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Cloud Devops Engineer Resume

Plano, TX


  • Actively seeking opportunities, a senior role in AWS Cloud administration cum DevOps automation engineering field.
  • I’m an IT professional with an overall 8 years plus experience in administration and automation of operations across multiple platforms (UNIX, Linux, and Windows) coupled with AWS cloud, DevOps and Oracle Database administration and automation skills.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration, administration and maintenance in both cloud, virtual and physical (on premise) environments Confidential all the layers of platforms and applications starting from storage layer, networking, database, application server and webservers including load balancers and cache services.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in Amazon Web Services, Chef, Jenkins, Git, Nagios and have good knowledge in OpenStack.
  • Experienced in setting up CI/CD pipeline for custom application images in the cloud as Infrastructure as code.
  • Deep expertise in AWS IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, Route 53, RDS, RDS, DynamoDB, RedShift, EMR, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Cloud Formation, Elastic Beanstalk .
  • Experienced in Amazon EC2 setting up instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups
  • Experienced with Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail and Nagios monitoring tools.
  • Setting up databases in AWS using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 Setup OpenStack proof of concept (POC) in staging.
  • Experience in designing, implementing, developing and maintaining AWS services and infrastructure.
  • Setup and Configuration of Chef Management.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks modules to automate deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management of key clusters.
  • Booting AWS servers from chef workstation.
  • Experience in version control using SVN, GIT and GITHUB and continuous integration management using Jenkins.
  • Experience in setting up Baselines, branching strategies, Patches and merging with various version control systems.
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM).
  • Experience in using Tomcat and Apache web servers for deployment and for hosting tools.
  • Experience in managing Identity & Access management, Active Directory.
  • Installed, configured and maintained DNS systems using BIND, Route53 (AWS).
  • Excellent scripting skills in UNIX Shell and python.
  • Experience in supporting and maintaining production servers.
  • Well versed IaaS, PaaS service models and private, public, hybrid cloud deployments models.
  • Expertise in Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, 11g RAC/ASM, 10g RAC/ASM installation, administration, configuration, production support, upgrades, patches, space management, database security, performance tuning, troubleshooting database design, UNIX shell scripting, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and documentation.
  • Highly motivated, energetic, quick and independent learner and possess exceptional ability to quickly master new concepts.


AWS: IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, Route 53, RDS, RDS, DynamoDB, RedShift, EMR, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk .

DevOps: Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Docker, Nagios,Terraform, Git.

Containers: Docker, Kubernetes.

Scripting languages: Shell scripting (Korn, bash), Python, Ruby

Development/Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Node JS, JIRA,Bit Bucket

Networking & Communication Protocols: DNS, Router, Load Balancer, Sub netting, VPN, Network ACLs, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, FTP, SCP, RSYNC, RMI/IIOP

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server,MySQL, Cassandra.

Big Data: Cloudera, AWS EMR, Kafka.

Web/Application Servers: WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache http, IIS

Operating System: Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE), UNIX (HP - UX, Solaris, IBM AIX) and Windows Server.

Virtualization: Oracle VirtualBox, VMware, Vagrant

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, ITIL and Waterfall.


Confidential, Plano, TX

Cloud DevOps Engineer


  • Involved in maintaining the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53, VPC, RDB and SNS services in AWS cloud.
  • Used Ansible Automation tools for configuration management in different systems.
  • Implemented and Enhanced the Existing Scripts which are developed in Shell, Perl, Ruby and Python.
  • Utilize Cloud formation and Ansible by creating DevOps processes for consistent and reliable deployment methodology.
  • Managed AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments.
  • Involved in migrating desktop applications from on premise data centers to the cloud environment such as AWS
  • Hands on experience in EC2, VPC, Subnets, Routing tables, Internet gateways, IAM, Route53, VPC peering, S3, ELB, RDS, Security Groups, Cloud Watch, SNS on AWS.
  • Create AMI images of critical EC2 instances as backup.
  • Experience in managing configuration of web applications and Deploying through AWS cloud server by using the configuration management tool Chef.
  • Expertise on setting up the build and deployment automation for Java based project by using Jenkins, Git and Maven.
  • Managing and Creating a pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Improving the Performance of Jenkins by implementing the setup of Master-slave architecture.
  • Setting up the jobs for Continuous Integration Pipeline, also to execute test cases using Jenkins.
  • Configuring and monitoring kafka cluster on AWS servers.
  • Automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment setup using Git, Jenkins, Artifactory and Ansible.
  • Extensive experience using Maven Build Tool for the building of deployable artifacts (JAR, WAR & EAR) from source code.
  • Configured GIT with Jenkins and schedule jobs using Poll SCM/Webhooks.
  • Ensuring that the servers and environments are available for developments and testing results are meeting the expectation.
  • Assisting Clients to understand issues and help/coordinate with multiple teams to resolve issues and make the environment stable.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Maven, GIT, Agile Methodologies, Jenkins, Linux, JIRA, Chef, Cloud Formation, s, AWS EC2, RDS MySQL, Route 53, Python, UNIX, Kafka, Cassandra.

