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Senior Database Administrator Resume



  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) with 11 years of extensive experience
  • All round experience analyzing, planning, developing, implementing, testing, maintaining and administrating
  • Extensive experience in installation, support, development, backup, recovery, daily auditing and performance tuning
  • Experience in transportable table spaces, data pump, flashback table, table space management, materialized views
  • Managed 100 to 150 databases (including production & non - production environments) from 100GB to 10TB
  • Experience in Oracle Exadata machine
  • Having knowledge on AWS concepts and experience on RDS oracle databases.
  • Experience in Oracle Golden Gate 11g/ 12c
  • Knowledge on Database Vault.
  • Experience in heterogeneous replication between Oracle & Microsoft SQL Server
  • Upgraded 10g ASM to 11g ASM Grid Infrastructure
  • Install, configure and test 11g ASM Grid Infrastructure
  • Experience in Database migrations including to ASM
  • Excellent Administration skills in handling Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases
  • Experienced with Oracle 10g/11g/12c RAC
  • Installed and Configured 2 nodes RAC
  • Converted single instance Databases to RAC
  • Added nodes to existing cluster configuration
  • Configured Services for Load balancing using TAF (TRANSPARENT APPLICATION FAILOVER) policy parameter
  • Worked on multiple platforms including UNIX SUN Solaris, Red Hat Linux and Windows.
  • Basic knowledge on AWS Cloud.


Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, Unix, Windows, AIX.

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 10g11g/12c RAC, Oracle Golden Gate 11g/12c, Oracle Exadata Quarter Rack, SQL Server, Oracle Cloud Service

Tools & Utilities: RMAN, OEM, SQL Loader, OEM Grid Control, SQL Plus, DBCA, Import/Export, Data Pump, Toad for Oracle, Sybase ASE 15,12.5, Cygwin, DBAAS

Programming Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, VB Scripting, C++, VC++

Office Tools: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Other Tools: VMware, Symantec Scheduler, Remote Desktop, Lotus Notes, Back office automation Tools


Confidential, Reston

Senior Database Administrator


  • Knowledge on DataStax Ops center for Cassandra.
  • Database creation for 11gr2 RAC upon on business request.
  • Analyze session related views and identify blocking sessions / resource hungry queries and resolve them.
  • Find out instance level issues and locking from grid/cloud control.
  • Working with users to solve the slowness queries.
  • Extensive knowledge on Dataguard both Standby and Logical.
  • Experienced on Golden gate.
  • Installing 10g/11g RAC Oracle databases using response file on Linux/Solaris servers.
  • Upgraded the RAC databases 10g /11g and 12c.
  • Experienced in applying PSU7 patches on rolling fashion on 3 node RAC 11gr2.
  • Experience in Data guard implementation (Physical standby database) with ASM storage on 3node RAC.
  • Handling database Jira tickets daily on priority bases.
  • Knowledge on AWS concepts and experience on RDS.
  • Experienced in Data migration from On-Premise Oracle database to AWS EC2 instance by using Golden Gate real time replication.

Environment: Oracle 11g/12c OEM, TOAD, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX (Solaris, HP), Linux 3.x/4.x,Veritas VCS clusters. UNIX Shell Script, Windows NT/2000/2003, Oracle 11g/12c RAC, Data Gaurd, RMAN, Autosys, ServiceNow, GoldenGate 11g/12c


