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Senior Technical Database Administrator Resume



  • Over 11 years of experience in IT Industry as an Oracle DBA and AWS solutions Architect in the various sectors such as HealthCare: Banking, Retail, Education, Manufacturing and E - Commerce
  • Result driven and a motivated individual with experience in leading the Administration and Support of databases.
  • I apply strong attention to details, efficient in multi-tasking to excel in critical environments, meeting all standards for quality and productivity.
  • Experienced in working with State projects oriented towards Human Services Welfare.
  • Responsibilities include Database Creation, Tuning/reorganization, developing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Backup and Recovery, Troubleshooting, UNIX Shell Scripting, Documentation and End User training.
  • Experienced in Administration, monitoring and support of Databases of size up to 12 TB.
  • Expert in Performance Tuning of Database, SQL Queries using TKPROF, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM.
  • Experienced in Design and Implementation of Backup and Recovery Strategy using RMAN, TSM, Symantec NetBackup, Backtrack, OmniBackup, and SQL. Installed and configured RMAN, Oversee, improve and implement scripts, processes, emergency procedures and testing of all RMAN operations.
  • Experienced in Installation, Configuration, support of RAC on AIX, HP-UX, Linux using raw disk, ASM. Monitoring and Managing RAC performance issue using tool NMON, RDA and OSWatcher. Testing of Oracle10g Transparent Application Failover (TAF).
  • Experienced in Oracle 10g/11g,12,18 and 19c features (OPS, RAC, Data Guard, Streams and Log Miner), Java, J2EE.
  • Expert in Installation and configuration of Oracle 11,12c,18 &19c Data Guard with RAC databases.
  • Worked on Switchover and Failover scenarios for high availability Server with DG Broker.
  • Worked on Migration of Databases from 9i to 10g using Golden Gate. Installed, configured Golden Gate and its Processes with File permission for Cross Platform Migration, Replication.
  • Installed 11g and 12c GRID Server,13.3 and 13.4 OMS, OEM agents and managing databases using GRID Control and cloud control
  • Installed and configured Oracle 9i/10g/11g, 12c RAC and ASM (Both Flex ASM and Flex Cluster) on Linux AS 64bit, HP-UX11i, AIX5.x and Solaris 9/10
  • Experience in deployment of web applications on Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere application server. Installation of Oracle 11g SOA Suite and configuration of WebLogic 11 and 12g server
  • Experienced in logical, physical database design, relational models for OLTP and Dimensional model for OLAP, DSS databases, star schemas and snowflake schemas using Erwin, Oracle Designer and MS-Visio.
  • Experience on ETL Tool Informatica Power Center 7.0/ 8.x, AB Initio 2.14 and ODI 10.x.
  • Worked on Refreshing development & test schema/tables using Export/import, Datapump.
  • Expert level knowledge of creating and maintaining Tables, Partitioning, indexes, Materialized Views, Parallel Execution, Global Temporary Tables, Triggers, Stored procedures.
  • Worked on Database security skills to design controls and monitoring capabilities for user access.
  • Worked on User Account Management - Creating database Users, Quota, Roles, Privileges, Password management, Connectivity issues related to Listener, tnsnames, ODBC.
  • Strong database knowledge in terms of structuring complex SQL Queries, Joins and materialized views.
  • Expertise in handling Very Large Database (OLAP) and OLTP environment.
  • Writing Unix CRON script to automate OS and database related process schedules.
  • Expertise in developing SQL Queries, Functions, Stored procedures, PL/SQL using cursors in Oracle.
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • 24X7 support for production database and maintain uptime of 99.99 %.


Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.0, Oracle 8i (8.1.5, 8.1.7), Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & 11g,12c and 18c

MS: SQL Server 2000/2005, IBM UDB V6.1/7.1, MYSSQL 4.6/5.1

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris (2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.8,9/10), Digital Alpha OpenVMS, HP-UX 11i, IBM-AIX 4.3/4.7/5.1/5.3 , Windows NT/2000/2008, SCO UNIX, RedHat Linux, Novell Netware4.1.

