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Cassandra Admin Resume


  • Around 8 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator including over 3 years of experience as Cassandra Administrator providing 24*7 production database support with Support to developers & end - users on call support & coordination with offshore teams.
  • In-depth knowledge of Apache Cassandra and Datastax Enterprise Cassandra.
  • In-depth knowledge in Cassandra read, writes paths and internal architecture.
  • In-depth knowledge on read and write processes, including SSTables, MemTables and Commitlog.
  • Worked with installing, configuring and monitoring Apache Cassandra cluster
  • Used Datastax OpsCenter and Node tool utilities to monitor the cluster.
  • Actively Involved in expanding clusters like adding New Datacenter to existing clusters, Node addition and removing Dead Nodes.
  • Designing data models in Cassandra and working with Cassandra Query Language (CQL).
  • Worked in creating column Family’s; bootstrapping, decommissioning, removing, replacing, and repairing nodes.
  • Worked in creating key spaces, tables and secondary indexes in Cassandra
  • Worked in setting up the required replication factors for key spaces
  • Experience in efficiently managing backup and restoring data in live Cassandra Cluster.
  • Utilized Cassandra tools including sstableloader,sstable2json and json2sstable, COPY for application data loading and analysis
  • Has Strong knowledge in Performance Tuning of databases and fixed many complex performances related issues.
  • Troubleshooting read/write latency and timeout issues in Cassandra
  • Hands-on experience in commissioning and decommissioning nodes along with monitoring of Cassandra Cluster.
  • Work on Linux Virtual Machines (LVM) using VMware Virtual Center.
  • Experience of doing Cassandra upgrades to Major & latest versions.
  • Designed framework for doing migration from RDBMS to Cassandra.
  • Experience in porting existing patches from community to Cassandra nodes.
  • Involved in doing fine tuning for HEAP, GC, THP settings in Cassandra nodes.
  • Hands on experience in Installing, Migrating, Upgrading and Maintaining different Oracle versions on UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows Platforms.
  • Experienced in setting up/installation and configuration of 11g RAC/10g RAC
  • Hands on experience in Oracle 11g/10g databases with RAC cluster and ASM administration.
  • 24*7 Production Database Support to ensure availability, efficiency and recoverability.
  • Highly motivated, creative, fast learner and good communication skill.


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, C#

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Hadoop

Relational Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, JDBC, Oracle 9i,10g

NoSQL Databases: Apache Cassandra 1.1/1.2./2.1/3.0 , DataStax 3.2/3.2/4.0/4.6/4.7/4.8/5.0/5.0

Scripting: Shell Scripting, Python.

Cloud Technologies: AWS, Google Cloud.

Tools: & IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, Net Beans, Visual Basic, OpsCenter, DevCenter

Operating System: UNIX, Solaris, RedHat Linux, CentOS and Windows



Cassandra Admin


  • Worked with business users to define user requirements and business rules; ensured overall solutions met SLA (performance and uptime), DR, and scalability.
  • Tuned Cassandra for efficient operation using multiple views into system metrics, including OS stats, GC logs, JMX, Opscenter, and cassandra-stress.
  • Created and supported one Cassandra cluster with 48 nodes for the inventory purpose.
  • Involved in the process of designing Cassandra Architecture.
  • Designed and Automated the process of installation and configuration of secure DataStax Enterprise Cassandra cluster using puppet.
  • Monitoring and automated data backup on Cassandra cluster.
  • Responsible for availability and performance of online databases.
  • Tuned the cluster to achieve maximum throughput and execution time based on the benchmarking results.
  • Implemented DataStax Hadoop solution to integrate promotional data with enterprise Hadoop cluster.
  • Performed Stress and Performance testing, benchmark on the cluster.
  • Knowledge on bootstrapping, removing, replicating the nodes in Cassandra and Solr clusters.
  • Migrated the data from one datacenter to another datacenter.
  • Configured, Documented and Demonstrated inter node communication between Cassandra nodes and client using SSL encryption.
  • Imported data from various resources to the Cassandra cluster using Java APIs.
  • Working closely with DataStax to resolve issues on cluster using ticketing mechanism.
  • Moved the Cassandra data from old cluster to new cluster on production and lower environments with minimal application downtime.
  • Configured Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Cassandra Read and Write processes for fast I/O operations and low latency time.
  • Involved in database deployments, capacity planning, monitoring multi datacenters, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge on Google cloud compute engine and AWS instances.
  • Excellent knowledge on Cassandra Architecture, Read/Write Paths, CQL Data Modelling, Replication Strategies and Consistency Levels.
  • Experience in implementing security, control, integrity and accessibility of the data.


