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Senior Software Engineer Resume



  • IT Professional with over 11 years of skilful extensive experience in relational database design, analysis, modelling, development, administration, implementation, troubleshooting in heterogeneous platform for various business domains (Telecommunication Mediation, Billing, Banking, Insurance and data management using Oracle, DB2, Mysql, Volt DB, MongoDB, MariaDB, Cassandra databases and tools in Unix /Solaris/Linux and Windows environments.
  • I have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to Research / learn / develop/execute/evolve/tune persistence solution for business application to achieve company goals.
  • My biggest strength is my comprehensive experience, Energetic self - starter with excellent analytical and organizational skills, highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments, having knowledge on Using modern Change Management, Release Management, Incident Management, Project Management and Process Improvement practices.
  • 11 years of hands on experience in design and development software application using C, C++, PL/SQL, Oracle MYSQL, SQL SERVER, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra databases, scripting and expertise in design & implementation of replication using oracle GoldenGate.
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer DBA: Over 11 years of IT experience as Oracle PL/SQL Developer. Experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of Oracle and UNIX based Applications. Highly Motivated, creative and organized software engineer with strong technical and analytical skills. Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of Projects - System study, Analysis, Physical and Logical design, Resource Planning, Coding, Testing and implementing business app, Expertise in using Oracle databases versioned until Oracle 12c, Experience in handling large data set migration, Involved in the creation of database objects like tables, views, Sequences, Directories, Synonyms, Collections, Bulk techniques and partition utilization, Proficient working experience with SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, DB Triggers and Indexes.
  • Wrote Extraction processes using SQL*Loader, SQL, Unix Shell scripts etc.
  • Creating scripts for Create, Alter and Data Modifications.
  • Expertise in SQL optimization using Optimizer Hints and Explain Plan.
  • Experienced in Tuning SQL Statements and Database Tables for enhancing the load Performance in various schemas across databases.
  • Technical documentation of different lifecycle deliverables and user manuals like Data Bibles and Installation Guides and conduct trainings on new frameworks.
  • Extensive working experience in UNIX Shell scripting.
  • Extensively worked on Performance tuning oracle queries.
  • Experience in interacting with the Business Analyst and Business Users.
  • Have created PL/SQL & SQL*Plus reports for monitoring the database activities.
  • Handling backup using Oracle Export/Import.
  • Designed and developed the batch processing system using Oracle 10g, PL/SQL programming, bash,Korn shell/Perl scripting and Oracle10g/11g data pump utilities like expdp and impdp for export and import of data.
  • Created Oracle packages, functions, stored-procedures, unix install-scripts for creating tablespaces, tables, users, database links and security provisioning of roles and privileges for application users.
  • Used advanced bulk-binding concepts like Bulk Collect and FORALL in PL/SQL programming for mass extraction of data from heavily populated message-log database for better performance.
  • Used table partitioning concepts like range partitioning to achieve faster queries and efficient data maintenance over 2 week range period based on business logic.
  • Created FRD (functional requirement document ), HLD document related to the projects.
  • Created test plans for the test teams to test the upgraded version of applications.
  • Good team spirit and organized working habits with a willingness to learn new concepts.
  • Over 6+ years of hands on Experience in Oracle Goldengate Architecture, Design, development, troubleshooting active-active, multi master replication ( Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to mysql) and knowledge on Oracle GoldenGatefor BigData- Cassandra, Kafka.
  • Development of .prm files, oby files, configuring gg processes.
  • Implemented Active-Active, Active - Passive replication
  • Hands on experience using LogDump utility for troubleshooting data replication issues.
  • Developed Golden Code and created configuration scripts to interact with target server.
  • Applied tables mapped and filter condition as per business requirements in Golden Gate Env.
  • Trouble shooting typical OGG Abend/Lagging problems using GGSCI/Logdump Utility/ Discard File Analysis etc. Performance Tuning OGG in extremely High Volume environments.
  • Managed database security by using Credential Store in OGG, TDE( Transparent Data Encryption) and Wallet, Profiles and Roles, and FGA (Fine-Grained Auditing).
  • Implemented both Classis and Integrated mode of OGG to replicate data and keep databases in sync until cutover.
  • Tuned Golden Gate Abend and Lagging issues by using Logdump and GGSCI.
  • Resolved Data Not Found and Duplicated Rows error by enabling Handlecollisions and adding key columns.
  • Implemented Online-GG Sync script Framework to Sync up active and Passive DB's without bringing down GG processes.
  • Migrated Classic captures to Integrated capture and replicates.
  • Cassandra:
  • Having more than 28 months experience in Cassandra database modeling and administration.
  • Experienced in installing, configuring and monitoring the Datastax Cassandra Cluster, DevCenter and OpsCenter.
  • Excellent understanding of Cassandra Architecture and management tool like OpsCenter
  • Commendable knowledge on read and write processes, including SSTables, MemTables and Commitlog
  • Experience with querying on data present in Cassandra cluster using CQL (Cassandra Query Language)
