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Senior Imperva Database Administrator-data Security Resume


  • Currently working as a Senior Database Security Administrator in Confidential .
  • Having 17 years of experience as a Senior DBA and 5 plus years of experience in Database Activity Monitoring.
  • Expertise in database security tool using IMPERVA DAM.
  • Strong knowledge on the compliance requirements and implementing the audit and security controls to adhere to the audit requirements.
  • Very strong in creating place holders using Imperva and route the audit data to Amazon S3 and Sumo Logic Environments.
  • Having working knowledge on different data protection tools like DLP, Qualys, Risk Sense, Imperva and log monitoring tools like Sumo Logic.
  • Ceritified SumoLogic Pro User and completed training for log monitoring.
  • Worked as a Team Lead for Confidential managing company database environments.
  • Worked as a Database Architect for Confidential on multi - region datacenter migration project.
  • Worked on large scale environments on Unix and Windows platforms
  • Good expertise on managing large databases, RAC and Disaster recovery environments.
  • Expertise on administrating databases on Banking, Telecom and Pharma domains.
  • Expertise as a database architect, involved in database design and database modeling using Embarcadero tools.
  • Expertise in Data Center Migrations for database environments and provided solutions for disaster recovery setups.
  • Experience in handling large databases ranging up to 120 TB in size and deploying best practices for stabilizing the environment.
  • Experience in installation and implementing Oracle Golden Gate replications.
  • Expertise in Oracle development routines.


Operating System: Windows, Solaris, RHEL, HP Unix, AIX

Languages: SQL and PL/SQL

Reporting Tool: Oracle 6i reports

Databases: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i

Monitoring Tools: Data Point, OEM 12C/ 13C, Imperva

Ticketing tools: Hp Open view, Remedy and ServiceNow

Data Modelling: Embarcadero Tools- Change Manager, Erwin

Database tools: Toad, SQL developer, DB Artisan, PL/SQL Developer

Clusters: Oracle 12C RAC

Replication Tools: Oracle Golden Gate

Version Controls: PVCS and VSS

DAM Tools: Imperva Securesphere

Log Monitoring Tools: SumoLogic

Data Masking Tools: Protegrity, Imperva

Vulnerability Management Tools: Qualys, RiskSense



Senior Imperva Database Administrator-Data Security


  • Implemented a different set of audit policies to improve the security of company data, including client and patient data.
  • Implemented appropriate security controls and perform data classifications.
  • Implemented security controls which includes transactional auditing, log retention, tokenization and data masking.
  • Defined security and audit policies for data at rest and data in motion for the structured data audited from the mission critical databases of MS SQL, Oracle and DB2.
  • Created different reports based on the customer requirements to access the sensitive data and to report it to the business tower heads.
  • Worked closely with database administrators and educate them about the DAM tool and implement the security controls inherit in the platform for Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 databases.
  • Worked efficiently and closely with Risk Assessment teams and compliance teams to understand the external compliance requirements.
  • Performed Risk assessment using Imperva Risk assessment policies and informed the stake holders and database administrators about the vulnerabilities captured for the database servers.
  • Created different set of audit and security policies to adhere to SOX, PHI, HIPAA and GDPR compliances.
  • Scheduled set of reports for capturing failed logins, Risk assessment reports, audit reports, maintenance reports and also performed vulnerability scans to identify potential risks on the database servers.
  • Worked on the P1 tickets occurred for the critical databases of Confidential and identified the root cause of the issues and reported them to business stake holders.
  • Worked with Incident response teams to create a better work flows and also worked with the change management team to integrate imperva appliances with cmdb.
  • Created different SOP’s for imperva infrastructure.
  • Performed health checks and capacity planning for the Imperva MX, Gateways and securesphere agents.
  • Performed application risk assessments against Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Performed SecureSphere installations v10x, v12.0
  • Created production, development environments for NYL data cleansing projects.
  • Upgraded securesphere agents to v12.0 from v10.5. Nearly 250 agents of MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 on windows, solaris, linux are upgraded to v12.0.
  • Applied securesphere patches p50, p60, p71, p72, p73, p80, p83 to all the gateways and management servers of Imperva.
  • Created many policies on the oracle and sql databases for protecting the sensitive data of the organization.
  • Created reports, PII SCANS and monitored the database environments effectively using Imperva.
  • Deployed management server, gateway patches of securesphere v12.0
  • Created user, policies for oracle and imperva users and configured LDAP for authentications.
  • Deployed best practices in traffic distribution and load balancing.
  • Worked on Sev1 and Sev2 issues effectively and got good appreciations from the client
  • Implemented oracle and Imperva best practices and increased the performance of the databases and its applications.
  • Created user defined reports as per business requirements and worked on discovering sensitive data in the databases.
  • Implemented NAS migration best practices and used the NAS drives for routing data traffic from the gateways.
  • Created a brand new infrastructure of Confidential Direct environment which includes creation of gateways, MX and creation of v13.2 clusterred environment.
  • Deployed EX Server on the SOM and generated reports using the EX Server.
  • Created entire architecture from NYL Direct which involves creating policies, security controls, global objects, IP groups, data type creations, Configuring sites tree and many more things.
  • Performed Discovery Scans and Implemented PII scan routines for the databases.
  • Implemented syslog transfer to SumoLogic and also to Amazon S3.

