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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume

Detroit, MI


  • 7+ years of total IT Experience
  • 7 years of Oracle DBA


  • 7 + years of IT experience in Database Administration including analysis, design, development, maintenance, testing, documentation, implementation and user /support.
  • Configuration and maintenance of oracle 11g,10g,9i,8i databases and applying patches as required under Linux, HP UX, Sun Solaris, AIX and Windows platforms
  • 7 years of experience in Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.x DBA in Production, Development and Test environment.
  • Significant experience in designing and developing applications using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/ 8.1.6/8.1.5/7. x, Erwin tool, SiteMinder, RHEL, Developer 2000 (Forms 6i/5/4.5,Reports 6i/3/2.5), Designer 2000, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, ER Studio.
  • Experienced in upgrading 8i/9i to 10G/11G/12c
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration of Application software’s like Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.x Database, Oracle Internet Application Server (9iAS), Essbase OLAP Server, Oracle WebDB, Oracle RAC, Oracle Application Server, Apache Server, JRun Server, and Checkpoint Firewall on Solaris and Windows Platform. Expertise in configuring and managing physical and logical Standby database (Data Guard) for BCP/DRP (Business continuity plan and Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • Two implementations of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g AIX 6.1 and Solaris 10 SPARC 64 bit and Enterprise Management Agents on multiple production servers
  • Thorough knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with respect to database design, implementation and maintenance and expertise working with Web - Application development teams on J2EE platforms, Installed and configured JDBC and ODBC
  • Managed Database Structures, Converted Logical data to Physical data, Storage Allocation, Table/Index segments, Rollback segments, Constraints, Database Access, Roles and Privileges and Database Auditing
  • Worked extensively on Oracle 11g/10g databases, performed installation and configuration of Automatic Storage Management (ASM) with EMC DMX Storage and Flash Recovery Area (FRA) and Proficient with Real Application Testing (RAT) by capturing production work load and replaying it on a test systemand worked extensively on Very Large Databases (VLDB) ranging from 200 GB to 8 TB
  • Expert in Partitioning Administration: creating, managing, purging and merging the partitioned tables. Planning and scheduling Backups using RMAN (hot, cold and incremental backups) and export/import, datapump utilities and writing Unix Shell and Perl Scripting for automating the DBA tasks and also in Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, AWR, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE
  • Worked extensively with Oracle High Availability (HA) technologies like Real Application Clusters (RAC), Data Guard, Flashback and RMAN and worked extensively with Data Guard in creating physical and logical standby databases
  • Experience in performing database upgrades and applying latest critical patch updates as well as patch set updates with proven expertise in prioritizing tasks and contributed in teams of varied functional realms
  • Participated in 24 X 7 on-call rotation, off-hour production problem resolution activities


Relational Databases: Forms3.x/4.x, SQL*DBA, Utilities (Export, Import, SQL* LOADER), Server Manager, Quest, Enterprise Manager, Data Guard, DBA Studio, EOM, LEGATO & VERITAS BACKUP TOOLS, Volume Manager, PVCS (SCM), Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS SQL Server 2005/2003, MySQL 5.0, MS Access 2003

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, HTML, C#, Java, C

Tools: Toad 8.0, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office Visio, Rational Rose, Erwin, RAID, Grid Control, PeopleSoft, SiteMinder, RHEL, SQL Developer, WinSCP, Cygwin, Core FTP Lite, Xmanager 3.0/2.0, SQL Developer 1.1/1.2/1.5, PL/SQL Developer 5.0, ETL.

Oracle Utilities: RMAN, Export, Import, Datapump, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL* Loader, DBVerify

Replication: Oracle 11g/10g Streams Replication, STRMMON Monitoring Utility, Streams Performance Advisor, Materialized Views

Disaster Recovery: Physical Standby (Data Guard), Logical Standby

Tuning Tools: OEM, AWR, ADDM, Statspack, Quest Spotlight, Foglight, Embarcadero DBArtistan 8.5, Explain Plan, TKPROF

Scripting Querying: SQL*plus, iSQL*Plus, UNIX Shell Scripting

Data Modeling Tools: Erwin, Microsoft Office, Visio

Protocols: TCP, UDP, FTP, SCP, RCP

Storage System: ASM (Automatic Storage Management), EMC SAN

Cluster Database: Oracle 10g RAC, Oracle 10g Clusterware

Operating System: Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Windows 2003/2000/NT


