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Oracle Dba Resume

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  • With 8 years of experience in Oracle Database Administration in different versions of Oracle Products inEnterprise(9i, 10g &11g, 12c).
  • Proficient in performance tuning in largeOLTP(1.8 TB) and data warehouse environments
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid (10g, 11g) - upgraded 10g ( to 11g (11.1) (including agents upgrades, etc.)
  • Experienced in devising backup and disaster recovery(including RMAN) strategies
  • Involved in data access rules and security (role based access)
  • Implemented Change Tracking File with RMAN and reduced the backup time significantly
  • SQL & DB Tuning,Proficient in Application and Database Performance Tuning (SQL Profiles, AWR,ADDM, Tuning Memory, Tuning I/O, Wait Event, used 10046 trace levels to track SQL statements, analyzed high CPU spikes, etc)
  • Implemented and configuredASM, Data Guard, Data Guard Broker
  • Built Oracle RAC environment in mission critical largeOLTPsystems
  • Involved with Standards, Capacity planning (trend analysis - monthly/quarterly growth)
  • Recommendations for Strategy for Patch Implementation (CPU’s & PSU’s) - including patch conflicts
  • Trainedfundamentals and advanced replication withGolden Gatesoftware, working with users to resolve replication issues and implemented Oracle Streams for data replication
  • Interacted closely with Change Management Team, Configuration Management Team, Development & Testing teams, etc. - Implementation of DB schema changes as per approved Work Request
  • Extensively usedOracle Enterprise Manager (OEM),Toad and SQL navigatorfor maintaining and monitoring databases
  • Excellent understanding ofOracle Internals, Architecture,Data Dictionary,Data Management,Automatic Storage Management (ASM)and System Management
  • Implemented Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces to move large databases across platforms
  • Created, Upgraded & Maintained Oracle databases on different flavors of UNIX & Windows environments
  • Experienced in Cloning the database using cold and hot backups
  • Worked in Maximum Availability Architecture environment
  • Good problem solving,communication, interpersonal and superior team skills.
  • Co-ordination with other IT team managers and support teams to ensure the Business Ops are not impacted
  • Knowledge of DB2, SQL Server, etc.
  • Comfortable with managing large Oracle database


Operating Systems: AIX, Linux, Red HatEnterpriseLinux, HP-UX, SCO, Sun Solaris (5.6/5.7/5.8/5.9 ) and Windows 2000/NT/XP, Mikrotik

RDBMS/Databases: Oracle 12c,11g,10g, 9i, 8i, DB2, SQL Server

Storage Technologies: Oracle ASM,VeritasNetbackup

Virtualization Technologies: VMware, Oracle Virtual Machine

DR Technologies: Oracle Data Guard, Data Guard Broker Oracle Streams,Golden Gate

Backup recovery Tools: RMAN, flash recovery

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UnixShell Programming, Java, VBScript, C, C++, HTML.

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM),, Oracle Performance pack,, TOAD,Visual Basic, Office 2000/XP, Oracle 9i Developer suite 9.0.2, Oracle 11,SQL developer,, TIVOLI, Symantec ESM(Enterprise Security Manager), IBM Guardium, Control - M, EMC TimeFinder.

Utilities: SQL Loader, Exp/Imp, Data Pump,Expdp/Impdp, TKPROF,TRCAandStatspack, 10046 Trace, Oradebug


Confidential, OH

Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 10g,11g,RAC 10g,11g, AIX 5.x,6.x, Linux RHEL 5.x,SQL developer, Symantec Enterprise Security Management (ESM) tool for oracle database,IBM Guardium,Control-M for job automation, ITSM for change management, LDAP server 3.0,Cyber-ark Privileged Identify Management system, Enterprise Change Management System(ECMS), Enterprise Manager 11g Grid control, AIX System Performance Monitoring, VERITAS Net backup, UNIX Shell Scripts, TOAD, TKPROF and SQL*Net


