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Oracle Database Admin Resume

Springfield, IL


  • Providing DBA support to multiple Cluster, Non - cluster and ASM Database in production, development and Testing Servers on UNIX, Linux Environments
  • Having good experience in 10g/11g/12c/19c database administration in Real Application Cluster, Standalone and ASM databases
  • Testing and implementing different physical (hot/cold) and logical backup and recovery methods including point in time, media recovery, full/partial, and data pump export/import
  • Experience in managing RAC and Standalone environment 11g/12c OEM Grid Control Installing, creating policies monitoring and managing of Oracle instances using Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g/12c
  • Good experience in Planning and Implementing Disaster Recovery databases using Data Guard and configuring, managing, troubleshooting and monitoring Physical standby using Data Guard 11g/12c
  • Worked on Disaster Recovery by converting physical standby databases to SNAPSHOT standby database and opened in the read/write mode for testing purposes without interrupting the primary production database.
  • Good experience in Installing, Configuring and replicating databases using Oracle Golden Gate, implemented unidirectional and bi-directional replication
  • Installed patches using OPatch utility and upgraded databases on 11G/12C and expertise in applying Oracle PSU and CPU patches
  • Good Experience in performing health checks of RAC components OCR, voting files and backups using OCRCONFIG and troubleshooting issues using clusterware logs in 12c and 11g RAC Environments and handy in using utilities SRVCTL and CRSCTL
  • Experience in upgrading grid infrastructure from 1120x to 11204 and from 11204 to 12102
  • Performed cross platform migration of databases from IBM - AIX to Linux 11g using RMAN, Data Pump
  • Detecting and diagnosing production system performance problem by analyzing STATSPACK reports, Oracle trace and log files, ASH, AWR, ADDM, analyzing SQL statements measuring system and database activity, Querying Oracle dynamic performance views
  • Worked with AWS services such as EC2, VPC, RDS, S3,DMS, and migrating on-premise data into AWS
  • Good experience with networking concepts such as DNS, DHCP, SSL, OSI Model, and TCP/IP
  • Strong experience in Oracle database and well experienced in SQL, PL/SQL knowledge


Databases: Oracle 19c/12c/11g, Oracle 11g/12c Real Application Cluster (RAC), ASM, MSSQL 2014/2016/2017 , MYSQL5.6/5.7,Postgres11/12

Oracle Products: Oracle Real Application Cluster 12c/11g/10g, Golden Gate12C, Data Guard, Import and Export, Data pump, OEM, Oracle Wallet Management, Automatic Storage Management, Recovery Manager, Oracle 11g/12c (Grid Control),RMAN

Operating System: Oracle Linux, HP UNIX 11i, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4x, 5x, 6x, AIX 61, Sun Solaris 58, 59, 510, Windows XP/2003/2008

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripting

Tools & Utilities: SQL Trace and SQL tuning Advisory, stats pack, SQL* plus, ADDM, DBCA, Log Miner, TKPROF, AWR, ASH, Toad, Oracle SQL Developer, DB Artisan Putty


Confidential, Springfield, IL

Oracle Database Admin


  • Working with JIRA ticekts
  • Responsible for installation of Oracle Clusterware (CRS) also referred as Grid Infrastructure from 11g and 12c Oracle Re-start (standalone grid Infrastructure) and creating the RAC and single instance databases.
  • Tuning databases based on AWR/ASH, SQL analyzer, SPM (SQLPLAN MANAGEMENT) using both OEM and advisor package reports.
  • Creating and administering Active Data Guard to for reporting applications.
  • Coordinate downtime with application development teams and system engineers to implement approved changes.
  • Ensure the detailed physical design of data structures and database complies with enterprise build and configuration standards and processes.
  • Responsible for user configuration, security and support processes including gather stats and database backup/recovery.
  • Setting up Golden Gate uni-directional replication to support by setting up extract and replicate parameter files
  • Using Oracle Data Pump utility making faster exports/imports on large databases and saving lot of time.
  • Performed patching on Oracle Database Server 10g, 11g, 12c using Opatch utility.
  • Established performance tuning best practices used by the DBA and Development teams.
  • Perform Daily Monitoring of Oracle Instances, monitor users, and table spaces, Memory Structures, Rollback Segments, Logs and Alerts.
  • Capacity Planning and requesting the storage required by analyzing the database growth.
  • Provided a positive impression of support centre by documenting, tracking, and following-up on all solutions making sure end-user problems were resolved to their satisfaction
  • Performed daily maintenance tasks like space management, rectified locking problems, managed quotas etc., configured network components like TNSNAMES, Names Server, Connection Manager, etc. for easy and effective management of Oracle networking. Configured listener for external procedure calls.
  • Provided appropriate security for users of databases, applications, servers, and systems, by setting and managing accounts, keeping sensitive data secure.
  • Performance tuning of the database - SQL Tuning, Used Tuning utilities like TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, AWR, ADDM, SPA and Tuning of SGA, Distribution of disk I/O, Sizing of tables and indexes.
  • Experience with SQL, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, functions, packages, UNIX Shell Scripting, Indexes, Logical and Physical database design to implement the business logic.

