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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume



  • Oracle Database Administrator with 2 years of experience in Oracle Administration in planning, installation, configuration and upgrades of Oracle 11gR2 databases, Experience includes managing Oracle 11gR1, 11gR2 RAC environments using the OEM Grid Control tools.
  • Experience includes Oracle Utilities Data Guard, Data Pump, Flashback and RMAN. SQL.
  • Good experience of setup & configuration, implementation of (Oracle 11gR2 RAC two - node on Linux with ASM).
  • Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 11g,12c and with experience within very large scale database environment and mission critical large OLTP and OLAP systems.
  • Engineering, implemented, documented and support builds of new clusters to use Oracle 11g/12c RAC on HP-UX, Solaris, IBX-AIX and Unix/Linux. Including installing cluster ware, ASM (and shared disks) and creating new databases.
  • Expertise in upgrading the databases from Oracle 10g, Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g and Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c.
  • 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end-users.
  • Experienced in Installation of high availability RAC environment and upgraded standalone databases to 11g RAC environment.
  • Expertise in Configuring, maintenance of Data guard in RAC environment and standalone environments.
  • Managed very large database (VLDB) of maximum size 32TB.
  • Managed and provided support for 67 production databases.
  • Created development, testing, staging, production, RAC and standby databases for OLTP, DSS and Data Warehousing Environments.
  • Implemented RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, incomplete recovery and disaster recovery using Standby database or Data Guard.
  • Implemented automated backup strategy using the UNIX shell script CRON UTILITY.
  • Involved in Monitoring, Optimizing Oracle database for Performance Tuning & system/modules for Application Tuning using tools like AWR, ADDM, ASH, STATSPACK, CBO, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN and SQLT.
  • Good with concepts of Database Links, Materialized views, Flashback Technology, Partitioning Tables to improve Performance and Manageability.
  • Hands on experience in Data Archiving
  • Data loading using SQL*LOADER, Logical backups using full export and DATAPUMP.
  • Experienced in using Oracle's Transportable Table space (TTS) feature allows users to quickly move a user table space across Oracle databases.
  • Good experience in applying Patches (Patching), Critical Patch Update(CPU)/Patch Set Update(PSU) and One-off Patches using OPatch and run installer, also involved in Upgrading and Migration of a Oracle server to higher version available.
  • Effective troubleshooting of database and Performance problems.
  • Good experience in Data Migration using export/import.
  • Prepared DBA work plans, Documented Client site’s “Site specific work procedures”, Change Management and control, Best Practices and did Capacity planning for clients.
  • Management of Objects, Schemas, Partitioning the tables and Indexes.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle Architecture, SGA, PGA, LISTENER, TNSNames, V$ and DBA views.
  • Expertise in using OEM, SQL Developer and third-party tools like TOAD.
  • Knowledge on Oracle Support Process for Technical requests using Metalink and other support procedures.


Operating System: UNIX, LINUX, Solaris, AIX, HP - UX and WINDOWS NT/2000, XP.


Oracle Tools/Utilities: RMAN, EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP, SQL * LoaderAWR, ADDM, OEM, Sql Server.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX Shell


