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Oracle Retail Sr. Technical Consultant/oracle Retail Dba Resume


I have 23 years of experiences as a software engineer, programmer and I.T technical consultant in the area of Supply Chain Management and Retailing & Merchandising systems; specifically 17 years of experiences in implementation and support of Oracle Retail suite of applications . I am looking for a technical position in the I.T field as a software engineer/technical lead specializing in software development, IT production support, especially in the area of Oracle Retail application programming and architectural design. My special skills are in the area of business retailing and merchandising industry, point - of-sale, warehouse management and logistic system, data warehousing technology, software programming and I.T consulting.


Solaris UNIX HP UNIX UX 9000 Confidential UNIX AIX/RISC6000


VAX VMS Microsoft Window XP, 2007 My SQL DB

Oracle DB 11g Informix DB Sybase DB

Ingres DB SQL Server DB

Confidential Merchandising System (RMS) 10.X,13.X,14.X Confidential RDW, RA 10.X,13.X,14.X

ReTL ( Confidential Extract Transform and Load) tool Confidential Sale Audit (ReSA) 10.X,13.X,14.X

Confidential Pricing Management (RPM) 10.X,13.X,14.X Confidential Allocation/Purchase Order/Trade Promotion

Confidential Integration Bus (RIB) 14.X - Web Logic RPAS Classic & Fusion client/RDF

Confidential Store Inventory Management (SIM) UC4/AppsWork Batch Scheduler Automation

Oracle Energy Upstream Site Fuel Management Microstrategy See Beyond

ERWin Data Modeling/Rational Rose UML Intershop Infinity E-commerce

Ross Financial System Interwoven 5.0 Team Site Programming

STS Financial Merchandising System Catalyst WMS & Logistic Distribution System



Oracle Retail Sr. Technical Consultant/Oracle Retail DBA


  • Installation & Administration & Software Programming & Post-Production Support of Oracle Retail whole suites of software/application/database for version 13.2.6, 13.2.7, 13.2.8, 14.0, 14.1, 14.2.
  • Infrastructure support for Oracle Retail databases 10G,,, 12.0 C including Oracle data base installation, table space management, user role and security, database migration, quarterly patch upgrade from Oracle.
  • Infrastructure support for AIX and Linux operating systems in disk space management, network traffic, Unix mail server, printer.
  • Oracle Retail application upgrade, installation and implementation from 13.2.X to version 14.0, 14.1, and 14.2. Tasks involve database upgrade, Weblogic application s erver upgrade, Oracle Retail service layer upgrade, Oracle RMS, RPM, ReSA, Allocation, RDW, Oracle Retail RPAS with Classisc Client and the new Fusion client, Oracle Fusion Middleware upgrade and patching, application software upgrade, data migration, AIX and Linux patch upgrade, Java upgrade,
  • On call support after production go-live for client Charming Charlie in Oracle Retail suites of application consist of: RMS, RPM, Merchandise Financial Planning, Fusion Middleware.
  • Administrator and programming support for RPAS application server; support, enhance, and fix problems in data and programming bugs for MFP, RDF, Category Assortment and Planning.
  • Programming, code enhancement, bug fixes for Oracle Retail applications in RMS, RPM, ReSA, ReIM, RDW, Allocation, Replenishment and data migration.
  • Lead technical sale support for Confidential in successful sale of Oracle Retail cloud services for Confidential two newly acquired clients: J.D William and Makro South America.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Consultant - Oracle Retail Application Programmer Team Lead


  • Programming Development and Support Team lead of a team of 8 people of Oracle Retail application version 13.0.1. Tasks including managing programming code review, application enhancement through developing new code and changing existing base Confidential code, nightly batch support and data fix escalation issue, mentoring team members in writing new programming codes in Pro*C, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, Unix shells script, Java, Java Script, Enterprise Java Bean, and JSP.
  • Team lead in data conversion effort from Confidential AS/400 system to load, transform, insert sale data into Oracle Retail database with data integrity intact and business function preservation.
  • Managing and directing work efforts for the team in day to day routine support for the Oracle Retail user interface application in questions and answers, Oracle Retail SR update of application patches and critical issue escalation to Oracle support team, debugging coding problem, fixing data integrity issue, RIB monitoring and data cleaning on the RIB database.
  • Joint effort with the Oracle Retail DBA team to maintain and improve database architecture in performance tuning for slow running programs and processes, table partitioning strategy, indexes rebuilding and modification, tables constraints, database schema and tables statistics modification for faster data access.
  • Enhancement custom programming, production application support for RDW, ReSA, RMS and RPM in Unix Shell script, Pro*C, PL/SQL, ReTL, Java, Java Script, and OBIEE.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Oracle Retail Application Administrator Technical Lead