Confidential, Springfield IL

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Building databases both standalone and clustered databases (RAC) manually
  • Installed and Configured Oracle 10G/11G/12C databases on Linux and also Upgraded Oracle databases from 11G to 12C
  • Maintenance of around 200 databases combined on all the production, development and testing environments.
  • Install and configured Oracle databases on windows server 2003 and 2008 platform.
  • Implemented Oracle Database 12C Two node Real Application Cluster (RAC) using Oracle Cluster-ware and responsible for high availability
  • Configured Oracle Data guard for Oracle Disaster recovery
  • Achieved High Availability, Data protection and Maximum performance by physical standby databases
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, database backup and recovery, monitoring and optimizing database performance.
  • Implemented Oracle database backup & recovery solutions using RMAN.
  • Extensive use of Oracle Data Pump Exports/Imports utility for moving data among the servers.
  • Performed large batch jobs and tuning of SQL queries and database systems.
  • Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.
  • Written Stored Procedures and Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL; UNIX Shell Scripts for backups.
  • Experienced in performing Point in time recovery using RMAN.
  • Tested database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization.
  • Performed administrative maintenance, monitoring on Oracle database systems in a global 24x7 operational environment.


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Experienced in installing, configuring, administering and maintaining Oracle Databases in different versions
  • Implemented High Availability solutions with Oracle RAC, Physical Standby Databases (Data Guard)
  • Designed and created table spaces, tables, indexes, views, synonyms, procedures and all other schema objects as per user requirements using DDL and DML statements
  • Created data backups, performed restore and implemented recovery procedures using Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Performed cloning, migrations, schema level exports and imports using data pumps
  • Worked with users, application teams and project managers to ensure all change requests were staged in UAT environment then into production environment with minimum impact to business
  • Upgraded and applied PSU patches in both RAC and Non-RAC databases
  • Expert in database Security by creating and monitoring Privileges, Roles, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication and Risk managements
  • Optimal Space utilization in table space by avoiding fragmentation and performed Daily, Weekly and Monthly Oracle database monitoring and maintenance tasks
  • Review alert logs and trace files to check for issues related to the database/user
  • Monitored Grid Control OEM and managed space alerts
  • Experienced in storage and space management for the databases Involved in Database sizing and Capacity Planning
  • Worked with the business analysts throughout the development cycle, and provided post-implementation support, for data and report issues identified by customers
  • Have experience working with Oracle support group

Environment: OEM, Oracle SQL Developer, Shell Scripting, ASM, RAC, Data Guard, data pump


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Provide day-to-day customer support for projects, as well as run support to production in daily or Emergency scenarios to resolve issues
  • Performed SQL tuning, System tuning, Database and Instance tuning by analyzing root causes
  • Configuration of Standby Database for Disaster Recovery using Data guard
  • Applying oracle recommended CPU and PSU patches on Databases which are tracked under BMC Service Now
  • Supporting Oracle databases that utilize the RMAN backups to disk or other mediums
  • Support of production and non-production systems/DBs and new deployment Support and implement High availability DB environment

Environment: Grid Control, OEM Database control, Oracle SQL Developer, ASM, RAC, Data Guard, data pump, Toad

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