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Sr. Oracle Dba/associate Manager Resume

Crystal City, VA


  • A well - rounded technical career with 10+ years’ experience building and supporting complex RDBMS.An exceptional Database Management Professional with notable expertise designing, coding, developing, and testing dynamic
  • Oracle Database solutions to support operations for high profile clients and government agencies.
  • Highly skilled in assessing current environments, identifying underperforming areas, and implement technical solutions that increase productivity and performance, and enhance operational efficiency. Adept in troubleshooting potential problems, bottlenecks, other database failures, and introducing improvements to automate processes to minimize production impact and system downtime.
  • Experienced in developing and implementing backup and recovery strategies


Operating Systems: UNIX (Linux & Solaris), Windows (95, XP, 2000 server, 2003 server, Vista).

Tools: C++, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g/12c Oracle Tools DBCA, Recovery Manager (RMAN) SQL*Loader, TOAD, Data Pump, AWR, ADDM, Data Guard, ASM, RAC, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager cloud control (OEM), SQL*Plus, DBCA, Netca, Netmgr


Confidential, Crystal City, VA

Sr. Oracle DBA/Associate Manager


  • Oversee database operations and maintenance for the Confidential, performing upgrades on Linux, and installing, and managing Oracle databases using Grid and
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) cloud control. Install and configure required network components to support database access, consistency, and integrity.
  • Define and communicate the technical roadmap and lifecycle for the components and systems supported by the database administration team.
  • Effectively communicate project status to all stakeholders, executive leadership, and project teams.
  • Conduct periodic security evaluation on data system level, and applications, and develop action plans to increase security protocols.
  • Manage installations, migrations, upgrades, backup and recovery, SQL and performance tuning, proactive monitoring, and troubleshooting Oracle databases in a 24x7 environment.
  • Research options and design architecture solutions for backend database environments and web-based systems in order to support technical, service-level objectives, and business goals.
  • Managed the development of strategic plans, frameworks, patterns, and best practices, while collaborating with other IT architects.
  • Installed Oracle database, Data Guard with Data Broker and Performed multiple Production switchovers using Data guard broker utility of Data guard
  • Installed and upgraded OEM cloud control from 13.2 to 13.3
  • Moved Oracle databases from legacy RH6 environment to a new data center RH7 environment
  • Performed Oracle Database upgrade from 11g to 12c on Linux environment
  • Performed Oracle Database upgrade from 12c to 19c on Linux environment
  • Performed Database refresh/cloning using RMAN to duplicate production data to development and testing.
  • Achieved Backup efficiencies with RMAN, Data Pump, AWS Cloud storage.
  • Saved a client $440K+ in operational expenses by consolidating server resources and migrating 11g database to 12c.
  • Successfully migrated all on-premise data and database functions to a cloud environment (AWS)

Confidential, Washington DC

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Spearheaded the initiative to provide collaboration reports to Accenture, project teams, and client leadership, which significantly reduced travel expenses for many clients.
  • Led a four-member DBA team that collaborated with B2Ts, BAs, Enterprise, and Application teams to ensure high availability of data, the application testing database.
  • Utilized ADDM, gathered, and analyzed AWR report, in addition to daily monitoring and performance analysis for the clients’ databases.
  • Developed functional and technical design documents following a thorough examination of source systems and business requirements.
  • Conducted database tuning by generating an Explain plan for long-running SQL queries, and create indexes on columns to improve performance.
  • Implemented backup and recovery strategy for disaster recovery using Hot and Cold Backups with Oracle backup utility such as RMAN.
  • Minimized fragmentation using logical backup and restore (Export and import Data pump) processes and reimagined database objects, tables, and indexes.
  • Mentored and cross-trained project team members in development and architecture methodologies to increase project throughput.
  • Effectively coordinated efforts with application development and project management staff to govern project planning, resource allocation, devise task definitions and establish project schedules for high profile projects involving databases.
  • Led, planned and designed database changes for successful tool configuration, data refresh, data migration, and data conversion.

