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Database Administrator Resume

Mclean, VA


  • Over 7 years of total IT industry experience working as Database Administrator & Database developer.
  • Certified as ‘IBM Certified Database Associate’.
  • Experience in leading the DB2 development and production support teams.
  • Experience with installing IBM DB2, IBM Net Search Extender, IBM Websphere Federation Server and IBM DB2 Fix packs on UNIX and Windows system.
  • Experience in implementing HADR (high availability and disaster recovery) for backend database
  • Good knowledge of IBM Datastage (Infosphere ETL tool).
  • Designed and developed Shell scripts and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) scripts.
  • Strong in optimization and performance improvement of complex SQL and XML queries.
  • Experience in regular DB maintenance activities, such as, backup, restore, indexing, reog, runstats etc.
  • Possess strong database and system administration skills.
  • Worked exclusively with DB2 PMR team and learned good insight into problem management processes.
  • Expertise in Analysis, Estimation, Design, Development, Testing, Supporting and Implementing application backend system.
  • Handling multiple projects and environments, excellent in multitasking.
  • SPOC for maintaining 12 Development, 15 SIT, 5 UAT, 3 Performance Environments & 2 CTE (Customer Testing Environment) database environments.
  • Thorough knowledge of issue troubleshooting and application maintenance.
  • Strong production support experience, handled level 2 application support.
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self - motivated, quick learner & team player.


Databases: IBM DB2 version 9 and above

Programming: Procedural SQL (PLSQL), Unix shell Scripting Core Java concepts, XML, HTML

Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Windows XP/7, zLinux

Tools: Rational Data Architect Developer, ER studio Data ArchitectDatastage (ETL tool), Rapid SQL Rational Performance Tester Websphere Federation Server, IBM Net Search Extender

Processes: IBM On-Demand Process Asset Library (OPAL)IBM QPACE - Quality Process Awareness and Competency Awareness, ASCA (Application Systems Control and Auditability), GenO.

Configuration & Change Management: Rational clear quest, Rational clear case, Manager Now.


Database Administrator

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Work as single point of contact Database administrator/developer for all non-production backend environments i.e., 12 Development, 15 SIT (System Integration Testing environments), 5 UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Environments, 3 Performance Environments & 2 CTE (Customer Testing Environment); plus 30 environments currently being build.
  • Responsible for deploying new changes into databases (both structure and data related). Also responsible for maintaining databases at production baseline.
  • Handle performance related issues. Analyze & work towards solving query, system & application performance problems.
  • Backup & restore databases, schemas & tables.
  • Worked on improving performance of XML queries.
  • Responsible for providing, maintaining and monitoring adequate privileges on databases & data.
  • Worked on designing solution for a major ADS application change project. Designed process to create version ids through db2 utility, in addition to designing export, import scripts. This made front end developer’s task simpler.
  • Our team is working on development a centralized Tracking tool for different aspects related to work handled by the team - Issues (both environment & application), Environment allocation requests, Deployment requests, Enum Generation etc. I worked on designing the backend data model for this project based on the requirements gathered in discussion with the developers. Also implemented the same in db2 backend system.
  • On and off I help development teams design and develop database solutions for their project requirements.
  • Proactively took responsibility of two entirely new processes which were brought into the team - a) Enum generation process involving MS access macros and Db2 database, 2) Code generation involving maintenance, updating and versioning of all application attributes. Took responsibility of designing the versioning & maintenance process for both activities.
  • Responsible for solving application issues/bugs related data or database. Ability to easily check front end logs - Oracle Weblogic and debug the issue.
  • Have also worked hands-on on solving application issues related Weblogic configuration, Webservice calls, Null pointer exceptions, Java heap size, connectivity over firewall etc.
  • Maintain & deliver documents highlighting changes, level and usage of databases on all environments for easy access and decision making by project teams.

Database Administrator, Technical Lead



  • Optimized buy recommendations improving the operational efficiency in IBM’s channel supply relationship
  • Proactive alerting of stock-out / excess inventory situations
  • Business benefits for IBM and our business partners from reduced price protection expenses and inventory related costs.
  • Have been associated with the project since the very beginning and start of the application implementation. Responsible for setting up application backend system from scratch. Installed IBM DB2, IBM Net Search Extender, IBM Websphere Federation Server and IBM DB2 Fix packs on AIX and Windows system.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing application database objects using IBM DB2 and Data modeling tool.
  • Responsible for backup, restore and maintenance of application/session databases using IBM DB2 and associated tools on AIX, Linux and Windows environment.
  • Develop application data model using IBM Rational Data Architect.
  • Worked on implementing HADR solution.
  • Maintain database scripts and DDLs (Data Definition Language) using IBM Clear Case repository tool.
  • Responsible for analyzing, reviewing and designing requirements from backend perspective.
  • Create or optimize complex SQL queries for ETL (Extract Transform and Load) - IBM Datastage.
  • Worked on migrating application from IBM Research environment to IBM Dev & Production Servers. Prepared and delivered data migration plan for same using IBM OPAL (On demand Process Asset Library).
  • Design and develop IBM AIX shell scripts and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) scripts.
  • Prepared Preliminary and Detailed Design Document for various business requirements.
  • Co-ordinate with external Datasource application teams which feeds data into iBAT, understand, analyze and implemented various enhancements and changes for the same.
  • Move to Production Planning (MTP) which includes creating a deployment plan and instruction documents. Coordinate with deployment team for application fixes to be deployed on production servers.
  • Work individually on minor enhancement and changes and deliver the same to customer.
  • Worked with application performance testing team. Documented various scenarios and load to perform stress testing using IBM Rational Performance tester.
  • Work on solving performance related issues, determine the root cause and applied fix the same.
  • Analyzed and worked on implementing database archival method to address performance issues.
  • Work on PMR (Problem Management Report) tickets with the IBM Software group for various technical and performance issues in the application to learn insights of performance improvement techniques.
  • Perform preliminary analysis and provide appropriate solutions for Problems/Issues; queue it to Level 3 for further analysis and implementation.
  • Also involved in L3 to identify solution to problems identified.
  • Worked on the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for application from database perspective. Prepared and executed plan to enable business continuity in case of a disaster in current application environment.

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