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Lead Dba Resume

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Philadelphia, PA


  • Effective in maximizing productivity levels by collaborating with senior leadership and applying Service Management principles to reach desired outcomes
  • An accomplished ‘Search Architect, Amazon Web Services Professional, Database Professional’ with demonstrated and progressive 20+ year’s success in cloud services, search technology, automation services (specific to AWS Opsworks, Chef), data warehouse, data analysis, logical and physical design, BI and administration.
  • Proven ability to work and motivate project teams to ensure success.
  • Self - motivated and supportive individual who drives results in team performance, consistently exceeding organizational expectations.
  • Applies strong analytical, architectural, organizational, and problem solving skills to identify deficiencies and shortfalls, and then recommend improvements and enhancements. A strategic thinker with the ability to articulate complex situations, identify key issues and determine the course of action.
  • A proven, verifiable record of accomplishment and a strong sense of dedication for accomplishing challenging goals with "persistent commitment”.
  • A dependable team player with excellent work ethic, written and oral communication skills, decision-power, management and leadership qualities. Proven troubleshooting and analytical skills with capacity to accurately identify and assess problems before providing expert solutions.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with ability to listen effectively, respond appropriately and maintain mutual comfort level while relating to a diverse group of individuals. Proven project management abilities, able to assume multiple responsibilities and remain productive within time-sensitive and fast paced environments.
  • Sound experience in Search technology and AWS Cloud Services.
  • Extensive experience working with all aspects of database engines driving Online sites
  • Expertize in full project life cycle development for implementation and integration
  • Polished leadership skills, with ability to motivate teams to increase productivity
  • Deep understanding of technology with focus on delivering business solutions


AWS (Amazon Web Services: EC2, EC2 Container Service, Lambda, Elastic BeanStalk, S3, CloudWatch, OpsWorks, TrustedAdvisor, ElasticCache, VPC, CloudFront, Route 53, IAM, Certificate Manager, API Gateway, SQS, SNS, CloudSearch, Elasticsearch Service, and Kinesis firehose

Search Engines/Platforms: Apache Solr 6.X/5.X/4.X/3.X, Apache Lucene 4.X, Elastic Search 5.5/5.4

Databases: AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift, ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.X, H - Graph (OnToText) 8.3, Postgres 10.X/9.X/ 8.X, MySQL 5.X/4.0, Paraccel DB, Mongo DB, Cassandra 3.0, Greenplum, Berkley DB, MS SQL 2005 and MS Access

Tools: Terraform, Jenkins, Puppet, Oracle RAC, RMAN, ASM, ADDM, OEM, Apache 1.3, 2.2, Tomcat 5.5, 6.0, Resin 2.x, JVM 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, Oracle Financials (EBS Suite 12 and 11.5, BMC’s Blade BBDA tool, Coherence 3.x, NGinx, Scribe / Scribed, Lighttpd, Memcached, Centrify Suite 2008, phprunner, Oracle Workspace Manager, Secure CRT, TeamCity, Drupal, Mercurial, Oracle Streams, Quest Shareplex, SQL PLUS,, ORACLE DISCOVERER, ORACLE DATA BROWSER

Operating Systems: Linux (Redhat 7.X/6.X/5.X, Debian 9.0, CentOS 5.6), Solaris 10/9/8, Citrix Xen Server 5.X/4.X, HPUX, IBM AIX, NCR UNIX, VAX/ULTRIX,, UNIX

Hardware: Sun x4150, x4450, T5120, Storedge 3511, Dell PE1850, PE1950, PE6650, Fujitsu Primepower 450, 650, 3Par InServ S400, S800, ONstor Bobcat 2260, NetApp FAS3020C, FAS3040C, ZT systems, Sun E-10000, 6500 / 4500 / 5500 , HP Confidential -520 / HP 9000, IBM SP2, NCR 5100M and 5100S, IBM RS/6000, IBM SP/2, Unisys 6580/6550

High availability tools: Veritas Cluster Service (VCS), Redhat Cluster Service, EMC BCV, SRDF

Backup Tools: Net Backup, Oracle RMAN, SQL BackTrack, Alexandria Spectralogic (Cobra)

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Hyperic, Tripwire, Cacti, Confio’s Ignite performance intelligence tool, BMC Patrol, Oracle OEM 2.0.6, Platinum DB Vision, Fast Unload, DBArtisan, Eco Tools, Team Quest. Quest Instance Monitor and other tools.