ERP and Domains: SAP 4.6c, Oracle EBS 11.5.7, 11.5.9, Siebel CRM, Peoplesoft HRMS

Logistics Domain: OTM 5.5, Kewill Flagship, Manugistics

Healthcare Domains: Cerner Millennium, EPIC

Educational Domains: SunGard Banner, Peoplesoft Digital Campus

Languages: SQL, XML, Business Objects (6.1, 5.1.x, 5.0.x), Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle Management Server (OMS), DBA Studio, DBVerify, DBArtisan, Oracle Fail Safe (OFS), UTLSTAT, Explain Plan, TKPROF, Logminer, SVRMGR, SQLDBA, SQL*PLUS, SQL*NET (V2), Net8, SQL*Forms, SQL*Report Writer, SQL*Loader, Import/ Export, Designer 6i, TOAD, RMAN, Erwin, ShellScripts, Crystal Reports, Omniback II 2.55/3.0/3.1/3.5 (SAP/EMC-SRDF & Oracle Integration), Veritas NetBackup integrated with Oracle, SFRAC


Confidential, Utah

Senior Technical Database Administrator


  • Installation and Design of Enterprise Manager 12c and 13c, on Oracle Linux 6 and 7, Repositories and target databases for monitoring. Deploy Agents on Host targets for monitoring
  • Deploy Exadata plugins, discover Exadata targets such as the Database Machine, ILOM, Exadata Cell, Monitor critical hardware Metrics and view alerts and faults from all components.
  • Create Incidents Rules, Monitoring Templates, set metrics and metric extensions for monitoring of targets, create jobs (OS Command jobs, SQL scripts, Multi Task job) all in EM Console.
  • Upgrade and Migrate Repository and reconfigure OMS after Migration 12c to 13c across platforms
  • Troubleshooting and providing details solutions and root cause for Agent, Oms and Repository database issues
  • Performance tuning for the repository and target database.
  • Agent performance, such as Agent unreachable, Metric evaluation issues for both target databases and Host.
  • OMS Heap usage, OMS down, Node Manager, Admin server and every other component of Enterprise Manager 2
  • Troubleshooting Blackout from target status pending, target down after blackout, Agent has stop monitoring, OEM showing wrong target status.
  • Installation of OMS, Agent (push agent from OEM console to Host, Silent Install), troubleshooting installation failures.
  • Deploy and Upgrade plugins for OMS and Agent side Plugin
  • Provisioning and Patching through OEM console, for both database targets and Agents.
  • Patching using fleet maintenance for 12.2 and above databases
  • Create EM users with specify privileges as per SLA -Tune the Repository, Agent and OMS using tools like EM diagkit.
  • Database cloning through EM.
  • Configure database replay to capture workload on production environment to test the effects of system changes through EM console.
  • Securing the OMS, SLB and Agents with Third-party certificates, create wallets to import certificates for the OMS and WebLogic.
  • Performed Database and SQL tuning by using various tools like STATSPACK, AWR Report, -Troubleshoot and resolve AWR Warehouse issues like (warehouse suto snapshot loads, snapshot not purged automatically after the defined retention period in AWR warehouse repository etc.)
  • Security User Management, Privileges, Role, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication in EM console -Made performance improvements to the database by building Partitioned tables, Index organized Tables, Materialized Views and Bitmap Indexes
  • Created database maintenance plans, including updating statistics, re-indexing, structure
  • Database Upgrade from 11g to 12c to 18c and 19c

