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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Concord, NH


  • Oracle Database Administration Exposure: Experience administering Oracle 9i and 11gR2 instances on HP/UX, Oracle/Linux 6 platforms.
  • Able to review, implement PL/SQL, DDL, DML code installations in support of database testing.
  • Strong knowledge of database refresh / cloning methods. Strong Unix / Linux command line usage. Exposure to RMAN methods.
  • Ability to create, manage objects, manage user schema’s permissions and passwords.
  • Able to monitor database performance, review / analyze Oracle logs. Strong understanding of RDBMS testing life cycle.
  • Service oriented communicator, provides support for end users, developers, analysts.
  • 6 year’s experience using advanced SQL in enterprise level database environments
  • Transform large amounts of raw, complex data into meaningful information.
  • Strong understanding of data warehousing concepts. Advanced SQL query writing (inner and outer joins, sub queries, string functions, data type conversion).
  • Logistics data analysis, financial data analysis, ad - hoc reporting, reconciliation, data modeling, custom database creation, ETL.
  • Reconcile data from dissimilar sources. Able to juggle multiple projects, set priorities, and meet deadlines with spot on accuracy.
  • Additional hands-on Oracle training (see detail): Upgrades, Patching, Backup and Recovery methods, ASM, Performance tuning, Security, Troubleshooting, Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Installed and upgraded Oracle 10.2.3 to 10.2.4 to 11gr2 on Linux platform
  • Implemented pre-installation, pre-upgrade, pre-migration checks and recommendations
  • Upgraded OPATCH, installed PSU patch set updates
  • Migrated databases, utilized Data Pump full export to relocate schemas
  • Performed schema comparisons to ensure all objects migrated successfully
  • Used Vi to edit pfile's, .bash profile, Unix shell scripts
  • Linux kernels used: Red Hat, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Fedora
  • Installed and configured Linux and Oracle software on VMWare, VirtualBox
  • Utilized common shells and utilities including Bourne, Korn and C Shells
  • Strong utilization of Linux command line vs GUI tools
  • Implemented Oracle Data Guard physical standby database with Data Guard Broker
  • Configured flash recovery area, fast recovery area, archive logs, RMAN repository and catalog
  • Restored lost data files, redo logs, tablespaces and control files
  • Performed recovery using Flashback Database, Table, Query, Transaction
  • Performed database cloning using backup control file to trace
  • Developed hot/cold/full/incremental user managed backup scripts and recovery strategies
  • Utilized transportable table spaces to export/import objects between databases
  • Created and configured Automatic Storage Management instance
  • Relocated database objects from file system management to ASM with Oracle Managed Files
  • Managed ASM instances using ASM CLI (command line interface) or Enterprise Manager
  • Setup disk groups, configured mirroring, created failure groups
  • Reorganized database using locally managed tablespaces, uniform extents
  • Implemented automatic memory management (AMM)
  • Conducted instance tuning using pfile adjustments to optimizer, targets, buffers
  • Interrogated Shared Pool, Buffer Cache statistics using SQL, Statspack, UTLSTAT
  • Interrogated Latch Status and Contention Metrics using dynamic views or Enterprise Manager
  • Performed SQL Autotrace, utilized TKPROF, explain plan to examine SQL execution plans
  • Implemented suggestions generated by SQL Tuning, SQL Access and Segment Advisors
  • Optimized database performance using Memory, Undo, and Storage Advisors
  • Improved SQL performance using indexes, sequences, hints, profiling
  • Optimized SQL performance by moving indexes into their own tablespaces
  • Reorganized indexes to use Automatic Segment Space Management versus manual
  • Investigated Top SQL, Top wait events via Enterprise Manager or Statspack
  • Utilized Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) via Enterprise Manager or command line
  • Created ADDM, ASH reports using Enterprise Manager or SQL (addmrpt.sql, ashrpt.sql)
  • Generated Workload Repository Compare Period (“diff-diff” ) reports
  • Created and transported SQL Plan Baselines using SQL Plus
  • Influenced the optimizer using extended statistics, index coalesce, adjust PCTFREE
  • Performed security analysis using interrogation scripts, tools and checklists
  • Implemented security best practices following DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide
  • Protected, restricted permissions on Oracle binary files and listener.ora
  • Identified and changed default passwords, enabled password verification function
  • Enforced rules / restrictions regarding login attempts, password changes and resource limits
  • Restricted privileges for users, oracle supplied packages, objects, data dictionary
  • Managed user accounts, profiles, roles, resources using GRANT
  • Monitored database activity using audit log analysis, Logminer
  • Examined diag directory’s database alert logs, user and system trace files
  • Resolved ORA errors using Oracle documentation and various forums
  • Installed Grid Infrastructure, RAC binaries and application software on Oracle/Linux platform
  • Installed, configured, administered, patched RAC and RAC One Node database
  • Installed, configured Instant Client to simulate testing in a client/server environment
  • Conducted testing for automatic eviction, fencing, node re-join
  • Observed / monitored CRSD, CSSD, alert.log files during various test scenarios
  • Created Linux shell scripts to implement Fast Application Notification (FAN) callouts
  • Utilized SRVCTL to manage and monitor instances, create and relocate services
  • Created entries for new services in tnsnames.ora files using Vi editor
  • Implemented, tested automatic and manual Service Failover
  • Configured, implemented Transparent Application Failover policies
  • Configured RMAN to perform full parallel backups of archive logs, control files, spfile's
  • Configured Network File Sharing, enabled shared directories used for cluster wide updates
  • Applied Opatch upgrade to Oracle and Grid Homes, installed rolling Patch Set Updates (PSU)
  • Configured ASM, Oracle Managed Files, Fast Recovery Area in new cluster environments
  • Utilized Cluster Verification Utility (CVU) to verify cluster health and readiness
  • Utilized CRSCTL to manage cluster resources and verify vote disk
  • Installed, implemented Trace File Analyzer, RAC Check
  • Analyzed Global Cache statistics, gc wait events affecting cache coherency
  • Monitored Cluster Cache Coherency statistics (block access latency, transfer rate)
  • Monitored performance using Cluster Database Performance Pages or SQL scripts
  • Investigated ADDM findings at both cluster and instance level
  • Interrogated interconnect configuration, alerts while troubleshooting
  • Interrogated, resolved database blocking locks
  • Optimized cluster performance by utilizing sequences
  • Reduced sequence contention by increasing cache size for hot sequences
  • Converted single instance database to RAC environment using DBCA
  • Converted existing RAC configuration to a RAC One Node single instance
  • Implemented instance failover and relocation for RAC One Node
  • Restored RAC One Node instance to original RAC configuration
  • Reconfigured Enterprise Manager after conversions between RAC and RAC One Node


