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Oracle Dba Resume


Hardware: Mainframe, IBM 360/370/43xx/3090, RS6000,AMDAHL, UNIVAC 1005/9200/9300 DEC/VAX, Mini/Micro/PC, BURROUGHS, B50, HP700, IBM Series 1/Systems 32/34/38, IBM - Compatible, XT.AT.PS2 5100 5110, TANDY TR880 Models ¾ PDP-11, NCR Star Server "8", Star Station, IBM RS6000

Operating Systems: OS/MVS, DOS/VSE, VM, UNIX, DOS, OS/2, WINDOWS, UNIX/LINUXWINDOWS 95/98/2000/XP,7, SERVER 2000/2003/2008 ,AIX

Languages: COBOL, COBOL II, Macro Level COBOL, Assembler, FORTRAN PL/1, RPGII/III, Macros, C/C++, BASIC, Java, CGI/Perl, SQL, shell programming ADS-Plus

WWW: Apache, BEA WebLogic, Tuxedo


Vendor Packages / Process: M&D, McKesson, PeopleSoft, COPICS, HL7/EDI (others), CSC Colossus, PMSC

Tools: Expeditor, Smartest, Intertest,WB,MS Visual Studio,MF WB, Toad, Benthic


Business Environments: Manufacturing, Distribution, OilGas, Software Metrics, Insurance Medical/Health, Telecommunications, Payroll, Accounting, Engineering, Sales Inventory, Routing, Aircraft, Billing




Oracle DBA


  • migrate data warehouse from 9I to 11g RAC/ASM including developing project plan, hardware and O/S requirements, installing all software, configurig SAN lunsvalidation of data migration, applications.
  • IMB DB2 v7/v8 DBA - daily monitoring of system and tuning as required.
  • Review all sql for production, including explains, changes needed.
  • Resolve application job issues as required.
  • Assist in resizing subsystem for production loads.
  • Review and assist in planned upgrade to v8-v9.
  • MS-SQL Server 2000-2005-2008 DBA
  • Ensure all servers and databases are accessable and current on all software patches.
  • Establish and exercise recovery procedures. Review daily monitoring reports to resolve any issues noted.
  • Review application sql for production for tuning and assist in troubleshooting applications. Create SSIS packages and reports for various DBA needs and application request.


Oracle and MS-SQL database administrator


  • Ensure 24/7 availability for all production databases.
  • Review, implement backup plans to meet client s SLA.
  • Provide pro - active monitoring(for active databases, backups), upgrades, tuning, patching where software would allow.
  • Implement software upgrades when required.
  • Review, suggest and implement recovery strategy where applicable.


Oracle DBA


  • Provide monitoring, upgrades, tuning, patching.
  • Sql Server DBA - assist the other Sql Server DBA s in monitoring, upgrades, tuning, patching for 30/60 servers.
  • Create SSIS packages for movement of data, configure Service Broker, Replication
  • For both Oracle and Sql Server provide applications with review and implementations of required objects.
  • Set up and install Sql Server in cluster environments for Biztalk and maintain DR strategy.
  • Provide HA for Oracle/SAP environments with clustering and DataGuard.
  • Install and use of EM/GC for Oracle systems to monitor, upgrade and provide feedback and tune.
  • Setup, configure Oracle E-Business suite for General Ledgar(Linux) project left at OnDemand due to economy.


DBA for Oracle databases


  • Environments Unix,Linux,AIX,VAX,Windows. Releases from 7.3 to 10.2.
  • Daily monitoring, tuning and upgrading.
  • Implement backup and recovery processes. Ensure 24/7 availablity.
  • Add or modify database tables as required. Review with developers pl/sql for processing or debugging.
  • Convert/upgrade existing databases to 10.2 where required.
  • Install and use OEM/DataGuard for disaster recovery purposes and for health alerts of databases.
  • DataGuard used on 9.2 and 10.2 databases using physical standby s.
  • DBA for DB2 and IMS on IBM mainframe. Daily health checks, backups, restores to
  • Test from production. Apply requested changes( new tables, columns, dbd s or psb s).
  • Ensure all disaster recovery processes have updated, new information.
  • Perform, involved in the annual disaster recover drills. General activities as required of the dba.
  • Admin and installation of Moodle a gpu online training course management system in Windows Server2003 and IIS
  • Sql Server backup DBA, monitor, maintain requests from developers and troubleshoot databases and queries.
  • Create procedure to collect information for metadata project and analyze across various servers




  • Oracle 10g/Oracle Express OLAP on Windows 2000 server, web server(Apache) administrator. Apply Oracle maintenance when required, ensure db health, backups.
  • Apply Avega upgrades when required
  • DBA for Oracle and PeopleSoft administrator - on Unix(AIX) and Windows 2000 servers.
  • Duties as required as a dba- keep database's up, clean, keep applications up, review and modify structure or code for performance - apply patches/bundles/upgrades as required
  • Upgrades for PeopleSoft for HRMS was from 8.4 to 8.8, and implementation of Single SignOn.
  • Upgrades for PeopleSoft for AP/GL/AM was from 8.4 to 8.8 to Production and then to 8.9 although the final implementation into Production due to management changes and budget for the hospital.
  • Upgrades of Oracle from 8.1.7 to 9.2.06(after patch updates).
  • Implementation of RMAN for backup and recoveryImplementation of OEM for general maintenance, troubleshooting.
  • Web server(BEA WebLogic) administrator
  • Review requirements, setup new 'boxes' as required, document all hardware/os/applications/instances.
  • Peoplesoft - hrms (pr/hr/erecruit) and finscm(am/gl/ap) review/apply service packs/maintance packs, release upgrades and PeopleTools upgrades.
  • Develop sqr s, pages, scripts for interfacing with external systems.

Hardware/OS: IBM 3xxx MVS, IBM-PC, MS-Server 2000

Environment: Batch / Online, ISPF/TSO, MVS JCL,PC,TCP/IP

Language: Cobol-II,&III, ADS-Plus(HBOC)

Tools: Spufi,Panvelet,STARTOOl, ADS, MS-Access/Visual Basic

Database: Vsam,Access,SqlServer

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