Confidential, Dayton OH

Oracle DBA


  • Supported and maintained multiple production databases, Oracle application and report server environments.
  • Planned, installed, configured, managed, troubleshot, and upgraded Oracle 10g and 11g databases on Windows OS and Linux.
  • Researched, monitored, optimized, and allocated physical data storage for database systems. Implemented relevant network components to ensure database access, consistency, and integrity.
  • Established and maintained Oracle database maintenance plans, Enterprise Oracle backup, recovery, and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Managed and maintained existing Informatica interfaces including Data Quality, PowerCenter, Power Exchange, and OBDC connections to ensure services remain up and running in Development environments.
  • Managed migrations, upgrades, patches, and service pack implementations, and planned infrastructure maintenance and outages.
  • Successfully decrease the deliverable time by implementing efficient and accurate measurements.
  • Effectively monitored all testing, development, and production Oracle databases, including maintenance, upgrades, and issue resolution.

Confidential, Maryland

Oracle DBA


  • Managed 24 X 7 Production Database Administration, providing ongoing support and monitoring to proactively address system errors and failures with minimal downtime and production impact.
  • Installed and configured Oracle 11gR2 Data Guard, 11gR2 (RAC) on ASM storage, Oracle RAC Clusters, and Oracle RDBMS on UNIX and Windows environments.
  • Created and managed user accounts, granting and revoking required privileges, developing and managing user groups, and consulting with department managers to identify roles and access requirements.
  • Developed SQL code, DDL, and DML scripts, to implement new features, perform necessary maintenance and bug fixes, and install specified requirements.
  • Performed extensive code reviews for Software Development, Data Architects, and Business Intelligence teams.
  • Consistently upgraded system functionality by installing and managing patches and system upgrades to maintain a bug-free environment and increase data integrity.
  • Designed hot, cold, and RMAN backup and recovery processes, and instituted logical backup script to automate and streamline procedures.
  • Successfully troubleshot and resolved log gaps in Data Guard Configuration and maintained Data Guard Physical standby databases for disaster recovery.

Confidential, Washington Dc

Database Administrator


  • Operated as Subject Matter Expert in developing and designing database architectures. Analyzed existing environments, and reviewed proposals to determine best-case scenarios to properly address business needs and objectives.
  • Installed and maintained Oracle Internet Directory and Application servers and designed and configured database architectures to align with developer and user requirements.
  • Conducted database tuning to ensure optimal performance and system availability, and installed client-side Oracle on the developer and end-user PCs and ensured network connectivity.
  • Collaborated with developers to build and institute PL/SQL procedures including troubleshooting database problems and failure and running test queries.
  • Consulted with customers to outline new database features, lead studies to evaluate the effectiveness and existing database methods, and processes, and thoroughly investigate data loss and data corruption immediately to minimize or eliminate production impact.
  • Effectively developed and deployed application WAR files designed by developers to fix bugs and ensure proper functionality.
  • Executed databased performance testing using OEM functions, and ran diagnostic reports using ADDM and AWR

Confidential, Sterling, VA

Oracle DBA


  • Administered, installed, configured, maintained, and supported Oracle Relational Database Management System, including troubleshooting system failures, identifying root causes, and implementing technical solutions to minimize system downtime.
  • Developed backup and recovery procedures, tuned the data, installed software upgrades, and monitored database activity, file usage, and removed obsolete files and processes to allocate resources for proper functionality.
  • Utilized DBCA to create and DBUA to upgrade Oracle Databases, Oracle on UNIX, Linux, and Windows Servers, as well as Oracle Databases. Performed routine database backup using RMAN, executed programs, generated reports, moved files, and tuned system performance.
  • Properly built, modified, and administered database structures, and physical storage allocations. Maintained data dictionaries and performed daily incremental backup and full weekly backup using Oracle backup utility.

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