  • Used DataStaxOpsCenter and nodetool utilities to monitor the cluster.
  • Experience in taking the data backups through nodetool snapshots.
  • Experience in moving the SSTables data on to the live cluster.
  • Experience in using Sqoop to import the data on to Cassandra tables from different relational databases
  • Tested the application and the cluster with different consistency levels to check for the writes and reads
  • Experience in fetching and loading data in Cassandra using Spark
  • Utilized Cassandra tools including sstableloader, sstable2json and json2sstable, COPY for application data loading and analysis
  • Experience in Performance tuning Apache Cassandra cluster to optimize writes and reads
  • Troubleshoot read/write latency and timeout issues in CASSANDRA
  • Good knowledge on Datastax Search/ Solr in indexing and managing searches.
  • Knowledge on Lucene/Solr development and configuring local Lucene index, Remote SOLR service that access Lucene Index.
  • Knowledge Solr search API .
  • Good knowledge on Hadoop Architecture and Hadoop echo system
  • In depth knowledge on integrating Cassandra with Hadoop
  • Experience in Memcache
  • Ability to configure and performance tuning of Cassandra, solr and spark clusters.
  • Experience with developing and debugging Cassandra, spark, solr applications and spark, Cassandra integrations.
  • Experience with Memory Cache Tunning, Cassandra Row Cache Tuning, Cassandra Key Cache Tuning, Cassandra JVM Parameters Tuning.
  • Experience with development using Cassandra Datastax Java driver, Datastax Python driver, c++ driver. knowledge of Cassandra data model design, spark and Cassandra integration based application design.
  • Experience with monitoring file-based logging, inspection of the JVM, Java stacktrace and monitoring of Cassandra .
  • Good knowledge on Spark SQL, Spark Streaming and Scala
  • AWS - Experience in maintenance and configuration of user accounts for dev, qa, and production servers and created roles for EC2, RDS, s3, Cloud Watch, EBS resources to communicate with each other’s using IAM. Experience in migrating and implementation of multiple applications from one on premise to cloud using AWS services like SMS, DBMS, Cloud Formation, s3, Route53, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, LAMBA, AND VPC. Public and private subnets, security groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer. Build servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating security groups, Auto-scaling, load balancers (ELB’s) in virtual private connection. Experience in designed AWS cloud Formation templates to create multi region web applications and databases.
  • Hands on experience in handling complex data migration planning, execution, Reusable Data transfer frameworks design and development using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Shell script, bash scripts, perl, Oracle DBMS Job scheduler.
  • Hands on experience in optimize database performance, sql query tuning, troubleshooting database performance issues.
  • Designed and developed Database maintenance automation scripts for handling client database.
  • Expert knowledge and experience in oracle/db2/MySQL database utilities like data pump utility, DB2MOVE, DB2CLI, RMAN, Data Guard, Exadata Machine and Expert knowledge of Oracle RAC configurations for multi terabytes production databases.
  • Good knowledge on Mongo DB/ Apache Cassandra - NO SQL Database and Volt DB in-memory database.
  • Working knowledge on major Hadoop ecosystems PIG, HIVE, Spark and HBASE.
  • Experience on importing and exporting data using Flume and Kafka.
  • Extraction data using Flume. Import/Export to HDFS/RDMS using Sqoop.
  • Collected and aggregated large amounts of log data using Apache Flume and staging data in HDFS for further analysis.
  • Create processes, common frameworks (APIs) for commonly use persistence methods.
  • Hands on experience on all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC)/ Agile, DevOps model.
  • Expertise in application design and development using C, C++ with QT, Data structures, UML, Design Patters, SQL, PL/SQL, OCI, Stored Procedures, Database design, programming, tuning and query optimization.
  • Strong programming skills in C++, QT, XML, SQL, PL/SQL units of procedures, functions, materialized views, Bulk Collections, Ref cursors and packages in software product Development.
  • Strong knowledge in Oracle cursor management and exception handling.
  • Extensively involved in developing programs to import data from legacy system into oracle database using SQL*Loader.
  • Database Architect for High volume data processing requirements.
  • Experience in system Monitoring and Database Performance Tuning using Explain plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, AWR and also Cluster Interconnect Tuning (RAC).
  • Application architecture review and documentation using IBM Rhapsody.
  • Good knowledge in Awr Reports Analysis, Trace analysis using TK Proof
  • Setup, design, development of configurations, maintenance and monitor heterogeneous bi-directional data replication system using oracle golden gate.
  • Experience as On-Call 24x7 production DBA support, application/development DBA/ Golden gate Developer/DBA.
  • Developed database monitoring/health check alert scripts for database andGolden gate.
  • Hands on experience in Installing, Migrating, Upgrading and Maintaining different Oracle versions on UNIX, AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows Platforms.
  • RMAN procedure for backup and recovery and also cloned database using RMAN Duplicate.
  • Excellent knowledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN catalog.
  • Expertise in development, testing and implementation of Backup and Recovery Strategy Using RMAN, Data pump and Export/Import utilities.
  • Implemented RMAN backups (Full, Incremental and Cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete recovery and disaster recovery using Standby database or Data Guard


