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Oracle Developer Resume Profile

Washington, PlacE


  • Highly experienced Oracle Systems Analyst/Developer who has participated in the successful implementation and support of moderate to large application development projects following software development lifecycle methodologies. Has worked in departments encompassing a number of areas including Clinical R D, Sales Marketing, Insurance and Financial.
  • Assumed responsibility for the design, development and implementation of solutions involving data quality enrichment and database development using Oracle 11g and service-oriented technologies.
  • Developed and modified applications to improve business operations and meet data quality objectives utilizing data cleansing and matching tools as well as advanced database design concepts.
  • Demonstrates initiative and independent judgment in the planning and organization of work, proficient completion of assignments, application of departmental standard operating procedures, problem resolution and resetting of priorities to meet unexpected demands.
  • Performs tasks with minimum supervision and guidance and works well with staff at all levels of the organization.


Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, C/C , Pro C, Unix Shell Scripting Software: UNIX, vi Text Editor, AIX, VMS, MVS, DOS, MS Windows, SQL Navigator, TOAD, ERwin, Visual Basic, Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle XML Hardware: SUN Solaris, VAX Alpha, VAX 8550, IBM PCs compatibles, IBM 3090 Databases: Oracle DBMS, SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase

Oracle Consultant, confidential

  • Member of team tasked with development of infrastructure for newly-formed subsidiary. Was responsible for definition, documentation, coordination and implementation of system requirements from legacy DuPont system to new Axalta system.
  • Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential
  • Participated on development team responsible for implementing changes to ETL-based Medsupp claims system for the purpose of compliance with federally mandated transition to ICD10 coding.
  • Selected Accomplishments
  • Identified and documented PL/SQL procedures and associated Oracle tables used to process and store ICD10 codes and performed analysis to identify where coding changes needed to be made.
  • Followed functional requirements in coding and applying table and package DDL to expand ICD code fields and add ICD indicator fields to applicable Oracle tables.
  • Implemented Oracle external tables in loading of ICD10 data from IBM mainframe flat files to Oracle tables.
  • Wrote Unix shell scripts to transfer and perform record counts on files loaded from the mainframe.
  • Performed and documented unit testing and worked with QA testers to develop and run test plans. Troubleshot issues raised by QA. Participated in peer code reviews.
  • Prepared ICD-10 related PL/SQL packages and DDL scripts for deployment to production.
  • Developed PL/SQL package and procedures, involving complex logic, designed to identify and report contestable claims.
  • Participated as needed on the Change Management team to receive tickets from the business, troubleshoot issues, arrive at and test solutions, and following review and approval implement changes to the production system.

Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential

In accordance with functional requirements, wrote procedures in PL/SQL to extract and transform data from source database loading to flat files for transmission to target database.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Generated XML documents and loaded to database using Oracle XML functionality.
  • Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential
  • Participated in the Philadelphia Integrated Common Enterprise Systems PICES project team responsible for conversion and migration of the Philadelphia legacy procurement system to the Boeing common system.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Developed PL/SQL packages used to extract, transform and load ETL legacy data from source tables into staging tables prior to loading to target production database.
  • Worked with functional liaison team to define and document system requirements and business rules.
  • Performed detailed testing and validation of Oracle packages, procedures and functions used in data conversion and migration.

Programmer/Analyst, confidential

Responsible for RMF system which stores propane delivery history data in an Oracle 10g database. System performs complex statistical calculations based on historical data and produces forecasts of future propane consumption.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Coded PL/SQL procedures and packages to produce reports for data analysis.
  • Coded functions and stored procedures in T-SQL to access data stored in SQL Server database.
  • Monitored daily system scheduling and job completion.
  • Managed customer expectations by executing incident and problem management process. Provided second and third line support to debug and resolve issues as they arose. Wrote progress reports along with documentation supporting final resolution of problems.
  • Performed database maintenance as needed.
  • Prepared and maintained technical design documentation for projects.
  • Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential
  • Worked on Bank Data Repository BDR system which stores key information in an Oracle 10g database about the tracking and servicing of GMACB mortgage loans.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Participated in project team meetings, technical training and project management sessions and performed requirements analysis to obtain a clear understanding of business needs. Investigated the impact relative to costs and risk of application changes. Assisted in the preparation of project plans.
  • Acted as the technical expert for applications requiring a detailed and high level functional knowledge. Translated functional designs into technical designs.
  • Coded PL/SQL functions and procedures to transfer data via flat file to .NET.
  • Updated historical database records using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Tracked, via UNIX, daily system scheduling and job completion.

Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential

Worked on team responsible for analyzing data issues with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid CMS Part D prescription plans. Problems were identified and issues communicated to CMS. Solutions were developed to insure coverage to UHG Medicare Part D participants. Implemented and documented processes and procedures to standardize and streamline the analysis and reconciliation activities. Identified and coordinated the automation of these processes.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Participated in data modeling sessions aimed at improving data integrity and database performance.
  • Wrote PL/SQL code using Oracle Analytic Functions to detect discrepancies in date intervals.
  • Consultant/Oracle Developer, confidential
  • Provided detailed reports to Drug Safety Surveillance DSS Dept. analysts responsible for monitoring incidents relating to drug safety. Reports were coded in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Coded complex SQL queries demanding a high level of abstract reasoning ability.
  • Consultant/Oracle Developer-Business Analyst, confidential
  • Worked with Change Management Dept. to analyze, document, and test modifications and enhancements to software applications primarily the Forecast Excellence FE System, in use by sales and marketing forecasters.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Prepared detailed test plans and test scripts for FE System enhancements. Documented and provided test results to business area for approval to release system into production environment.
  • Developed technical specifications for enhancements coded in PL/SQL to load and validate shipment and forecast data feeds into database. Technical specifications were prepared for deployment to offshore developers responsible for coding.
  • Oversaw User Acceptance Testing UAT and conducted user training for the FE System.
  • Oracle Consultant, confidential Worked in the Sales Marketing Department and participated on a team responsible for the successful implementation and support of moderate to large-scale application development projects. Provided Oracle application development and support to Sample Management IT SMIT systems. Selected Accomplishments:
  • Coded, debugged and tested ETL Extract-Transform-Load programs written in C/C and Pro C to transfer data from Oracle database storing sample data to SMIT Oracle database storing related compliance data. Enhanced existing interface programs to provide for detailed error and exception reporting for records failing to transfer.
  • Developed an application in Oracle to load, cross-check, and report via email, data being transferred to a company server from an outside vendor. Programs were written using PL/SQL and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Conducted user acceptance testing of new development and changes to existing systems based on technical and functional specifications.
  • Analyzed existing database and proposed design changes to ensure data integrity.
  • Wrote ad-hoc queries in SQL to generate sales rep and sampling activity reports.
  • Consultant/Assoc Data Management Specialist, confidential
  • Responsible for tracking and resolution of data discrepancies for drugs and vaccines under development.

Selected Accomplishments:

Performed first-pass data quality assurance DQA including data receipt, entry, initial review and discrepancy resolution.

Responsible for using manual and automated methods to perform data review to ensure overall integrity and consistency of clinical trial data.

Wrote ad-hoc queries in SQL to generate listings and reports relating to discrepancy resolution.

Contractor, confidential

  • Supervised the filing and electronic tracking of more than 10,000 speaker agreements used by the Visiting Speakers Bureau. Selected Accomplishments:
  • Designed and implemented MS Access tables to enable efficient tracking and retrieval of critical speaker information.
  • Wrote SQL-based queries in MS Access to generate listings and reports of speaker activity.

Sr. Programmer/Analyst, confidential

  • Performed systems analysis, database design, data mapping, and support for business and production systems. Participated in database administration activities including system monitoring, upgrade, installation and data loading. Worked extensively with users to provide support, resolve problems, and define requirements for new systems and enhancements. Selected Accomplishments:
  • Designed and implemented a worldwide accounts payable system APOLLO within a three-tiered client/server environment. Rewrote a system module in C/C to provide enhanced data loading and report functionality.
  • Performed on-site Database Administration duties for a complex Oracle inventory tracking system at the aircraft manufacturing facility in Marietta, GA.
  • Participated in the design of an in-house employee benefit database and reporting system to extract, transform and load data from several mainframe applications to Oracle.
  • Migrated a VAX/VMS inventory control system to Unix/Oracle. Redeveloped user interface using Oracle Forms.
  • Employed initially on a contract basis and secured permanent placement within one year based on performance.

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