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Oracle Database Administrator Resume


  • Experienced and solutions - oriented database administration professional with strong problem-solving skills and a track record of success contributing to adaptive and dynamic operations in changing and challenging environments.
  • Dedicated database administrator with 8+ years of extensive knowledge in Backup & Recovery, Security Implementation, Upgrades, Patching, Migration, Database Design, Monitoring & Tuning, and Replication.
  • I am proficient in several technologies including Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, MySQL, and MS SQL Server. Dedicated professional that works to effectively communicate, prioritize and meet expected deadlines.


  • Backup & Recovery
  • Upgrades & Migration
  • Database Security & Patching
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Performance Monitoring & Tuning
  • Installation, configuration, capacity planning
  • Oracle ASM
  • Grid Control
  • Oracle Data Guard & Data Pump
  • Oracle Golden Gate & RAC
  • Bash/Unix Shell scripting & Automation
  • Database Cloning


  • Database Security (TDE)
  • Backup & Recovery using RMAN
  • Patch Management
  • Monitoring and performance tuning using OEM Console, Toad, SQL Developer, Grid Control, AWR, ADDM, DRA, and Explain Plan
  • ETL tools: SQL*Loader
  • Oracle ASM (clusters) and RAC configuration & administration
  • Oracle Data Guard installation/administration for high availability and disaster Recovery (DR)
  • MS Windows Servers (2012, 2014, 2016), UNIX (Solaris 8/9/10), LINUX (Red Hat Enterprise 5/6/7.5)
  • SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting
  • Installation, configuration, and update of Oracle,, using OUI, DBCA, DBUA
  • Remedy ARS (Action Request System) 18.08.00



Oracle Database Administrator


  • Used Oracle Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt columns, tables and tablespaces. Also implemented the “triple A” (AAA) and database auditing policies as well as data redaction.
  • Deployed Database security policy and installation, using passwords, privileges and user profiles.
  • Applied Oracle's quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU/ PSU application) using Opatch utility to install, test, and deploy patches to all database instances.
  • Created and implemented a backup strategy that was guided by the department SLA; executed backup schedule for both logical and physical backups using RMAN and Data pump utilities respectively.
  • Configuring the Database in Archive log mode and take backups incremental, full backup and hot backup for different database 10g, 11g, 12c in the test, development and production environments using RMAN script and export/import data pump.
  • Cloned databases using RMAN and Data pump for a variety of database sizes
  • Used block change tracking (BCT) in order to reduce backup time from 8 hours to just 1 hour.
  • Implemented Data Pump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 10g for re-organizing databases/schemas/tables to improve overall performance.
  • Review database and application server instances for DOJ Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG) compliance, apply fixes, and submit mitigations.
  • Performed database refreshes from production environments.
  • Extensively used AWR, ADDM, ASH, and Explain Plan for periodic performance tuning
  • Capacity planning for growth potential and analyze growth trends for capacity and resources (supported 3 tier architecture, planning of tables, indexes, tablespaces and databases)
  • Installed and administered Oracle Physical Standby Database for single and multiple instances to achieve high availability and DR solution (DATA GUARD).
  • Applied RDBMS patches, security patches to improve the security and functionality of the databases.
  • Migrated database objects through testing into production environments.
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control to monitor multiple databases contiguously.
  • Maintained 24*7 availability by implementing standard processes and troubleshooting live issues within defined tight SLA times.
  • Performed daily checks on database servers, confirming status of backup files, file compression, and export while troubleshooting any errors.
  • Refreshed and restored tables and schemas.
  • Reviewed database and application server instances for DOJ
  • Assisted in SQL tuning and providing consultation such as creating materialized views, adding indexes, dropping unnecessary indexes, using hints wherever possible, amongst others.
  • Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 10g two Node RAC with ASM file system on Sun Solaris platform.


Database Administrator


  • Supported 119 Databases ranging in size from 100 GB to 39 TB.
  • Managed user access through privileges and roles to help enforce the “triple A” (AAA) policy
  • Operated on Linux Red Hat Enterprise.
  • Enforced Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing (triple A) procedures according to SLAs.
  • Cloned databases using RMAN and DATAPUMP utilities for all database sizes.
  • Participated and supported SQL/Oracle server installations.
  • Assisted in the design and creation of databases.
  • Design the schemes, permissions and tables for database as appropriate for its use
  • Conducted Backups using RMAN to prevent data loss.
  • Protected the integrity of the data using security methods like encryption using TDE.
  • Install, configure and upgrade the server to suit the database needs.
  • Automated system tasks using DBMS Scheduler.
  • Assisted with installation of GOLDEN GATE in a unidirectional, bidirectional, and broadcast configuration to mainly replicate data and ensure high availability, in a heterogeneous environment.
  • Created reports to monitor database information (including statistics on schemas, tables,
  • Resolved Oracle related errors/issues assigned through Remedy ticketing system.
  • Implemented cold and hot backups for production and development environments.
  • Performed daily, monthly and annual SAP reports for trend analysis and projection planning to support various functions in helping them understand P&L's.
  • Worked in a cross functional team that oversaw SAP installation, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, data exportation, and reporting.
  • Considered reoccurring problems within the structure of a business, brainstorm potential solutions and implement software changes.
  • Maintained systems by running scans and re-configuring software as needed.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all applications and networks run in accordance with business practices.
  • Presented project plans for approval prior to starting the implementation process.


Remedy Consultant


  • Responded to customer requests for product or solutions information
  • Modified and created workflow in the form of active links, filters, and escalations
  • Managed access control by assigning users to groups
  • Assigned permissions to forms and fields to limit and grant access to users and groups
  • Created reports using BMC Remedy User
  • Created user records
  • Established and maintained a professional rapport with key personnel and action officers within the Organization.
  • Communicated effectively in writing and orally and relaying instructions to counterparts, management and customer base audiences.

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