Confidential, Billerica, MA

AWS and DevOps Engineer


  • Involved in building architectural diagrams using Amazon web cloud services(AWS) like creating EC2 instances, security groups, Virtual private connections, Route 53, RDS, S3, SQS, SNS, Cloud formation in Amazon Linux AMI 2015, RHEL 7.x, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, Ubuntu 13.x 14.x and Windows 2012 R2, 2008 R2.
  • Launched Database for MySQL 5.x and Oracle 11.x using RDS in multiple Available zones, have setup monitoring for CPU Utilization and limited DB connections by implementing alarms integrated to pager duty via Cloud watch.
  • Created alarms using Cloudwatch for monitoring CPU, memory, disk space etc., maintaining SQS, SNS, IAM roles, S3 bucket for backups.
  • Built CloudFront for firewall and used lambda function for maintaining CloudWatch metrics and logs.
  • Experience working on Automation tools like Chef and Ansible. And involved in developing manifests using Ruby and Shell Scripting.
  • Migrated applications to the AWS cloud.
  • Managed a PaaS for deployments using Docker, Ansible, Mesos and Marathon which reduced considerably deployment risks.
  • Utilized Ansible, Git and Rundeck to install and confgure Linux environments with successful production deployment
  • Research new tools such as Kubernetes with Docker to assist with auto-scaling, continuous integration, rolling updates with no downtime.
  • Deploying Java Enterprise applications to Apache Web Server, JBoss Application server.
  • Created and managed user accounts, security, Access Control Limits (ACL), permissions, disk space and process monitoring in Red hat Linux and AIX using Nagios.
  • Worked on Git and SVN for Source-code management to allow the Developers to do Code-Review and verifying the source code before submitting.
  • Worked on Jenkins to create Workflow, Artifacts and Deploying the code to the webservers and Docker containers.
  • Implemented and Enhanced the Existing Scripts which are developed in Shell, Ruby and Python.
  • Ability to build deployment, build scripts and automated solutions using Python, Perl.
  • Create automated build procedures to ensure code is always ready for deployment.
  • Experienced with JIRA for defect tracking.
  • Driving Agile/DevOps best practice and transformation by defining end to end processes and providing tooling solutions.
  • Designed and managed build and Release cycle activities in Agile Methodologies.
  • Work with virtual development teams practicing agile software development.
  • On-call support bi-weekly for troubleshooting production issues and for any updates/patching.
  • Documenting all the production issues and application installations in confluence page.
  • Coordinated with different teams before and after the production deployments.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Ant, Maven, GIT, Bit Bucket, Subversion, Agile Methodologies, Jenkins, Linux, Shell scripts, Apache webserver, JBoss Application server, JIRA, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, AWS EC2, RDS mysql, Route 53, Python, UNIX, Redhat EL v 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7, SUSE v9, 10.0, 11.x, Ubuntu 6.10, 9.10, OEL, NFV, SDN, Oracle 11g/12c.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

AWS solution Architect /DevOps Engineer


  • Design AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Managed Virtual servers (Ubuntu Linux and Windows) on AWS EC2 using Open-Source Chef Server.
  • Environment build and deployment automation using, Docker containers, and Chef.
  • Established coding standards and enforced them through automated tools.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud watch
  • Creating automated build and release environment using CI/CD Tools like Jenkins & Chef.
  • Configured S3 to host static web content.
  • Responsible for designing, implementing, developing and maintaining AWS services and infrastructure.
  • Managed roles, environments, data bags, cookbooks, and recipes in Chef.
  • Develop methods to automate routine infrastructure tasks such as deployment and maintenance duties using orchestration tools and scripting languages such as Ansible, Puppet, Bash and Python.
  • Developed a comprehensive build testing plan which used Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes
  • Created S3 buckets for EC2 instances to store all the content including HTML pages, images, CSS files and Java script files.
  • Enabled ELB to automatically route traffic across multiple instances and multiple Availability Zones.

