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Oracle Dba Resume

Wilmington, DE


  • Result - driven IT Professional with referable & strong experience in Installing, configuring and administering Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c and Oracle RAC.
  • Highly skilled in performing Patch Installation, Migration, Upgrades, Backup and Recovery, Cloning, Replication, Database Security.
  • Good experience on managing databases on AIX, RedHat Enterprise Linux, UNIX and Windows environments.
  • Experience in configuring and managing Oracle RAC, Data Guard and Golden Gate for real time replication.
  • Highly experienced in Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery, VERITAS Net Backup and Cloning of databases using RMAN.
  • Experience on Data transferring with export/import utilities and Data pump.
  • Experience with active-active data replication using Golden Gate.
  • Good at implementing zero downtime migration and upgrade of 10g to 11g database using oracle Golden Gate.
  • Expert in planning & implementing high availability solutions such as RAC in Oracle 11g Grid and 10g on ASM and OCSF2 file systems.
  • Highly experienced in Oracle 11g, 10g ASM required to fulfill the storage needs.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and maintaining Physical, Logical, Active standby databases supported by Data guard for disaster recovery.
  • Good experience on UNIX Shell Scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database.
  • Hands on experience in implementation & administration.
  • Extensive experience with RMAN Backups, Hot Backups and Logical Backups.
  • Strong skills in applying patches CPU, PSU using Opatch utility.
  • Highly experienced in implementing Transportable Table space (TTS) feature.
  • Referable expertise in upgrading databases from 1og,11g to 12C using DBUA.
  • Experience with EXADATA, AWS, e-business, ETL and Informatica.
  • Versatile team player with excellent analytical, inter-personnel and presentation skill with ability to quickly adapt to new technologies & project environments.


RDBMS: Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c

Languages: SQL, PSQL


Database Utilities: SQL*Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Real Application Cluster, ASM, Transportable Table spaces, SQL*Loader, RMAN, Data Pump, Export, Import

Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.x, 11.x. Sun Solaris 9, 10. AIX 5.3, 6.1 RHEL 4.x, 5.x, Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10, Windows 2010


Confidential - Wilmington, DE

Oracle DBA


  • Extensively worked on SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Profiles, SQL Monitoring, SQL Access Advisor, SQL Baselines and utilities.
  • Tuning database and memory components for optimal performance using AWR, ADDM and ASH reports.
  • Supporting multiple databases for production, development, test and staging purposes on Sun Solaris and Windows environments.
  • Creating, granting and monitoring user access rights and privileges through roles and profiles.
  • Automated the Data Replication process using Materialized Views for reporting databases.
  • Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches on all the databases.
  • Refreshing Dev and Test instances with data from Production on a regular basis.
  • Developed PL/SQL packages and wrote UNIX/SHELL scripts.
  • Setting up infrastructure for databases in huge datacenters.
  • Implemented PTIR and Instance recovery done on 11g.
  • Scheduled Backups using CRONTAB.
  • Installation, setup and creation of 3 node RAC.
  • SQL statement tuning and optimizing performance removing load and query performance bottlenecks by using tools Explain Plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, TOAD, ASH, AWR, EXPLAIN PLAN and OEM.
  • Installation/maintenance of Physical Standby database using Data Guard for Oracle and Oracle RAC databases.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database/application using OEM.
  • Table partitioning to improve I/O access.
  • Refresh from Prod to Test and Dev using RMAN Duplicate or Datapump, conventional Export/Import of 11g, 10g.
  • Implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Configuring PostgreSQL Streaming Replication and Pgpool for load balancing
  • Control Postgres cluster access using PostgreSQL.conf, pg hba.conf and pgpas
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL database servers from Version 10.x to 11.x and from 11.x to 12.x using pg dump, pg restore and pg upgrade.
  • Managing the monitoring tools for better performance like PgBadger, Kibana, Graphana, and Nagios
  • Used tools such as OEM, WinSCP, Putty, SQL developer, Toad to manage databases.
  • Installed, configured and managed PostgreSQL servers and worked recently with PostgreSQL Version 10.x, 11.x and 12.x Community and Enterprise editions.
  • Participated in a 3months Migration project from Oracle to PostgreSQL on premise and in AWS cloud using tools MTK, Ora2pg, AWS DMS & SCT to Migrate data/databases.
  • Setup HA solution Streaming Replication (including cascading replication) between Master and two slaves on a PostgreSQL Server for disaster recovery, high availability and load balancing.
  • Used Postgres native tools like pgBadger, pgpool/pgbouncer, PEM and PgDash.
  • Backup PostgreSQL databases using tools like pg basebackup for physical backups and pgBackRest & BART for incremental and differential backups as well as pg dump and pg dumpall for logical backups and refreshes.

