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Sr. Oracle Dba Consultant Resume


  • More than 13 years of progressive experience as Database Administrator of Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, MS SQL server and IBM DB2 database includes installation, setup, creation, configuration, tuning, migration, upgrades, logical and physical database design, backup, recovery, partitioning, replication, shell scripting and maintenance processes on heterogeneous operating systems including Solaris, HP Unix, Linux,Tru64 Unix and Windows.
  • Over 21 years of IT working experience with a proven background of technical problem solving. a self - motivated, responsible, and reliable team player with a set of very strong technical skills.
  • Extensive experience with database architecture, relational and object relational database design, development, coding and testing of business/commercial applications using Oracle database, MS SQL Server Database, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL * Plus, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer, SQL *Loader, Oracle Export/Import, Oracle Data pump, TOAD, T-SQL, Confidential, SQL Query Analyzer, INFORMATICA etc.
  • Over one year of experience as IBM DB2 Database Administator.
  • Over one year worked as a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database administrator in Confidential, Maryland.
  • Customer service oriented, strong analytical, problem-solving and conceptual skills.
  • A solid understanding of business functions, systems and data.
  • Strong understanding of networking, platforms, OS management, trouble shooting, networking, hardware compatibility and system Administration on Windows, Unix systems.
  • Strong understanding and experience of Oracle Hot/Cold backups, recovery, restore, copy databases, database scheduled jobs, cron jobs, RMAN backup and restore, Data guard, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Explain Plan and SQL trace .
  • Experienced with Data guard, Oracle10g Grid Control and Advanced Oracle Queue, partitioning and Basic Replication
  • Developed or modified oracle backup and recovery scripts. Used Oracle backup utility RMAN and user-managed backup and recovery to implement oracle backup and performed a number of times of disaster recovery.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases .
  • Developed distributed applications using Oracle Database, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer.
  • Extensive experience in installing and upgrading Oracle 9i, 10g and Oracle 10g Application server, Oracle 10g Developer suits and Oracle Warehouse Builder(OWB) . Planning and creating the database and their objects tables, tablespaces, views, indexes, database links, triggers, packages, functions, procedures, synonyms, user accounts, roles, privileges and db links.
  • Reporting the problems to Oracle, getting the latest patches and upgrades from Oracle and keeping in touch with the latest technologies of Oracle related products.
  • Extensive Business knowledge and experience in Healthcare, Housing Finance (Home Mortgage), Government, Manufacturing (Chemicals & Textiles) and successfully executed projects for the Federal and State Government, Largest Home Mortgage company.
  • Upgraded development, test, stage and production databases from 9i to 10g.
  • Design and developed complex PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions and database triggers to applications.
  • Developed ETL mappings for data extract and load using INFORMATICA 9.x
  • Designed and Developed n-tier (including business and data tier) applications. Well versed with Back end, Middle tier, Front end and GUI Development.
  • Strong Business and applications analysis skills with excellent communication and professional skills.
  • Ability to adapt to fast changing skills and work
  • Ability to work in-groups as well as independently with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent problem solving, analytical and software technical skills.


Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Pro*C, C, Unix Shell Scripts.

Technologies: RDBMS

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9.x/8.x/7.x/6.0, DB2 9.7, MS SQL Server 2000MS Access.

ETL Tool: Informatica 9.x

Development Tools: Oracle Forms 10g/5.0/4.5/3.0, Oracle Reports 10g/3.0/2.5/1.1 Oracle Designer 9i, Oracle Graphics 5.0, SQL *Plus, SQL *Loader, Export/Import, Oracle Data Pump, RMAN, TOAD, Confidential

Operating System: Sun Solaris 8/9/10, Red Hat Linux AS/ES 2.5, Fedora Linux, HP-UX, Compaq Tru64 10.1, Windows 95/98, Windows XP/2000 Advanced Server, DOS, Sco Unix, OpenVMS

Communications/Networks: ODBC, Internet, TCP/IP, Banyan Vines, VNC Tight

Application/Package Software: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Office