Oracle Database Administrator/Cassandra Administrator


  • Worked on database refreshes.
  • Fixed disk space issues on production servers.
  • Monitored production databases.
  • Analyzed available databases scripts such as RMAN and data pump scripts.
  • Worked on designing data models for AWS databases.
  • Created physical and logical data models.
  • Worked on creating 12c databases on Amazon AWS.
  • Scheduled database backups.
  • Fixed performance issues on 12c on AWS.
  • Applied latest cpu patches every quarter.
  • Installed Cassandra and created cluster on Linux.
  • Worked on Designing Data models for Cassandra clusters on 3.0 DataStax Enterprise (DSE) environment.
  • Installed Cassandra and created cluster on windows.
  • Worked on CQL (Cassandra Query Language).
  • Configured backups.
  • Used OpsCenter to monitor Clusters.
  • Fixed performance tuning issues on Cassandra cluster.
  • Worked on migrating data from Oracle to Cassandra databases.
  • Worked on Adding and Removing Nodes.
  • Worked on Repairing Nodes.
  • Configured Memtable thresholds.
  • Performed Backups and Disaster Recovery activities in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) environment.
  • Applied network listener patches.


Cassandra DBA


  • Design a solution to load existing data from MS Sql Server to Apache Cassandra.
  • Designed Cassandra data model for single sign on application.
  • Responsible for availability and performance of CXP (Covalent Xtreme Performance), SSO
  • (SingleSignOn), Cassandra shared Prod and lower environments.
  • Enabled spark on Separate datacenter on CXP cluster to run data analytics on Cassandra data.
  • Performed backup and recovery on Cassandra nodes.
  • Performed node tool repair to make data on nodes inconsistent.
  • Performed Tuned Cassandra cluster.
  • Configured Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Cassandra Read and Write processes for fast I/O operations and low latency time.
  • Configured accordingly to achieve maximum throughput and execution time based on the bench marking results.
  • Have knowledge on deploying DataStax enterprise on Google Cloud and Amazon cloud services.
  • Involved in the process of data mover for disaster recovery platforms Backup and recovery.
  • Performed cleanup operations on Cassandra nodes.
  • Performed Cassandra Cluster Rolling upgrades.
  • Knowledge on set up Cassandra wide monitoring scripts and alerting system.


Oracle DBA


  • Administration and troubleshooting 24*7 Production Database Server.
  • Responsible for administration and supporting Oracle 11g/10g databases.
  • Administration on Oracle 10g/11g Data Guard (Physical & Logical Standby DB)
  • Creating new database for Developers and users, roles related to the database .
  • Implemented Hot, Cold and Logical backup plans.
  • Backup and Recovery using RMAN.
  • Index rebuilding, granting roles and privileges, creating partitions and moving tables.
  • Troubleshooting Space Management issues.
  • Maintaining the database availability and security.
  • Maintaining Table spaces (Adding or resizing Data files).
  • Expertise in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).
  • Database performance/Statement tuning, Table sizing, and administration.
  • Sql Tuning and analyzing statements with Trace Analyzer and Explain plan.
  • Using TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN for the Better performance.
  • Creating indexes, views, sequences on daily basis in order to enhance the performance of the database.

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