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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Keene, NH


  • I have over 7 years in - depth experience as an Oracle Database Administrator. I possess complete understanding of full SDLClife cycle.
  • I have worked on Oracle 12c , 11g, and 10g versions.
  • Projects include database administration/migration, production support , backup and recovery, DataGuard, Golden Gate, Performance Tuning,DB cloning , space management and security administration. Also workedondatabase upgrades and various patch installations.
  • Extensive experience in managing large-scale OLTP and OLAP databases for HA and DR.
  • Solid experience in oracle database migration, upgrades, applying patch sets, code reviews, database release and deployments and data center consolidation activities. Proficient with Database Cloning, Migration, and Patching of Oracle Databases.
  • Expertise in setting up Data Guard Fail-Over/Switch-Over/Read-Only scenarios.
  • Experience in maintaining Oracle Data Guard & Standby Database and providing critical solution with strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods.
  • Experience in using transportable tablespace, materialized view, RMAN incremental backup and bitmap indexes in data warehouse environment.
  • Zero downtime migration using oracle datapump and Golden Gate between Oracle 10g and 11g with Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms.
  • Experience in configuring Golden Gate replication between OLTP to OLTP, and OLTP to data warehousing environments.
  • Experience in installing and patching Oracle RAC with ASM on AIX, Solaris and Linux platforms.
  • Oracle Database performance-tuning services with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE . Applying patches under UNIX platform.
  • Supported 400+ databases including RAC production database, a Data warehouse database and a lot of Development and Test databases and upgraded from 10g to 11g.
  • Provided Production & test environment support while coordinating with Unix Team and storage team to configure the OS infrastructure for Oracle Databases.
  • Worked on setting up/installation and configuration of release 11g R2 RAC with ASM and Raw Devices and 11g CRS on IBM AIX 6.1.
  • Performed conversion of Single Node Instance to multi nodeRAC with ASM, and adding instance to existing RAC.
  • Installed and configured 3 node oracle 11gR2 RAC for production environment.
  • Installed 12c Databases and responsible for upgrading Oracle 10g RAC to 11g RAC .
  • Involved in Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration, troubleshooting Golden Gate EXTRACT and REPLICATE issues.
  • Experience in installation of Oracle RAC with ASM and manage RAC instance using Crsctl and Svrctl utility.
  • Experience in configuring , managing and monitoring both Physical standby and Logical standby databases in Data Guard environments
  • Extensively used Datapump, conventionalExport/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) for migration and logical backup of database.
  • Strong skills in applying security patches ( Patch set, Critical Patch Updates (CPU) / Patch Set Updates (PSU), One-off Patch ) using “ runInstaller ” and perl based utility “ opatch ”.
  • Highly experienced in implementing Oracle's Transportable Tablespace (TTS) feature using DatapumpExport/Import (Oracle 11g, 12c) allowing users to quickly move a user Tablespace across Oracle databases.
  • Managing Security Management, Schema Management, Instance Management, Storage/Space Management .
  • Extensive Experience with RMAN Backups, Hot Backups and Logical Backups .
  • Experience in system Monitoring and Database Performance Tuning using Explain plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, AWR and also Cluster Interconnect Tuning (RAC)
  • Expertise in Database Performing Tuning - Involving I/O, Memory, CPU utilization, SQL Tuning, SGA tuning, Shared Pool tuning, Buffers and Disk I/O tuning.
  • Expertise in maintaining Database Security using auditing.
  • Checking and resolving Database corruptions using DBVERIFY utility. Configured Manager, Replicate and Extract processes and implemented unidirectional , bidirectional replication using Oracle11g Golden Gate on RHEL 5 platform .
  • Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs


Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.x, 11.x. Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 8, 9, 10. AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1 RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x.Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10. Windows 95/98/NT/2000

RDBMS: Oracle 12c, 11g, and 10g

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, PERL.

Tools: TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, AWR, and ADDM.Toad, Putty, WinScp, Remote Desktop Connection, VNC, Team Viewer, LogMeIn and Cisco VPN Client

Database Utilities: SQL*Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Real Application Cluster, ASM, Transportable Tablespaces, SQL*Loader, RMAN, DataPump, Export, Import


