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Senior Oracle/sybase Dba Resume


  • Specialized in Oracle, Sybase ASE and IQ (Data Warehouse), SQL Server general knowledge
  • Over 20 years of extensive Database Administration in Oracle 7.x, 8.0.x, 8i, 9, 10,11 and 12; Sybase ASE 12.x, 15.x, and 16.x, Sybase IQ Server (Data Warehouse) 12.x, 15.x, and 16.x, Sybase Replication server 12.0, and general knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Extensive experience in Database architecture, programming, and design, Installation, performance tuning, backup and recovery, troubleshooting applications, IQ administration, security, data modeling, migration and conversion from different Operating servers.
  • Extensive experience in different Operating servers, Scripting, troubleshooting applications, operating and client servers: connection, time out, hanging/abort issues.
  • Extensive experience in operating server installations, performance tuning, and monitoring, using historical, regular scheduled and collected data via MDA tables, Sysmon, data cache, server log, index statistics, and disk management.
  • Extensive experience in SQL tuning during releases implementations and deployments.
  • Extensive experience in Client - Server maintenance and availability via scheduled, and coordinated reboot with concerned parties: User groups, administrators, and managements


Database Tools: Interactive SQL, ISQL, Sybase Open Client, SQL Anywhere, and Central, SDK, DB Artesian, ER/Win, Power Designer, Transact SQL, Osql, SQLPLUS, Oracle client, Import/Export, RMAN, Cold backup, dump/load, Redo log archiving, Cron/Shell Script, Winat, MS Access.

Applications Servers: Autosys, Informatica, PeopleSoft, Coldfusion, jConnect, JDBC, ODBC, Power BuilderClient-Server Software PL/SQL, SQL, Procedures, Functions, packages, Triggers; RDBMS, Oracle, Sybase ASE/IQ, SQL Server

Operating Systems: System and Application software Unix, Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, VMS;



Senior Oracle/Sybase DBA


  • Responsible for Sybase ASE/IQ database administration, maintenance using MDA tables, performance tuning, installation, upgrade, patching, migration, Query optimization, disk and DB space allocation, capacity planning OS and DBs, DB memory and CPUs configuration, creating and managing logins accounts, security, granting roles and permissions, dump and load for prod, dev and Test environments for HUD (Housing and Urban Development) applications such as PIH/REACS: F89A, MOPS, P092, P093, P100, P104, P109, P113, P181, P224,nass, pass, qass, vms, fasspha, and fassfha ; F97/MFHI, F24P/APPS, F24B/M2M, F24/IREMS, F87/TRACS, F24A/DAPS; P104/WASS; A67/LOCCS; F11/HCS: cars; A80W/SFNW, D64A/SFHEDW; F17C/FHA Connection, F17/CHUMS, F51/IM and ENTP in Washington DC.
  • Support Sybase, Oracle, and SQL servers for database and application release testing, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, backup and restore, troubleshooting DB performance and application issues, slow response, SQL issues, connectivity, client time outs and hung processes real time, using Sysmon, and data cache information.
  • Collected historical data through Windows scheduler/Unix CRON job created scripts for tuning.
  • Planned, installed, built, migrated, loaded and configured 25 new Sybase database servers from Sybase 15 Solaris to Sybase 16 Linux and patched to SP02 PL04 HF1 EBF26462 64-bit on 8 Linux servers from Solaris servers and SP02 PL04 HF1 EBF26461 64-bit on 18 Windows servers in less than a week. Upgraded from Sybase 12 to Sybase 15 with up to 40 servers in few weeks.
  • Responsible for Sybase Replication server, installation, configuration, scheduling and maintenance for HUD Application users.
  • Responsible for oracle database administration, maintenance, installation, patching, configuration, logical and physical design, upgrade, migration, monitoring, performance tuning, backup and restore, capacity planning, user creations, permissions and security from 2000-2010 and Sybase ASE/IQ management and Support.
  • Planned, installed, built, migrated, loaded and configured many Oracle database servers from Oracle 7 up on Solaris and Windows for HUD application users.
  • Responsible for Oracle client and Sybase ASE/IQ client installation and configuration on HUD application servers, batch servers, user workstations and troubleshoot all client connection/jobs
  • Planned, installed, built, migrated, loaded and configured 25 new Sybase database servers from Sybase 15 Solaris to Sybase 16 Linux and patched to SP02 PL04 HF1 EBF26462 64-bit on 8 Linux servers from Solaris servers and SP02 PL04 HF1 EBF26461 64-bit on 18 Windows servers.
  • Support HUD applications developers, production support: Windows and Unix Administrators for Capacity planning, troubleshooting daily, weekly, nightly, and 24 hours, support for HUD
  • Supported and troubleshoot HUD ACCESS Database and ODBC users for daily report creation.
  • Built, configured, troubleshoot automated Client Software PUSH to HUD User Workstation Connectivity to database servers for reports, and test center testing prior to production use.

Confidential, Maryland

Oracle/Sybase DBA


  • Responsible for ASE: Stored Procedures, triggers programming/coding, packaging, Tables, views creation, writing, testing, and deploying them for integrated, and merging Space applications

Confidential, Mclean, Virginia

Oracle DBA


  • Responsible for database administration, development, and production support: Logical and physical database design, installation, upgrade, patching, migration, configuration using OFA Standards, maintenance, monitoring, performance tuning, rebuilding indexes, backup, restore and recovery, Space maintenance, User creation, permissions, and security

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