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Application Dba/sybase/oracle Consultant Resume

Troy, AL


  • Over 28 years of experience in Database Administration in Mainframe and Client Server environments, which includes logical database design, data analysis, physical database design, physical database creation, production support, support of the Data Center to resolve production problems, executing DBMS Data Handling Utilities, Configuring DB/DC and CV regions JCL, Migrate and install Database Applications, DB/DC Performance and Tuning, Backup and Restores, Disaster Recovery Support, Software installs, testing, creating and documenting database standards and guidelines and support of application developers. IT Consulting Business Owner for over 10 years.
  • Technology Project Manager for Database System Conversions, Implementations of new database software releases and security patches.
  • Client/Server Coordination and Administration in Oracle, Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, Informix, SQL Server, and Mainframe Coordination and Administration in IDMS and DB2.
  • Heavy user contact in a service support role both internally and externally.
  • Monitor compliance and security adherence to Database standards.
  • Solid administrative Project Lead/Management and Supervisory experience, provide support for new Data Administrators. Database Administrators and Consultants.
  • Handle problems identified, manage, monitor and assign DBA project activities.
  • Project Manager for the second Iteration of the Sybase IQ upgrade and the upgrade of IDMS from release 10 to release 12.
  • Application DBA managing the migration of stored procedures, triggers and functions. Creating and modifying database objects.


Software: Toad DB2 Mainframe CVS MS Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista ACME, MS SQL Server Sybase Adaptive Server Oracle Microsoft Project Unix Shell Scripting, MS Office Products Sybase IQ Project 6 Microsoft Great Plains Remedy, DBArtisan IDMS AUTO SYS E/R Studio Informix, Embarcadero Change Manager

Operating Systems: OS/2 Microsoft Windows Unix VSE/OS z/OS Sun Solaris Linux


Confidential, Troy, AL

Application DBA/Sybase/Oracle Consultant


  • Database administration task for lower environments (development and test): Including the creation, modification and maintenance of database objects: tables, indexes, views, user and user security as well as the migration of functions, packages, stored procedures and triggers to requested environments.
  • Data and data structure refreshes with data and structure from production /acceptance testing environments.
  • Worked with clients, after project s documenting the existing systems.
  • Maintain, create and update script in CVS repository for release/phase migrations.
  • Create database installation plans and migration instructions.
  • Installation of Oracle client and tools(Toad, DBArtisan) and establishing connectivity to databases on desktop.
  • Managing security, providing role based/group grant access to database objects.
  • Support developers in tuning database and applications for optimal performance.
  • Design/model database structures to support a variety of software applications.
  • Identify, resolve, and or provided database recommendations for performance problems, tools, database best practices, etc.
  • Provided primary database support for application database systems in the development and test environments.
  • Modify and test existing materialized views.
  • Create and update E/R Data modeling diagrams using E/R Studio and add the diagrams to CVS/ERM tools.
  • Develop, document and perform database unit testing of database object changes.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Sybase/SQL Server Database Administrator


  • Responsible for Standard Procurement System (SPS) Sybase database Administration and monitoring as well as Procurement Desktop Defense application server administration and monitoring, and application server administration and monitoring for Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) Contracting Services.
  • Responsible for database performance tuning, backup and recovery, data and system integrity, user and object security maintenance, and CACI database and application software installation upgrades and patches, capacity planning, automation of tasks, and provide daily support for Sybase 15.0 SPS production and test databases as well as SPS PD2 Adapter, Application Server Framework, and WebMethods application software.
  • Security work configuring a Confidential - compliant environment for Sybase and SQL Server. Information assurance (IA) and IA vulnerability management conducting accurate evaluations of the security vulnerabilities.
  • Backup DBA for DFAS MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005 instances, DBA daily system administration tasks including MS SQL Data Transformation, MS SQL Integration Services, MS SQL profiler, database backup monitoring, and Microsoft Great Plains database administration.
  • Create and maintain Unix and Windows shell scripts, troubleshoot script errors, schedule job events utilizing Unix crontab and Windows task manager, refresh test databases with production data and backup databases and data as required. SSBI Security Clearance and SPS .
  • Building a New Test Application Server for SPS PD2, installing SPS PD2 application release SR10a which is currently the release that’s in production and then upgrading to the new release SR11 as well and upgrading the test Sybase ASE database from the current release of 15.0.2 to 15.0.3.
  • Created a new procedure for weekly and daily refresh of the Wright Pat PD2 Access database that was previously only refreshed monthly.
  • Moving the Sybase ASE 15.0.2 database from the current unix server that’s going of lease to the new test unix server. Will also move the production Sybase ASE database after the upgrade of SPS PD2.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Database Administrator, Consultant


  • Support production 24/7 rotation and the application staff.
  • Developed procedures, standards and guidelines for database usage.
  • Participate and communicate in meetings regarding special projects, solve database related errors, abends and interpret messages.
  • Execute database utilities used for reporting database statistics for database analysis and performance.
  • Perform/Audit all backup and recoveries, database restructures, installs and updates.
  • Debug and test new system releases of Mainframe and Client Server Databases(Unix and Window Platforms).
  • Worked with all IT functional groups(Network, Middleware, Lan Administration, Unix, etc.) to identify and solve applications, job scheduling, administrations and database tuning related issues for Sybase, Informix, SQL Server IDMS and DB2 databases.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Database Administrator


  • Support the application staff, production support and development of procedures, standards and guidelines for IDMS usage.
  • Developed and design data mart on Sybase IQ using existing IDMS data.
  • Created scripts to automate the upload of data and clean up of logs and core files.
  • Work with the Systems programmer to install IDMS related software in a VSE O/S.
  • DBA on the technical team working on a rewrite of IDMS to Oracle.
  • Created Instances and databases, installing and configuring Oracle and Unix software.
  • Created tables, indexes and users.
  • Created backup and recovery procedures and automation.
  • Installed 3rd party application software and patch upgrades.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Staff Engineer/Database Administrator


  • Project Leader of all IDMS Applications and Technology.
  • Developed standards, procedures and guidelines for effective and efficient usage of IDMS tools/services.
  • Consultant to Applications on existing data, database, preferred data sources and for additional access requests to databases in terms of impact to capacity, integrity, throughput, and security.
  • Provided anticipated DBA activity list and manpower estimates.
  • Consulted on database productivity tools such as DMLO, ADSALIVE, etc.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Database Administrator


  • Team Leader, assign and supervise tasks to staff members.
  • Participate and communicate in meetings, work on special projects, solve IDMS related errors, abend and interpret all IDMS messages.
  • Execute IDMS utilities used for reporting database statistics, database analysis and performance.
  • Perform audits all backups, database restructures, installs and updates.
  • Debug and test new system releases of IDMS.

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