AWS Engineer



  • Managed provisioning of AWS infrastructures using CloudFormation
  • Design for high availability and business continuity using self-healing-based architectures, fail-over routing policies, multi-AZ deployment of EC2 instances, ELB health checks, Auto Scaling and other disaster recovery models.
  • Created patch management using Systems Manager automation for multi-region and multi account execution
  • Implemented preventive guardrails using Service Control Policies (SCPs)
  • Implemented detective guardrails using Cloud Custodian policies and AWS config
  • Designed and implemented for elasticity and scalability using ElastiCache, CloudFront - Edge locations, RDS (read replicas, instance sizes) etc.
  • Implemented security best practices in AWS including multi factor authentication, access key rotation, encryption using KMS, firewalls- security groups and NACLs, S3 bucket policies and ACLs, mitigating DDOS attacks etc.
  • Implemented Jenkins, GitHub and Git for version control, code build, testing and release and CI/CD.
  • Monitored end-to-end infrastructure using CloudWatch and SNS for notification
  • Used AWS system manager to automate operational tasks across AWS resources
  • Project Management -AWS Infra design & application migration
  • Used System Manager to automate operational tasks across WK AWS infrastructure.
  • Setup AWS Single Sign On (SSO) for on premise Active Director (AD)
  • Built kinesis dashboards and applications that react to incoming data using AWS provided SDKs; and exported data from kinesis to other AWS services including EMR for analytics, S3 for storage, Redshift for big data and Lambda for event driven actions
  • Developed and documented security guardrails for AWS Cloud environments
  • Built custom images though docker server, docker compose with multiple local containers and created production grade workflows and a continuous application workflow for multiple images
  • Implemented multiple container deployments to AWS and maintained sets of containers with deployments
  • Setup, Configured, and used Ad Hoc ansible Commands

Confidential, Towson, MD

Oracle DBA


  • Setup and configured 12c RAC and ASM. Resolve issues related to Oracle 12c RAC performance issues related to new features.
  • Resolve connection issues for OBIEE with RAC Config and worked with SAP Basis for BR Tools,
  • Cloning of DB.
  • Installed Oracle 12c Grid to monitor all the databases and HP OpenView for OS monitoring to alarm point.
  • Written PL/SQL code for business objects related to Warehouse, Global Logistics and Trade along with financial settlements
  • Performed Database and SQL tuning by using various tools like STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, and Optimizer hints
  • Experienced in migrating databases to higher releases including incremental migrations
  • Migrated database from 10g to 11g supporting various incremental releases
  • Query optimization for reporting and ETL
  • Created & Managed Jobs using AutoSys Job Scheduler
  • Planned version control of production source code using Clear case.
  • Writing SQL scripts, stored procedures, functions and transactions analysis for performance tuning
  • Security User Management, Privileges, Role, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication - Made performance improvements to the database by building Partitioned tables, Index organized Tables, Materialized Views and Bitmap Indexes
  • Created database maintenance plans, including updating statistics, re-indexing, structure modifications, Capacity plans, and index analysis
  • Storage Management Managing Space, Table Spaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.
  • Analysis and management of Oracle problems/defects using SRs and/or Metalink with Oracle Corporation and installation of patches.
  • Used Oracle Internet Directory to leverage the scalability, high availability and security features of the Oracle Database.
  • Taking Hot and Cold Backups, Exports etc.
  • Data Modelling, Database Design and Creation using Erwin.
  • Created Triggers for multi-master replication.
  • Administered all database objects, including tables, clusters, indexes, views sequences packages and procedures troubleshoots with regards to database problems, applications
  • Did migration of Oracle datafiles to ASM filesystem and written technical docs for this conversion.
  • Done performance and tuning, monitoring, backup and recovery, auditing for both Oracle and SQL Server DBs.
  • Oracle experience/skills with logical and physical database design, setting up of high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Created different types of Indexes (B tree, reverse key, IOT and function based etc.), different types of partitions (List, hash, composite etc.) on different tables.
  • Responsibilities included Datawarehouse database design using Erwin (Physical and Logical layouts).
  • Creation of Partition tables and implement of parallel query.
  • Done performance tuning using SQL application tuning using TKPROF, SQL TRACE for session, STATSPACK, Explain plan. Provided tuning support for SGA (shared pool, buffer pool and log buffer pool etc.).
  • Setting up of high-availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Data loads using SQL*Loader, export-imports for backing certain tables.