  • Provided 24X7 database administration supports for production and QA/UAT/ DEVELOPMENT databases for customer clients.
  • Migrated databases 10g databases to 11g from AIX to Linux platform using data pump.
  • Assist in the evaluation of Oracle database and OEM technologies within company standards.
  • Installed grid infrastructure software, ASM and Oracle RDBMS software on RHEL 5.4 platform.
  • Applied various patches to cluster ware as well as Oracle RDBMS software.
  • Implement Grid based monitoring solution for large Databases.
  • Closely worked with Oracle support in resolving ORA-600, ORA-7445 and ORA-3113 issues.
  • Installed and configured OEM agent software.
  • Databases build on different platforms.
  • Configured ASM and Maintaining ASM Disks, Disk Groups, Instances.
  • Upgraded oracle 10g database to 11g database.
  • Used CSSCAN utility for character set migration from US7ASCII to UTF8 and closely worked with the dev team to fix the associated data loss issues.
  • Maintained both logical and physical standby databases using Data Guard.
  • Upgraded the grid/ASM infrastructure from to
  • Database Upgradation from to
  • Installation and configuration of Symantec Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) for oracle databases.
  • Created Oracle External Tables (Flat files, CSV files, ASCII files) and handling issues related to External tables.
  • Resolved issues related to Materialized view refresh, performance and db-links.
  • Wrote scripts to manage db-links(private and public db links creation, password changing and dropping)
  • Tuned SQL queries with performance issues using tools like AWR, ADDM, TKPROF and Explain plan for optimum performance.
  • Monitor database security violation discovered by security compliance tool (ESM) and remediate issues as needed.
  • Implemented LDAP based name resolution method across all data-warehouse servers and managed the TNS entries.
  • Troubleshooting, Maintaining, Restoring and Recovering Clusterware components like OCR, VOTING DISK.
  • Wrote scripts for Tablespace Point In time Recovery (TSPITR) and carried out TSPITR to prevent blotched update operations.
  • Used Transportable Tablespace to move tablespace one database to another.
  • Analyzing the growth of tables and undertaking necessary re-organization of the database when required.
  • Responsible for providing application development support for Query Optimization, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes etc. for multiple development applications.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Oracle DBA


  • Capacity planning, Install, configureOLTP, Data warehouse (DSS) databases( Oracle 9i & 10GR2) Either in shared environment/standalone environment as well as on VMware virtual machines.
  • Involved indatabase upgrade from to DEV and TEST environments.
  • Experience in configuring and maintaining OracleReplicationby usingOracle streamsfor Data replication from production system to Data warehouse on RAC Environment.
  • Implemented the database withASMstorage, skilled towards database tuning and hands on experience in database security (auditing), recovery, archival concepts and procedures.
  • Configured and ManagedASMdisks and disk groups through Grid Control utility.
  • Upgradethe production and development databases from9i to 10g
  • Created and maintainedstandby databasesusing databasereplication(Data Guard)for high availability.
  • Installed, Configured & Administeredgolden gate.
  • Cloned the database using scripts, cold/Hot backups and using RMAN
  • Regular monitoring of the databases withOracle Enterprise Manager, Grid Controlfor operational databases with high sensitivity alerts
  • PerformingSQL*Loaderjobs for loading data from text files
  • Actively worked onperformance tuningofinstance(SGAandPGA) andPhysicaldatabasethat included resolving fragmentation and disk contention. UsePartitioning and indexingfeature of Oracle 10g to improve performance.
  • ImplementedOLAPData warehouse.
  • Disaster recovery planning; implemented databasebackups and disaster recoverystrategies usingRMANanddata pump export, import.
  • Supported very large database with heavyOLTPand batch activities, Writing and testingPL/SQL procedures(stored procedure, triggers, function, cursors and packages) for maintaining tables, retrieving data from tables and managing users. Responsibilities included working with developers to tune the PL/SQL, SQL.
  • Designed and Implementeddatabase securityusingOracle roles and privileges.
  • Experienced in optimizing SQL andPL/SQL tuningusingCBO,explain plan,TKPROF, STATSPACK, ADDM, and AWR.
  • Involved Inquery optimizationand using rule based optimizers and cost based optimizers
  • Work with a geographically dispersed team forround-the-clockmonitoring ofproduction systems

Environment: Oracle11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Grid control, RHEL, PL/SQL,RMAN,TOAD and SQL *Plus, Golden gate.