Programming Languages: C, C++ Datastructurs/Design Patterns, Java, VC++, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL

Scripting Languages: Shell, DSD, Python, Perl, Java script

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Unix, Linux, Solaris

Databases: Oracle8i/9i/10g, 11g, 12c, DB2 UDB, MySQL 5, MS SQL Server, Volt DB, FoxPro, DBASE III+

NO SQL: Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase

Tools: SQL Loader, SQL Developer, Rational Rose, TK Proof, TOAD,PL/SQL, OEM,, DB2 Control centre, DB2 Workbench, DB2Move, DB2Load, MKS, Rhapsody, MSVisio, Visual leak detector, Windbg, Informatica 9.6.1, Cognos, Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in, Oracle GoldenGate Monitor, and Oracle GoldenGate Director, OracleGoldenGate Veridata12c, Kafka, Hadoop, Apache flume and Sqoop.

Requirement Management: IBM Rational DOORS, Atlassian JIRA

Configuration Management: MKS, Visual Source Safe, SVN, Git and GitHub

Static Code Analyser: QAC++

Unit Testing: Qt Unit Testing Framework, Junit

IDE: Visual studio2005, Vi Editor, QT Creator, Eclipse


Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, ATLANTA


  • 6 + years of Hands on experience in Golden gate replication design, configuration and maintained Oracle Goldengate 11 and 12.2 both classic capture, Integrated extracts /Captur in Confidential & Confidential data/voice/Mvhs mediation production and non-production databases.
  • Install and configure Oracle GoldenGate, Establishing standards, policies, and procedures for GoldenGate replication administration
  • Configured classic /Integrated extract using downstream capture, used different utilities logdump, defgen to manage golden gate environment
  • Installed and configured GoldenGate v11 and 12c on Linux RHEL 5.8,6.7 platforms and Configured Integrated Extract and Replicat on Oracle multitenant database
  • Configured Extract and Replicate pumps for golden gate replication 11g/12c and Troubleshooting issues in GOLDENGATE Environment using report files & logdump
  • Performed heterogeneous platform migration and used Oracle Golden Gate for Oracle to Mysql, and Oracle to Big data Cassandra replication .
  • Installed Oracle GoldenGate Veridata and Agents and created jobs compare data between instances and Used Logdump Utility to Investigate data on the trail and defgen utility to create definition files used for replication
  • Configured BI-DIRECTIONAL replication and replicated tables between instances and used CDR parameters to resolve conflicts Handled daily production problems/change requests (CRS)/Work requests (WRs) with Oracle and 24x7 Application and development DBA Worked with client teams and coordinating database monitoring, scheduled calls
  • Responsible for Goldengate Development and Troubleshooting all Production issues and worked with Confidential &T System DBA's, ADBA's, Pdba
  • Extensively used USH,ATOS Ticketing Systems, 24x7 production Support Goldengate and Mediation production database busineness process Operations and on-call Support
  • Configured and monitored Goldengate and on PROD and NON-PROD environments.
  • Troubleshooting Goldengate issuesby monitoringGGSERR LOG and Logdump utility.
  • Configured GG replication for DDL synchronization, change synchronization and Initial Load of data. Managing and troubleshooting Goldengate in 3 node RAC environment.
  • Created and tunedparameter files for Goldengate processes to increase their performance.
  • Involved in capacity planning and provided necessary filesystem specifications for some of the critical projects atAT&T.
  • Creating bash scripts for monitoring the GG processes and trace the successful replication of data.
  • Responsible for creating and deploying SQL objects as per client requirement in scheduled maintenance window.
  • Responsible for managing Goldengate during OS level and database level Patching, Planned deployments, Failover to Passive domains, any Database outage scenarios.
  • Experience in GoldenGate Bi-directional (Active-Active), unidirectional, broadcasting replication, flat file adapters configurations.
  • Experience in configuring downstream capture database for unsupported GoldenGate replication
  • Goldengate replication design document preparation, identify suitable replication methods.
  • Prepare parameter files, deployment .oby files, release notes, goldengate initial setup and deployment document preparation and maintain up to date as per the new implementation changes.
  • Monitoring goldengate processes.
  • Develop reusable scripts for goldengate process monitoring and Ad-hoc data sync framework development.