  • Application administrator team lead for the whole complete cycle of software development for the project Nexus Oracle Retail software implementation version 13.2.4.
  • Tasks including installing Oracle Retail software and Oracle database on AIX servers, applying application patching and update, configuring web logic middle tier application server for the RIB and other Oracle Retail applications.
  • Technical team lead for a team of 10-16 people comprising of UNIX system administration, UC4 batch scheduler, Confidential Message Queue, Enterprise Service Bus, Retail Integration Bus (RIB), Oracle 11G database, and Oracle Retail application administration functions in 8 areas: RMS, RPM, ReSA, Allocation, ReIM, RDW Analytics, SIM, RPAS, RDF. Duties including business user online application support and bug fix, nightly batch processing monitoring and error resolution, data migration from Legacy to RMS, database performance and tuning, database user role & security access, code migration & review and deployment, quality assurance technical support to fix programs, SQL statements, Unix shell scripts to meet testing deadline.
  • Participating in the planning, design, process flow implementation and program code testing of the first and second release of Production Go-Live RMS and RPM Oracle Retail application.
  • Code implementation, defect analysis and resolution, user assistance and support for quality assurance testing, computer programming languages training class instructor and coordinator.
  • Performance tuning for application and database response time on user interface application and back-end processing like RPM, RMS batch programs, PL/SQL packages. Speeding up RPM programs: NewItemLoc, Price Event Execution, Pricing/Promotion/Clearance Conflict Checking.
  • Plan, analyze, create and maintain database and Oracle Retail user role creation, access level and security using LDAP and Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) administrator and Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF) batch programs set-up with ReTL tools for data extract from RMS to RDF. Participation in RDF and Replenishment Team for business process flow and program custom implementation to utilize the best methodology for warehouse and store replenishment stock on hand prediction with cost optimization.
  • Lead the architectural design effort for data flow conversion, transformation, migration from multiple legacy systems into RMS and RPM Oracle Retail database utilizing parallelism, bulk direct data insertion, SQL explain plan, and deep knowledge of the Oracle Retail database layout with tables indexes, triggers, constraints, database statistics to reduce time for data movement, insertion, and update.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Oracle Retail Sr. Technical Consultant


  • Programmer consultant and technical system analyst for the Oracle Retail software (formerly known as Confidential ) project.
  • Task performing in a full cycle of a project implementation including business requirement gathering, functional design, technical design, writing program built-code application, unit test plan, UAT and system test plan document, modifying and enhancing custom add-on applications for Confidential software.
  • Area of work involving Confidential RMS, ReSA, RDW, RPM, Allocation, Purchase/Order, Trade Promotion & Deals Allowance, Warehouse Management System using Oracle database 10g, Pro * C, Oracle PL/SQL, Java J2EE, Java script, JSP, Perl and Unix Shell script to write program codes for new custom programming, enhancement of existing application add-on for the Confidential software package.
  • Participating in project planning session, programming methodology, quality assurance testing, cut-over and go-live in production environment for the ReSA, RDW, Allocation, RMS system.
  • After Confidential project Wave-1B goes live, acting as post production support personnel for the ReSA, RMS, part-time RDW applications and systems in defect fixing, code enhancement, data research and analysis, user questions and answers on technical/functional business area as subject-matter-expert, 24/7 on-call support for applications break-down and resolution for one year duration.
  • Quality Assurance Testing team member for 12 months as a technical programmer analyst/advisor on project Confidential implementation Wave-2.
  • Designing test script with test case scenario, data set up, program execution, log and error file program result run validation.
  • Writing new programming code, fixing incorrect existing programming code due to defects while performing QA tasks.
  • Writing complex SQL query for testing team, running test script execution, maintaining support for other testing team members in the capacity of Unix, Java coding and debugging, error fixing research/analysis, Oracle data base SQL performance tuning.
  • ReSA SME (subject matter expert) on batch processing and data connectivity from ReSA to RMS, RDW and Oracle Financial.
  • Design the architecture for the multi-threaded processing for RTLOG point-of-sale files and POS Upload to be processed into ReSA and RMS system with error restart recovery and speed efficiency of 1/4 comparing to normal RTLOG processing time.
  • Acting as mentor to other team members in application programming methodology improvement, application testing and quality assurance works, bug defects fixing as knowledge expertise in the area of Oracle database and Unix system environment.