Confidential, Detroit, MI

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Working on a 4-node RAC Databases supporting more than 1000 database servers.
  • Worked intensively on Golden gate replication.
  • Worked on setting up and installing Golden gate on new databases in datacenter.
  • Experience working with Oracle 12c and upgrading from 11g to 12c.
  • Worked on upgrading development and production databases.
  • Worked on intensively on Database and cluster builds.
  • Performed rman duplication between RAC - RAC databases and RAC - non RAC Databases.
  • Worked extensively on Datacenter Migrations.
  • Schemas refresh using Export/Import Pump, Creating the database table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.
  • Worked on creating Materialized views and refreshing the materialized views.
  • Improving the performance of the database by tuning SQL and database instance parameters using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor and SQL Tuning Advisor in Oracle.
  • Working on a 4 node RAC databases with data guard setup on it.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery through RMAN.
  • Applied patches to Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • RAC database creation and managing on a 4-node RAC Databases.
  • Worked on creating an SR’s for oracle ORA-600
  • Managing crontab file, rescheduling the failed jobs (due to errors), changing timings for the scripts to run if the job fails and adding new jobs (scripts).
  • Worked on Data Guard using 2-Node physical Standby database.
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation and configuration.
  • Setup Goldengate Database User with necessary privileges. Prepare Goldengate parameter files for Extraction and Replication and Monitor/troubleshoot and maintenance of Goldengate replication.
  • Document Server Installation/Upgrade, Storage Configuration & Host Integration procedures
  • Troubleshooting the issues related to Oracle RAC, Golden Gate and Product level Plan
  • Looking into day-to-day activities of Production database, Monitoring its growth and performance.
  • Worked extensively on all major Releases from (5.0 - 5.6) in Onstar (Involving).
  • Worked on SQL Server installations, setting up backup jobs and sql servers Agents.
  • Oncall Oracle DBA 24 x 7 production support of business critical databases.

Environment: Oracle 11gR2,12c, RAC on ASM, Golden Gate, EMC Storage, HP-UX B.11.31, RHEL 6.5, Sql server

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Sr.Oracle DBA


  • Working on a 4-node RAC Databases. Supporting more than 100 database servers production.
  • Worked on Golden gate replication.
  • Schemas refresh using Export/Import Pump, Creating the database table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.
  • Worked on a manual code drop and code deployment
  • Provided database/application tuning including as reducing lock contention, analyzing objects.
  • Storage Management Managing Space, Table spaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery through RMAN.
  • Managing access rights to various users/schemas and worked on the partitioning of the tables and data purging.
  • Worked on the Oracle to Db2 Migration project.
  • Proactively monitoring the database’s health and taking preventive or corrective actions.
  • Experience on Database Security by monitoring User Management, Privileges, Roles, Profiling, Authentication and Risk management.
  • Allocated and maintaining the Tablespace, location, size, and retention time for the flashback files
  • Looking into day-to-day activities of Production database, Monitoring its growth and performance.
  • Worked on creating an SR’s for oracle ORA-600
  • Managing crontab file, rescheduling the failed jobs (due to errors), changing timings for the scripts to run if the job fails and adding new jobs (scripts).
  • Unix Shell scripting in ksh for automating backup and recovery, Import and export procedure of databases, getting system alerts.
  • Provided instance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical I/O and Memory Usage.
  • Supported development effort by providing SQL statement tuning and optimizing procedures and removing load and query performance bottlenecks by using tools Explain Plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, and TOAD.
  • Performance tuning of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics for the same.
  • Created Users, Groups, Roles, Profiles and assigned users to groups and granted privileges and permissions to appropriate groups.
  • Devised & Implemented backup strategies using exports and Rman based on the business requirements.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • Trouble shooting of various database performances by proper diagnosis at all levels like SQL, PL/SQL, database design, database tables, indexes, Instance, memory, operating system and java calls.
  • Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem Recognition and resolution of database issues.
  • On call Oracle DBA 24 x 7 production support of business critical Web/Internet access databases.

Environment: Oracle database 10g (,11g Redhat4, HP-UNIX 10.0, RAC, TOAD, ASM, ASM, RMAN, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader.

