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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

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Wilmington, DE


  • 5 years of professional experience as Oracle Database Administrator having good experience in Database Installation, Database Administration, Up - Gradation, Migration, Installing Patches, Performance Tuning
  • Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 11g and 12c with experience in very large scale database and mission critical large OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Experience in a variety of hardware and software platforms including; UNIX/Linux, Windows, HP-UX & AIX and RHEL
  • Registered Oracle 11gR1/11gR2/12c databases in Oracle Virtual Directory.
  • Implemented and configured Centralized Database Authentication using Kerberos authentication.
  • Consulted with and provided guidance to database users and client groups.
  • Collaborated and provided input with other database analysts, where applicable, including troubleshooting and escalated issues.
  • Working with Oracle Support Team, creation of Service Requests for ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY registration, Global role mapping, and database related issues.
  • Documented the ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY procedure and implementation, issues, status and remediation of shared accounts.
  • Have Hands on experience in Installation of 12C RDBMS S/W.
  • Hands on experience in Installing Golden-gate Replication, tools in golden gate log dump, defgen for troubleshooting issues in environment.
  • Installed Golden Gate for replication of database on 11gR2 environment.
  • Involved in configuration of parameter files for extract process in primary and replica process in standby using Golden Gate
  • Configured parameters for the Uni-directional replication using Golden-Gate
  • Having good Experience in EXADATA, Storage loader and Smart scan
  • Hands on Experience with Oracle APEX 3.4/4.0/4.1 (ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS )
  • Applied patches on standalone servers using Opatch utility
  • Have good knowledge about Physical and Logical structure of a database
  • Programming and development of SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts.
  • Played key role in implementation of Kerberos Authentication for database user accounts.


RDBMS: Oracle 11gR1, Oracle 11gR2, Oracle 12C.

Oracle Products: Oracle Virtual Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Real Application Cluster(RAC), Data guard, Import and Export, Data pumps, Automatic Storage Management(ASM), Recovery Manager(RMAN), Oracle10g/11g (Grid Control), Oracle Enterprise Manager(OEM), Golden Gate

Operating System: Oracle Linux (OEL) 6.3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.x/5.x Sun Solaris 5.x, Windows XP/2003/2008,2012 IBM-AIX 6.1.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, PERL.

Tools: & Utilities: Kerberos Authenticaion Services, SQL Trace and SQL tuning Advisory, SQL* plus, SQL * LOADER, ADDM, DBCA, VERITAS, Log Miner, TKPROF, Explain Plan, AWR, ASH, Toad.


Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Gathered details of how shared service accounts are used by clients, in performing their daily maintenance tasks, jobs that are scheduled using shared service accounts.
  • Queried and Listed out the Objects, Procedures and Packages owned by the shared service accounts.
  • Analyzed and Documented the impact of locking these shared service accounts.
  • Gathered the set of privileges being used by shared service accounts and also the permissions needed on directories as well.
  • Analyzed around 100 perl scripts that are making using of the shared service account, gathered the connection string, privileges needed and objects used and procedures or functions being called by these scripts and privileges needed for the procedures and functions.
  • Categorized the these jobs based on functionality and privileges used, Thus played a key role in designing of alternative through Centralized Database authentication, privileged accounts to replace face less Shared Service Accounts that are in use currently.
  • Migration of Oracle Databases 11g ( from Linux Boxes to EXADATA machine using data guard switchover and Export & Import
  • Worked on migration of Traditional Oracle Database servers to EXADATA X2 and X3
  • Worked on setting up of Golden Gate 12c Integrated Capture on EXADATA Servers from replication purposes from OLTP system to downstream systems and on NON-EXADATA servers we used separate mining database Golden Gate replication and on EXADATA source databases is used as mining database too.
  • Created Access Request Tool Requests, To grant access to the team members for the database servers in various domains.
  • Created Change Request to create service account and keytab file that are essential for the kerberos authentication.
  • Created instance specific wallet directories to store the ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY credentials for the database and also created the soft links as needed, so that dbca could place wallet files in instance specific location.
  • Performed the required node-level activities on db servers to make use of kerberos authentication and to meet pre-requisites for registering the database to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY
  • Created and Coordinated change requests, to create the directories and change the permissions on directories that are essential to store Wallet Files.
  • Unlocked and also altered the TIM ORA SVC service account password, which is required for Global Role Mapping.
  • Guided Primary dba's in setting up Oracle Client to use Oracle Internet Directory, by configuring the ldap.ora file and updated sqlnet.ora with essential parameters.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g and 11gR2 on Linux and also Upgraded from Oracle 10g to 11g
  • Performed day to day administrative tasks by analyzing the database like checking for failed processors, verifying the query for particular issues and validating disk space.
  • Responsible for setup and implementation of 2 Node RAC on Linux in 10g and 11g R2.
  • Used to Perform Cold/Hot Backups.
  • Implemented and Managed Oracle Data Guard on Oracle 11gR2.
  • Configuring Oracle Golden Gate for replications
  • Installed Golden Gate for replication of database on 11gR2 environment
  • Configured parameters for the Uni-Directional replication using Golden-Gate.
  • Perform Daily Monitoring of Oracle Instances, monitor users, and table spaces, Memory Structures, Rollback Segments, Logs and Alerts.
  • Installed and Configured Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g and Cloud Control 12c.
  • Daily Health Check Up of the Database using OEM
  • Created Users with limited rights as per specific module under specific client. Granting roles and profiles as per system study to users.
  • Replication of tables to cross platform and Creating Materialized Views.
  • Performed daily maintenance tasks like space management, rectified locking problems, managed quotas etc., configured network components like TNSNAMES, Names Server, Connection Manager, etc. for easy and effective management of Oracle networking. Configured listener for external procedure calls.
  • Database backup & Recovery with export and import and archive database with RMAN commands.
  • Also configured database cloning using RMAN.
  • Implemented Data Guard on production database.
  • Administer all databases in the areas of maintenance, tuning, performance, and troubleshooting.
  • Efficient in using the Oracle Tools like OEM, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader, TKPROF, SQL*Net, IMPORT/EXPORT, and RMAN.
  • Migration of database from one server to another server.
  • Managing databases on multiple servers.