Technology using during the project: Oracle data base 10g, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle Form/Report, Unix shell script programming, Oracle Retail ReTL tool, Informatica, Java J2EE programming, Java Script, JSP, Enterprise Java Bean.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Oracle Retail RDW Technical Team Lead


  • Overall working tasks and duties for the project including but not limited to data analysis and mapping, database schema design, system requirement procurement, process flow architecture, RDW batch processing programming implementation of custom batch run, process dependency flow execution, automation of external source data extraction and transformation, error checking, RDW database maintenance for table partition, data seeding, indexes and table spaces rebuilding, data recovery strategy development.
  • Implementation of Confidential RDW tool ReTL involving raw data extraction & transformation, Oracle SQL Loader with ETL tools, massive historical data load architectural methodology with direct and conventional data loading methods into national system Oracle database with Confidential software and external client systems that implement the RDW suite of applications without the RMS software package.
  • Technical team lead and senior programmer analyst for the Confidential Data Warehouse (Oracle based) project for 2 regions as the first phase of the RDW piloting project and later on the national project for the second phase of full implementation RDW system comprising of 8 regions within Confidential market.
  • This Data Warehouse application is designed primarily for retail business and utilizes their custom Extract Transformation & Load tool.
  • Mentor and train 4 technical, 2 functional team members during the design, implementation, testing, and production go-live of the RDW system. This is a stand-alone Confidential Data Warehouse system so the planning and design were to take into account the data replication and source of RDW must be looking alike from the RMS, ReSA data base point of view. I also acted as a go-between point for the development group and the system administrator and database administrator for ease of communication and application/database planning during the project development.
  • Design of ‘work around’ for discrepancies between Confidential business model and RDW original design within Confidential application guide lines and constraints.
  • Specification of data cleansing processes required to merge disparate sources into single input stream including custom database design.
  • Leading QA team member in custom unit code testing, base Confidential data warehousing script testing, quality assurance daily and weekly report in the development and testing phrase of the project to upper management personnel and business user group.
  • First go-to person for 24/7 support of the RDW system after going live at the corporate office and all 4 regional office environments.

Technology using during the project: Oracle data base 9i, PL/SQL, Unix system programming, Unix shell scripting, Micro Strategy, Informatica data extraction tool.

Confidential, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oracle Retail Technical Consultant


  • Working as a programmer consultant in the Confidential development group.
  • Tasks and duties including programming code implementation, defects fixing, programming bugs/issues research and analysis, research and analysis in data and product issues concerning new released version of RMS 10.1.4 .
  • Client-by-client individual Confidential product supports and enhancements.
  • Researching programming codes, errors and defects simulation, Oracle SQL code analysis and tuning performance, daily discussion and communication to client site with the technical/functional group for progress update report and new programming code instructions/requests approval.

Technology using during the project: Oracle 9.i, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Form and Report 6.1, Oracle SQL * Loader tool, ReTL Data Extraction and Transformation Tool, Micro Strategy front-end for data analysis and reporting, Pro * C, PL/SQL, Java J2EE, XML, Unix C, Unix C++, Unix Shell scripting Perl, Awk.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Confidential Sr. System Analyst


  • Tasks involve working with the Confidential software team to analyze, debug, and suggest solutions and approaches for optimal code fixing problems and process improvements for new release issues of RMS, ReSA, and RDW.
  • Primary technical programmer and subject matter expert for the Confidential Sale Audit System (ReSA) in all phases of development, application support, data issues and resolutions, defect fixes,
  • Senior Application Specialist and Team Lead managing the Confidential Sale Audit System in Confidential Merchandising and Data Warehousing System version 9.0.
  • Perform critical on line application support and software enhancement for vertical arena of convenience and gasoline stores, corporate computing system where raw data from store site and fueling inventory systems were converted to transactional data and imported into Confidential Merchandising and Data Warehousing System.
  • Participation and project leading role in new and existing database design, database schema logical transformation from business rule specification and requirement, data analysis and database table normalization application rule, database table creation including indexing, rule triggering, object store procedure, database clustering, table space allocation and data distribution on Unix platform for faster data access retrieval and update.
  • Working with QA team and training junior QA team members in quality assurance testing methods and bug defect tracking which includes unit technical testing, functional testing, application testing, regression testing methodology to ensure that new software development and existing software enhancement must follow client and software requirements before production roll out.

Technology using during the project: Oracle Site Fuel Management Application Programming Interface written in Oracle 9i database platform with PL/SQL and Java Applet front end, Oracle 9i PL/SQL back end stored procedures and packages for foundation modules that batch processing and store site on line software system being implemented on, Oracle Form for front-end application user interface, Oracle Reporting Tool for daily, weekly, any time ad-hoc queries reporting request, Unix Ansi C++ for middle tier business rule programming connected to an Oracle data base back end, Pro * C for Confidential Merchandising and Data Warehousing System, AppsWork batch scheduling tool.

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