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Sr.oracle Database Administrator Resume

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Broadview, IL


  • About 8+ Years of experience in IT industry experience as an Oracledatabase administration in Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms. Experience include Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Space Management, System maintenance, Cloning, patching, data replication, Database security, Troubleshooting database design, Performance Monitoring, Tuning, Backup and Recovery and alsoincludes RAC,ASM, Data Guard, Goldengate, Data pump and Grid Control experience.
  • Excellent experience in Installation and configuration ofOracle9i,10g,11g,12c in UNIX/LINUX and Windows environment.
  • Expertise in upgrade process from 10g to 11g and 11g to 12c and data migration from Non - ASMtoASMand Non-RACtoRAC.
  • Expertise in Oracle 10g, 11g to 12cadministration, production support, upgrades, patches, space management, database security, performance tuning, troubleshooting database design, UNIX shell scripting, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and documentation.
  • Strong expertise in applying patches in the form of Patch Set Upgrades (PSUs) and One off Patches across various database platforms.
  • Thorough knowledge in high availability RAC environment (2, 3 and 4 node clusters)and upgraded standalone databases toRAC environment
  • Proficient in setting up Standby Database using shell scripts and RMANutility tool, activating and re-building Standby Databases.
  • Proficient in Database System Architecture, Data Modeling, Oracle Streams and Logical/Physical database design (Data Guard implementation for Disaster Recovery).
  • Excellent knowledge in using Oracle Golden Gate including maintenance and performance monitoring.
  • Performance tuning Golden Gate replication and used Logdump and report files for troubleshooting.
  • Implemented Oracle RAC with ASM and standalone with ASM in different environments such as development, testing, production and standby databases (both Physical and Logical databases).
  • Proficient in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN and shell scripts with VERITAS Net Backup, Export and Import database schema.
  • Expertise in RMAN backup (Full, incremental and cumulative) and recovery, Incomplete recovery and disaster recovery.
  • Expertise inOracleArchitecture, SGA, PGA, Binarystructure, Listener, TNSNames, SQLNet, V$, DBAviews and Datamodeling, Logical and Physicaldatabasesdesign using tools like ERWIN and Rationalrose.
  • Monitored database servers using various tools such as OracleEnterpriseManager (OEM), OracleGridControl, DBArtisan and TOAD.
  • Proficient in tuning MySQL processes and queries.
  • Actively involved in troubleshooting various database performance issues and used dynamic V$ views to identify the root cause.
  • Data loading and reportgeneration using SAPBI/BO and Oracledatawarehousingtools.
  • Expertise in performance tuning services such as, SQLtuningservices with EXPLAINSPLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQLTRACE, AWR, and ADDMwhich is used to collect and maintain performance statistics and improves the database performance.
  • Expertise in planning, implementation and documentation of installation, migration, patching, backup retention policy, recovery, security, auditing, capacity planning, space management and storage allocation (SAN/NAS).
  • Expert in export/import and data pump import to load data in to tables.
  • Having good knowledge onEXADATAand Involved in moving databases inEXADATARAC environment.
  • UNIX shell scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database.
  • Attended various workshops with Oracle-10g Grid Control Workshop, Oracle 10g Data Guard and 11g ASM Workshop.
  • Possess good leadership, excellent communication and time management and presentation skills with excellent technical, analytical, interpersonal, problem solving and organizational skills.
  • Availability as On-Call 24x7 Production DBA and application/development DBA and Oracle Support processes for technical requests through Meta link and Help Desk Ticket applications like USD (Universal Service Desk).


Operating Systems: UNIX (HP / Sun Solaris), Linux RedHat 9, Windows, 2003, NT, Linux

Database: RDBMS, Oracle10g/11g/12c.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++ andUNIX Shell Scripting.

DB Management: TOAD 9.5, DB Artisan, SQL Developer and Enterprise Manager Grid.

Tools/Utilities: RMAN, OEM, Oracle Management Service (OMS), SQL*Loader, ASM, Export/Import, TOAD, Patch Management, ODBC, DBUA, DBCA, putty, Golden32, ImpExp32, Grid Control, Data pump, Data guard, VERITAS Net Backup and MS Access.