Senior Oracle Database Administrator and


  • Golden Gate up gradation on test, dev, staging and Production
  • Extensive knowledge on troubleshooting Golden Gate issues
  • Worked on Critical issues on Golden Gate and Bug fixes
  • Experienced in applying latest Golden Gate patches
  • Implemented Golden Gate 12.2 new features
  • Experienced on heterogeneous replication from Oracle to SQL Server
  • Extensive knowledge on Oracle database Performance Tuning
  • Installing 11g/12c RAC Oracle databases using response file on Linux/Solaris servers
  • Experienced in RAC troubleshooting issues
  • Analyze AWR/ADDM reports based on the issues. Using tuning advisors as required. If required force the execution plan to use required execution paths
  • Resolving the SQL performance issues using the tools such as SQLT, AWR, SPM
  • Analyzing the plan changes for the problematic SQL’s and fixing it by using SQL baselines, SQL profiles, hints, parallel degree and other resolvable factors
  • Provide and implement performance tuning recommendations of all components in Exadata database machine.
  • Work with developers in tuning SQL and suggesting changes, leveraged Real Time SQL Monitoring, SQLT extract, and trace analyzer tools to analyze poorly performing SQL
  • Working with oracle vendor for following up with Performance service requests and other issues
  • Configured Data guard on 3 node RAC for critical production databases
  • On support for ExaData databases
  • Upgraded classic extract to integrated extracts for all the environments in Golden Gate
  • Experienced Golden Gate on Exadata Machine with DBFS mount points
  • Configured XAG Agent on Golden Gate for High Availability
  • Configured JAgent on Golden Gate for monitoring and deployed GG plug-in through OEM

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g RAC10g/11g/12c,Exadata X4-2, Exadata X6-2, SQL, MSQL 2008R2, Linux, UNIX Shell Script, Incident Management, Change Management


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed Golden gate replication for source and target databases
  • Extensive knowledge on Performance Tuning
  • Experienced on Golden gate
  • Installing 10g/11g/12c RAC Oracle databases using response file on Linux/Solaris servers
  • Experienced in applying PSU7 patches on rolling fashion on 3 Node RAC 11gr2
  • On support for Exadata databases.
  • Deep understanding about Exadata specified features such as Smart Scan, HCC Hybrid Columnar Compression, Flash cache, etc.
  • Analyze and determine the feasibility of leverage the Oracle Enterprise Manager solution to report on performance, provide metrics, and become the centralized proactive maintenance solution for Exadata distributions.
  • Applied Patch set for Golden gate from to
  • Experienced on Golden gate up gradation from 11g to 12c.
  • Experienced on both bi directional replication in Oracle Golden Gate
  • Having knowledge on Oracle Exadata storage sever
  • Having knowledge on Oracle Exadata OEDA (Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant)
  • Monitoring Exadata storage server through CELLCLI and DCLI
  • Monitoring Griddisks from CELLCLI
  • Creating Griddisks on all Exadata cells with the DCLI
  • Implemented TDE(Transparent Data Encryption) in Golden Gate for one of our customer to secure the data which is
  • Mnaging team of DBA’s (infra structure) on site and off site spread across the Confidential . DBA categorized administration.
  • Application, Operation, Production, Change Management, On-call support and performance optimization.
  • Implemented the automation scripts for the disk and mount alerts for the server’s to ignore the alerts.
  • Team Monitoring and One on One with individual team members.
  • Database migration From Windows to Linux Using RMAN.
  • Configured RMAN jobs through OEM and as well command prompt.
  • Responsible for the each and every individual tasks and updates from the team.
  • Applied CPU patches on various production databases.
  • Day to day resolving the incident tickets.
  • Managed archived redo files, DB-links & Partitions, loading data for users by using SQL*Loader.
  • Implementing and handling issues with Backup and Recovery strategies for Oracle databases
  • (Logical Export & Import, Physical Online and Offline & RMAN) & disaster recovery procedures.
  • Analyze, tuning and optimizing the database by using performance monitor. Assist the SQL

