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Database Administrator Resume

Malvern, PA


  • me am an enthusiastic technology professional wif in - depth experience as an oracle database administrator.
  • me has supported thousands of users on both development and production environments.
  • me am very comfortable working on Oracle database versions 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c as well as open-source database such as MariaDB, MySQL etc.
  • Some areas of my specialization include Installation and configuration, database upgrades and patches, backup and recovery
  • Performance tuning, security, database cross-platform migrations, RAC, Dataguard and Golden Gate, PL/SQL.


Confidential - Malvern, PA

Database Administrator


  • Installation of oracle 11g and 12c 18c and 19c databases in production, development and test environments on Windows servers (2008, 2012, 2016)
  • Created and Maintained Physical standby databases for production and UAT environments
  • Migrated databases from prem to the newly AWS environment
  • Applied maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches ((Windows Bundle & Java) on all the databases
  • Successfully upgraded and migrated 11g databases to 12c release 2 using data pump
  • Performed QA and UAT deployments in regular basics using tools like Jenkins, SourceTree.
  • Monitored database growth such as tablespace size, free space, extend allocation using manual scripts
  • Scheduled backups through windows job using task scheduler
  • Provided DBA support for production deployment
  • Installed and monitored MariaDB databases on Unix based server (Ubuntu)
  • Performed backups of MariaDB databases using MySqldump
  • Set up MariaDB Master-Slave replication
  • Performed storage reengineering of entire databases from DEV to PROD by moving actual datafiles into big file tablespaces
  • Performed various tuning procedures using all the Oracle tuning tools (SQL Tuning Advisor, Explain Plan etc.…)
  • Migrated and upgraded 12c databases to 18c and 19c in newly allocated servers using data pump and GoldenGate when no downtime required
  • Refreshed DEV, QA and UAT databases from Production data
  • Experience wif Oracle applications like PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite (EBS) etc...
  • Assisted dev team on testing, monitoring, tuning and deploying our in-house application Appworks

Confidential - Richmond, VA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation of oracle 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c databases in production, development and test environments depending on project requirements.
  • Oracle HA Stack: Maintain and Support Oracle 11gR1, 11gR2, 12c RAC, Physical and Logical Standby database for Test, Development and Production for various home-developed applications.
  • Configured and Managing Oracle 11gR2 Data Guard (Active Physical Standby on 2 nodes RAC)
  • Design and Maintaining Physical standby maintenance (Switch over - using Data Guard Broker).
  • Installed and currently Managing Oracle 12c Grid Control (OEM) for monitoring Production, Active Data guard (DG Broker), Stage and Dev systems
  • Upgrade DBs from to 12.1. From 12c to 18c and 19c. Responsible for setting and managing USER MANAGEMENT, SPACE MANAGEMENT Granting required privileges to users.
  • Applying upgrade patches, maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches on all the databases.
  • Refreshing Dev and Test instances wif data from Production on a regular basis.
  • Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Experience wif Logical backups EXPDP/IMPDP and extensively used for Re-hosting the application using Golden Gate and worked wif conventional EXP/IMP for migrating data from 10G to 12c.
  • Scheduled RMAN backups, Maintenance Jobs using DBMS JOBS, DBMS SCHEDULER, Crontab.
  • Defragmentation of tables and indexes for improved performance and effective space management.
  • Responsible for database maintenance, backups, recovery, patching, upgrades and performance tuning, user access control
  • Setup notifications (various levels for Cluster activities, tablespace utilizations, Listener alerts) using OEM
  • Monitored and troubleshooted database issues wif OEM grid control.
  • Built physical standby using RMAN Active duplication method as well for Disaster recovery site
  • Very comfortable in using ASM for creating disk groups, adding additional storage (Disks) and troubleshooting ASM issues.
  • Setup the unidirectional replication on oracle 11g databases using Goldengate.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting the gaps between source and target databases configured wif Goldengate.
  • Successfully upgraded the databases from 11g to non CDB 12c.
  • Successfully migrated 12c Non CDB databases to pluggable databases.
  • Created Oracle Wallets and implemented Tablespace level TDE security.
  • Managed Database Maintenance Activities to achieve optimum database uptime.
  • Configuration of Listener and Tnsnames.
  • Responsible for Maintenance and Support of multi-terabyte databases in production, testing and development environments. (Sun Solaris, Windows, Linux Red hat)
  • Successfully installed Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) including; Grid infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM) and Oracle rdbms software on a 2 nodes RAC architecture in development and UAT running oracle.
  • Experience in designing and configuring high-availability systems using Data Guard wif physical standby effectively configured and used Data Guard Broker utility.
  • Configured 12c Oracle grid infrastructures & Oracle database software to meet the current needs and upgraded as required to meet the expansion needs of the company.
  • Performed logical backups using Export/Import and Data Pump
  • Doing the regular activities like monitoring the alert logs, redo log status, listener. Log and checking the space for normal segments, rollback segments and tablespaces.
  • Created database link between two databases to access the table data from one local database to remote database using distributed database feature.
  • Experience in Capacity Planning, Space Management, Database Upgrades / Migration Data Extraction
  • Performance Tuning of SQL statements and Database Tuning using tools like Explain plan, SQL Analyze, ADDM, AWR reports etc.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through Database Tuning - Tuning Applications, Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage. Debugging SQL tuning
  • Plan for contingency, disaster management that includes standby databases, data guard and cloning/refresh of the databases
  • Administered databases of various sizes from 200GB to 6TB
  • Planned database backups (operating system, full/partial backups, and export/import) using various types of backups and designed the backup methodology for the organization.
  • Performed other Oracle DBA responsibilities performance tuning, monitoring tablespaces, monitoring users, etc. as well as much problem solving.
  • Designed Logical and physical database for business transaction functionality.
  • Provide production support for the deployed project till it is stabilized.

