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Oracle Dba Resume

New, JerseY


  • Around 7 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator having hands on experience in database administration, development, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, cloning, space management, database security, auditing.
  • Installed/configured/ 11g Real Application Clusters(RAC)
  • Performed 11g RAC installation on Cluster File System & RAW partitions on Red hat Linux wif SAN storage
  • Migrated 10g non - ASM Database to ASM Database using RMAN
  • Installed, configured Oracle Golden Gate to replicate data across various platforms
  • Expertise in configuring Data Guard (9i/10g) - Physical Databases
  • Configured RMAN for Real Application Clusters
  • Upgrade Oracle Database from 9.2.x to 10.2.x, 10.2.x to 11.2.x
  • Responsible for Managing and optimizing transactional replication in OLTP environments using SharePlex.
  • Used Oracle replication as databases used read only snapshots for maintaining local copy of master tables in OLTP systems
  • Experience in HP-UX, AIX, SUN SOLARIS, Linux and Windows environments
  • Installed and administered OEM Grid Console
  • Implemented Advanced Security Option (ASO)
  • Developed RMAN scripts for database Backup and Recovery including hot and cold backup options for both RAC and stand alone instances. Configuration of Oracle OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) to monitor database and report on events as defined by the DBA group.
  • Good compatibility wif the issues of installation, upgrades, patches .
  • Proficiency wif Tuning the SGA, Buffer Cache, Rollback Segments, Redo Mechanisms, Monitoring and Detecting Locks, undo / rollback segment.
  • Experienced in using 10g features Data pump, Advanced Queuing, Flash-Back Recovery, AWR, ASM, ADDM, Grid Monitoring, and Recycle Bin
  • Provided security to the data by using Transparent Data Encryption
  • Implemented Virtual Private Database
  • Managing Oracle Net Configuration, monitoring Alert Log Files, Listener Log, Redo Log status, rollback segments and trace files for the database.
  • Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers wif EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE, ORADEBUG, 10gOEM Grid Monitoring custom scripts troubleshooting Oracle databases using sqltrace utilities.
  • Used Repository manager to create Repository, User groups, Users and managed users by setting up their privileges and profiles.
  • Good experience in SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, Partitioning, Data modeling, OLAP, Logical and Physical Database Design, Backup and Recovery procedures.
  • Supported development effort by providing SQL statement tuning and optimizing ETL procedures and removing load and query performance bottlenecks by using tools Explain Plan, SQL Trace, TKPROF, TOAD and Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Experience in basic and advanced replication using Oracle Streams
  • Expertise in installing different versions of Oracle on Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, team player, aggressive, hard working and result oriented.
  • Creation of database wif the complete understanding of hardware configurationto provide maximum performance and high availability


Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 8, 9, 10, AIX 5.1, 5.2, Red Hat Linux 2.1, 3.x, 4.x, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2003/XP.

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2004,2005

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Tools: RAC, ASM,RMAN, OEM, SQL*Loader, SQL Server, TOAD, SahrePlex 6.0


Database Modeling: Rational rose, Erwin, OBIEE


Confidential New Jersey

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle RAC 10g, 11GR2, OEM, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Unix Shell scripting, RMANASM, Grid Control


  • Installed, deployed and supported Oracle Grid/RAC 11g Release 2 wif ASM as storage.
  • Migrated Stand alone databases on raw file system to RAC databases on ASM.
  • Upgraded 11gR2 grid infrastructure as out of place patch.
  • Applied patches on Oracle 11g/10g Clusterware and RAC databases.
  • Applied rolling patches on 11g/10g grid/RAC.
  • Applied numerous PSU, CPU, Patch set and one off patches to RAC, ASM and databases.
  • Installed, setup and configured Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c as a tool of administration, performance tuning, monitoring and alerts..
  • Added and deleted RAC nodes using Oralce OEM Provisioning Pack.
  • Performance tuning wif AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQL Plan Management, SQL Tuning advisor, SQL Access advisor, Memory advisor, Segment Advisor, SQL Trace and TKProf, StatsPack.
  • Implemented zero down time upgrading wif GoldenGate replication.
  • Migrate 10g to 11gR1 and 11gR1 to 11gR2 Database, Upgrade 10g Rac to 11gR2 RAC
  • Setting up 11g Physical standby Database using RMAN active duplicate
  • Setup RMAN and TMS for database backups
  • Periodically refreshed development databases for testing purpose wif production data using expdp/impdp and RMAN
  • Administered ASM storage by adding/removing disks and rebalancing disk groups
  • Tuned numerous poorly behaving sql queries for optimal results
  • Migrate existing 3 Node RAC environments from HP-UX to Solars using Goldengate
  • Installed and Setup GoldenGate between Oracle and Sqlserver

Confidential, Middletown, New Jersey

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 10g, 11g, OEM, Oracle Data guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Universal Installer, Oracle Configuration Assistant, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripting, RMAN,SUN Solaris SPARC-64 bit. and Red Hat-5