Confidential, Broadview, IL

Sr.Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed, configured, and maintainedOracle11g R2, 12c on Linux and also Upgraded from11g to 12c and Cross platform Migration of database and refreshedOracle11gr2 andOracle12c databases using file system for storage to ASM storage.
  • Worked on databases ranging from 300GB to 5TB and Participated in monthly on-callDBAschedule and attended the conference calls and remediated various issues/tasks which occurred
  • Responsible for setup and implementation of 3 Node RAC and RAC One Node on Linux in 12c.
  • Implemented Data guard, creating both logical and physical standby databases using 12c RACenvironment for production database.
  • Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.
  • Created volumes on ASM disk groups and maintaining ACFS Cluster File system in RAC environments
  • Installation, Upgradation, Configuration and TroubleshootingGoldengate11g/12c software.
  • Installed Golden Gate for replication of database on 12c RAC environment and Configured parameters for the Bi-directionalreplication
  • Replication of tables across cross platform using Goldengate and Creating Materialized Views
  • Implemented during Disaster Recovery scenario and performing History pull to sync-up data betweenOracle databases
  • Performed conversion single instance to Real Application Cluster database instances using rconfig
  • UsingOracleData Pump utility making faster exports/imports on large databases
  • Performed patching onOracleDatabase Server 11gR2 and 12c using Opatch utility and Opatch auto
  • Daily Health Check Up of the Database using AWR, ADDM.
  • Perform Daily Monitoring ofOracleInstances, monitor users, and Table spaces, Memory Structures, Rollback Segments, Logs and Alerts.
  • Performed day to day administrative tasks by analyzing the database like checking for failed processors, verifying the query for particular issues and validating disk space.
  • Created Users with limited rights as per specific module under specific client. Granting roles and profiles as per system study to users.
  • Performed numerous Database and SQL tuning by using various Tools like STATSPACK, EXPLAINPLAN, AUTOTRACE, SQL TUNING ADVISOR, AWR Report for Query Optimization
  • Database Health Monitor, ADR and creating tables with Virtual Columns, DDL Lock Timeout, Invisible Indexes and have knowledge of various database sql hints to improve the explain plan.
  • Performed daily maintenance tasks like space management, rectified locking problems, managed quotas etc., configured network components like TNSNAMES, Names Server, Connection Manager, etc. for easy and effective management ofOraclenetworking. Configured listener for external procedure calls.
  • Also configured database cloning using RMAN.
  • Develop and enforce both database and OS-level security policies for data protection. Administer all databases in the areas of maintenance, tuning, performance, and troubleshooting.
  • Efficient in using theOracleTools like OEM, SQL* Plus, SQL* Loader, TKPROF, LOGMINER, STATSPACK, SQL*Net, IMPORT/EXPORT, and RMAN.
  • Developed UNIX script to monitor various events in the database and also to maintain and cleanup oraclegenerated files/logs.
  • Authored a Shell script to perform a checklist verification of items which requires to be in place before a newly database build by our team is handed over to the application team.

Environment:Oracle10g/11g/12c databases on HP-UX/RedHat/AIX/Exadata, OEM 11g/12cMongoDB. Oracle10g/11g/12c, RMAN,RAC,DATAGUARD, F5 Load balancer Broker, Standby, SQL, EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP,Goldengate,ASM, SQLLOADER, AWR, ADDM, Explain Plan.