Application Servers: Oracle 9i/10g AS

Version Control: Visual SourceSafe 6.0, Rational clear case and PVCS

Data Modeling: ERWIN 7.X



Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Provided Oracle Database administrative support for CMS Confidential and PDE projects with Oracle 11g/10g running on Linux, Solaris and Windows server.
  • Designed and created database schema objects for the application
  • Created new schemas with data from previous release objects to support development and system testing efforts for future releases including dot release.
  • Provided assistance in logical and physical data modeling using ERWIN tool.
  • Identified, resolved or provided recommendations to other different kind of the performance problems ranging from database performance problems to I/O hardware performance problems. The tools used mainly are Oracle Enterprise Manager, Explain Plan, SQL Developer and some my own scripts.
  • Created materialized views for PDE project and scheduled to run an Oracle job to refresh them.
  • Created new databases, schemas, users, roles, configure registry parameters, setup backups and recovery, schemas refresh and other monitoring scripts.
  • Responsible for maintaining database objects/scripts in varies database environments (Development, System test, Validation and Production).
  • Migrated database schema objects from Confidential environment to CMS databases.
  • Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions for Confidential project.
  • Supported for data extract and data load using PL/SQL package and an ETL tool INFORMATICA 9.
  • Provided DB2 database administrative support for Confidential project.
  • Responsible for DB2 9.7 logical and physical database design, implementation and maintenance on Windows NT environments.
  • Managed and resolved database issues during development.
  • Developed some DB2 database operations and maintenance scripts.
  • Updated data to Confidential local databases from CMS environments.
  • Helped the development team in writing/tuning SQL queries.

Environment: Oracle Database 11g/10g, SQL, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripts, IBM DB2 9.x, JIRA, Sun4u SPARC, ZLinux64, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, INFORMATICA 9.7, Erwin 7.2, Source safe, SVN, SQL Developer, PLSQL Developer

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Install, configure and upgrade Oracle10g database software in Solaris 5000 Server, Tru64 Server and Windows.
  • Refresh/Copy production data to database.
  • Maintain and monitoring OLTP and Data Warehousing databases including Backup/Recovery.
  • Worked on Oracle10g database migration from Tru64 Unix Server to Sun Solaris 5000 Server using Oracle tools Export/Import and Datapump.
  • Wrote PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Function, Database Trigger, PL/SQL script and Unix shell script as required for applications.
  • Worked on trouble-shooting SQL query performance issues, application issues, Oracle Advanced Queues, unix cron jobs, oracle daily scheduled jobs, materialized view refresh, data problems and day to day database issues.
  • Provides technical support to developers to write SQL query and data validations to ensure database data integrity.
  • Resolved end user errors including application access issues, login problem, data errors etc.
  • Worked on Deployment tickets to deploy in development, test,, reporting database and production environments.
  • Implement and maintain database security through granting and revoking privileges to user accounts.
  • Participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation in support of the production databases

Environment: Oracle Database 9i/10g, SQL, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripts, Compaq Tru64 Unix Version 10.1, Windows 2003 Advanced Server, Windows XP, OEM,Clearcase, Oracle Designer, TOAD, SQL Developer

Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD

Oracle DBA


  • Install, configure and upgrade Oracle database software and related products.
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Write Unix Korn shell scripts for database maintenance like backup, recovery, purge archive log files etc. in Test, Train and Production environment.
  • Verify hot and cold daily backups in all three environment.
  • Create and maintain the database replication in test, train and production environment.
  • Deploys new application packages in test, train and prod environment.
  • Write PL/SQL procedures, function, database trigger and packages as required for applications.
  • Perform day to day database operations in test, train and production databases
  • Perform problem determination and trouble-shooting of technical problems with the databases. Act as a liaison between application vendor (Northrop Grumman (NG) and Bearing Point) and user and achieves a timely resolution to related problems.
  • Provide technical assistance to the user community and applications support staff.

