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Snr Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Kansas City, MO


  • A qualified and clearable Oracle Database 11g/10g/ DBA with more than 8 years managing and working with leading edge projects that require experience on diverse OLTP and Data Warehouse environments.
  • He is a good team player with proven expertise in physical and Logical database design, installation, configuration and implementation, support and maintenance of Oracle databases in a LINUX, UNIX and WINDOWS environments.
  • Experience includes upgrade to Oracle 11gR2, setup ASM to manage storage for better performance, RAC 10g/11g installation and patching, troubleshooting RAC, using ASMCFS file system for Clustering, implementing Data Guard for real time disaster Recovery . Confidential also has experience customizing OS utilities for performance, Capacity Planning and reliability.
  • He is highly exposed to Big Data/VLDB environments and has excellent skills in upgrade and migrations, applying quarterly patches etc.
  • He is versatile in establishing client relationships for understanding their business processes, user tasks & goals; analyzing and defining requirements to ensure efficient and cost - saving technological solutions to meet and exceed the client’s needs. Confidential is experienced in automating database creation through Oracle response files and through Linux shell scripts; he is versed in oracle management tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid, ASMCA etc.
  • He performance tuning techniques comprises of savvy usage of indexes, tablespace compression, I/O minimizations through hardware RAID and other load balancing techniques.
  • He is well exposed to Oracle Engineered Systems like ODA (Oracle Data Appliance) and has experience leveraging such systems to meet challenging and evolving client data needs.


  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle ASM technology
  • Oracle RMAN
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Oracle Datapump
  • Intermediate Linux Shell scripting
  • UNIX Platforms - Solaris, AIX, HPUX
  • Linux Platforms - Red Hat, Fedora, Ent. Linux
  • Windows Server - WS2003,WS 2008
  • Oracle Enterprise Business Suite
  • Oracle Grid Control Management
  • SQL Loader
  • Oracle Stream
  • Oracle LogMiner
  • Virtual Box, VMware
  • Quest Spotlight
  • Qwest Toad
  • Oracle BI tools
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver
  • Toad Data Modeler


Confidential, Kansas City, MO

SNR Oracle Database Administrator


  • Install ed and configure d Oracle 11g /10g RAC using ASM for storage, conduct ed daily incremental and weekly full backups using RMAN, and also perform ed database cloning with RMAN
  • Designed and implemented Oracle Dataguard Physical and logical standby databases for disaster recovery. Administer ed Oracle 11g/10g Data Guard and troubleshoot ed client replication issues causing log latency
  • Upgrade d Oracle database versions 9i and 10g to version 11g using different migration tools such as Datapump, transportable tablespaces, and RMAN. The upgrade steps include reviewing the existing database configuration, statistics collection, troubleshooting and resolving CBO related script performance after any go live event
  • Perform ed disaster recovery drills and recommend ed changes to current systems while adhering to change management policies
  • Perform ed database performance tuning activities using tools like AWR/ADDM reports, Active Session History Reports and SQL tuning advisors
  • Automate d database administration routines, e.g. backup and recovery, response files, data pump export/import activities, schema refresh from different sources, creation and disk usage monitoring
  • Designed and implemented Oracle user audit collection and led the DBA team in architecting data flows to the presentation tiers for senior management
  • Analyze database failures, identify and document corrective measures needed to maintain our SLAs
  • Perform database hardening post development and testing duplications.
  • Identify performance bottleneck, storage issues and other Operating Systems related optimizations
  • Provide customer support to hosted Clients while coordinating clients’ support with Oracle support
  • Develop and document tools, scripts, and processes for internal and client DBA use
  • Highly skilled at researching new RDBMS version and functionality
  • Provided technical direction, development, training and mentoring to team members and clients as needed
  • Performed restores on non-production databases as needed
  • Performed data scrambling on highly sensitive data.
  • Assisted on several new-flip projects, which included setting up and configuring new footprints as well as monitoring scripts in crontab and DBMS jobs to allow proactive database monitoring and tuning.


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed database software, created databases, performed database upgrades and applied one-off and quarterly patches when necessary. Also Managed online redo log files, archive log files, control files and other oracle related files
  • Took part in efforts in tuning existing software and its relation to database performance
  • Took on the task of researching and testing out new database technologies before introducing new database technologies to entire organization
  • Responsible for the planning, designing and implementation of the backup and recovery program for database backups, restoration and recovery for continuous operation
  • Extensively dealt with schema design and data modeling using tools like Oracle Data Modeler
  • Managed database security by creating new users, roles, profiles and privileges in development, test and production environments. Planned all database storage structures and approved all production changes
  • Proactively performed database performance tuning by monitoring different hit ratios of the SGA components such as shared pool, database buffers and redo logs. Utilized database advisors to maintain optimal database efficiency and performance.
  • Utilized Automatic Workload Repository(AWR) to generate snapshots of key performance data, such as time-model statistics, which shows how long each database activity is taking and high-load-SQL statistics which aids in identifying resource-intensive SQL statements
  • Managed all database performance monitoring and tuning through Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Planned and Implemented a Data Guard setup for disaster recovery
  • Familiarity and understanding of data storage solutions (Netbackup, NetApp, SAN, NAS)

Confidential, Newark, DE

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Trained interns in installing Oracle database server on the UNIX and LINUX platforms
  • Assisted in generating training material for interns
  • Assisted in the designing backup and recovery program
  • Trained interns in installing and configuring Oracle ASM and RAC
  • Assisted in configuring Red Hat file servers and other Linux appliances for this client
  • Provided technical direction, development, training and mentoring to team members and clients as needed
  • Assisted in writing technical manuals for on-site Linux and Oracle Administrators
  • Developed hardware requirements specification and assisted in other sizing activities

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