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Senior Oracle Dba Resume



  • Over 10 years of IT experience with Database Administration in Oracle in a 24x7 environment
  • Database administration experience in Oracle 8i, 9i,10G, 11G and 12c
  • Experience setting up and administering Golden Gate replication
  • Expertise in administration, backup and recovery using RMAN, ETL, database loading for Sybase and Oracle using Unix, Perl, SQL, BCP and SQL Loader
  • Experience in performance tuning of Oracle databases using STATSPACK reports, AWR reports and using ADDM
  • Has finished projects from specification to finished stage including relational schema design, creating - databases, tables, indexes, triggers, procedures coding of programs for processing/cleansing of data, data loading, extracting, testing and automation
  • Extensive working experience in Unix environment
  • Technical expertise in Perl, Unix shell scripting, TSQL, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, HTML
  • Initiated and finished number of automation projects for database maintenance, database applications and custom applications
  • Expertise in migration of Oracle database and shell scripting
  • Experience working in Pharmaceutical industry with FDA regulated procedures, documentation and with GLP and ITIL methodologies
  • Extensive experience working in a team environment


DATABASES: Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, mySQL, SQL Server

LANGUAGES: Perl, SybPerl, Unix shell scripts, C, SQL, TSQL, PL/SQL, CGI and HTML

HARDWARE: SUN Solaris, IBM RS-6000, SGI, IBM pcs

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Sun Solaris, AIX, Unix, Irix, Linux, Windows

OTHERS: Data modeling, Systems analysis and project management, Unix tools, OEM Grid Control, IntermediaTEXT, SQL Loader, Toad/SQL developer, Apache web server, Golden Gate and documentation


Confidential, Detroit

Senior Oracle Dba


  • Working in a team of dbas in managing Oracle databases
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading, patching, configuring, maintaining Oracle OEM grid control for dbas, developers and senior management
  • Responsible for backups and restores of databases for development, test and production environments using RMAN, NetBackup and shell scripts
  • Experience in restores, duplication and recovery of Oracle databases using RMAN
  • Responsible for database upgrades
  • Responsible for installing and maintaining replication (Golden Gate) for BI reporting
  • Responsible for installing and configuring 12c
  • Responsible for upgrading to 12c and created standardized document for other dbas to follow
  • Experience working performance tuning, trouble shooting in 10g,11g and 12c environments
  • Experience working with Oracle support and other external vendors
  • Participated in Disaster Recovery process
  • Responsible for database upgrades
  • Responsible for automation

Confidential, Mattawan, MI

Oracle DBA


  • Manage/administer 8i,9i and 10G databases in Unix and Windows environments
  • Responsible for installing, configuring 9i,10G databases on Sun Solaris using ASM and RAC
  • Administering OS resources for number of development and production databases
  • Worked in a dba team to manage the databases on 24x7 basis
  • Setup GRID control to manage databases including customized maintenance jobs
  • Created customized reports in GRID control for management reports and requirements
  • Configured GRID control to monitor and alert for all critical and non-critical issues
  • Set up auditing and application and data security
  • Set up number of development databases for development, training and testing including capacity planning, resource planning, creating databases, configuration, backups, restores and checkin/checkout procedures
  • Carried out upgrades and patch maintenance
  • Carried out Service Request (SR) activities with Oracle Support
  • Provide backup dba support for SQL Server databases
  • Worked in conformance with FDA regulation including GLP and ITIL standards and maintaining documentation conforming to 21 CFR part 11 standards for installation, configuration and change management
  • Performance tuning
  • Expertise in tuning server, instance, databases and SQLs
  • Experience in performance tuning using GRID’s ADDM and statspack/AWR reports
  • Customized maintenance jobs including stats lock, restore and dynamic stats
  • Installation, upgrading and performance tuning of eDocs document management database
  • Tuned DWH database with database architecture, schemas, indexes, partitions, data transfer methods and customized stats
  • Continuous involvement in active and pro-active query optimization, database optimization including SQL profiles resulting in considerable savings
  • Installed, configured and automated test database for testing optimization before implementing in production
  • Proficiency in using SQL developer and other tools for data base access and administration
  • Migration activities
  • Carried out Windows to UNIX migration of Oracle databases
  • Carried out migration from 9i to 10G and application migrations
  • Migration to ASM disks
  • Formulated steps/plans to refresh/reloading various development databases for development, training, testing and validation activities including imp/exp, datapump and flashback utility
  • Evaluate and document migration to 11G
  • Backup and recovery
  • Configured databases for regular backups using Galaxy CommVault system
  • Created reports for daily backups
  • Responsible for documenting restore procedures
  • Expertise using RMAN for backup/recovery
  • Automated logical backups of production databases using export and datapump
  • Disaster recovery and high availability
  • Team member to implement RAC and Data Guard to ensure high availability
  • Team member to provide 24x7 support for database issues and availability
  • Tested and documented cloning steps for automated duplicating activities
  • Participated in quarterly DR test activities of production databases including DR, functional testing and documentation
  • Automation
  • Automated database activities including alerts, backups, migration, reporting and maintenance
  • Authored shell scripts, PL/SQL scripts for various activities and setup cron jobs
  • Setup Oracle jobs in GRID control and in databases for maintenance and performance