Confidential - Atlanta, GA

Senior Oracle DBA & Data Protection Admin


  • Performed database design and maintained logical models of the applications
  • Performed PSU patches every quarter and applied one off patches for the bugs related to databases.
  • Worked on a Spanish to English conversion project which converts the Spanish characters in the oracle columns in the tables to English language for the databases
  • Performed oracle upgrade project upgrading Confidential environment from 11204 to 12102 on linux platforms.
  • Performed OEM upgrade project from 12103 to 12105 and also version upgrade from 12 to 13c.
  • Working with Vendor on unknown bugs and applied bug fixes to the databases.
  • Capacity planning and managing ASM environment with SSD disks
  • Involved in Imperva Monitoring for mission critical databases which is a very good security feature of the database monitoring.
  • Performed Huge pages’ implementation for Linux servers
  • Worked in configuring OS watcher reports for linux servers which gives very effective information when node eviction happens.
  • Implementing best practices for oracle
  • Created a RAC to Non RAC standby environment and creating custom scripts for data guard environments
  • Worked on cloud migration project migrating databases to cloud environment
  • Database refreshes upon requests from the developers and application people
  • Database cloning and backup configurations
  • Performed oracle database, grid and client installations for 11g/12c environments.
  • Prepared technical documentation for the team and to the company.
  • Capacity planning for oracle servers and working with OS teams and maintaining the disks from different raid levels.
  • Involved in planning and implementing scheduled maintenances for bi monthly.
  • Recovered ASM disks from some disk corruption scenarios and got a very good appreciation from the customer.
  • Prevented data loss scenarios during p1 calls and reduced these scenarios by developing oracle best practices and standards.
  • Performed automations and created custom scripts in Confidential for a better and stable operation of the database environments.
  • Created ASM disk corruption checks which enables DBA’s to identify any sort of ASM corruptions happening in the databases.
  • OEM upgrades and OEM 13c installations.
  • Used Sql loader utilities for loading the data to the tables.
  • Performed database refreshes using RMAN and datapump utilities.
  • Performed Database server’s virtualization and migrating them to virtual environments.
  • Performed adding nodes and removing nodes for RAC cluster environments and created a new RAC environments for Confidential .
  • Creating customized reports for proactive monitoring.
  • Creating Value adds to the customer.
  • Installing Oracle Golden Gate and setting up replication environments.
  • Upgraded Imperva Gateways from v10.5 to v12.0
  • Created Gateways, MX and created v12.0 clustered environments.
  • Onboarded database agents of MS SQL and Oracle to Imperva
  • Created best practices in supporting securesphere agents efficiently.
  • Resolved SSL cipher issues on the agents.
  • Created Imperva data types, global objects, audit policies and security policies.
  • Generated custom reports and scheduled reports using Imperva.
  • Performed Discovery Scans and captured the sensitive data and reported to the business stake holders.
  • Created Scan profiles, Configured Sites tree for Confidential databases.
  • Implemented blocking features in Imperva for the sensitive tables and restricted unauthorized access to the PII data.
  • Worked as a team lead for database track and engaged in data protection and ensuring the audit data is in compliance.
  • Created SQL Injection security policies and generated reports on adhoc basis.