Confidential, WA

Oracle DBA/Production Support


  • Monitoring and managing the database environments.24x7 databaseproductionsupport.
  • Implementation of High Availability solutions withOracle11g RAC, Standby Database (Active Data Guard) to ensure high availability, data protection and disaster recovery for enterprise data.
  • Refresh/Cloning of Database and applications for development and testing purpose and Migrated NON ASM databases to ASM databases.
  • Expertise on installing, configuring, maintaining and upgrading Oracle Exadata firmware including cell storage, compute nodes, IB switches and also worked onPlatinum support
  • Worked on X2, X3, X4Exadata machines with quarter, half rack nodes
  • Applied QFSDP for wholeExadataDatabase Machine X3-2
  • Upgrade and Migration of Databases from to and applying patches every quarterly
  • Support& Maintenance of 14Production/Development Databases on various servers with volume ranging from 100 to 4+ Tera Bytes Databases.
  • Configured Goldengate extract and replicate during the database character set conversion.
  • Implementing necessary monitoring scripts for Goldengate in Unix/Perl scripting.
  • Experienced in implementing Oracle Database advanced security practices.
  • Written Shell scripts to Monitor activities like availability of database & listeners, space utilization, gathering statistic for the cost base optimizer, index rebuilding.
  • Good exposure tooracletechnologies like AWR, ASM, Flashback and data pump import/export.
  • Created users, roles and granted privileges according to the business requirements.
  • Configured and usedOracleFlashback for minor recovery of objects in the database.
  • Performed database Point in Time Recovery and Table Space Point in Time Recovery using Transportable Tablespaces.
  • Successfully Maintained RAC environments of 4-Nodes with ASM file system using cluster ware.
  • Involved in Design and implementation oforacle11g Data Guard both physical/logical standby databases for high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Monitored Production Database Using OEM and ToadDBAMonitor tools.
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed backup validations using RMAN.
  • Responsible for maintaining Every Day Backups and also to maintain ASM and Disk Space.
  • Planning the size of the Database, Creation of Database and location of initial data files, redo log files and multiplexing them, editing database initialization parameter file whenever required.
  • Create Production Support databases for testing every Week for developers using Data pump Impdp from Production Backups.
  • Good exposure tooracletechnologies like AWR, ASM, Flashback and Data Pump Import/Export.
  • Implemented backup and recovery procedures using RMAN & Datapump.
  • Monitoring and resizing Tablespaces, relocating data files for better disk I/O.
  • Maintained standby databases for production and staging environments.
  • Excellent experience in backup and recovery. Cold backups, hot backups, Logical backups, RMAN backups (Full, Incremental Backups, Differential, Cumulative Backups).
  • Experienced in documentation, provided documentation for database design, analysis, modifications, creating schemas etc.

Environment: Oracle11/10G, Data Guard, ASM,OracleEnterprise Manager Grid Control 10g, 11G, Golden Gate, RMAN,Exadata, SQL PLUS, PL/SQL, Toad 9.5, LINUX 4,5 and 6, Solaris.

Confidential, - Kansas city, MO

Database Administrator


  • Involved in production implementation.
  • Configured and tested Replication using Golden Gate where Source Database on Sun Solaris 10 SPARC 64 bit withOracle10gr2 and Target Database on Linux with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 withOracle11gr2 Database with 2 nodeRACon ASM
  • ConfigureOracleGoldengate Monitor/Director, OBIEE and integration withOracleEnterprise Manager Grid Control with Remedy using User Define Metrics.
  • Replaced Informatics, configured Dataguard
  • Involved in testingOracleGoldengate in staging environment.
  • Define and Document Goldengate Architecture and procedures for Cummins.
  • Involved in Configuration of 2 nodesRACon Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 withOracle11gr2 on ASM and performinghealth checks on RAC using SRVCTL and CRSCTL.
  • Created RMAN backup forRACdatabases using RMAN and created monitoring oforacleRACdatabases using GRID control.
  • Monitor the backup of databases and scripting for improvements in the backup procedure.
  • Extensive experience with Database Cloning and Refreshing pre-prod databases.
  • Proficient with Database Administration activities such as Installation, database creation, sizing, backup and recovery, performance tuning and capacity planning
  • Worked on User management on grants,privileges, roles and profiles
  • UsingOracleData Pump utility and performed Database Migration and Upgradation of databases.
  • Performed daily database administration tasks: user management, space monitoring, performance monitoring and tuning, alert log monitoring and database monitoring.
  • Monitoring tablespaces issues, creation tablespaces and adding datafiles.
  • Export and import of database objects to copy from one database to another database, Schema / Table level and query based normal Export & Import and also Data Pump Export & Import utility.
  • Developed Recovery Manager (RMAN) scripts for database backup and recovery for hot and cold backup options for bothRACand standalone instances.
  • Scheduling and maintaining level 0 and level 1 RMAN (Recovery Manger) backups.
  • Handled daily Production problems /Change requests withOracle.
  • Expertise in UNIX shell scripting and automated many common tasks using crontab including Backups, export and imports, archiving old records and verification of such processes.
  • 24 X 7 Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem reorganization and resolution of database issues.