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Provide Oracle DBA


  • Performed Oracle upgrade from 8i to 9i
  • Participated in discussions with client for upgrade options, project planning, problem resolutions and capacity planning
  • Performance tuning after migration including statspack and init parameters
  • Created a repository for all the statspack reports from various databases around the globe for reporting and corrective actions
  • Participated in trouble shooting and other database activities including cloning
  • Provided on-call support with application tuning issues for the upgraded database


DBA/Database developer


  • Performed administration of Oracle and Sybase databases in 24x7 setup
  • Installation and configuration of Sybase on Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux and Windows
  • Administering physical resources including new devices, segments and log disks
  • Assisted in user administration for database access
  • Administration of resource allocation
  • Loading database with dumps and with BCP
  • Installed and configured a test server for testing and automated dbcc checks
  • Participated in database upgrade and patch administration
  • Regular DBCC check of the database
  • Maintained secondary Oracle databases
  • Participated in schema design and normalization
  • Created databases and database objects including procedures and triggers
  • Database loading with SQL loader and shell scripts
  • Setup automatic updating of Oracle Databases
  • Administered and maintained Sybase Replication
  • Administered replication of Sybase data to nodes world wide
  • Responsible for daily replication of data
  • Responsible for providing extracted datasets for nodes for loading
  • Administered and maintained 24x7 website for the database ( www.gdb.org )
  • Installed and configured Apache web server
  • Maintain user stats and usage
  • Monitor middle layer performance
  • Performed ETL developer work for Sybase and Oracle databases
  • Completed data modeling, normalization/de-normalization, sub-project planning, scripting for the project
  • Extracting data from Sybase and Oracle databases using bcp, sql queries, sybPerl and shell scripts
  • Processing/cleansing extracted data using perl, shell scripts, unix tools into flat files
  • Transfer flat files through tar, zip, ftp, scp and rcp to different nodes
  • Loaded flat files into Oracle databases using shell scripts, SQL and SQL loader
  • Web presentation of the loaded data through Oracle’s WebDB, PL/SQL and intermediaText
  • Initiated and implemented number of automation projects
  • Automated resource monitoring for databases including disk space and logs
  • Error log monitoring for errors and size
  • Monitoring web access, Object broker status and usage feedback
  • Automated database dumps, transaction log dumps and Oracle backups
  • Automated DBCC check for the production database using test server
  • Automated replication file generation and transfer to ftp server
  • Automated reloading of test server from production dumps
  • Automated the ETL project from extracting to cleansing, transferring, reloading and daily updating of databases using Perl, Shell scripts, SQL and PL/SQL

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