Confidential, Reston, VA

Oracle and Sybase Primary Production DBA


  • Worked as Oracle and Sybase DBA across all Confidential databases approximately 1100 Oracle and 400 Sybase databases.
  • Worked with application team on database requirements and designed the database as per the application.
  • Performed all phases of administration support like user administration
  • Upgraded 10g to 11g on many production and acceptance databases and applied CPU patches.
  • Setup Data guard Configuration using Physical Standby Configuration.
  • Setup active standby using 11g.
  • Installed and Configured RAC on Oracle 10g/11g on Linux and Solaris.
  • Extensively worked performance tuning.
  • Used Data Pump Export/Import and RMAN for Backup and recovery.
  • Used RMAN tool for Backup/Recovery of Databases.
  • Improved the performance of the existing system by re-sizing the Database objects such as Tables, Indexes and rollback segments to make the performance at optimal levels.
  • Tuning memory areas with Emphasis on Tuning Rollback segments, Buffer cache, library cache, Dictionary cache and shared pool to obtain optimal System performance.
  • Capacity planning - Based on volumetric from a data model, calculate size of tables and associated indexes, accounting for fragmentation and growth.
  • Applied Security Patches (CPU) to Databases.
  • Wrote Unix Shell Scripts to monitor system status.
  • Deciding on Logical Structures such as Table spaces, Number and Size of Rollback Segments
  • Tuning the SQL, stored procedures and instances using AWR reports.
  • Database Backup Strategy Design and Implementation.
  • Backup and Recovery of databases including use of export/import.
  • Monitor and set up replication between production and contingency database
  • User and security maintenance creating users, dropping users, alter users etc
  • Perform backup and recovery of user databases.
  • Trouble shooting performance issues.
  • Performed backups and restorations and re-syncing data.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/9i OEM, TOAD, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX (Solaris, HP), Linux 3.x/4.x,Veritas VCS clusters. UNIX Shell Script, Windows NT/2000/2003.


Oracle DBA


  • Assisted in Database Installations (all versions up-to 10g and 11g).
  • Work with software developers to develop and enhance applications.
  • Maintain the Oracle 10g RAC environment and troubleshoot performance problems.
  • Conducted optimization and performance tuning of database, SGA.
  • Managed archived redo files, DB-links & Partitions, loading data for users by using SQL*Loader.
  • Effective troubleshooting of Performance and tuning problems in Oracle databases by taking 10046 and 10053-errorstack traces.
  • Handling issues related to Database Upgrade/Migrate and Patching.
  • Handling RAC, DATAGUARD, and ASM issues.
  • Installed Oracle 10G RAC on Linux platform using ASM & OCFS2.
  • Implementing and handling issues with Backup and Recovery strategies for Oracle databases (Logical Export & Import, physical Online and Offline & RMAN) & disaster recovery procedures.
  • Monitoring the database growth, checking for the performance bottlenecks and taking backups for disaster recovery.
  • Finding fragmented objects & reorganizing them.
  • Gathering optimizer statistics using dbms stats procedure.
  • Creating & rebuilding the indexes.
  • Support developers in tuning Database and applications for optimal performance.
  • Upgrade, analyze and testing of the test and production database.
  • Analyzing STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM and TKPROF and 10046 traces for diagnosing the root cause of the issues.
  • Creating and maintaining table spaces, tables, indexes, users, roles, privileges and security.
  • Tuned the multiple databases for Performance. Involved in security audit of databases and servers.
  • Wrote packages, functions and procedure for reporting.
  • Experience in installation and configuration of Oracle 10g RAC software.
  • Used table partitioning to store year to date transactions in the database.
  • Requirement capture, analysis of requirements, design solution based on clients needs.
  • Exposure to full life cycle of product development starting from requirement analysis to deployment and maintenance.
  • Used PLSQL Records, Collections (Nested Tables and Arrays) in complex backend packages.
  • Wrote SQL*Loader script file for reading data from text file and loading into oracle table.
  • Involved in the management of customer logged issues by providing priority based timely resolution.
  • Assisted in design of tables, databases, forms and reports.
  • Coded, tested debugged, documented, and maintained programs.
  • Documentation of user manual and other generic documentation required for the module.

Environment: Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Loader, Linux, UNIX, Toad.

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