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Sr. Oracle Database Administrator Resume

New, YorK


  • Overall 8 years of IT experience as an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) on Operating Systems such as linux and HP unix production and development environments.
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle 10g &11g on different operating systems for OLTP & Data Warehouse environments for Very Large Databases (VLDB).
  • Experience in RAC - Installed cluster on ASM environment and created the RAC database
  • Database DC migration and upgrades11g, apply patches.
  • Experience in Backup & Recovery techniques
  • Monitoring and optimizing the Database Performances through Database Tuning, System Tuning, Application Tuning.
  • Experience in configuring and maintaining Oracle Standby Database Server.
  • Experience in Oracle Export, Import, data pump, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus
  • Performance Tuning of Database by optimizing SQL and PL/SQL scripts, SGA tuning and tuning of initialization parameters using OEM, AWR reports etc.
  • Experience in backup and restore using RMAN.
  • Setup Standby Databases for Disaster Recovery.
  • Worked with development and operations team and resolved problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Installed and configured of Goldengate on 11g database for the bi-directional replication
  • Resolved the issues in conflict between the target and source database in Goldengate
  • Used Goldengate to Upgrade to
  • Managed day-to-day production databases. Involved in database reorganization, space management
  • Experience in implementing schema changes on production.
  • Seasoned experience with UNIX and shell scripting.
  • Experience working in large database environments (8TB).
  • Cloned the databases for testing purpose from production.
  • Refreshed development and test databases using production database backups.


Operating Systems: Linux and HP UX


GUIs & Languages: SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL

Others: Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). Shell Scripting, TOAD, Logminer, Dataguard, ASM, Tkprof, Sql trace, RecoveryManager (RMAN), Golden Gate


Confidential, New York

Sr. Oracle Database administrator


  • Troubleshooting and providing support for the production environment for Oracle databases.
  • Providing on call support on a rotation basis for all production servers.
  • Involving in Data guard setup for Disaster Recovery.
  • Refresh development, QA environments from production server.
  • Migrating codes on all the environments.
  • Handling requests from application team and also resolving issues reported.
  • Upgraded databases from 10g to 11g and applied patches when needed
  • Writing shell scripts to automate DBA activities.
  • Scheduling scripts through OEM and Crontabs.
  • Setting up rules in OEM to monitor space for all the environments.
  • Extensively worked on Oracle backup and recovery strategies (Hot backup, cold backup and Logical backups)
  • Experience in Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration and troubleshooting Golden Gate issues
  • Involved in deploying new application and setting up replication between the databases using Goldengate.
  • Testing Disaster Recovery- Failover to standby server
  • Resolving standby database issues whenever the standby is not in sync with Production.
  • Restoring hot backup of production whenever user requested for a particular table on a different server.
  • Converted single instance to RAC
  • Involving in Oracle Software installation, Database design and creation.
  • Using Export and Import utilities to setup schemas.
  • Creating users, roles and granting privileges based on the user requirements.
  • Maintain database security and adhere to security policies designed by the client.
  • Tuning Sql codes when query performs slow.
  • Running AWR report to tune the databases.
  • Involving in writing and scheduling RMAN backup for New environments
  • Maintaining security standards on all environments
  • RAC installation, database creation and support.

Environment: Oracle 11g, RAC, LINUX, ASM, Dataguard, OEM 12c, RMAN, Explain Plan, AWR, SQL Trace, ADDM, Data Pump, SQL*Loader, Tkprof

Confidential, NYC

Oracle Database administrator


  • Configured Databases parameters, reorganizing the database, creating, checking, extending tablespace, administer database security, create users, grant/revoke roles, privileges, extended databases storage capacity, tune database, optimise performances, monitor, reduce database fragmentation, manage data files, rollback segments, extents, segments, re-indexing, enable/disable constraints and triggers, monitor storage, backup & restore/recover database, export/import database objects.
  • Packages for releases. Co-ordination between development, testing and production teams and attending bridge calls and technical. Discussions regarding future developments and releases.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures that includes PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers
  • Client/Server Connectivity by Net8. Export & Import of Databases from one server/schema to another server/schema. Export/Import of Partitions with compressing the export/import databases.
  • Used Golden Gate for upgrade.
  • Capacity planning for hard disk space and space management for oracle databases.
  • Server Performance of Database. Tuning of Oracle Server viz. Shared Pool by Tuning of Library Cache, Dictionary Cache, and Buffer Cache, Tuning of OS by Reducing Paging/Swapping, Tuning of SGA and Tuning of memory allocation.
  • Separating of tables and indexes on different locations. Reducing Disk I/O Contention etc. Applications Tuning of Database using EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, SQL TRACE, ANALYZE, HINTS etc. Oracle query tuning and optimization.

Environment: Oracle 11g, LINUX, OEM 12c, RMAN, Explain Plan, AWR, SQL Trace, ADDM, Data Pump, MongoDB, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp


Database Administrator


  • Involved in writing PL/SQL packages and triggers
  • Designed and implemented data access security for affiliates using custom PL/SQL packages
  • Used Export/Import and SQL *Loader extensively.
  • Created, debugged, and modified stored procedures, triggers, tables, views, user-defined functions etc.
  • Privilege Management using Roles.
  • Involved in database creation.
  • Created users and assigned appropriate privileges by creating roles.
  • Involved in table partition.
  • Implemented backup and recovery strategies.
  • Involved in performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Extensively worked with development team to resolve their issues.
  • Buffer Cache, Tuning of OS by Reducing Paging/Swapping, Tuning of SGA and Tuning of memory allocation.
  • Tuning of I/O, which includes Separating of Data files and Redo log files on different locations, Striping of table data.
  • Involved in development, system test and production implementations.
  • Used SQL*Loader, export and import for data loading.

Environment: Oracle 11g, LINUX, RMAN, Explain Plan, AWR, SQL Trace, ADDM, Data Pump, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp

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