Ticketing Tools: Atlassian JIRA, Remedy, Confluence, Crowd

CASE Tools: Erwin, ORACLE CASE v5.1, Oracle Designer

Languages: Python 2.7, JAVA 1.8, C, C++, PRO C, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC, PERL

Source Control: Github, GitLab, CVS, Subversion, SCCS, Sablime and Microsoft SourceSafe

Datawarehouse tools: Tableau, InfoBright, Jasper, Pentaho

Webtools: Context search engine, Netscape Livewire, Portal Software 6.0.3

Application Platform: LAMP, LAM-J, J2EE


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Lead DBA


  • Helped Confidential save huge costs, by bringing the search development, database management and administration, and infrastructure management from the vendor (Healthline) in house, with the tactical use of the Amazon Web Sevices (AWS) cloud services.
  • Search Security Remediation for Production Deployments
  • Managed various AWS accounts used by the Search team to help support the Clinical Key products and sites.
  • Responsible for maintaining the Taxonomy database and Confidential content, tools and APIs.
  • Manage and coordinate the Search Platform releases.
  • Manage the Confidential database release processes throughout the year including which are a dependency of the Clinical Key Search platform releases
  • Hands on implementation and usage of SWARM big data high volume processing framework.
  • Manage the different Search Opworks service automation processes on Clinical Key and other products as needed.
  • Worked with multiple teams and projects.
  • Oversaw several aspects of architecture and infrastructure and demonstrated cost savings, improving foot print and close to zero impact business

Confidential, Whiteplains, NY

Lead DBA


  • Oversaw all aspects with architecture and migrations between data centers during several acquisitions - demonstrated cost savings, improving foot print and close to zero impact business
  • Instrumental in changing corporate thinking from physical severs to sever virtualization to reduce costs tremendously and improve quality of service, availability and response times.
  • Managed hosting operations in several data centers such as Exodus, Globix etc.
  • Thru meticulous planning, reduced data base maintenance costs (licensing, support) by 1/5th - a cost savings of over $4million in 4 years
  • Collected database statistics and informed management about the health of the databases, these include updates to executive level management team.
  • Team Management: Managing teams locally and remote locations. The teams are located in Whiteplains (main office), Edison office and also worked with remote development teams in New York, Oakland, California, and in Israel.
  • Managed the performance of backend databases of several sites hosted by Confidential .
  • Involved in architecting the scripts for full life cycle testing of the application, which include unit testing, system integration testing.
  • Project Management: Devised the end-to-end plan for total upgrade of the databases and oversaw the testing and implementation of this plan. Successfully completed the project well within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Re-architected database build procedures to reduce time to build from weeks to days
  • By applying radical changes in tuning and optimizations, improved application response times from hours to seconds. Mentored team members on performance tuning techniques
  • Led application consolidation activities to reduce footprints of servers by merging different applications in to one servers - this led to a costs savings of $2millon over 2 years
  • Segregation - segregate critical databases depending on co-existence criteria
  • Managed a team that produced business performance dashboards - on which the business took several decisions on user retention analysis, traffic analysis, cost per user, profit per user etc…
  • Executive level hiring, training and mentoring
  • Streamlined the process to document requirements to implementation
  • Led all database system upgrade projects for successful migrations
  • Implement strategies around convergence from Oracle to MySQl/Postgres for cost savings in maintenance and support
  • Performance management for 5 onsite and 20 offshore/near shore Data base architects, developers and administrators
  • Environment includes Sun x4150, x4450, T5120, Storedge 3511, Dell PE1850, PE1950, PE6650, Fujitsu Primepower 450, 650, 3Par InServ S400, S800, ONstor Bobcat 2260, NetApp FAS3020C, FAS3040C, ZT systems, EMC storage, Veritas Cluster Service (VCS), Redhat Cluster Service for High Availability, RMAN, Triple Mirroring backup techniques, Oracle 11, Mysql, postgres, Mongo DB, Paraccel DB, Oracle Workspace Manager, Oracle Dataguard, RAC, Tableau, InfoBright, Jasper, Pentaho and latest and greatest development tools
  • Efficiently planned D/R environments for several Confidential sites and test those on regular intervals.
  • Implemented Oracle Security policy and Structures through Roles.
  • Successfully Tested and Implemented Backup and recovery strategies, with triple-mirroring techniques.
  • Wrote several critical daemons, to effectively and efficiently move and manage the data movement across different databases. The connections are designed to be foolproof and fault-tolerant.
  • Successfully implemented replication using Read-only snapshots from production to Reporting Servers, replacing extensive Export/Import Process.
  • Mastered in mysql replication setup and implementation of over 150 replication environments.
  • Designed and implemented several feed processes and interface programs.

