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Sr. Tech Lead Resume


  • Exceptionally qualified, innovativeyet objective technologically and politically neutral with hands on IT professional, with over 20+ years of demonstrated experience in developing, managing, supporting, and streamlining robust IT architectures for a number of global enterprises.defining roadmaps, budgets, staff, infrastructure.
  • Strong experience with Cost Benefits, ROI analysis. Senior management presentations on Architecture and setting up Proof of Concept, Strong knowledge of emerging data technologies. Highly experienced in leading and managing multi - cultural teams of 25+ people across the globe in stressful 24/7 environments, optimizingresources utilization across projects, assuring Service Level Agreements are fulfilled as expected and managing RFPs and POCs
  • Strong experiencedin CI/CD environments with Agile andmythologies at various strategyLeadership and cross-functional Sr. level roles,advising executives, capturing translating with use cases, setting up POCs, and prototypes on premises, cloud,virtualized,and containerizedenvironments. Following CompTIA Security+ and separation of duties guidelines, corporate and Federal US AWS GovCloud ITAR, Providing FIPS 140-2approved cryptographic compliance and preventative procedures.Facilitating working sessions with focus groups and gathering requirements between technical and business users, stakeholders, domain leaders. Mentorship, team building, and collaboration constant researching and documenting business processes
  • Expert HA mixed envs with active-active, VLDB(Petabytes) on Oracle Cloud G2, Amazon, AWS GovCloud, Oracle Integration Cloud OIC, Integration Cloud Service ICS, Heroku. Migrating data fastand secure including from mainframe monolithic to modern light weigh cloud or on perm run environments following CompTIA Security+ government guidelines regulations using AWS DMS, snowball, split mirror, GoldenGate, Big Data in AWS PVCs and in Prem DCs, Oracle 8i-19c(PDBs, CDBs) Exadata, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, Ora2PG Performance tuning.install, patching. Db design. Problem triage, troubleshooting, finding root cause analysis resolution. Cassandra,CloudFormation, DynamoDB, RedShift, Aurora RDS, EC2, S3, ELB, EKS, Security Roles, Groups, IAM
  • JAVA/JEE/ JDK expert, SME Kafka, on planning, implementing, and data integration with backend dbs to Kafka cluster (Zookeeper controlled) on Amazon EKS, configured Producers, Topicand Consumers. Strong experience with AVRO (Schema Registry) and Kafka Connector and Setup and Configured Kafka Streams KSQL, KStream, KTable, GlobalKTable. Kafka Security SASL SSL and user access with SSO/LDAP. Monitoring Confluent Command Control.
  • Designing and deploying online transaction processing and OLAPs data warehouses with Data Event and Domain Driven architecture applications consume by Microservices (SOAP, REST) for global enterprises. ETLs Data integration tools, Informatica IICS/ICS, Secure Agent, PowerCenter,Oracle Golden Gate, Veridata, Oracle Data Integrator, InfoSphere Data Replication CDC, DataStage systems for the financial, healthcare, telecom, counterterrorism government industries


Cloud & Virtualization: Oracle Integration Cloud, AWS GovCloud, Amazon Cloud AWS, CloudFormation, MS Azure,IBM Unisys (Fed Gov), SalesForce, Heroku Cloud Service, OracleCloud Services Fed Gov and G2, (DBaaS, SaaS, DaaS, PaaS, IaaS), VMWare, Virtual Box, Kubernetes, Containers

BIG DATA: Redshift, Cassandra, DynamoDB, NoSQL open source Apache Kafka, AVRO, KSQL, Zookeeper, Confluent CC, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Greenplum, Cognos, Lambda, S3, C2, Amazon EKS, IBM Banking Data Warehouse, Appache NiFi

RDBMS/Apps: Oracle 8i-18c, Oracle TimesTen,SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Oracle Grid Control Infrastructure, FlasGrid, SkyCluster, WebLogic,Oracle EBS/OBIEE(11i-12), EnterpriseDB (Advance server and plus), DB2, MySQL, IBM Banking Data Warehouse

Project management methodology: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall, Six Sigma, PMI/PMBOK

Tools: others: AWS AMI, AIM, AWS CLI, KUBECTL, GoldenGate, GoldenGate Monitor, GoldenGate Studio, Oracle SQL Developer,Oracle Discoverer DS,OEM 11g-13c, RMAN, Erwin, Toad, MS-VisioCrystal Reports, SQL*Loader, JDeveloper; Secure CRT, TOAD, Putty; Informatica IICS/ICS, Secure Agent,PowerCenter, DataJunction, MS Project,Exadata, SharePlex, IBM BDW, Spectrum, PgAdmin, PgCluster TOAD for PostgreSQL 8-10.3, PgPool, SlonyI, Bucardo; Postman, Attunity, Oracle Data Integrator, IBM InfoSphere Data Replication CDC, DataStage, JupyterHub, Anaconda3,Ora2PG; Jenkins; Chef

Languages: Julia, Python, Scala, CQL, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Shell Scripts, PERL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal

Operating Systems; Protocols; Shells;etc: UNIX (Sun Solaris 9-11.x, IBM AIX 5.x-X), Linux (Kali, Red Hat 5.x-6.x, SuSe, SLES 9-12X, Amazon Linux,AMI),MS NT, NFS, SFTP, SSH,SCP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, TCP/IP,HDFS,UDP, PII, CompTIASecurity+, Separation of duties

Storage/Mainframe/Machine Vendors: 3PAR, EMC, Hitachi, IBM Subsystems, IBM Banking Data Warehouse, IBM System z (zEC12, z196), EMC, Exadata, Exalogic, GreenPlum DCA



Sr. Tech Lead


  • Sr. SolutionsArchitectprovisioning and supporting on perm and Cloud Infrastructure containerized end to end applications and provisioning AWS resources: RDS, Aurora, IAM, VPC, AWS AIM, EC2, S3, ELB, EKS, API Gateway, Security Groups. And databases architectural and designed several PostgreSQL and Oracle, and S3 with Transfer Acceleration over HTTPS
  • Sr. Solutions Architect responsible for creating an end-to-end data management and processing solution using several open and vendor supported technologies such as Oracle Golden Gate Big Data Adapter, Java, Kafka, Spring boot, Spark RDDs, Datasets, DataFrames, Spark SQL, Kafka HiveQL. Relational and NoSQL databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Cassandra and CI/CD processes for application software integration and deployment using Maven, Git Hub, Jenkins, on private, public cloud, and on premises environments
  • SME Kafka, responsible for integrating and developing end-to-end Data Pipelines solutions, utilizing open source technologies such as Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana,Apache kafka, Jira, NiFi among others
  • Responsible for Setting up Kafka cluster Zookeeper on Docker, Docker HUB, Container Register, Helm chart, configured Producers, Consumers and the implementation of AVRO schema register, Kafka Connect, Cobol Transformations, KSQLDB, cloud
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Confluent Command Control Monitoring
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Kafka Security SASL SSL, SSL, SASL GSSAPI (Kerberos), SASL PLAIN
  • Setup Kafka Streams KsqlDB for KStream, KTable, GlobalKTable, integrating with Java APIs. Also, assisted with SpringBoot, Swagger, Maven, Tomcat,Cloud Streams integration and tune, Kafka Consumers, Brokers
  • Responsible for extracting data of MS-exchange/Office 365 usingkafka-connect-exchange into DynamoDB

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