Confidential, FL

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Worked on refreshing production databases on sandbox for application testing using export/imports and RMAN active duplicate.
  • Performing Backup/Restore of all the Oracle databases using RMAN.
  • Provided on call support for every 3 weeks and provided support on weekends.
  • Worked on Real application testing to have access the work load before migrating and upgrading production databases.
  • Supported mission critical databases and extensively involved in resolving the performance issues.
  • Worked on implementing standard RMAN backup policies and successfully was able to restore huge database when required.
  • Provided support for 3 Oracle Exadata machines - Prod, DR, QA - to be used for mission critical applications.
  • Managed and resolved RAC (10g, 11g), ASM and cluster ware issues.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Worked on refreshing the QA databases with PRODUCTION backups.
  • Developed scripts for monitoring Tablespace sizes, alert log files, Tablespace growth and implemented Crontab job to alert if the tablespace size exceeds above 80%.
  • Responsible for taking backup of schemas, tables and table spaces using Oracle 11g Data pump.
  • Experienced in developing shell scripts for deleting old file.
  • Schemas refresh using Export/Import Pump, Creating the database table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.
  • Worked on database upgrade from to
  • Experienced in performance tuning on long running query’s in database.
  • Very good experience in using performance tuning tolls like SQLT,SQLHC.
  • Experienced in backups, restores, indexes, key structures and data loading.
  • Worked on data blocks corruption issue, index & table rebuild.
  • Experienced in documentation, provided documentation for database design, analysis, modifications, creating schemas etc.
  • Providing Solutions to the Problems Faced by end Users or Programmers.
  • Strong knowledge of Oracle internals, tools including DBMS jobs, RMAN, SQLPlus, export/import, Toad, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).
  • Database Refreshes from Prod to Dev, Troubleshooting Day-to-Day Users Issues in various modules.

Environment: Oracle , Exadata X4/X5 Quarter/Half/Full RACK, OEM 12c, LINUX, IBM AIX, TOAD,SQL Developer.

Confidential, NJ

Oracle DBA


  • Provided 24*7 Support for Production environment for Extraction, Loading and transformation of Data in Data Mart. Remote monitoring and tuning of Database Processes in the Client environment.
  • Design Evaluation and Analysis of physical and logical model.
  • Involved in Installation and customization of Databases (10g&9i) in Windows, Linux and Solaris environments.
  • Involved in Schema management, Tablespace Management, User Creation.
  • Monitoring the Extraction and loading processes of Data.
  • Upgraded and applied patches as and when required on 8i, 9i, 10g.
  • Database Refreshes from Prod to Dev, Troubleshooting Day-to-Day Users Issues in various modules.
  • Responsible for Oracle implemented backups like LOGICAL&PHYSICAL i.e. Export & import and having experience with EXPDP&IMPDP.
  • Implemented Consistent exports using SCN.
  • Good experience with recovery managed backups i.e. RMAN.
  • Migrated the database from non-Oracle to Oracle i.e. SQL Server to Oracle.
  • Documented the complete project including all pre-installation, post installation and database configuration steps.
  • Manage users, privileges, profiles, schemas, involved in writing UNIX shell scripting for automating the jobs.
  • Experience in using automatic monitoring and management processes like batch processing using CRONTAB for processes like import, export databases.
  • Used analyze table, analyze indexes to tune queries and increase performance.
  • Experience with SGA tuning and Histograms understanding and sound knowledge in SQL execution plan.
  • Tuning Oracle 10g database servers using tools dynamic, dictionary views, Stats pack, ADDM, AWR Diagnostic and tuning packages.


Oracle DBA


  • Involved in 24x7 Oracle Production Database Administration.
  • Performing all the Database Administration activities like installation, configuration, cloning, patching, upgrade, performance tuning, backup & recovery, space management in database, user and roles administration, schema management.
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, patching of Oracle RDBMS and applications.
  • Monitored Production Databases, performed performance tuning, added data files, resized segments, and tablespaces.
  • Installed and configured Oracle 11g.
  • Migrated Oracle 10g database to Oracle 11g.
  • Storage and space management including table spaces and data files.
  • Monitoring Database for fragmentation and correcting them.
  • Database performance tuning using STATPACK, TKPROF, SQL Trace, Explain Plan.
  • Monitoring and Management of table space growth, extent growth.
  • Planning and implementation of Backup and recovery procedures and Maintenance of Database.
  • Performed Backup/Recovery using RMAN.
  • Wrote scripts for Startup, Shutdown and automation of backups.
  • Monitoring Scheduled jobs of the daily activities for the performance of all the databases.
  • Prepare the documents of the process and knowledge transferring about the project to the new team members.
  • Involved in the process of tuning and refining queries of various applications.
  • Written scripts for Health Check of Databases, Analyzing of Tables and Rebuilding of Indexes.
  • Interfacing with Oracle Corporation for technical support.

Environment: Oracle Server 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, Shell scripting.

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