Confidential - Thousand Oaks, CA

Oracle DBA


  • Install and managed Physical Standby database Data Guard for disaster recovery.
  • Worked on Backup and Recovery techniques using RMAN.
  • Integrated the Backup Status Reporting for all the databases in the enterprise to enable the web reporting using Oracle SQL, PLSQL
  • Used EXPORT/IMPORT utility of database to do table level and full database Defragmentation.
  • Worked on high transacted OLTP systems.
  • Created monthly IOT, creation and management of partitioned indexes and tables. Performance Monitoring and Tuning Databases and Application.
  • Partitioning for improving big tables to improve the Performance of the database.
  • Identifying bottleneck and rectifying it fine-tune store procedures to improve performance, database loads, performance improvements, proper setup of database files.
  • Performance tuning at database level for the parameters like SGA, PGA, PGA AGGREGATE TARGET.
  • Implemented and monitored all databases using OEM for maximum uptime and optimal performance.
  • Applying several patches such as CPU/PSU patches, One-Off Patches, Interim patches, DST, Patch sets as per the oracle recommendations.
  • Installation and configuration of RAC on different nodes with ASM.
  • Installation, upgrades and patches.
  • Database creation, performance tuning/reorganization, cloning, backup/recovery, user and security management, auditing, general troubleshooting, coding, and configuring servers.
  • Creation of table spaces, data files, roles, redo logs, rollback segments, stored procedures and Triggers.
  • Performance Tuning of database, instances, SGA, I/O, and rollback segment using different methods and detecting locks.
  • Wrote scripts to inform the DBA team on the status, performance and space management of the database.
  • Planning and implementation of off-site Disaster-Recovery planning and testing
  • Duties included database creation, backup/recovery using RMAN, tuning/reorganization, user and security management, auditing, cloning, general troubleshooting, and configuring servers.
  • Effectively involved in full life cycle of database administration in Oracle.
  • Worked as a Development Support DBA in Oracle.
  • Setup RMAN solutions for all Oracle Databases
  • Created RMAN repository, provided best practices, optimizations and data guard and cloning techniques -- restore and recovery.
  • Implemented and maintained Oracle 11g Data Guard/standby databases for switch-over and fail-over purposes.
  • Implementation of High Availability solutions with Oracle 10g &11g RAC, Physical Standby Databases.
  • Supporting the Production Database with complete lifecycle including Installations, Upgrade, Patching, Cloning, Backup/Recovery, High Availability including Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) and Data Guard.
  • Upgrading and configuring OEM Grid Control from 11g to 12c.
  • Utilizing 11g, 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control to manage users, privileges, profiles, and schemas.
  • Provided database related services to their development & QA environments.
  • Monitored and managed various database components (logical & physical) like table spaces, segments.
  • Installation/Configuring/Maintenance of Oracle Streams for replication, integration and transmission of data between different databases and applications.
  • Worked extensively on Shell scripting for backup, recovery and maintenance for databases
  • Experience in Implementing FLASHBACK technology and its various features in Oracle 10g/11g.
  • Configured physical and logical Standby Database (Data Guard) and tested for business continuity/Disaster recovery plan.
  • Extensively used Oracle Enterprise Manager for maintaining and monitoring database.
  • Worked on Logical backup using Data Pump.

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