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Lead DBA


  • Developed and implemented enterprise level dB & OS monitoring tools.
  • Plan and implement large system requirements, allocating current & future system storage requirements for the databases.
  • Installing &Upgrading Oracle Server and Application Tools.
  • Monitoring and performance tuning of many applications in exploiting Oracle Parallel Query and Parallel Server options.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the databases and tune database server performance, SQL*Net, CLB, Listener & INIT.ORA parameters.
  • Create and manage database user access and maintaining system security.
  • Installing and configuring enterprise level backup methodology with Alexandria Spectralogic & Cobra tools.
  • Plan, Coordinate and implement database changes.
  • Maintenance of Oracle Applications including Applying Client/Server patches and relinking executables.
  • Application user support including Tuning SQL Statements using EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF utilities.
  • Created test environments for Y2K date compliance testing, operations include User support and refreshing databases.
  • Ensuring compliance with Oracle Licensing agreements.
  • Evolving best Backup methods, recovery & restoration of databases.
  • Enhanced and documented procedures for tracking database load, contention, and performance.
  • Environment: Sun Solaris Ultra Enterprise Server, NCR 5100M, NCR 5100S, ORACLE 7.3.4/8.06 (OPS), Pro*Cobol, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0, Seagate CRYSTAL, HOLOS, Platinum AUTOSYS 3.4.2, Oracle OEM 2.06

Confidential, Green Bay, WI

Lead DBA


  • Managed several projects in the areas of database design, problem analysis and performance tuning of Oracle Parallel databases (OPS), which are in OLTP and Data Warehousing environments.
  • Implemented enterprise level backup methodology with BMC’s SQL BackTrack tool (for Oracle) and R-Man.Most of the databases are in (OPS environment).
  • Implemented Connection Load Balancing (CLB) of SQL*NET, a feature available only on IBM SP2 platform.
  • Data modeling and database administration for Confidential, designed and developed efficient load modules with shell scripts, PERL scripts, PL/SQL scripts to optimize loading times of several datasets from legacy systems.
  • Developed preprocess routines to ensure accuracy and readability of data, before loading.
  • Built post-processing scripts to generate indices, views, and synonyms and to grant permissions after each load.
  • Wrote scripts to analyze the objects, automatically. This paved the way for complete transition of the data loading activities to operations.
  • Data modeling and database administration for Confidential, designed and developed efficient load modules with shell scripts, PERL scripts, PL/SQL scripts to optimize loading times of several datasets from legacy systems.
  • Built a repository of purchasing information for Decision Support and Executive Information needs.
  • As a DBA installed Oracle ( on HP 9000/ Confidential -500 systems and created four databases and maintained them with zero downtime as a goal. Oracle FORMS 4.0.13
  • Used FORMS 4.0, GRAPHICS 2.0 and REPORTS 2.0 to develop CDW Main menu and the associated modules.
  • Developed modules for sorting, formatting, graphing and displaying data Confidential a click of a button.
  • Various drill-down facilities incorporated Confidential various levels like regions, customers, and industries.
  • Developed an ORACLE database for centralized hotel reservation system for a big chain of hotels.
  • Developed user-friendly interface screen modules for reservations, details of customer and facilities requested by customer using SQL*FORMS 3.0 and SQL*MENU 5.0.Designed and developed a database for the products and services available through a Network Marketing System using SQL*plus.
  • Developed a Services Management System for tracking instructional equipment, hardware and software problems dealing with printer, terminals and designed a friendly user interface for frequently used queries. (ORACLE 6.0)

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