Tools: Oracle, Unix, Linux, Red Hat, SQL Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD, Enterprise Manager, DBCA, Grid Control, VMWare, VirtualBox, Advanced Access and Excel (formulas, pivot tables, v-lookups), SQL Server, SSRS, MySQL


Confidential, Concord, NH

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Administered Oracle 9i and 11g instances on HP/UX, Oracle Linux 6 platforms
  • Utilized change management software to facilitate database changes
  • Installed PL/SQL, DDL and DML scripts in SIT and UAT test instances using SQL Plus
  • Supported developers in review and implementation of PL/SQL code installations
  • Reviewed, edited PL/SQL procedures, packages, and triggers in support of developers
  • Ensured cursors were closed within PL/SQL code blocks
  • Ensured all dependent schema objects were backed up prior to installing code
  • Identified, recompiled invalid objects after database code changes and installations
  • Analyzed and updated object statistics using DBMS STATS packages
  • Utilized cold backup methods to refresh test and development databases
  • Utilized Vi, Unix shell scripting to edit backup trace control file used for cloning database
  • Utilized dblink to copy objects between instances
  • Performed daily DBA tasks such as verify Oracle processes, monitor alert logs
  • Reviewed and cleaned out old log / trace files
  • Reviewed daily back up logs for production and stand by databases
  • Investigated / resolved RMAN backup errors, verified successful physical tape creation
  • Optimized database performance by adding redo logs
  • Stopped and restarted test instances
  • Performed base install of Oracle/Linux 6 server software
  • Configured Cygwin for use with Oracle Universal Installer GUI
  • Installed Oracle 11gR2 instance, adjusted Linux kernel parameters as prompted by OUI
  • Provided technical support of the RDBMS and managed passwords for end users
  • Created new tables in production and test databases
  • Utilized TOAD to interrogate slow database and SQL performance
  • Participated in production turnover
  • Communicated with developers and business analysts for clarification during the SDLC
  • Utilized shell scripts to invoke processes in support of testing requirements
  • Communicated with application server team to coordinate database vs application changes

Confidential, Tewksbury, MA

Financial (data) Analyst


  • Designed / implemented databases via Access and SQL Server Data Warehouse
  • Conducted data modeling analysis in support of business requirements
  • Utilized various schemas and views within the database and data warehouse
  • Wrote SQL queries in order to analyze financial data
  • Responsible for all manual updates to the data warehouse
  • Loaded daily customer .csv invoice files to the accounting database
  • Tested, reviewed, cleaned new customer files due to system upgrades as needed
  • Reviewed, tested files and processes for new internal accounting system
  • Developed creative and logical solutions to solve complex data challenges
  • Implemented ETL solutions (extraction/transformation/loading) for manual processes
  • Ensured data accuracy in support of management decision making and planning
  • Compiled data used for budgeting, forecasting, reconciliation, month end reporting
  • Transformed complex, raw data files from customer into meaningful reports
  • Communicated with all levels of staff and clients to resolve technical issues
  • Collaborated with customers to provide them data meeting their business requirements
  • Provided ad-hoc reporting and analysis for internal and external customers
  • Reconciled $3M per month in A/P inventory
  • Exceeded shrinkage goals of less than .5%


Data Analyst / Customer Support


  • Analyzed logistics data in a SQL Server data warehouse
  • Created / distributed field reports used for asset tracking and recovery
  • Worked within a team to meet monthly deadlines and goals
  • Improved shrinkage loss by $15k - $20k per month
  • Performed asset recovery via phone and email
  • Supported technicians and customers via phone in a large 24/7 call center
  • Documented materials and labor data used for logistics and reporting

Confidential, Yarmouth, ME

Software Quality Assurance Analyst


  • Tested the installation, functionality and GUI of mapping software
  • Created, executed test plans and/or followed structured scripts
  • Performed regression testing
  • Posted materials and labor data in a large 24/7 call center

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