Environment: Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c, Solaris2.10, AIX5.3, Red Hat Linux, SQL Server 2000, 2008R2 2012,2016 Erwin, ClearCase

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Oracle DBA


  • Working on different CORE applications with automated database objects scripts deployment in different environments, providing support to fine tune process, supporting different application groups for problem resolution with root cause analysis, performance tuning on queries with alternate solutions depends on application requirements. Supported tests, performance analysis in very rapid application deployment cycle with timeframe decided by different in-house application groups.
  • DB/Schema refresh and involved in Load test, playback and performance test with new configuration
  • Upgradation/Migration of 11g CRS, Logical Volume DB on EMC Storage to 11g Release-2 with a new install of ASM instances
  • Architect their Replication environment with Reference DB hubs with implementation of Goldengate and conversion of Streams processes.
  • Install and setup Oracle 10g Grid control, Agents in RAC environment and implementation of dbms scheduler to automate jobs.
  • Re-write adhoc queries with new approach to improve performance in terms of elapsed time, cost.
  • Work on projects for implementation of RMAN incremental backups, Partition tables for OLTP, OLAP environment, Parallel Query, configuration of DBMS Workload Repository.
  • Install GoldenGate 9/10 and configure new features, parameters for new version 10 as prescribe by Goldengate.
  • Administered all database objects, including tables with blob, clusters, indexes, views packages and procedures troubleshoots with regards to database problems, applications and tool support for Goldengate components.
  • Done performance and tuning, monitoring, backup and recovery. Oracle experience/skills with logical and physical database design, setting up of high-availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Installation of Oracle 10g ( Grid control, patch upgrade it to and configure all roles, monitoring events, user profiles.
  • Did migration of data files from raw file to ASM disk
  • Install/configure 11g Dataguard with RAC databases on AIX and work with failover/switch scenarios for high availability along with rolling upgrade of primary/standby from 10g to 11g.
  • Written custom shell scripts for RMAN backup to implement networker and NetBackup. Played a lead role for RMAN backups for Midwest datacenter client.
  • Handled the tuning using the explan plan, tkprof deciding based on disk, CPU, SGA and undo load. Monitored indexes.
  • Written custom applications using PL/SQL to monitor the DB events, applications using Oracle.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, Indexes, Joins, User Defined Functions and Cursors.
  • Familiarity with hp-ux (sam, shm, sim, glance) AIX (nomon, topas) Redhat (LVM). Creation VG, LVs on AIX/HP-UX/Solaris/LINUX

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, HP-UX 11i, Manugistics, Peoplesoft HRMS, SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows, Unix, Sun Solaris, Toad, SQL, Java, J2EE, XML, Web Services.

Confidential, Bowling Green, KY

Oracle DBA


  • Created Schema (tables, Indexes, views, sequences, synonyms, roles, packages), grant roles to users.
  • Installation of Oracle Forms/Reports 6i on Redhat for HSMS application and resolve all technical issues.
  • Database recovery / crashes using hot /cold backups and dump/loads.
  • Configured and implemented Physical Standby DB (DataGuard) for Oracle 10g RAC environment.
  • Created/modified universes with Oracle backend and exported to repository.
  • Reorganized existing database to standardize the placement of various databases related files.
  • Managed logical/physical backups for these databases depending on the nature of database set up either full export, partial export or export of just the structure of schema objects.
  • Using TCP/IP protocol configured SQL*Net files on server / client machines, and resolved client connectivity issues.
  • Implemented & designed Oracle Portal 10gAS in 3 tier enterprise distributed architecture with SSO/DAS in secure DMZ tier with configuration of HTTPS/SSL and split the customer database (metadata) on different cluster environment for better performance, availability and scalability.

Environment: Oracle 10g, BMC Patrol, Oracle 10g Portal, peoplesoft8.4, Windows 2003, Oracle 10g ASSolaris2.6, Red Hat Linux, SQL Server2000, MySQL 4.x, Java, J2EE, Veritas NetBackup, EMC

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