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Sr Database Administrator Resume

New, YorK


DBA DBA (Oracle, MySQL, Sql server, Mongo DB) System Administration (Solaris, HP, Linux, Win) and database developer with 20 years IT experience in various industries including higher education, insurance, airlines, and retail. Managed full life cycle development/deployment of complex system including web technology, client/server applications and packaged solutions. Extensive experience in capacity planning, performance evaluation/optimization, disaster recovery planning with scripts & RMAN.


Database: Oracle7 - 12c, MySQL, Sql server, MongoDb, Data guard, RAC, Golden Gate, installation/Configuration, Tuning, Upgrade, Migration, NoSQL, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Database Design, DataMart, Designer.

Applications: Oracle Apps11, Oracle, Express, OLAP, Informatica/Cognos/BO, Discoverer, Oracle Gateway.

Systems: Solaris/ Enterprise Server, Aix, HP - UX, Linux, Net Backup, WINDOWS, Sun Clusters, Vxfs, Vxvm, SAN, AIX CI, Shell/Perl Scripting, Networking (TCP/NFS/NIS), PeopleSoft HRMS BMC Tools, OEM, Erwin, TOAD, DBArtizen, Data guard, Veritas Volume manger 3.1, puppet, ACFS, ASM, PL/SQL, JDBC, DBI, shell, Perl, XML, Veritas, EMC, SRDF


Confidential, New York



  • Design and implementation of databases, backup and Recovery strategies for OLTP/ Data Warehouse DB for Confidential, active-active replication with oracle Golden Gate, Data Guard/Standby.
  • Implemented RAC (One Node, multiple node) database with backup/recovery planning.
  • Quarterly Disaster Recovery Exercise, Regular patching and Upgrade to new release.
  • Hands on experience with Oracle exadata system, Hadoop data consolidation.
  • Scripting for backup, Monitoring, Alert system (Oracle, Sqlserver, MySQL).
  • Support DB backup/recovery, tuning running on Sql Server/MySQL/MongoDb.
  • MySQL Install, Upgrade, clustering, migration to VMware.
  • Performed DevOps for Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Managed HIPAA regulated environments under Columbia Medical School & Hospitals.
  • Configured OEM/DB artisan/TOAD/sql Developer/ Workbench for day to day monitoring.
  • Used SPM, OEM, AWR, ADDM tuning/Analyzing tool for SQL/Application performance improvement.
  • Database duplication process using Rman duplication, Schama refresh with MView.
  • Managed/Migrated db on AWS, Migrated Single Instance Database to Pluggable/Container (12C) database.
  • Data security with TDE and TLS/SSL technology.
  • Migration of databases and applications to CI (VMware) infrastructure.

ENV: Linux, Solaris, AIX, Win, Oracle(12, 11, 10, 9), cloud, MySQL, Sqlserver, MongoDB, RAC, ASM, pl/sql, Shell, Perl, puppet, Python, OEM, DB artisan, Toad, Golden Gate, SSL, TDE, TSM, RMAN, Data guard, Mviews, AWS, VMware, NFS, UC4.

Confidential, New Jersey



  • Administration and maintenance of prod/Non Prod environments in RAC/Non RAC.
  • Implement security, Plan and develop failover and standby databases, Data guard, upgrades. Tuning, monitoring system health, applying patches.
  • Development of backup & recovery strategies using RMAN and shell script.
  • Installed and support Replication, Dev support with PL/SQL, MView, Partitioning.
  • Maintain Oracle Apps server 9ias,10g for a web based application
  • Monitor application data transfer/loading/Duplication using script, RMAN.
  • Maintaining scripts with Oracle SCM.

ENV: Solaris, AIX, Win, Oracle (10g, 9x, 8x), RAC, OAS (9ias, 10g), pl/sql, Partitioning, MView, Shell, Perl, OEM, TSM, RMAN, Data guard, Replication, Vxvm

Confidential, Boston



  • Creation of Oracle 9i/10g,Sqlserver 2k databases on SUN/HP/Win/Linux servers,
  • Administration and maintenance of prod/Non Prod environments in RAC/Non RAC DB.
  • Planned and sized of the database, Implemented security, failover and standby databases, Data guard, upgrade, Performance tuning, monitoring, patching, backup & recovery strategies using RMAN, Shell and perl.
  • Implemented, maintaining advanced replication environments.
  • Installation, configuration and support of Application Server, Web server.
  • Support application on 24/7 basis, data transfer/loading using script, pl/sql, MView.

