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Sr Oracle Dba/lead Dba/pl-sql/architect Resume



  • An experienced Senior Oracle DBA/Lead DBA/Architect/PL - SQL expert looking for challenging, integrating, extensive role in progressive industry.
  • DBA tasks taken care included Oracle installation, Database Setup, Backup & Recovery, Performance Monitoring, Database & SQL tuning, Security and Profile setup, Trouble-Shooting, Mentoring junior DBAs, Interacting with & Guiding the Development team, UNIX and NT Shell scripting, embedded SQL, Oracle Parallel Server, Advanced Replication, MV Replication, Data Guard, Network connectivity setup, RMAN, Audit setup, SQL*Loader, Standby database setup, Database links Setup, GoldenGate replication, ORACLE RAC.
  • Extensive Oracle PL-SQL providing leadership in standards and code deployment.
  • Logical & Physical Design, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, ETL, Data mining
  • Managed and guided onsite/offshore development team as Lead DBA/Team lead.
  • Over 31 years overall software experience in Enterprise IS, software development and maintenance in varying capacities as Architect, Analyst, Designer, Project Leader, ETL, and Programmer apart from DBA.
  • Cut down space errors, other issues in database by 90% with effective monitoring, proactive steps.


Software: ORACLE12c,11g, 10g, 9i, ORACLE7,8,8i, HP UX, SunOS 5.6, 5.8, SHAREPLEX, Erwin, SQL Backtrack, Veritas Netbackup, Volume manager, SQL*PLUS, ORACLE CASE, ORACLE Discoverer, OBIEE, ORACLE EBS, ORACLE Enterprise Manager, ORM Hibernate, Oracle E-Business Suite, AWS, Hadoop, Agile methodology, SAS, VM, Confluence, JIRA, ETL, Datastage, Informatica, sqlldr, SQL*DBA, WINDOWS NT, MS Office, Visio, UNIX Shell, Informix, SQL*FORMS, SQL*MENU, SQL*REPORTWRITER, PowerBuilder, VMS, VAX RDB, DBMS-32, MS-DOS, MVS/ESA, IDMS, COBOL, FORTRAN, C, PASCAL MV, Oracle GoldenGate, DataGuard, RMAN, Datapump, exp, expdp, APEX, Cassandra, EXADATA, MySQL, Confidential Netezza, nzsql, Oracle Advanced Replication, ORACLE RAC, Oracle Grid, SQL Developer data modeler, Sybase, MSQL, SQL Server, Toad.


Confidential, NJ

Sr Oracle DBA/Lead DBA/PL-SQL/Architect


  • Enhance and keep setup, env of 5 big EFMS databases, ~100 GCP databases running, communicating with other upstream and downstream systems in Confidential & Confidential, smooth flow to support, guide the technicians.
  • Took care of performance with tuning Confidential the database, SGA, init params, application, PL/SQL, and sql level using AWR, ADDM, statspack, SQL Tuning Advisor, SAA, RAC etc. Use of profile for plan stability. Lessons learnt compilation, methods update. Workload, scalability check. Identifying bottleneck, contention, baseline.
  • Led onsite/offshore team for day-to-day ops as lead DBA, for projects. Worked on Oracle 8i to 9i, 10g, 11, 12c, 12c RAC upgrade. High availability with advanced replication, backup/recovery strategy, implementation- RMAN, Data guard, hot backup. Flash Recovery, Flashback and tested and documented failover plan.
  • Set up Goldengate replication, standards, monitoring, guided team and set up procedures, filter as needed. Add additional schemas, tables to Goldengate, add target. Troubleshoot replicat, tuning, other issues. Have Goldengate populate additional column. Configure two-way replication -PK, CDR, odd-even sequences, etc. Setup GG stop, start procedures for database, server maintenance.
  • Analyze requirements, check feasibility, do estimation by FP etc., proposal, high level steps, POCs, modules.
  • Organized PL/SQL into packages. PL/SQL, sql coding, change control guidelines, standards, best practices for team, correct use of triggers, procedues, functions, PL/SQL blocks.
  • Shield production database. Direct read only and other access to replicated database and other means.
  • Standards and checks for new modules, upgrades for impact analysis to ensure effective application design.
  • Check, in corporate latest features of oracle, other sw, interfaces after thorough testing if beneficial, fitting.
  • Logical, physical database design, propagation, engg using SQL Developer data modeler, normalization.
  • Basic operations on Sybase, SQL Server. Guiding teams on best ways to load data etc.
  • ETL tasks with Datastage, homegrown scripts, cascade of transformed, summarized data etc.
  • Streamlined procedure established to refresh accurately ST/DV databases with production ‘data’.
  • ORACLE Discoverer setup, configure, administration, making sure effective reporting for all support.
  • Very effective day to day database administration using tools and scripts to proactively monitor space, alert log, sql taking resources, locks with PL/SQL block, database hit ratios, memory usage and fragmentation, validity of backup etc, best access of indexes including statistics with histograms. Adhere to security, SOX.

