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Consultant Resume

Jersey City, NJ


Experienced in design, development, deployment and production support of Oracle databases. Skilled at managing all aspects of large Oracle Databases (upto 4T and version 11gR2), Capacity Planning, upgrades, patching, database and sql tuning, RMAN, RAC, ASM, Oracle Streams, Data Guard & Grid Control. Experience on Unix/Linux & Windows platforms and managing systems based on Oracle’s best practices.


  • Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i
  • RAC, Data Guard, SRDF
  • AWR/ADDM/ASH,Grid control, Statspack, Tracing, TKPROF
  • AIX 5.3, Sun Solaris 10, HP - UX, RedHat Linux, Windows 2003SQL, PL/SQL
  • Remedy




Confidential, Jersey City, NJ


  • Two node 11gR2 RAC cluster with OCFS2, ASM on RHLinux x86 64-bit. Cross platform 2 TB data migration from single instance solaris/oracle 10g to RHEL/Oracle 11gR2 using Data Pump over the network
  • 11gR2 on RHEL single node oracle restart configuration.
  • OS platform and database version upgrade/migration.
  • Platform migration from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6. Oracle version upgrade and migration from to
  • Created Oracle databases and some Oracle 11gR2 client installations
  • Data Center Migration team member - Pre migration readiness and post migration testing. Forest
  • Database upgrade on Windows 2003 from and to
  • Upgrades on Solaris from to
  • CPU/PSU patches on Windows 2003, Solaris & RHEL platform
  • RMAN configuration for databases with block change tracking and compression enabled.
  • Resolved day to day failure issues.
  • Archivelog offloads and troubleshoot archivelog issues in dataguard and streams environments
  • Maintain streams capture, propagation and apply process for the EDC studies in Confidential .
  • Run reports to investigate various issues related to archivelogs, propagation and apply process.
  • ASH/ADDM/AWR reports to identify various database and sql tuning issues.
  • Determine root cause of performance issues and Implement solution. Size max memory & memory target parameters.
  • Using OS tools like TOP, TOPAS, VMSTAT, NMON to obtain server resource (CPU/IO/Memory) status.
  • Resolve various ORA-00600 issues by setting oracle recommended hidden parameters.
  • Resolve ORA-3041 by setting minimum for shared pool in a automatic memory management environment or altering parameter ‘cursor sharing’.
  • Increasing ulimit value on AIX server for multiple database hangs on a server.
  • Deployed one off patch to resolve bug issues where workaround was not available.
  • Maintained close communication, provided leadership and subject matter expertise to L1-L2 team offshore.

Sr.Production Support DBA



  • Upgraded databases from 9i to 10g, 10g to 11g and to 11gR1
  • Monitored disk space, proactive capacity planning based on prior usage. Monitored database performance using Grid control, statspack and inhouse scripts, maintaining database weekly performance baseline and I/O stats.
  • Database tuning included - estimate and set SGA MAX, buffer cache, shared pool, shared pool reserved, pga aggregate target, Processes, resizing redologs, adding redolog groups, undo retention
  • Monitored sql performance using Grid control and in-house plan change report, change of sql performance in terms of elapsed time report, Setting sql profile for desired performance outcome.
  • Assisted Application Developers with recommendation to tune sqls
  • Created and maintained users and Application/process IDs as per security clearance policy
  • Used LogMiner for investigation of deleted rows from a critical table
  • Established backup strategies using RMAN, SqlBacktrack/TSM, export/import, data pump.
  • Performed Flashback recovery to restore schema tables dropped accidentally by user
  • Key member of triage conferences that troubleshot application slowdown to determine root cause.
  • Shared database performance metrics (statspack/awr) with entire group
  • Checked for errors and other diagnostic investigations

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