Confidential, VA

Oracle DBA


  • Supporting more than 45 databases including development/production for 24/7.
  • Installed RAC on Oracle 10g release2 and worked on ASM feature of Oracle.
  • Implemented Data guard, creating both Logical and Physical Standby databases in 10g RAC environment for the Production databases.
  • Install, configure and provides technical support for Oracle 11g Release 2 RAC databases as well as non-RAC databases.
  • Configured OEM 11g grid control and upgraded various 10g agents to 11g.
  • Developed and maintained shell for setting up batch jobs and managing release scripts.
  • Implemented SQL outline to get the better execution plan for the offending queries. Setting up analyzing scripts and coordinated with development team to gather table statistics.
  • Perform Database Tuning & Performance, Storage Management, Plan growth and changes (capacity planning), Database Monitoring, Security Management and Tuning SQL queries.
  • Configuration, Administration and tuning of Oracle 10g &11g RAC.
  • Worked intensively on Golden gate replication
  • Day to Day General Administration Tablespace Management, Undo Management, Managing Users, Resources, Managing User Privileges and Roles.
  • Diagnosed Oracle bugs and coordinating with Oracle support through metalink to resolve them in timely manner.
  • Worked on Golden gate replication issues.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • Implemented Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for managing all Oracle Databases.
  • Scheduled meetings with application team for database migration review to gather legacy information such as type of application, database options, current oracle configuration, capacity and oracle outstanding tasks.
  • Developed, revised and implemented policies, standards, procedures and guidelines necessary to effectively administer the database environments.
  • Maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures using RMAN. Monitoring the scheduled backup procedures for daily basis using crontab.
  • Database refreshes using export /import and datapump. Used AWR reports to monitor the database performance.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery thru RMAN.
  • Primary DBA.
  • Refreshed multiple databases for Development and Testing upon short request.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • Improving the performance of the database by tuning SQL and database instance parameters using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor and SQL Tuning Advisor in Oracle 10g.
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Oracle Application Servers using Statspack, TKPROF, and OEM for tuning on 9i and on 10g using SQL access manager, SQL tuning manager.
  • Performed Export/Import through Data Pump.
  • Performed Database Refreshes and Database Copies for Development, Test and Production databases.
  • Involved in monitoring the lock processes, releasing locks in case of resource blockage and gathering statistics.
  • Performed database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Created and maintain users, roles and privileges.
  • Involved in discussions with the management regarding the advantages/disadvantages and upgrade plans.
  • Used Oracle 10g AWR & ADDM to monitor database activities and performance tuning.
  • Performed Database Administration using TOAD, Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL scripts.
  • Installed, migrated, configured and tested Oracle 11g databases.

Environment: HP-UX 11, Red Hat Linux4, Windows 2000/2003, Oracle g, DB2, Enterprise Manager GRID, RUP, RMAN, SAN/NAS, HSM, 10g RAC, Streams, CDC, Data Guard


Oracle DBA


  • Created the duplicate databases and did databases refreshes of Production databases on remote nodes using the NFS mount of production servers to the remote nodes,
  • Used FTP transfer of datafiles to remote nodes, and copying the backup data files from the tape.
  • Used partitioning to break very large table and its associated indexes into smaller pieces so that each pieces either a table or an index together make up a larger object.
  • Managed complex Standby databases and Data Guard for disaster recovery.
  • Performed logical backup using export and import utilities. Performed hot and cold backups.
  • Performed database performance tuning, stats pack reports automation, stress test on production copy for scalability, resolving production performance issues..
  • Database performance tuning using (v$ tables, STATSPACK, TKPROF, OEM).
  • Used to check for backups, invalid objects, table space sizes, user sessions from Grid Control
  • Used Explain Plan extensively for monitoring and improving the performance of databases and sql queries.
  • Maintaining data integrity and tune database for optimum performance and availability.
  • Worked with Development team to fulfill the requirements of applications with Database design.
  • Provided troubleshooting and problem solving support to application developers.
  • Managed projects by developing implementation plans and timelines, providing weekly status reports, preparing technical documentation pertaining to various projects, exchanging relevant information with management and technical teams, and meeting timelines established.

Environment: : Oracle 9i 10g, HP-UX, Windows XP Professional, Oracle database 9i Cluster, Humming Bird Exceed

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