  • Troubleshooting all database and goldengate production /QA/ Deveopment /E2E/QC environment issues.
  • Handling Database and GG projects projects deployment rolloverss and post deployment validations
  • Adopting new oracle and golden gate features into mediation system.
  • Operations Database Administrator (ODBA) / Development DBA - Confidential &T Client services
  • Responsible for Design and Development of new database objects, complex business logic procedures implementation using PL-SQL / SQL / Shell scripts as per the FRD’s and update HLD document with detailed solution steps, unit testing, release notes preparation, pre and post deployment validation script preparation, and deployment support and post deployment validations
  • Review of design and new objects ddl and provide odba code review template with suggested changes to development team based on the best-known coding standards, design computability and dependency checks.
  • Responsible for new objects code review/Creation / Fixing Partition strategy, archiving requirements, Replication, deployment pre and post deployment checks
  • Review deployment and project rollover document steps and advise if there are any special handlings required deployment.
  • Work on all production performance, locking, deadlock etc critical tickets created for production issues.
  • Monitoring business processes backlog status, and work with application dba teams on fixing oracle stats issues and backlog clearance.
  • Resolved numerous performance issues like top wait events, sub-optimal execution plans, outdated statistics, data fragmentation, latch contention, CPU constraints, physical & logical I/O, disk usage, query optimization, hard/soft parsing by application tuning, disk I/O and memory tuning
  • Support database production data migration from Solaris to RedHat Linux for all Confidential &T Data / MVHS/ U-verse, USP, Voice Tracks.
  • Handled performance tuning and application monitoring with Quest TOAD, Oracle enterprise manager, AWR and Explain plan and greatly reduced execution times of several problematic queries.
  • Support DB Environment support of Customer specific or Product enhancement for R&D projects which involves the development of the virtual LTE Offer catalog for the IoT. It is being developing according to 3GPP specifications using open source softwares. Responsible for setting up, configuring and maintaining the NO SQL Environment NO SQL (Mongo, Cassandra ), FastData database VOLT DB for storing HSS (Home Subscriber Server), SCEF (Service Capability Exposure Function) and Openet Policy manager PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) interfaces data .
  • Cassandra DBA
  • Design a solution to load existing data from oracle to Apache Cassandra.
  • Responsible for availability and performance of CXP (Covalent Xtreme Performance), Cassandra shared Prod and lower environments.
  • Enabled spark on Separate datacenter on CXP cluster to run data analytics on Cassandra
  • Performed backup and recovery on Cassandra nodes.
  • Performed node tool repair to make data on nodes inconsistent.
  • Performed Tuned Cassandra cluster.
  • Configured Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Cassandra Read and Write processes for fast I/O operations and low latency time.
  • Configured accordingly to achieve maximum throughput and execution time based on the bench marking results.
  • Have knowledge on deploying DataStax enterprise on Google Cloud and Amazon cloud services.
  • Involved in the process of data mover for disaster recovery platforms Backup and recovery.
  • Performed clean-up operations on Cassandra nodes.
  • Performed Cassandra Cluster Rolling upgrades.
  • Knowledge on set up Cassandra wide monitoring scripts and alerting system.
  • Project Requirements Understanding and High-level design (HLD) Documents preparation and Design document preparation.
  • ADD Design document preparation, Add Review with client and other teams involving in the scope of solution, solution implementation, unit testingResponsible for New CSG, S-GW, P-GW Filters Implementation, Data & Voice Mediation summarization, enrichment, and output modules for sending data for Enabler for Billing, Balance Manager, I Care downstream applications.
  • Design physical database layer to manage ~5-10 billions transactions/day with scalable infrastructure
  • Develop Golden Gate replication & scale to replicate huge dataset with minimum lag.
  • Development of Generic GG Framework Templates and standard release structure for database and golden gate objects .