Environment: EC2, Chef, AWS, Docker, ELB, Terraform, VPC, S3, Red Hat Linux, JIRA, GIT, BITBUCKET, Jenkins, Maven, shell scripting, Ruby, python, Oracle 11g/12c

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Cloud DevOps Engineer


  • Extensive experience in automation of Software Configuration Management (SCM) including repository setup, branching, merging, release management processes.
  • Automated common, repeatable tasks Confidential large scale using chef and Ansible.
  • Involved developing and modifying new and existing environments to support newer versions of Infrastructure stack, and build/deployment management using tools like Chef, Jenkins, Git, AWS, etc. in windows and Linux platforms.
  • Test, Review and merge Pull Requests in GitHub and GitLab
  • Managing users, organizations and repositories or projects in Version Control System such as Git and SVN.
  • Building CI pipelines in Jenkins by creating the master-slave architecture and integrating the Jenkins with various tools such as Git, Junit, Selenium, etc. by using different types of plugins available in Jenkins.
  • Work with Build and Release teams to enhance the current process to implement a better software packaging and delivery by automation using Jenkins & chef.
  • Created instances (VMs) in AWS with required stack of infrastructure for application and QA teams to execute and test their applications or products.
  • Configured AWS Virtual Private Cloud environment and networking inside the VPC.
  • Worked with Glacier to archive old files as needed.
  • Administered databases using RDS, MySQL and Dynamo DB in AWS.
  • Used AWS CLI to create new instances and manage existing instances.
  • Written several cookbooks consisting of multiple recipes to perform Installation and configuration tasks involving JDK, tomcat, WebLogic binaries installation and domain creations, etc.
  • Created and managed Nodes, Runlists, roles, environments, databags, cookbooks, recipes in Chef to automate the deployment process.
  • Developed, maintained and distributed release notes for each scheduled release.
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking tool to review and fix the bugs.
  • As part of the migration team, involved in migrating the SVN to Git.

Environment: Subversion, GIT, Chef, AWS, EC2, RDS, Java/J2EE, JDK, MAVEN, Oracle, MySQL, UNIX, AWS, Shell scripting, Windows XP.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Database Engineer


  • Extensively involved in analysing the functional requirements for the Database Access Profiles.
  • Provided high degree of coordination between user, technical and application to ensure effective database management.
  • Implemented Index organized tables to improve the performance.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle 11g RAC database.
  • Tuning of INIT parameters to improve the performance during data loading.
  • Performed Operational Data Store (ODS) using third party tool.
  • Co-ordinate with UNIX Administrators for space management on various servers and help in Oracle installation, upgrading according to the standards & Quality assurance.
  • Generating the Dataflow Diagrams and ER Diagrams by using Erwin.
  • Synchronize Databases with production for data and testing purpose.
  • Having Strong Oracle PL/SQL Programming Skills.
  • Help Development team for technical issues related to database issues.
  • Involved in running the Access Profile batch jobs.
  • Creating the database schema, converting VIEWS specific to database.
  • Development of backup and recovery procedures and Import and Export of Data (Logical Backup) and RMAN.
  • Creation of the Test database, Table spaces, Tables and Indexes, Index rebuilding.
  • Data migration, loading with SQL Loader.
  • Installation, configuration and monitoring of servers, databases by Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 11g Grid Control.
  • SQL*loader and data pump import to load data into tables.
  • Monitored the various database activities such as backup, error logs, space, object, performance, user and session monitoring to ensure proper capacity and availability
  • Developed stored procedures using PL/SQL. Used Hints, Indexes, Explain Plan, Sql Trace and TKProf for effective retrieval and processing of queries used for retrieving current details and also history of changes made for a version.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, Sun Solaris 9, AIX, Redhat Linux, OEM, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Unix, Erwin Data Modeler.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Database Engineer


