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Technical Analyst Resume


  • Proven experience of Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Solid knowledge of various operating system and network protocol
  • Team player, able to work effectively with colleagues, customers and backend support
  • Strong troubleshooting skills, excellent problem solving and analytical skills
  • Multitask capabilities, able to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines


Operating system: Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP - UNIX, Windows

Language: Shell, C++,SQL, PL/SQL

Database: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, RAC, Data Guard, GoldenGate



Technical analyst


  • To provide onsite DBA support
  • To work with Global Support and customers to manage problem in crisis situation

Onsite DBA support



  • Provide in-house DBA support
  • Be responsible for maintain and monitor core systems
  • Closely work with customer ’ s system team and application team
  • Database health check for various customers
  • Conduct performance and configuration assessment for customers
  • Identify bottleneck and advise professional recommendations
  • Provided database installation, upgrade and patching support
  • Participated in database upgrade multiple times
  • Hands-on experience on clusterware and database installation
  • Apply Patchset update(PSU) and backport patch
  • Oracle patch analysis and conflict check
  • Check patch conflicts for backport, Patchset and PSU
  • Perform patch analysis and provided recommendation
  • Database performance tuning
  • Tune application SQL
  • Good command of Oracle debug tools
  • Backup and recovery support
  • Develop backup strategy according to customer ’ s request
  • Implement tape backup and restore using Netbackup
  • Configure catalog database to manage backup


IT Analyst


  • Assisted IT infrastructure deployment
  • Maintained server and network facility
  • Conducted emergency drills, and summarize technical documentation
  • Mandarin Native speaker
  • English Professional working proficiency
  • Cantonese Professional working proficiency

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