  • Prepare templates for DDL objects creation, Installer script for installing database objects in Multiple schema in multiple database based on configurations.
  • Development: Common re-usable framework development like Data Transfer, data sync, Installation, DB Snapshot, Online gg data sync.
  • DUPS / Error tables Data transfer framework using parallel jobs
  • Oracle Golden gate Online Data sync framework.
  • Oracle analyse tables framework for effective maintenance of oracle table and index level
  • Designed and Involved in writing UNIX Shell Scripts for maintains tasks for oracle database.
  • Writing complex PL-SQL Procedures and Functions for business logic implementation and data management, production backlog clearance .
  • Worked on data modelling using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeller/ Toad Data Modeller.
  • Database objects Code review, release notes review
  • Mentor teammates and build skills to fulfil future project needs, Review code and functional test cases
  • Support infrastructure projects including capacity planning, migration of platform and high availability (active-active and active-passive solutions).
  • Create new database procedures, functions, optimize Tune / Rewrite PL/SQL solutions to meet performance criteria and aggressive SLA with inter applications.
  • Manage multiple environments for various projects
  • Participant in companywide major releases to meet business goals. Participate to design automation process and utilities development.
  • Performed Data Management activities using Oracle Utilities like SQL Loader, Import and Export.
  • Developed shell scripts/Perl/PLSQL scripts to implement data migration.
  • Provided 24x7 supports for Confidential &T Data Mediation/ Voice /MVHS mediation streams.
  • Work Requests Queue monitoring and resolving high priority Production WR’s
  • Release Notes preparation and Review with Client.
  • Work requests distribution and code review and mentoring team members.
  • Oracle AWRr reports analysis and performance tuning and Database design for new modules.
  • Coordination with production DBA to resolve critical issues.
  • Subject Matter expert for all Golden gate implementation for various mediation streams.
  • Deployment manager for all database related deployments / Production Change requests (CR).
  • Deployment Validations and Post deployment database health check.
  • Handling Planned and Un-planned data centre Failover / Disaster recovery for production database.
  • Managing development / Test database maintenance and upgrades.
  • Working with Production PDBA on critical database issues resolutions, User schema design, Privileges required for Business logic schema .
  • Developed re-usable oracle table Partition creation and deletion (drop/archive), copy-stats based Analyse tables, bl objects clean-up frameworks and job scheduling framework .
  • Data modelling for new project and existing projects optimization/Change requests comes from client.
  • Developed Database schema snapshot Utility ( impdp / expdp - DataPump) to clone production version database in development and testing environments.
  • SME for Data migration activities
  • Monitoring WebTrax/ HP-QC - Work request ticketing system for Incoming work Production Support/ Enhancement Requests from Client Architect / New Project work.
  • Involved in monitoring the Database related activities using Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g/ 12c Grid Control (OEM Grid)
  • Join exadata training and support exadata archive D/W for more than two year. Lead some performance tuning tasks about EXADATA long query jobs and knowledge on applying Patch bundle patches provided by oracle.
  • Experience in maintenance and configuration of user accounts for dev, qa, and production servers and created roles for EC2,RDS, s3, Cloud Watch, EBS resources to communicate with each other’s using IAM.
  • Experience in migrating and implementation of multiple applications from one on premise to cloud using AWS services like SMS, DBMS, Cloud Formation, s3, Route53, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, LAMBA, AND VPC. Public and private subnets, security groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer. Build servers using AWS, importing volumes, and launching EC2, RDS, and creating security groups, Auto-scaling, load balancers (ELB’s) in virtual private connection.
  • Experience in designed AWS cloud Formation templates to create multi region web applications and databases.