  • Redesign the existing database based on Business rules to overcome the existing issues in the Application and drawn Visio Diagrams to give high level presentation to Manger.
  • Involved in configuring two node RAC on 11gR1, oracle cluster ware on Red hat Linux AS 5.
  • Configured server/client side load balancing.
  • Added node for the existing two nodes RAC and also configured the services.
  • Involved in designing and creating database objects.
  • Created Partitions on large tables for easier manageability.
  • Configure and build Golden Gate Extracts/replicate for multiple databases
  • Trouble shooting and performance tuning golden gate replications.
  • Experienced in Database Security User Management, Privileges, Roles, Audit vault, DB vault.
  • Performed day to day activities such as managing user privileges, table spaces, file system, undo segments, temp segments and indexing.
  • Migrated single instance database to multiple instance database (RAC) using export/import, data pump.
  • Performed cross-platform migration (AIX to LINUX) using Transportable Table space (TTS).
  • Refresh schema using Export/Import. Creating the database, table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges and user logins
  • Installing and configuring Recovery Manager (RMAN).
  • Extensive UNIX Shell scripting in csh, ksh.
  • Checking of Alert log and Trace files to monitor the database on a daily basis. Also, wrote monitoring scripts to check reports for space, Max. Extents, coalescing etc kept in CRONJOB.
  • UNIX shell scripting in csh, ksh to be controlled from Crontab.
  • Security User Management, Privileges, Role, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication.
  • Tuning Oracle databases and tuning applications (SQL), for tuning SQL working closely with development Team.
  • Extensive familiarity with Tuning Tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager’s (OEM’s), Oracle cost optimizer, SQL analyser, top session, top SQL, Performance Manager, etc., Stats pack, TOAD. For SQL tuning using “Explain plan”, “TKPROF”, “SQL TRACE”, Optimizer modes, using Optimizer hints, Gatherin statistics, Statspack etc.
  • Administer the reporting environment through Oracle Business Intelligence Administration.
  • Storage Management Managing Space, Table spaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.
  • Extensive Performance Tuning, Memory (SGA) Tuning, Net backup, EMC (Time finder and SRDF), RAID, RAW Devices.
  • Cloning databases using scripts as well as RMAN.
  • Extensive UNIX Shell scripting in csh, ksh.
  • Data Modelling, Database Design and Creation.
  • Assisting customer setup, tune and maintain Oracle database.
  • Deciding the naming conventions of data file, redo log files, table spaces, and segments.
  • Writing scripts for backup and recovery, Import and export procedure.
  • On call support 24/7.

Environment: Linux and Solaris, UNIX, Oracle 11g and 10g, TOAD 10, RMAN, JIRA, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, DBArtisian 8.7, MS Visio 2010, RAC and Data Guard, Golden Gate, WINDOWS 2003/2005/2008 and Siebel 8.


Oracle DBA


  • Oracle Configuration. Oracle Tuning. Oracle Patch Administration.
  • Coordinating Backup and Recovery operations over all databases, ensuring 100% recoverability.
  • Performing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Oracle monitoring and maintenance tasks.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures according to specs and control files for input to SQL*Loader utilities for loading data from external files into the Oracle database.
  • Planning, Installation and Configuration of Oracle Database on the Server.
  • Creation of Table space, Data files, Indexes, Rollback Segment and monitoring them.
  • Creation of Users and Granting them privileges and roles.
  • Performed Database Tuning. Performed Database Security and Integrity.
  • Wrote extensive Sub Queries, PL/SQL procedures, functions, database triggers and packages.
  • Responsible for writing database programming to Store/Retrieve the information from the database using SQL.
  • Designing and creating schema objects like Database tables, indexes, views, synonyms, and all schema objects in Oracle.
  • Writing Pl/Sql procedures and functions. Writing shell scripts to automate the data loading.
  • Monitoring the data loading jobs and tuning the Sql queries.

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i/8i/, SQL Server 2000, UNIX (Sun Solaris), Windows (NT/2000/Advanced Server/XP), TOAD, OEM, SQL*PLUS, Explain Plan, UNIX Shell Scripting, Quest software tools, PL/SQL navigator

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