ENV: Solaris, HP, Win, Oracle (10g, 9x, 8x), RAC, OAS (9ias, 10g), Sqlserver, pl/sql, Shell, Perl, OEM, RMAN, Data guard, Replication, Vxvm


Sr. System Support Engineer


  • Creation of Oracle 9i databases on SUN/Aix/win servers in OLTP/Data Warehouse env.
  • Administration and maintenance RAC Database, Data guard.
  • Designed and implementation of Data warehouse, Data Mart for OLAP requirements.
  • Development of backup & recovery strategies using RMAN, Shell and Perl.
  • Cloning database using scripts, supporting pl/sql.
  • Support as Sql server backup DBAAdministration and maintenance of different Production Server i.e. DNS, mail, DB server
  • User/space/security/backup administration with tape backup
  • And Veritas NetBackup utility in 24/7 system and applications.

ENV: Solaris, Win, Oracle (9x, 8x), RAC, SQL server, pl/sql, Shell, Perl, OEM, RMAN, Oracle Express, Dataguard, Websphere, Vxvm, Netbackup, and Business Object

Confidential, NJ

Sr. DBA/Solaris System Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and 24/7 maintenance of database server (Oracle9x, Sqlserver 2k),
  • Pl/sql, shell & Perl script for enforcing business rules and automation.
  • Installed, configured and administered Solaris/Win server, 9iAS.
  • Designed and generation of reports in OLAP environment for different business needs.
  • Administration of Veritas Volume Manager 3.1.1, Raid manager 6.1.1, Veritas NetBackup.
  • Performance tuning, backup management with shell scripts and RMAN.

ENV: Solaris, HP, Win, Oracle, Sqlserver, Sybase, pl/sql, Shell, Perl, OEM, RMAN, Discoverer, WebSphere, Vxvm, NetBackup, Business Object, 9iAS.

Confidential, NYC

Sr. Database / System Administrator


  • Requirement analysis, capacity planning, data modeling, installation, configuration, deployment, migration and upgradation of various systems and database servers (Oracle, SQL server, DB2 UDB).
  • Developed stored procedure, packages, triggers, scripts (Shell, Perl, Sql), and C/java programs.
  • Disaster recovery, backup with shell and RMAN scripts, Oracle partitioning.
  • Cognos, Informatica for large Data warehouse Design and Analysis (OLAP).
  • Administered Oracle Apps, 9iAS, PeopleSoft Hrms, ATG Dynamo, WebSphere,
  • Installed and support OPS, Data guard, multitasker replication.
  • Data Migration from Oracle to DB2 and Sybase to Oracle.
  • Administered Solaris & Linux System.

ENV: Solaris, HP, Win, Oracle, DB2UDB, RAC, Sqlserver, Sybase, Shell, Perl, RMAN, ATG Dynamo, Vxvm, NetBackup, Dataguard, Informatica, BO, Cognos, 9iAS,SRDF,SqlBacktrack.

Confidential, NY

Sr. Database / System Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and support of Oracle 8x (Aix, HP, win 2K, Solaris), Parallel/Replication server environment, Hot Standby, Database design (Physical & Logical), Data modeling.
  • Implementation of 2-node OPS, backup and recovery plan using Scripting and RMAN.
  • Developed Stored Proc, SQL scripts, Triggers for Implementing Complex Business rules.
  • Sys admin for Solaris/Win, Application server, webserver.
  • Installation, support of Sybase ASE, DB2/UDB and SQLServer, SQL-Backtrack for various database.
  • Analysis, querying and reporting using Informatica, BO and Oracle Express
  • Data Migration from DB2 database through Oracle Gateway.

ENV: Solaris, HP, Win, Oracle, RAC, Sqlserver, Sybase, Shell, Perl, OEM, RMAN, Cognos, Oracle Express, WebSphere, Vxvm, NetBackup, Business Object

Confidential, Manhattan Bank, NYC

Sr. Database / System Administrator


  • Planning to production deployment of ORACLE 7.x and 8x. ORACLE parallel server for web application ( Confidential .com), i/c data modeling, and database design, Advance replication, Standby, Backup/Recovery.
  • EMC storage SRDF Tivoli for oracle, Sql-Backtrack, Autosys
  • Installed, configured and tuned DB2 database for pro/dev environment
  • Provided support for multiple financial application Development (Developed stored procedures/Packages)
  • Installed and maintained Solaris and HP servers

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