Environment: UNIX, ORACLE, Shell, WINDOWS NT, MS Office, Erwin, DataGuard, RMAN, Datapump, exp, expdp, PL-SQL, Utilities, SQL*NET, ORACLE Discoverer, OBIEE, ORACLE EBS, ORM Hibernate, Oracle E-Business Suite, AWS, Hadoop, Agile methodology, SAS, VM, Confluence, JIRA, ETL, Datastage, Informatica, sqlldr, Sybase, MSQL, SQL Server, APEX, GoldenGate, MV Replication, Oracle RAC, Cassandra, EXADATA, MySQL, Confidential Netezza, nzsql, Oracle Advanced Replication, Oracle Grid, SQL Developer data modeler, Toad.

Confidential, NJ

Sr Oracle DBA/Architect/PL-SQL


  • Performance monitoring and tuning Confidential Database and SQL level, trend analysis.
  • Backup strategy using Shell scripts, RMAN, SQL backtrack and Netbackup. Revamped security using roles.
  • Datawarehousing, ETL, data mining. Oracle Parallel Server setup. Raw volume setup using Volume manager.
  • Extensive PL-SQL used to Pin objects on startup, Generate code and for Performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Real-time replication was done with Oracle replication and Shareplex. Setup auditing for monitoring.
  • Worked as lead DBA. Was team lead on major and crucial projects. Guided DV team on optimum use of DB.
  • Batch processing was done using well-documented Shell scripts using sed, awk, PL/SQL and embedded SQL.
  • Schema design and setup for new modules. Logical and physical database design using Erwin, Data Modeling.
  • Major challenges included pro-actively tackling growth and change of database and access.

Environment: UNIX, ORACLE, Shell, WINDOWS NT, Erwin, Oracle Parallel Server, ORACLE Discoverer, Shareplex, RMAN, SQL Backtrack, PL-SQL, Veritas Netbackup, Volume manager, Utilities, SQL*NET.

Confidential, NJ

Sr Oracle DBA/PL-SQL/ Architect


  • DBA tasks including ETL, data mining assistance to convert data to presentable state.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning done using collection of statistics and checking index usage.
  • Oracle parallel server was setup for redundancy. To minimize server crash impact.
  • Setup comprehensive trigger based auditing with automatic generation of trigger code.
  • Logical and physical database design, Data Modeling, Data Mining.

Environment: UNIX, WINDOWS NT, Erwin, ORACLE, Oracle Parallel Server, PL-SQL, Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SQL*NET

Confidential, NY

Sr Oracle DBA/Architect/PL -SQL


  • Converted Unit Investment Trust management package to Oracle.
  • Flat file data access in PL-SQL using UTL FILE. Setup auditing to check wrong access.
  • DBA tasks included creation of development environment from scratch, tuning of batch process.
  • Helped Serialize Lucent equipment using Oracle effectively and save the company millions.
  • DBA tasks including setup of ODBC and audit triggers with documentation. Oracle7 to 8 conversion.
  • Major included cutting down batch processing times from 20 hours to 45 minutes.
  • Logical and physical database design, Data Modeling, Data Mining. Environment Setup.
  • Planned data load operations for clients Bancone, Suntrust and others. Tuning of the data load.
  • DBA tasks included revision of backup strategy. Implement security. Performance Monitoring.
  • Setup audit to report ad hoc. Wrote UNIX shell scripts using awk and sed for batch processing.
  • DBA tasks including tuning and revision of security Confidential database and menu level.
  • Lead transition planning effort for conversion from OS/2 to UNIX.
  • Set up interface to the application from user PCs using Telnet, TCP/IP and PMX for automatic login

Environment: UNIX, WINDOWS NT, OS/2, Erwin, ORACLE, PL-SQL, Utilities, Enterprise Manager, SQL*NET, DesktopDBA, Oracle Administrator Tools, SQL*FORMS, SQL*Reportwriter, SQL*MENU and PMX


Project Leader/Oracle DBA


  • Lead a development team of 8 and Integrated Order management system, Mortgage, Ship Insurance, Customs modules.
  • DBA and Architect tasks included logical and physical database design.
  • Analyzed the existing system, which involved User interaction, Business and Government regulation study. Designed the new application setup.
  • Worked as Analyst on enhancement of PARIS (Participant Allocated Record Keeping and Investment System), which handled Pension and Retirement plans for 300,000 people and total assets upto $7 billion.
  • Created reports and modified functionality according to marketing strategy
  • Ported Workstream a manufacturing package from DBMS-32/VMS to RDB/VMS and Informix/HP UX. It involved study and comparison of databases involved.
  • Carried out impact analysis and prepared a conversion plan.
  • Enhanced ISIS, SCTI’s student information system comprising Enrollment, Registration, Admission, Grades, Academic History, Faculty, Housing, Facilities and course information for 40,000 students
  • Was involved in User Interaction and design revision.

Environment: UNIX, ORACLE7, SQL*PLUS, Shell, Powerbuilder, C, Confidential 3090, MVS/ESA, IDMS, ADS/O, COBOL, JCL, VMS, HP UX, RDB, DBMS-32, Informix, SQL, FMS.

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