Environment: Convergent Mediation (Middleware), Java, JBoss, Oracle 12c/11g, VoltDB in memory DB, Golden Gate 11, 12c, MariaDB, Cassandra, UNIX Shell Scripting / Linux bash, Toad, HP UX B-11i, SunOS 5.10, RHEL 6.x, Zerto, vSphere and VMWare, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control, RDBMS, TOAD, PL/SQL, ASM, AWR, ASH, Data pump, SQL, TOAD, TKPROF, STATSPACK, putty and Winscp, Eclipse, perl.


Architect / Developer/ DBA (MYSQL, ORACLE)

Dev.Env: C++, QT, Mysql, Oracle, MSXML


  • Requirements understanding (IBM DOORS Documents)
  • Analysis and Requirement clarifications, prototype design.
  • Design and Development of Core Components in Application and Database design
  • Notification Monitoring agent
  • Filesystem Watcher
  • Database connection Manager
  • Database Extraction Engine
  • Query Builder
  • Customized XML Loader
  • Conducting weekly sync meeting with onsite client team
  • Code reviews, peer reviews, check list preparation.
  • Providing support team members in Planning, Effort Estimation, Process Tailoring and Project Execution
  • Database Design and implementation, database Maintenance
  • Performance tuning Application and Database.
  • MySQL - Developer cum Database administration
  • Oracle PL/SQL Objects creation, reports design and monitoring day today database health checks.
  • Weekly - Software Tools Development Group update - Presentations to Management.
  • Study client s existing business process and Identify scope for Improvements
  • Reusable Framework design, development and training to respective team members.
  • Helping team members on overcoming technical challenges and mentoring


Senior Software Engineer

Project Title

Dev Env.: C++, QT, Oracle, Mysql, DB2, SQL Server 2000, KEENAN, PLSQL, Windows, AIX, HPUX Toad, PL SQL Developer


  • Requirements understanding of various discounts applicability process
  • Discount implementation priorities.
  • Understanding Keenan database structure.
  • Designing intense configuration database designing for discounts computations.
  • Extraction logic building, Writing SQL Queries, stored procedurs for ValidationsDiscounts calculations. Integration of Stored procedures with product.
  • Database Architect, Developer cum Application DBA
  • Implemented Database Partition creation And Drop old partitions framework .
  • Implemented Bulk data Loading and Unloading API Procedurs .
  • Performance tuning of Application level Sql queries and Stored procedures.
  • BRAAS Application level configurations.
  • Writing DCM for BIFF file (CDMA and GSM) to FMT Conversion.
  • Worked with Data Pump to clone tables, schemas and databases
  • Worked on Table space/Extent/Segment Management
  • Worked on Backup and recoveries using user managed and RMAN.
  • Worked on Database monitoring / performance / diagnostics via dictionary views and cloud control.
  • Planning and scheduling Backups, Database Recovery, taking Logical Backups (with Export/Import).
  • Maintain Oracle fail over databases (Physical and Logical standby databases - Data Guard)
  • Worked on Oracle Tuning Pack
  • Worked on Oracle Flashback / Flash Recovery Area (FRA)
  • Proficient in Oracle RDBMS - including SQL, PL/SQL and all areas of database Administration.
  • Experience monitoring Oracle RDBMS availability, database exports, Data Pump, tablespace, and extents fragmentation.
  • Worked on Automated Storage Management (ASM) for 10g/11g databases.
  • Worked on much performance tuning including SQL tuning and instance tuning.
  • Worked with Oracle on open issues.
  • Provided On-call support on 24/7 basis.
  • Have written shell scripts to automate database management tasks.


