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Oracle Pl/sql Developer Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Over 7 years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Data processing using Oracle Technology on different platforms.
  • Expertise in SQL,PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Packages and Triggers, Tables, Indexes, Constraints, Materialized Views in Oracle 12c / 11g / 10g / 9i Databases.
  • TEMPEffectively made use ofIndexes, Table Partitioning, Collections, Analytical Functions, Materialized Views, Query Re - Write.
  • Experience in Query Optimization; performance tuning (PL/SQL) using SQL Trace, Explain Plan, TKPROF, Indexing, Hints, Bulk Binds, Bulk Collect, Creation of Global Temporary Tables and Table Partitioning.
  • Working experience in domains like Airline Passenger Revenue Accounting, Marketing, Utilities and Automotive.
  • Experience withData Flow Diagrams, Data dictionary, Database Normalization Theory Techniques, Entity Relation modelingandDesign Techniques.
  • Expertise inall phases of SDLC includingrequirement analysis, database design, application design, development, testing, implementation andmaintenance.
  • Good experience of Performance Analysis and SQL Query Tuning, while designing scalable applications from scratch and maintaining existing ones.
  • Involved in Full Life Cycle Development (Agile) of building a Data Warehouse on Windows and Unix Platforms.
  • Solid experience in writing complex SQL queries and procedures to extract data from various source tables.
  • Regular activities like Backup & Recovery, Capacity Planning, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, Security Administration, Space Management and Index management.
  • CreatedTables, Views, Constraints, Indexes(B Tree, Bitmap and Function Based).
  • Experience inOracle supplied packages, Dynamic SQL, Records and PL/SQL Tables.
  • Experience in Oracle Cursor Management and Exception Handling.
  • Worked extensively onRef Cursor, External TablesandCollections.


DB: -Oracle 12c /11g/10g/9i/8i, Sybase 11.

ERP: -Oracle Fusion CRM, Oracle apps R12, 11i.

Reporting Tools: -Oracle Discoverer 10g/4i, XML Publisher, Tableau, APEX, Oracle Reports6i/10g.

Tools: -SQL* Loader, Toad, Scoop, AutoSys, SVN, PVCS, Track-IT, GIT, JIRA.

Languages: -SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, UNIX Shell Scripting, XML, SAS, R, Python.

Operating systems: -SUN Solaris, HP-UX, UNIX, Windows.


Confidential - Richardson, TX

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Responsible for migrating the SQL and Windows jobs onto Workload Scheduler.
  • Developed the Power Shell Scripts to execute the store procedures and SSIS packages commands in Tivoli command line.
  • Responsible for writing PL/SQL Packages, Functions, Procedures, Collections and cursors.
  • Creating primary objects (tables, views and indexes) once the application developers design an application.
  • Responsible for keeping all three environments PROD, UAT and DEV in sync for phase wise production releases and DB change management
  • Responsible for creating the Dynamic SQL to load the Data.
  • Experienced in Performance Tuning of poor SQL and PLSQL Procedures with the halp of Explain Plan, DBMS PROFILER and Oracle Optimizer Hints.
  • Experienced in developing Database Types and Objects for front-end applications and call them using a function.
  • Developed Triggers on tables and handled Mutating errors with the halp of PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS Transaction.
  • Developed Views, Materialized Views based on the requirement and refreshed them periodically.
  • Developed PL/SQL Procedures and database triggers for the validation input data and to implement business rules.
  • Experienced in Handling Exceptions in oracle Packages and procedures using Oracle Pre defined exception handlers and DML Error Logging techniques.
  • Experienced in Exception handling using predefined and user defined exceptions with error number and error messages
  • Extensive experience in creating reports by extracting targeted data, transforming it to fit operational needs and loading it into the data warehouse.
  • Created SSIS Packages using Pivot Transformation, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task, etc. to import data into the data warehouse.
  • Developed Various SQL Scripts for Automation Process and AD Hoc Report Generation Process.
  • Data loaded from legacy systems (ETL Operations) using PL/SQL, SQL*Loader and SSIS.
  • Involved in SQL and PL/SQL performance tuning using EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF and DBMS PROFILER.
  • Hands on experience with oracle Export and Import Utility tools to migrate data through different environments.
  • Worked with Business team to gather the requirements.
  • Developed SQL scripts for Referential Integrity check, which checks validity of incoming data with master tables in database.
  • Developed SQL scripts, packages and procedures for Business rules check to implement business rules.
  • Generated CSV Files with the halp of UTL PACKAGES and placed them into FTP Location.
  • Used PRAGMA Autonomous Transaction to avoid mutating error in database trigger.

Environment: Oracle 11g, UNIX, SQL, PL/SQL, Power Shell Script, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, UNIX shell script, Toad 12.6

Confidential, Florence, KY

Senior Member Technical


  • Delivery and support of PL/SQL functionalities - packages, cursor management, triggers and exception handling,
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Wrote sequences for automatic generation of unique keys to support primary and foreign key constraints in data conversions.
  • Developed and modified triggers, packages, functions and stored procedures for data conversions and PL/SQL procedures to create database objects dynamically based on user inputs.
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus programs required to retrieve data using cursors and exception handling.
  • Extensive experience in creating and maintaining Database Objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Constraints, Sequences, Synonyms and Database Links.
  • Design and develop PL/SQL processes to perform ETL processes using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Experienced in troubleshooting defects and performing system analysis to assist in solving technical and business-related problems/challenges.
  • Implemented best practices and performance tuning/optimizing for Data warehouse.
  • Involved in Major Patch Upgrade and Hot fix Deployments in Production Environments.
  • Consistently coordinating with clients to understand and resolve their queries.
  • Developed Unix scripts for data auditing, scheduling and automation.
  • Good Understanding of Jasper Reports, BO, PRISM, and QC report tools. Creating and modifying scripts as per client requirements.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL, PL SQL Developer, SQL *PLUS, Vi Editor, Eclipse, LINUX, Windows, HDFS


Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Coordinated with the front-end design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedures and packages and the necessary insight into the data.
  • Created and modified several UNIX shell Scripts according to the changing needs of the project and client requirements.
  • Debugging PLSQL objects and ProC (GDB) codes to analyze various issues raised by client.
  • Created PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages for moving the data from staging area to data mart.
  • Created scripts to create new tables, views, queries for new enhancement in the application.
  • Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance.
  • Involved in data loading using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader calling UNIX scripts to download and manipulate files.
  • Involved in using hints to direct the optimizer to choose a query execution plan.
  • Used Oracle PL/SQL jobs using DBMS JOB package.
  • Used Bulk Collections for better performance and easy retrieval of data, by reducing context switching between SQL and PL/SQL engines.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, materialized views, procedures and packages as per the requirement, using oracle tools like PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.
  • Used Pragma Autonomous Transaction to avoid mutating problem in database trigger.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Wrote sequences for automatic generation of unique keys to support primary and foreign key constraints in data conversions.
  • Developed and modified triggers, packages, functions and stored procedures for data conversions and PL/SQL procedures to create database objects dynamically based on user inputs.
  • Getting required test environment signoff from client for all major upgrade activity on Production environments, by resolving all the issues rose during testing phase.
  • Improving Product Quality by avoiding temporary workarounds and providing permanent resolution for the redundant issues.
  • Good Understanding of business terms like Agile Methodology, SLA's and Service Credits.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL, PL SQL Developer, Putty, WinSCP, Desktop Intelligence (BO), SQL Loader, Beyond Compare, SAP Business Object

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