Senior Oracle DBA


  • Design the database architecture for the datacenter
  • Inventory Validation and maintaining logical models of the application
  • Data migrations from one data center to the other
  • Consolidating database servers and migrating them as per downtime requirements
  • Projects include Oracle RAC, Data Guard/ Disaster Recovery, ASM, RMAN, Expertise in setting up Standby databases, implemented and administered Data Guard for higher availability and Disaster recovery.
  • Implemented Golden gate replication for critical production, Test, development card system environment.
  • Responsible for high availability of database environments, contacting command center and work with Unix/tape/storage to troubleshoot and fix the issues within the SLA’s.
  • Used Change Manager data modeler tool for database logical design.
  • Responsible for switchover of databases for hardware maintenance and datacenter maintenance.
  • Expertise in Oracle 10g and Oracle 10g RAC installation and administration Patching.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks in the database environments, monitor the databases and collect the historical data for root cause analysis.
  • Unix OS knowledge with shell scripting abilities (Korn/Bourne)
  • System Architecture, including Database and System performance tuning, as well as hardware and network workload balancing.
  • Participate in and support application development projects to develop new schemas or databases or modify existing databases.
  • Plan and execute periodic releases of the databases.
  • Maintain successful database continuity, backup, recovery, user support and other day-to-day activities.
  • Assure environments meet SOX Compliancy guidelines


Senior Oracle DBA


  • Hands on experience with developing and maintain the applications in Oracle 11GR2 RAC.
  • Experience with Oracle 11GR2 Grid infrastructure.
  • Implemented High availability using Golden Gate Replication. Implanted Bi-directional replication using golden gate.
  • Design, architect, and build Golden gate replication environments from determining business requirements.
  • Support Development, Test, Pre production and production Golden gate replication environments.
  • Installation of Oracle database software, Gird infrastructure software.
  • Experience with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control 12c.
  • Experience using Golden gate for replicating schemas between data centers.
  • Troubleshoot golden gate replication issues.
  • Experience in analyzing the AWR reports.
  • RMAN backups and restores. RMAN Image copy backup.
  • Dataguard for physical standby database, and disaster recovery implementation.
  • Experience with 11G new features tablespace encryption, compression virtual column partitioning, Cube organized Materialized views.
  • Experience with recovering Golden Gate corruptions and managing host/cluster maintenance mode blackouts.
  • Experience in managing various projects in OLTP and Decision support systems.
  • Experience with Oracle warehouse builder, data warehousing and Star schemas.
  • Experience with the SOX audit procedures and developing the secure applications. Secure user management and restrict the unauthorized users from accessing the critical database objects.
  • Experience with PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages and triggers.
  • Experience with Oracle parallel queries to improve inserts and updates.
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL. Solid SQL performance tuning. SQL query plan analysis and optimization.
  • Experience with Materialized views and Query rewrite.
  • Experience with Partitioning and sub partition of large tables.
  • Support to the data arch team on physical design of DB objects, incl. partitioning, archiving strategy, naming of columns, proper constraints, etc.
  • Collaborate with the DB Engineering team to improve operations and implement new features and tools.
  • Develop, maintain and review team members to ensure professional and timely delivery of quality services.
  • Expertise in Oracle 10g and Oracle 10g RAC installation and administration Patching.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks in the database environments, monitor the databases and collect the historical data for root cause analysis.

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