Oracle performance tuning - Tech Lead

Technologies: Donte, SQL, PLSQL,SQLLDR, Oracle Windows, Aix


  • Analysis, proactive monitoring and performance testing of high-load databases.
  • Development and monitoring performance requirements and standards
  • Optimization of applications architecture, SQL plans, database parameters, PL/SQL and SQL code
  • Oracle upgrade (migration) from 9i to 10g, 10g to 11g
  • Supporting and consulting oracle developers in architecture design and difficult questions on the database engine and oracle internals
  • Collaboration with application developers and business units
  • Investigating and resolving CBO issues
  • Training seminars on complex, little-known or little-studied Oracle-related topics.
  • Analyze AWR reports - find out performance bottle necks, identifying problem queries and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Sim Searching
  • Mobile number searching
  • Show all functionality
  • Ad-hoc queries tuning
  • Tune database and Queries based on wait events.
  • Involved in In-depth Query Tuning - Understanding explain plans -
  • Joins, Query Re-writing, using hints, creation of new indexes/modifying existing indexes.
  • Work with developers guiding them to write SQLs efficiently.
  • Create and manage database maintenance plans and design and implement backup and disaster recovery plans.


Senior software engineer- DB - SME

Technologies: C++, QT, Shell, Perl ScriptingSQLLDR, DB2, ODBC, ORACLE, DB2, MYSQL, TIMESTEN, AVL DATA, SQL, PL-SQL, Windows,Aix,HPUX


  • Designed, developed and implemented IECCM DBE, Query Builder, DB Interface( Low level Generic API for RDBMS DBs and Flat Files, IBM iSeries Connectivity), Custom Indexing data loading Interface and Variable Data Processing and RSMC modules.
  • Multiprocessing implementation for Database Extraction Engine ( ETL, ELT )
  • Developed interface modules to extract data from Database using C++ and PL/SQL procedures. PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, DB2, ODBC under Windows/Unix environment.
  • Coded, tested and implemented database triggers to enforce business rules using PL/SQL.
  • Analyzed, developed and implemented different Database Interaction modules.
  • Coded, compiled and debugged C++ applications in Visual studio 2005 environment.
  • Controlled Version using Visual SourceSafe.
  • Involved in design, coding, unit testing and writing FRD’s.
  • Extended to stored procure support / custom procedure support
  • Integrated Bulk load and Bulk Unload, external loader api support


Database Engineer - Data Movement Utilities - SME

Technologies: C++, QT, SQLLDR, DB2 Move, Pro *c, Embedded SQL, ORACLE, PL-SQL, Windows, Aix, HPUX


  • R&D on Bulk Loading activity for Various databases
  • Analysis, Design, Development, implementation, Unit Testing and Documentation

Environment: SQL Loader (Direct path Loading, Conventional Path Loading, DB2 Move, Embedded SQL


Senior software engineer

Technologies: C++, QT, DB2 Windows And IBM-Aix, File Query Language -FQL


  • Designed, Developed User Interface for Back out process using QT GUI Tool kit, C++, PL/SQL, SQL under Windows / UNIX environment.
  • Developed interface modules to extract data from legacy application database using Oracle SQL Loader and PL/SQL procedures.
  • Tested application with Quality Testing Engineers using structured testing methodology Tenfold Automated Testing Tools.

Environment: C++ (QT), PL/SQL, Oracle, DB2, Mysql, SQL Server 2000, ODBC, Oracle 9i, SQL, Windows and AIX-Unix.

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