ENVIRONMENT: Oracle 10g, 11gR2, AIX-6.3, Linux, ASM, RMAN, RAC, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Golden gate, RDBMS, SQLPLUS, PL/SQL, Perl, Kerberos, Oracle Internet Directory.

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Configured the database statistics to improve the performance of the queries and response time.
  • Gathered fix object and data dictionary statistics to for better performance of the db.
  • Created composite indexes to help improve the slower queries to perform better.
  • Configured stats preferences to gather stats with histograms on columns appropriate.
  • Created users and granted them access as per the standards.
  • Scheduled job to kill the inactive and stale sessions that have been on the system for more than an hour.
  • Dropped certain unused indexes.
  • Performed table reorg online by using shrink and gathered stats to provide optimizer the updated stats.
  • Purged bad sql plans from Shared Pool and have gathered stats, thus improving the performance of the query.
  • Configured sqlnet.ora on database servers to make use of Kerberos Authentication and ldap.ora to use Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Registered the databases to Oracle Virtual Directory.
  • Raised Service Requests and worked with Oracle Support to resolve the database listener issue where dbca wasn't able to pick the listener and ending up throwing null in log file, resolved this and documented to add -listeners LISTENER NAME to dbca registration command.
  • Also worked with Oracle Support and resolved the issue, when registering the database to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY dbca reported null and documented the solution to copy the listener.ora file to TNS ADMIN location that's set while registering the db to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY.
  • Deployed the keytab files on database servers.
  • Validated connections to databases that are registered to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY using privileged account and also resolved the connection issues where needed.
  • Guided the clients to make use of privileged account and also in Oracle Client setup on clients workstation.
  • Resolved the error ORA-12631, found that version mismatch between the keytab file on database server and Kerberos version on active directory is the root cause for this issue and hence requested to create new keytabs so the version mismatch is avoided and hence issue is solved.
  • Worked on validating the access to db's registered to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY through Oracle Enterprise Manager and sqlplus.
  • Guided clients to make use of Centralized Database Authentication, by helping them understand the architecture of ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY and configuring the db server to make use of kerberos authentication and registering the database to ORACLE VIRTUAL DIRECTORY.
  • Lead the clients and peers in setting up named credentials in Oracle Enterprise Manager for privileged account and hence leveraging privileged account in accessing the db's, rather than shared service accounts and preferred credentials.

ENVIRONMENT: Oracle 11g, Linux, AIX, SQL 2008 R2, SQL 2012 R2, RMAN, Golden gate, ASM, Data Guard, TOAD, RDBMS, SLPLUS, PL/SQL, Kerberos, Oracle Virtual Directory.