Confidential, Keene, NH

Oracle Database Administrator


  • DBA supporting three major projects from Development to Production via Tech-Test environments, involving daily configuration, administration all running on IBM AIX 5.3 & 6.1 . forDatabase of different sizes (in ODS & EDW environments).
  • Upgraded Oracle GRID, ASM and Database from 10g and 11g to 12c. Implement Oracle 12c new features in mission-critical production environments.
  • Administering and setting up of 11g/12c RAC and clusterware and instances.
  • Resolved RAC issues, OCR related issues, rebooting of faulty nodes, relocating the switched over services.
  • Database Services creation for distributing the applications across multiple nodes, extensively used all command line utilities SRVCTL, CRSCTL, ADR, ASMCMD.
  • Applying CPU/PSU Patches on ERP instance and Plain databases.
  • Installing ASM environment and migrating databases from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Created and monitored Physical standby databases on maximum protection, performance mode using Data Guard for Disaster Recovery and High Availability.
  • Experience of installing, configuring Golden Gate Replication from OLTP databases to Datawarehousing environments.
  • Troubleshooting Golden Gate issues in both development and production environments.
  • Performed Uni-directional and Bi-directional replication through Golden Gate for zero downtime Database migrations.
  • Migrating and upgrading Oracle Database from 10gR1 on Solaris/Windows to 11gR2 on Linux environment using Datapump and Golden Gate replication.
  • Upgrading Grid Infrastructure and databases from to
  • Applied patches (Patch sets and CPU patches) and worked closely with Oracle to make Application environment up to date.
  • Maintained Oracle 11gR2 RAC high availability with ASM file system with Cluster Stat and Grid infrastructure on Linux environments. Database reorganizations and refresh schema-using Export/Import . Creating the database, table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.
  • Performing Monthly Re-org of complete databases using expdp and impdp
  • Experience in monitoring and tuning system resources associated with the database performance, hit ratios, I/O, lock, and latch contention.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan Implemented using DATAGUARD (Physical and Logical Standby) for high availability/disaster recovery purpose on Oracle 11g.
  • Performing DR switchover and failover operations.
  • Maintaining database and middleware/SOA layer performance by identifying and resolving production and application development problems; calculating optimum values for parameters; evaluating, integrating, and installing new releases.
  • Supported Oracle DB backups (online/offline), logical backups and UNIX scripts , created clone databases, configured standby database , performed DBA day-to-day activities
  • Troubleshoot installation errors both independently and with Oracle support (via My oracle Support)
  • Manage, tune and troubleshoot database issues both on UNIX command line, SQL*Plus, OEM client, Oracle 10g database control, oracle 10g Grid Control as well as other third party tools.
  • Monitored and performed database sizing, tablespace management and rollback tablespace management, transaction management and security administration
  • Data migration between databases using both Oracle 10g and 11g export/import utility and Oracle 11g exp/imp data pump .
  • Proficient in performance tuning using Explain Plan, STATSPACK, TKPROF, AWR, ADDM, Cluster Interconnect Tuning (RAC).
  • Performance Tuning of the database (Memory Tuning, I/O Tuning)
  • Expertise in Database Performing Tuning - Tuning involved I/O, Memory, CPU utilization, SQL Tuning, SGA tuning, Shared Pool tuning, Buffers and Disk I/O tuning using Oracle's regular performance tuning tools like Explain Plan, STATSPACK, SQL*Trace, TKPROF.
  • Monitor database systems and provide technical support for database system issues and application performance enhancement/improvement using both OEM (client), Oracle 10g database control & SQL*Plus, as well as pre-developed UNIX shell scripts.

Tools Used: Oracle RMAN, Oracle 11g (, DBMS STATS, Datapump, SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN

Confidential, Chester, VT

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Performed monthly and annual performance reports for trend analysis and capacity planning .
  • Provided Development DBA support for developer queries and requests, Which includes query tuning, server tuning, identifying problematic code, etc
  • Suggested and improved system design and architecture, this includes built New Oracle 10g/11g RAC Databases, ASM Physical and standby systems, enabling LDAP authentication and configuring RMAN backups .
  • Monitored the operating system response in terms of CPU usage, disk space, and swap space by using various UNIX utilities like SAR, VMSTAT, IOSTAT and TOP .
  • Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump import/export to move data between 10g and 10g/11g environments.
  • Implemented proactive monitoring using Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack, and STATSPACK, SQL Trace & TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).
  • Trouble shooting and performance tuning golden gate replications, monitoring scripts for Golden gate in Unix scripting
  • Install and configure Cloud Control 12c, deploy 12c agents, plug-in installations on the target servers and monitor databases.
  • Configure Oracle Advanced Security on 12c databases to implement Transparent Data Encryption at tablespace, table and column levels. Also configured Redaction using OEM's Policy expression builder.
  • Implemented Flashback technology of the Oracle 11g, 10g along with Recyclebin for a faster recovery of the databases and database objects.
  • Performed full & incremental backup (cumulative and differential) using RMAN and implemented recovery strategies .
  • Refreshed/cloned databases Manually and also using RMAN.
  • Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.
  • Implemented proactive monitoring using Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack, and STATSPACK, SQL Trace & TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) .
  • Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.
  • Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC (Real Application Cluster) with ASM file system on Sun Solaris platform.
  • Involved in converting a single instance database to Oracle 11g, 10g RAC databases..

Environment: Oracle, HP-UX 11, Sun Solaris 10.0, RAC, Oracle Streams, RMAN, Data Pump, SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN .

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Used Secure SCP & FTP extensively for the File transfers from machines to remote server.
  • Performed Physical backup (hot and cold) as well as Logical backup (Export/Import).
  • Monitoring tablespace issues, creating tablespaces and adding datafiles .
  • Involved in session management and monitored the critical wait events, blocking sessions in the database using v$views and ASH.
  • Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy, Planning and scheduling Backups, taking Logical
  • Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).
  • Creating & Managing Database Structures, Storage Allocations, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges .
  • Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning , oracle contention and monitored production database using automatic workload repository (AWR), automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM) and Active Session History ( ASH ).
  • Worked closely with the Oracle developers for the better performance in Applications inwriting the Packages, Triggersand Indexes on the tables.
  • Database refreshes using expdp, impdp, RMAN Duplicate and cloning .
  • Experienced in cloning the databases using HOT and COLD backups.
  • Used RMAN Duplicate and HOT/COLD backups to migrate data from to .
  • Created a stand by database by using RMAN Duplicate in order to reduce the down time for the PROD database during the migration process.
  • Create database Objects, Tablespaces, Schemas as needed.
  • Schema migrations from Development to Production via Tech Test environments.

Environment: Oracle RMAN , Oracle, Oracle 11g, DBMS STATS , Datapump, SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN

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