Confidential - Lexington, MA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Performed Installation and configuration of Oracle, 12.2.0 databases on Linux platform.
  • Successfully performed migrations from Oracle 11g/12c to 11gR2 RAC (Real Application) Database.
  • Implemented Logical and Physical Standby Databases for RAC cluster on Sun Solaris platform using Data Guard feature of Oracle 11g R2.
  • Successfully performed data replication using Materialized views and Oracle Streams in Oracle 11gR2, 12cR2.
  • Responsible for Creating Users, Groups, Roles, Profiles and assigning the users to groups and grant necessary privileges to the relevant groups.
  • Supported off-hour on call support for database related issues.
  • Created logical and physical design installed and upgraded databases.
  • Constantly monitor the performance (V$ dynamic performance views at peak load) of the Databases and viewing Alert log files & Trace files.
  • Cloned/Migrated databases using RMAN and traditional Data pump export/import utilities in Oracle 11gR2.
  • Migrated and upgraded single instance database to multiple instance databases using export/import, data pump.
  • Configure Data Guard on both standby and primary for 15 production databases.
  • Fail over and switch over between standby and primary databases.
  • Refresh schema using export/import, Creating the database, table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins.
  • Experience in working wif virtual machine and oracle virtual machine (OVM).
  • Experience in migrating from multiple Oracle 11gR2 database to oracle 12cR1 on virtual machine.
  • Hands-on experience in taking snapshots and rebooting the server's and performance monitoring for Oracle databases in virtual machines.
  • Experience in adding and expanding the disk volumes to oracle serves on virtual machines.
  • Experience in installing oracle software and creating standalone databases on virtual machines.
  • Hands-on experience in working wif virtual machine under different operating system like Linux, sun Solaris and windows.
  • Experience in configuration and administration of Data Guard (Physical/Logical standby Databases).
  • Setup RMAN solutions for all Oracle Databases -- provided best practices, optimizations and data guard and cloning techniques -- restore and recovery.
  • Implemented and maintained Oracle 11g, 12c Data Guard/standby databases for switch-over and fail-over purposes.
  • Experience in Implementation of High Availability solutions wif Oracle 10g,11g and 12c RAC, Physical Standby Databases (Data Guard). Scheduling the Physical backups (hot & cold) in CRON tab using RMAN utility and monitoring the scheduled jobs.
  • Applied patches and,
  • Used to run the scripts to check the status of databases such as growing table sizes, extent allocation, free space, used space, fragmentation etc.
  • Performed space management, capacity planning, disaster recovery and overall maintenance of the databases.
  • Used EXPLAIN PLAN utilities for optimizing and tuning SQL queries.
  • Maintained the data integrity and security using integrity constraints and database triggers.
  • Provided 24X7 support for all the production and development databases.

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