Environment: Oracle 9i/8i, SQL, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL, Unix korn shell scripts, SQL* Loader, HP-UX 11, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2003, Windows XP.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Oracle DBA


  • System analysis and architecture, capacity planning, backup/recovery, installation, configuration, monitoring, performance tuning, restructuring of databases, trouble shooting, migration and application development.
  • Daily maintenance review, SQL optimization, checking daily Confidential jobs, Design the DB schema and create any necessary database objects for the current Bio-informatics projects.
  • Working closely with application developers and system administrators to ensure all database needs.
  • Design through implementation of a comprehensive Microarray, SIMON referral system widely used system in Confidential /NIDDK division.
  • Other responsibilities include: DBA for all Oracle and SQL Server development, manage and maintain Web application based products; manage programmers on various web based systems, maintain data interfaces with Oracle to SQL Server and vice versa.
  • Provided initial installation, configuration and testing of Oracle’s 9iAS Application server.

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i, Oracle AS 9i/10g, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle Forms 10g, Oracle Reports 10g, SQL, SQL * Plus, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Confidential, SQL Query Analyzer, ERWIN, Sun Solaris 8/9, Red Hat Linux AS/ES 2.5, HP-UX, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2003, Windows XP.

Confidential, Dover, DE

Oracle DBA/Developer


  • Gathered User Requirements; design, development, testing and implementation of the screens involved in the application using Oracle 10g/9i Database, PL/SQL Packages, Function, Procedures, Database Triggers, Oracle Forms 10g/5.0 and Oracle Reports 10g/3.0
  • Application design based on n-tier Architecture.
  • Designed Logical and Physical Data Model.
  • Installing and upgrading Oracle 9i, 10g and Oracle 10g Application server and Oracle 10g Developer suits. Planning and creating the database.
  • Creating new database tables, tablespaces, views, indexes, database links, triggers, packages, functions, procedures, synonyms, create user accounts, roles, etc. Give grants to user accounts.
  • Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system.
  • Fine tuning of the Oracle Database and Oracle initialization parameter file.
  • Making and writing scripts for Hot and Cold Backups. Performance monitoring, tuning and dividing administrator responsibilities. Created Backup & Recovery procedures.
  • Monitored and tuned online redo log mechanism, Undo segments and temporary tablespaces.
  • Determined the SGA parameters depending on the memory, workload, concurrent users and expected database size to improve the performance.
  • Creating and maintaining cron jobs.
  • Written and tune SQL Query for optimal performance using EXPLAIN PLAN and SQL*Plus Auto trace report.
  • Deployment of Application on Test and Production Server and testing of application.
  • Participated in full software development lifecycle.
  • Responsible for the integration of software modules (version control and packaging releases).
  • Done unit testing, integration testing and regression testing.
  • Testing of database, queries optimization and performance

Environment: Oracle 10g/9.x/8.0.4, SQL, SQL *Plus, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 10g/5.0, Oracle Reports 10g/5.0. Sun SPARC Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Windows NT(4.0), Windows XP.


Oracle DBA/Developer


  • Deposit date entry, pay-in slip generation, check returns, repayments, renewals, interest creation and interest warrant printing, inquiry module(deposit/broker inquiry), broker module, master forms(product group, product Rate, customer category, customer), selective master maintenance(change of address, bank details), parameter form maintenance and on line reports.
  • Involved in Creating and maintaining table spaces and data files, Database backups and Refreshing database, Database recovery, Maintaining table space de-fragmentation, log files, Rollback segments and monitoring table space for the future data storage, Proactive maintenance of database, tuning of application programs and database optimization.
  • Involved in the installation of the software, validation, network licensing, fine tuning, periodical patch loading, promoting components from development to production environment, monitoring and analyzing the log files, modifying resource settings, creation of users, devices, application maintenance and routine administration work.
  • Developed Common objects design and its enhancement using Oracle developer 2000 tools.
  • Designed Forms and its layout using advanced design techniques.
  • Designed specifications for stored database objects, procedures, functions, packages and database triggers.
  • Built an extensive reporting system for effective use by staff and MIS department.
  • Provide technical support to other team members.

Environment: Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000(Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5/3.0), PL/SQL, SQL * Plus, Windows 98/95, Open VMS, SCO Unix

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