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Oracle DBA


  • Migration of 20TB database from existing 4-node RAC cluster (having 4 node DR) to new 4 node Cluster having its 4 node DR.
  • Writing PL/SQL code, having procedures function to migrate WAMU(Washington Mutual ) data into JPMorgan Chase databases .
  • Tuning of the queries in PL/SQL procedure to run efficiently
  • Migrated datafiles from one server to another using DBMS FILE transfer package.
  • Configured Streams on 2 node RAC cluster using Local capture and downstream capture.
  • Extensively worked on Streams environments, fixing day to day streams related errors, synchronizing table, restarting capture and apply process, monitoring streams lag and many other streams related activity.
  • Configured Table level and Schema level streams replication.
  • Worked on Table partitions tasks such as exchange partition, split partition etc.
  • Creating local and Global indexes and rebuilding indexes on table partitions .
  • Written shell scripts for archivelog destination monitoring, alert log monitoring for specific ORA errors, scheduling jobs using crontabs and DBMS scheduler.
  • Upgradation of databases from 9i to 10g.
  • Generating AWR reports to deal with performance issue.
  • Written scripts to monitor tablespaces, file systems .
  • Applied CPU patches and other patches for bug fixing.
  • Providing on-call support for database monitoring
  • Loading data from flat file to tables using SQL loader.
  • Transferring data using DB-Links, SQL Loader, import-export and datapump.
  • Creating SR with Oracle Support.
  • Scheduling backups using RMAN and creation of catalog databases.
  • Installed OS watcher on new servers.
  • Installed grid control Agents on new servers.
  • Provided 24X7 on call support having pager.

Environment: Oracle 10g,11g, Sun Solaris 5.9/5.10, AIX 5.3, RAC and Dataguard, Streams, OEM (Grid Control), RMAN, AWR, ADDM, ASM, PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL *PLUS, WinScp, F-secure.

Confidential, Portland,ME

Oracle DBA


  • Installation, up gradation and Maintenances of Oracle Databases on Linux & Windows platforms.
  • Backupof database Logical and Physical (hot and cold) procedures and also usingRMAN.
  • Perform database monitoring, capacity planning andperformance tuning.
  • Recoveryof database in case of database crash, disk/media failure, etc.
  • Provided System support for both development and24/7production environment.
  • Prepared plans for up gradation of all critical Production Databases from 9i to 10g on Linux andDATAGUARDimplementation.
  • Performed capacity planning and sizing of databases based on input from business.
  • Taking care of allalerts for space issuesand user requests.
  • Created and Managed the Server Parameter file.
  • Managingdatabase security. Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Analyzed the database so as to allowOracle optimizerto choose best plan in executing the queries.
  • Configuration oftnsnames.ora, listener.oraand sqlnet.ora files afterupgradingdatabases.
  • Performed databasecloningfrom old system to new system.
  • UsedEXPORT/IMPORTfor table level and full database de-fragmentation.
  • Transported tablespacesbetween production and development databases.
  • Running scripts to check the status of databasessuch as growingtable sizes,extent allocation,free space, used space, fragmentationetc.

Environment: Oracle 10g, 9i RAC, Oracle 10ginterMedia, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server/Enterprise 2.1/3.0,AIX,HP-UX,Solaris Windows Server 2000,VERITAS Net backup, UNIX Shell Scripts, TOAD, TKPROF and SQL*Net

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