Confidential, Independence MO

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed and configured Oracle 10g databases on HP-Unix 10.x and AIX 5.2.
  • Installed and configured Oracle RDBMS on UNIX and Windows environments. Created primary database storage structures (table spaces etc.).
  • Involved in database administration including 10g RAC Database cloning, tuning, patching and monitoring concurrent manager processing.
  • Configured and Administrated Oracle Enterprise Manager for managing databases.
  • Initiated 10g new feature implementations such as Automatic Storage Management, Flashback features, DBMS Scheduler, ASMM to improve performance and manageability.
  • Configured Oracle Streams and exchanged data between two databases in remote locations.
  • Setting up Physical Standby Database environment using Data guard in Oracle 9i and 10g.
  • Tuning and diagnosing of database performance by query optimization and trace facility using Utlbstat/Utlbstat utilities, Explain plan, Stats Pack and Tipoff.
  • Installed Data guard standby databases for High availability and performed disaster recovery testing.
  • Created, Configured and Set up RMAN Catalog databases and registered target databases with the Catalog.
  • Perform daily incremental backup and full weekly backup using Oracle backup utility RMAN.
  • Developed hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Formulated SQL queries, functions and processes as per customization requirement for APEX.
  • Supported APEX applications and conducted performance tuning for PLSQL.
  • Designed Application Framework and Developed Oracle APEX Application.
  • Provide APEX guidance and support to technical staff on application maintenance and SDLC process.
  • Performed recovery using advanced methods like PITR
  • Setup and configure Standby database (Physical & Logical) for high availability.
  • Used SQL* loader to move data from legacy systems.
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Applications cloning/refresh.
  • Create and troubleshoot DB Link's issues in Oracle for communicating with external databases.
  • Planned and configured disk layout, mount points and capacity requirements for servers.
  • Performed partitioning according to the requirements.
  • Managed undo segments, processes, memory, online redo log files, data files.
  • Database administration activities including Table spaces allocation, user enrollments and database re-organization.
  • Integrated the backup status, reporting for the entire database in the enterprise to enable the web reporting using oracle, sql, pl/Sql, UNIX shell scripting.
  • Worked with developers to diagnose database related application problems, provided development support to maintain application schema and distribution of data.
  • Performing all daily maintenance tasks. Interacting with Oracle Customer service as and when required.
  • Maintained documents of Oracle database operations. Prepared documentation of database backup and recovery standards.
  • Provided 24*7 Production Support.

Environment: HP-UNIX, AIX, Windows, RAC, DBCA, OEM Grid Control, Data Guard, TOAD, ASM, VERITAS Net Backup, RMAN, STATSPACK, SQL* Loader, SQL/PLSQL.


Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed and configured 10g Enterprise Manager (OEM).
  • Responsible for QA, Test and ProdOracle10g databases, build and administration.
  • Worked with OEMOracleEnterprise Manager, Net Configuration Assistant.
  • Changed the data files locations as per the space availability and required.
  • GatherOracleDatabase Statistics - like Tablespace sizes, Data files sizes, etc.
  • Creation of Database Health Check reports (including database growth, CPU /memory utilization, Top sql etc.)
  • Used import/export utility and Data Pump utility to transfer data.
  • Cloning/Refreshing the production database to UAT/DEV environment as per the application user requests
  • Refreshing development database from production using export/import, Data pump and RMAN Duplicate.
  • Performing Regular Backup's, Restore and Recovery whenever it is necessary.
  • Availability as On-Call 24x7 ProductionDBA.
  • Installation, Upgrade and Configuration ofOracle10g, 11g databases on Linux/Solaris platforms.
  • Installation, Configure, setup of 10g RAC; Add new nodes to RAC 10g Cluster to distribute the load
  • Performed upgrades from 10g to 11g and applied quarterly patches.
  • Setting up RMAN, Hot and Cold Backups, Exports
  • Created and Managed user, table spaces, data files and archive log.
  • Troubleshoot Database performance issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM). Tuned database for optimum performance.
  • Communicate and coordinate withOracleusing MyOraclefor major database issues/ problems.
  • Interacted with user for troubleshooting problems with database performance and SQL query tuning.

Environment: ETL, RMAN, AIX, RAC, OEM, SQL, PL/SQL, AWR, Toad, OEM, EXPDP, IMPDP, EXP, IMP, Unix Shell scripting,Oracle9i,Oracle10g,Oracle11g, RHEL.

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