  • Upgrading 2-node RAC to and then to
  • Performing 2-node RAC cluster build including ASM and DB homes
  • Responsible for implementing Physical standby DATA GUARD on 2-node RAC
  • Installed and Configured Oracle Golden Gate to replicate data from source Database to various target Databases.
  • Used Oracle Golden Gate for data Transformation.
  • Configured manager, extract, replicat using Oracle GoldenGate.
  • Used Filter clause,Functions,Definition Files for Oracle GoldenGate
  • Installed and configured Golden Gate Director for Golden Gate Process monitoring.
  • Configured RMAN for taking Level -0, Level-1,Level-2 Backups
  • Installed and configured Shareplex to replicate data from source database to Target databases
  • Implemented Queues in Shareplex to improved the replication performance.
  • Configured and maintaining Data Guard (Physical Standby database) for the production database and tested for Switchover, Fail over, activating the standby to primary and zero data loss
  • Used the standby database for doing different operations like taking backups, recoveries, collecting statistics and running various reports wifout disturbing the production database
  • Monitoring Cold, Hot and RMAN backup scripts of the databases supporting different applications
  • Managed Archived Redo Logs Using RMAN in Real Application Clusters
  • Monitoring the Hit Ratios and tuning the System Global Area (SGA) accordingly
  • Generating statspack reports as on when required
  • Implement Grid based monitoring solution for large Databases
  • Creation of new database links and materialized views and setting up of database jobs for their refreshment
  • Taking care of Rollback/Undo segment Issues
  • Cloning the database
  • Taking Oracle traces and providing the output of tkprof and explain plan utilities to the development team
  • Performing Database Reorganization regularly for removing row migrations and fragmentation using export and import utilities
  • Solving different database related issues like taking care of different processes consuming high CPU resources, listener and connect string etc..
  • Daily Health Check Up of the Database using Statspack, AWR, ADDM

Confidential, New York

Oracle DBA/Architect/SQL Server DBA

Environment: Oracle 9i OEM, Oracle Data guard, Oracle Universal Installer, Oracle Configuration Assistant, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripting, RMAN, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Sun Solaris 9, HP-UX 11.11,SQL SERVER 2005


  • Oracle 10g/9i installation and Configuration.
  • Migration of database from to on SUN Solaris 5.8.
  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
  • Used Erwin Data molder to design physical and logical data
  • Performance tuning of SQL queries wif the halp of explain plan and Tkproof and advising the application programmer of the opportunities in tuning the application.
  • Generating Statspack report by using statistics for the optimizer.
  • Used Statspack report to tune materialized views by creating materialized view logs to enable fast refreshes on master tables.
  • Utilized Oracle Streams to capture, propagate, and apply the transfer of data, transactions, and events wifin managed databases.
  • Configured the RMAN Snapshot Control File Location
  • Configured the RMAN Control File Autobackup Feature
  • Helped implement a pair of ASM/Grid Control clusters using Oracle 10.2 on Linux for performance testing.
  • Extensively work on Full/Incremental backup wif the Block Change Tracking utilities.
  • Created scripts to query performance views in an effort to reduce parse times and tune memory structures such as the database buffer cache, shared pool, library cache and PGA.
  • Implemented Replication of data on various databases using SharePlex V 6.0
  • Designed, documented, implemented and maintained all Disaster Recovery procedures.
  • Setup and configure Standby database for high availability by using Dataguard.
  • Experience in using AWR for database performance and statistics.
  • Migrated from Sun Solaris 9 to Windows 2003 server
  • Wif the halp of a RAID level to sustain I/O for dat workload and working into OLTP environment wif halps of RAID levels.
  • Support and maintain around 28 SQL-Server databases in Development, Test and Production environments for Cognos BI applications.
  • Administered load balancing part of database.
  • Create and manage Bigfile tablespaces.
  • Managing large database using data definition language(DDL).
  • Extensive experience into taking backup wif halp of RMAN into both Catalog/Nocatalog modes.
  • Running Cron job to do scheduled task of database like backup wif halp of RMAN scripts.
  • Transfer backup which taken by RMAN to third party media tool Legato or verities for future use.
  • Write monitoring/health check scripts to database for alert team of database uptime/downtime status, sizing issues wif halp of grid controlling.
  • Writing shell scripts to capture server statistics into an oracle tables and change oracle environments on different server.
  • Manage and configure Data guard for higher availability of production environment.
  • Using the DBArtesian/10g Grid, OEM for the database tasks like adding the data file, resizing the data file, code compilation, User/Role creation and maintenance etc.


Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 9i, Oracle 7.1, UNIX, Windows NT, SQL*Net 2.3, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 5.x


  • Responsible for managing production, development and test databases and providing technical support.
  • As part of DBA operations team provide the support 24X7 to its production database.
  • Installed, Created and Configured of Oracle 9i databases.
  • Creating User Accounts, Roles and monitor users access to database.
  • Created and maintained the Database structures like Table Space, Indexes and modify the database structures as necessary.
  • Responsible for regular Backups & Recoveries.
  • Configured and maintained Oracle Hot,Cold backups.
  • Application tuning is done using TKPROF and EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Involved in upgrading databases.
  • Regular Monitored Alert Files and Trace files on Day to Day Basis.
  • Analyzing ORA errors and problem resolutions.
  • Configuring connectivity between Oracle Database server and client
  • Upgradation of database from 9.2.04 to
  • Configuring and maintenance of clone databases from production and test databases
  • Troubleshooting performance and Tuning problems in Oracle Databases.
  • Developed the databases, Tables, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages using PL/SQL
  • Installed, upgraded and patched Oracle software. Setup brand new machines including Oracle software installation

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