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Oracle Dba Resume

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Richardson, TX


  • Database Administrator with 8 years of experience in Installation, upgrade/migration, Management, Administration, Backup and Recovery, Maintaining and Tuning of Oracle and SQL Server RDBMS.
  • Experience in supporting Oracle databases 8i/9i/10g/11g in variety of different environments including Unix, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows 2000/NT Servers and Linux.
  • Extensive expertise in Oracle Architecture, I/O tuning, Capacity planning, space management, Memory Tuning, Performance Tuning, Backups, Recovery, RMAN backups, Optimization, Networking, Troubleshooting.
  • Experience in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control, TOAD, RMAN.
  • Experience in installing Oracle patches, Migration of database across different platforms and Cloning/Data Refresh from production environment to setup test and development environments.
  • Proven ability of providing production support for 24X7 on multiple databases.
  • Proficient in all DBA responsibilities such as Instance tuning, user management, space management, monitoring.
  • Migrated single instance databases to multinode 10g RAC Real Application Cluster environment for high availability and load balancing.
  • Planned and implemented high availability solutions using Oracle 10g RAC, Standby Database using Oracle Data Guard.
  • Designed, installed and configured high - performance data replication solutions using Oracle GoldenGate
  • Experienced in Monitoring/Analyzing performance periodically and to tune, debug and optimize the databases, applications, SQL, and PL/SQL code from time to time.
  • Excellent working knowledge in logical backups, Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery and Cloning of databases using Recovery Manager.
  • Point-In-Time Recovery through RMAN.
  • Delivering SQL and Database performance tuning services via V$/GV$ views, Explain Plan, TKPROF, AWR (Statspack) reports, ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Grid control, analyzing SQL trace dumps for 9i/10g/11g.
  • Experience with SQL, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, triggers, functions, packages, UNIX Shell Scripting, Partitioning, Indexes, ERWIN Data modeling, Logical and Physical database design.
  • Experience with Oracle 10g features: Flash-Back Recovery, Datapump, ASM, ASH, AWR, ADDM, ASSM, ASMM, Automatic Undo management, Grid Monitoring and Recycle Bin.
  • Ability to work on own initiative and as a part of team. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to learn new technologies, openness to new ideas and ability to learn very quickly.


Operating System: Windows (NT 4, 2003/2008 Prof/Adv Server, XP, 7 Professional), RedHat LinuxUNIX, Solaris.

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MS Access, SQL Server 2005.

DBA tools: SQL Navigator, SQL*Loader, Sql *Plus,10g OEM, Grid


Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, UNIX Shell Scripting, Core java.

Web: ASP.NET, HTML, XML, Dreamweaver.

Packages: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop.


Confidential, Richardson, TX

Oracle DBA


  • Oracle installation, creation of database, which includes physical and logical design.
  • Oracle Security Patches Installation on Oracle 10g R2.
  • Involved in the implementation of High Availability solutions with Oracle 10g RAC
  • Provide day-to-day Database support that includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tuning of database environments.
  • Modify, and update database structure with respect to the following tasks: Re-Organization Database, Transfer object from tablespace to another one, changing storage parameters.
  • Responsible for maintenance and support for corporate Data Warehouse.
  • Involved in support for 1TB 2 Node production RAC database.
  • Extracting, transforming and Loading (ETL) of data from source systems in the Data Warehouse.
  • Planned, redesigned and reorganized the Oracle database.
  • Installed and Configured Golden gate extracted and replicated the data across various
  • Managing Oracle database administration function involving resolution of database start-up problems; managing disk space, user profile creation and user rights management.
  • Recovery management and supervision of the technical team to restore the database in-case of system failure.
  • Created primary database storage structure and plan future storage requirements.
  • Created database instances using appropriate INIT.ORA parameters for efficient database operations
  • Assisted developers in tuning SQL statements in the applications.
  • Designed and implemented crash recovery strategies, hot and cold backups.
  • Support and advice the development teams on database related issues.
  • Detecting and correcting instance performance problems. Locating and tuning SQL statements.
  • Tuning SGA, Rollback segments, Latch contention Issues, Optimize Sort Operation
  • Perform extensive testing on new versions of database products and tools to identify and resolve migration issues before these products are installed in the production environment
  • Create appropriate indexes for queries and suggesting changes to application developer.
  • Implemented and maintained high availability of databases for global operation using Oracle RAC and Data Guard/Standby databases.
  • Provided production support for 24X7 database availability.
  • Carried out the setting up of RMAN back up schedules of databases.
  • Formulated & implemented best practice guidelines for Oracle Database.
  • Installed and configured oracle9i databases on Red-Hat Linux servers.

Environment: SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Oracle 10g/9i, Oracle Enterprise Manager, ASM, PL/SQL, RMAN, LINUX, Sun Solaris, My SQL, Erwin, Windows 2000.

