apps team, UNIX admin team, and Operations team onsite team, business analysts and support teams to execute the project deliverables on time.
  • Experience in preparing level0 and level1 estimates for planning the project activities based on scope.
  • Ability to work on different test environments and release cycles.
  • Experience in Bug tracking, Root Cause Analysis and Defect Analysis.
  • Expertise in test/defect management tools like Quality Center and Gemini; ticketing tools like ServiceNow, and workload automation tool AUTOSYS.
  • Knowledge in Insurance Domain - Underwriting process for Property and Casualty (P&C) Non-life commercial, Life insurance, Personal auto and homeowners, and claims handling for P&C auto and commercial property.
  • Prepared performance measurement documents like Metrics, Effort Tracker, Risk Register, Issue Tracking sheet, down time log, productivity loss tracker, Cadence report and Status reports.
  • Knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Defect Life Cycle.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and projects specifications.
  • Quick learner, Hardworking and good team player.


Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.x, 6.x, UNIX

IBM AIX 7.1 & 7.2:

Programming Language: SQL, Unix Shell scripting

RDBMS: Oracle 11g and 12c

Tools: / Utilities DBCA, DBUA, Oracle Data Guard, OEM (Cloud Control)RMAN, ASM, ASMCMD, ASMCA, RAC, NETCA, OpatchData Pump (Expdp, Impdp), SRVCTL, CRSCTL, AWR and ASH, AUTOSYS, ServiceNow, Putty, Winscp, Oracle SQL Developer.

Web related other tools: TCP/IP, SFTP, SCP, EMC Storage, and Meta Link

Testing Skills: Manual testing (Black box. Functional), Mainframes testing

Application Software: MS Office

Test Management Tool: HP Quality Center 9.0 & 9.2, HP Sprinter, Gemini, ALM

BPM Tool: Pega Systems


Confidential, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Managed PeopleSoft Finance and Human Resources (HR) Oracle 11g and 12c Databases ranging from 500GB to 2TB.
  • Installed both Oracle 12c Grid software and Oracle 12c RDBMS software in Production, Development, and Testing environments based on the business requirements.
  • Created the cluster environment using ASM on Production, Development, and Testing servers.
  • Used CRSCTL and SRVCTL utilities for administering cluster environment.
  • Configured diskgroups with different redundancy levels and created fail groups and managing ASM.
  • Used ASMCA for creating diskgroups and ASMCMD for managing files and directories in ASM diskgroups.
  • Configured ASM and created a DB shell on the Production server.
  • Extensively worked on database refresh from Production/Pre-production to Development/Testing environment.
  • Refreshed the standalone databases (Non ASM) and ASM databases from to and vice-versa.
  • Performed bi-weekly HRPAY database refresh after every Payroll.
  • Upgraded the Oracle 11g ( databases to 12c ( and migrated the databases from one Data Center to another Data Center.
  • Widely used shell scripts (ksh) for refreshing and migrating the databases from Higher environments to lower environments, and also for taking database Full and Incremental backups.
  • Applied PSU Database Proactive Bundle Patch (DBBP) to both 12c Grid home and 12c Database home using Opatch utility and opatchauto.
  • Scheduled database level 0 and level 1 backups, DB refresh using Crontab.
  • Full database and Schema refresh using RMAN and Datapump, registered the databases with the RMAN catalog and implemented the backup strategies using RMAN catalog.
  • Worked on certain Data Refresh from Production to Development and Test environments using data pump export/import functionality.
  • Involved in deploying agents manually and registered databases using OEM 12c to monitor performance.
  • Copied tables from SQL Server database to Oracle database using Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Generated ASH and AWR reports in OEM 12c, and monitored SQL query performance, blocking sessions on the database, and tablespaces space issues.
  • Configured TNSNAMES.ORA and LISTENER.ORA for SQL* NET connectivity.
  • Handled space management issues in the environment, and also, worked on user management such as creating user id’s, granting roles, privileges, and quotas to users.
  • Used ServiceNow ticketing system for reporting any incidents or any change controls, and also used AUTOSYS for scheduling back up jobs and monitoring purpose.
  • Proactively coordinated with PeopleSoft Apps team, UNIX admin team, and Operations team as and when required.


Associate Consultant


  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 11g R2, 12c on Linux and also Upgraded from 11g to 12c and Cross platform Migration of database and refreshed Oracle 11gr2 and Oracle 12c databases using file system to ASM storage.
  • Involved in setting up and implementing 3 Node 12c RAC on Linux. Have managed RAC instances with CRSCTL and SRVCTL utilities.
  • Migrated the databases from File-system to Automatic Storage Management (ASM) using RMAN.
  • Handled database activities such as User management, space management and creation of DB links between oracle servers.
  • Performed data refreshes using Datapump and used RMAN for Full and Incremental backups.
  • Experience on patching on Oracle Database Server 11gR2 and 12c using Opatch utility and Opatch auto.
  • Performed day to day administrative tasks by analyzing the database like checking for failed processors, verifying the query for particular issues and validating disk space.
  • Provided L0 and L1 estimates for the project based on the scope of testing.
  • Led the design team and helped the team in tracking the Use Cases pertaining to the code drops.
  • Participated in DCO sessions conducted by Confidential Business Analysts (BA).
  • Helped the team in getting the clarifications for the queries posted by the team from the Confidential BA’s by attending Query Calls on daily basis.
  • Gathered use cases and requirements from Business Process Management tool(Pega systems)
  • Scheduled meetings with BA’s to understand the complex requirements and used to share the same with the team.
  • Guided the team in preparation of Test Scenarios & Test Cases.
  • Prepared Minutes of Meeting for the meetings and sessions attended.
  • Attended Defect Triage meetings and Daily Status Calls.
  • Prepared the Environmental downtime log, Productivity loss tracker, Design Daily Status Report and Cadence Report.


Associate Test Engineer


  • Identification of Scenarios, Authoring and updating the review log based on the review comments.
  • Execution of Test Cases in Quality Center
  • Conducted trainings/KT sessions for new team members.
  • Handled few workstreams in the project, co-ordinated with onsite team on the respective workstream updates and prepared an understanding document.
  • Performed Root Cause Analysis on the defects posted by business team.
  • Reviewed the change control log, authored and updated the test cases based on the change controls.
  • Attended sessions on process, e-TAP IP tool and insurance domain to improve and implement the skills on the project activities.
  • Interacted with the onsite team for issues clarification and product knowledge transfer sessions
  • Prioritized the test cases based on the risk associated with the functionality, prepared adhoc scenarios based on the business rules (AFG’s) and identified critical defects.
  • Executed enhanced regression test objectives in different test environments (MA11, TI51, TSQ1, RA11) as per the release testing cycle calendar.
  • Created & performed User Acceptance Test (UAT) cases.
  • Coordinated with the support team for batch job issues and also when the application was down.
  • Inspected the defects rose by the SALT team, developed out of box testing skills and logged the defects by applying it.

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