Environment: Oracle 10g RAC& 11gRAC, OEM Grid Control, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, RHEL,Windows 2000/XP, RMAN, TOAD, RATIONAL ROSE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, AWR and ADDM.


Oracle DBA


  • Extensively involved in analyzing the functional requirements for the Database Access Profiles.
  • Managed and monitored the Oracle Real Application Cluster (2 node RAC) running on VERITAS storage.
  • Performed Tuning, coding and Monitoring for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) nodes, Production Standalone Servers via Toad.
  • Extensive experience in RMAN recovery in RAC and standalone database.
  • Implemented Data Guard with maximum availability, protection and performance configurations and worked with Data Guard Fail over and Switch over cases at the times of up gradation and migration.
  • Performed Upgrades, Enhancements, and regular maintenance to system by researching, planning, as well as applying patches to databases and E-Business suite to keep them up-to-date.
  • Kept databases, applications, and operating systems up-to-date through assessing, planning, and implementing upgrades and patches.
  • Improved the database integrity and increased data accuracy for end-users and management by proficiently using SQL language to troubleshoot, query, insert, update, and delete table data.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle 10g and 11g database on OEL.
  • Supported more than 130 production and development databases.
  • Upgraded the Oracle 10g database to 11g version and also applied patch set and interim patches whenever required to make the database software up to date.
  • Monitoring Day-to-Day Backups, Log’s & recovering them as per the requirement.
  • Successfully implemented Backup & Recovery using RMAN, Hot and Cold backups.
  • Implemented data transfer using Data Pumps and Export/Import utilities.
  • Taking the RMAN incremental and cumulative backups.
  • Scheduling the databases backup using Crontab and Implemented DRP (Disaster recovery plan) for critical databases using Streams.
  • Provided Instance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical I/O and Memory Usage.
  • Always monitoring the Oracle Instances, Users, Tables, Tablespaces, Memory structures, and Rollback segments, Redo logs, Archived Redo logs and Alerts.
  • Created, monitoring database objects like Tables, Indexes, Views, Users, and DB Links etc.
  • Responsible for capacity planning, recovery planning and installing patches.
  • Monitored the various database activities such as backup, error logs, space, object, performance, user and session monitoring to ensure proper capacity and availability
  • Developed stored procedures using PL/SQL. Used Hints, Indexes, Explain Plan, Sql Trace and TKProf for effective retrieval and processing of queries used for retrieving current details and also history of changes made for a version.

Environment:Oracle 10g/9i, Sun Solaris 9, AIX, Redhat Linux, OEM, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Unix, Erwin Data Modeler, RMAN, Dataguard, RAC


Jr.Database Administrator


  • Oracle Configuration. Oracle Tuning. Oracle Patch Administration.
  • Coordinating Backup and Recovery operations over all databases, ensuring 100% recoverability.
  • Performing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Oracle monitoring and maintenance tasks.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures according to specs and control files for input to SQL*Loader utilities for loading data from external files into the Oracle database.
  • Planning, Installation and Configuration of Oracle Database on the Server.
  • Creation of Table space, Data files, Indexes, Rollback Segment and monitoring them.
  • Creation of Users and Granting them privileges and roles.
  • Performed Database Tuning. Performed Database Security and Integrity.
  • Wrote extensive Sub Queries, PL/SQL procedures, functions, databasetriggers and packages.
  • Responsible for writing database programming to Store/Retrieve the information from the database using SQL.
  • Designing and creatingschemaobjects like Databasetables, indexes, views, synonyms, and all schema objects inOracle.
  • Writing Pl/SQL procedures and functions. Writing shell scripts to automate the data loading.
  • Monitoring the data loading jobs and tuning the SQL queries.

Environment:Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000, UNIX (Sun Solaris), Windows (NT/2000/Advanced Server), TOAD, OEM, SQL*PLUS, Explain Plan, UNIX Shell Scripting, Quest software tools, PL/SQL navigator

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