Confidential, CA

Oracle DBA


  • Tasked with the Oracle database administration of Oracle 10g databases.
  • Performed Database creation on Unix, Solaris
  • Upgraded from 9i to 10g
  • Database refreshes from production
  • Performed Database recovery
  • Oracle 10g installations, patch application/upgrades
  • On call DBA support
  • Rebuilding of indexes, elimination of chaining and migrated rows
  • Reviewing of PL/SQL codes
  • Backup of database Logical (Import and Export) and Physical (hot and cold) procedures
  • Implementation of optimization techniques to resolve performance issues
  • Performed database tuning.
  • Suggested concept of DBMS STATS which comprised complete testing of suggesting technique resulted in time elapsed reduction by 60% in comparison to analyze.
  • Recovery manager implementation both with and without recovery catalog, Scripting for backups (backup sets, backup pieces) and recovery scripts.
  • Extensive implementation and administration of materialized views.
  • Monitoring Undo segments ( OEM).
  • Use of Explain Plan, and Tkprof to find out performance bottleneck
  • Index maintenance (implementation of Btree, Bitmap indexes as per application )
  • Proposed the plan to optimize the system resources by usage of profiles and database Resource Manager.
  • Experience with DATAGUARD/STANDBY databases.

Environment: Sun Solaris. Oracle Versions: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Oracle DBA


  • 24x7 Production Database Administration and support
  • The work involves overall maintenance of ORACLE database, performance, tuning, backup, recoveries and other database related activities.
  • The work also involves system administrator tasks like creation of users, file systems, volume groups and logical volumes etc.
  • Taking Backups on scheduled time and monitoring scheduled Backups.
  • Creating and dropping of users, granting and revoking rights as and when required.
  • Checking of Oracle files for abnormal behaviours
  • Day to day performance monitoring and tuning of database.
  • Monitoring of database objects like rollback segments, temp segments and tablespaces
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot Database problems and failures
  • Establish and Document Backup and Recovery strategies and procedures after evaluating various options including RMAN.
  • Involved in the Design (Logical & Physical) of Databases
  • Preparing Backup and Recovery plan.
  • Involved in the installation of Oracle 9i on Solaris and UNIX platform.
  • Creation and maintenance of database
  • Handling day-to-day activities.
  • Storage and space management including table spaces and data files.
  • Management of table space growth, monitoring data files additions, extent growth
  • Constantly monitor the performance (V$ dynamic performance views at peak load) of the Databases and viewing Alert log files & Trace files.
  • Monitoring of database for growth and performance
  • Defined backup procedures using daily hot backups and weekly cold backup.
  • Oracle database administration on Solaris platform.
  • Using TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN for the Better performance.
  • Monitoring of database for growth and performance
  • Monitoring Database for fragmentation and correcting them
  • Creating and implementing backup and recovery strategies
  • Setting up and maintaining user accounts and profiles
  • Space management
  • Maintained DATAGUARD/STANDBY Databases.
  • Ensuring proper online and offline backup. Periodical reading and checking of backups taken.
  • Monitoring Growth of tables and undertaking necessary re-organization of database as and when required.
  • Creating Databases and all database objects. Database Designing (Designing Tablespaces and Rollback Segments)

Environment: Oracle 9i, Linux, PL/SQL, RMAN


Jr. Oracle DBA


  • Performed Database migration from Oracle 8.1 To 9.1.
  • Applied bug patches according to the Oracle Critical Patch alerts.
  • Configured the automated alerts for the production servers, which alerts DBA with the alert log errors and proactively space related errors.
  • Cleaning the ORACLE HOME files system by cleaning the log files, alert log file and listener.log files.
  • Fine tuned the SQL queries using the hints optimum efficiency and better performance.
  • Identified and trouble shot everyday issues like locking, scripts execution, Data Audits etc.
  • Backup and recovery using RMAN.
  • Working with the application support people to resolve database related issues and running the scripts for the application support people.
  • Creating users and database links, snap shots on production and development servers.
  • Maintaining system security, defining of roles, profiles etc.
  • Checking CRON jobs. Monitoring Application specific background processes.
  • Creating materialized views and materialized view logs to implement the table level replication for the MIS databases.
  • Solving problems related to extent allocation.
  • Solving problems of database connectivity.
  • Involved in maintenance of standby database.
  • Cloned database for development needs.

Environment: SQL*Plus, Shell Scripting, Red hat Linux, Oracle 9i.

Confidential, Costa Mesa, CA

Jr.Oracle DBA/Developer


  • Managed critical billing system databases for IXC Communications.
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, patching of Oracle RDBMS and applications.
  • Refresh/Cloning of Database and applications for development, testing
  • Performance Tuning of the database (Memory Allocation Tuning, I/O Tuning, Tuning Contentions)
  • Create table spaces, tables, and users for custom applications.
  • Maintain user security.
  • Maintain Oracle schemas and SGA region.
  • Assist Programmers and Developers with Oracle problems.
  • Write Korn shell scripts to monitor and maintain the Oracle Applications database.
  • Write SQL scripts to monitor tablespace and extent growth.
  • Answer users' questions on an ongoing basis.
  • Resolve various application failures due to data entry errors or system errors. Involves identifying problems and implementing corrective actions.
  • Write SQL*Loader control files for uploading legacy data to interface tables.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Solaris 2.8, UNIX

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