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Sr. Oracle Developer Resume

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Independence, MO


  • Over Eight years of experience in analysis, design, documentation and development of custom applications using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, working on various versions including Oracle Database 9i/10g and 11g and SQL Server.
  • Winner of Sustaining Edge Award for Excellency in application development and proving the Single handed support for Consumer Business project during production deployment
  • Having good experience in working with OLTP and OLAP databases in production and Data ware Housing Applications.
  • Proficient in developing and maintaining various PLSQL/Database objects like packages, functions, stored procedures, triggers, tables, Views, Materialized views, Indexes, Sequences, partitions.
  • Hand on experience with ETL tool IBM Data Stage in creating jobs using the parallel processing jobs and Oracle Stored Procedures and Unix scripting.
  • Experience on Logical & Physical Designing of Databases. Data Modelling, Conceptual Design & Data Architecture. Extensive use of Erwin as a modelling tool.
  • Experience in developing SQL*Loader control programs and PL/SQL validation scripts for validating the data load from staging area to production
  • Skilled at UNIX commands for writing scripts and batch processes
  • Adept in using Oracle Tools like SQL Developer, SQL* Plus, Toad, SQL Loader, Data Loader, SQL navigator.
  • Worked with Oracle in enabling Auditing.
  • Extensive experience in Design and Development of Interfaces or Integrations, both inbound and Outbound working on various file formats ranging from CSV, DAT, XLS, Pipe - delimited, Position- Delimited, XML
  • Experienced in developing forms using Oracle Forms, and Reports using Oracle Reports 6.0/6i/9i/11g.
  • Very good at Analytical and Problem solving skills
  • Exposure to Waterfall and AGILE software development methodologies
  • Good player in the implementation of SCRUM methodology. Created tasks and daily reports of the work status using Rally tool for Agile.
  • Implementation of development tasks effectively in Sprints as per the user stories.
  • Proficient in various Oracle seeded utilities like SQL*Loader, UTL File, Export/Import, External Tables, BULK for data load and files processing.
  • Involved in project planning and scheduling, System Design, Functional specification, Design specification, Preparation of impact analysis, Coding, System Test Plan, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Quality Assurance, Code Review and Production Support.
  • Used supplied packages to extend the functionality of PLSQL programs such as DBMS JOB for scheduling, UTL FILE to read and write from database, DBMS SQL to write Dynamic SQL
  • Expertise with Functional, Unit, System and Integration testing
  • Performed SQL tuning, DB performance enhancement tasks for the performance and speed of execution of database objects and performed dynamic SQL embedding and execution
  • Experience in performance tuning and SQL optimization using (Hints, Explain Plan, Auto Trace, and TKPROF).
  • Proficient in restructuring tables, de-normalization of tables and building Materialized views.
  • Very good understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Professional GUI designer
  • Good understanding of Data modeling concepts ER Diagrams, UML, Use Cases, Normalization and De-normalization of Tables.
  • Experience in handling large-scale applications and complex software development projects.
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to follow project standards and decision-making capability.
  • Quick learner and possesses ability to attain a high degree of accuracy in work.
  • Self-motivated, creative team player with effective communication and leadership qualities.
  • Hard and Smart worker, maintain healthy relation with team and colleagues


Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, C

ETL tools: IBM Data Stage 8.1, Data Transformation Services (DTS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)Scripting Language: Java Script, Unix Shell Scripts, HTML, HTML 5

RDBMS/DBMS: Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server2008, MY SQL, DB2, Teradata

Operating systems: Windows 7/XP/2003/2000, UNIX, LINUX

Developer Tools: SQL*PLUS, SQL Developer, Oracle Developer Suite(Forms and Reports).

Data Modeling Tools/Tool: TOAD Data Modeler, Erwin 4.0/7.x Data Modeler, Putty

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Other skills: MS Office (Project, Publisher, Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Dream Weaver

Oracle Utilities: SQL*LOADER, UTL FILE, Export/Import, Data Pump

Ticketing systems: HP Quality Center, Service Center, ITG Request


Confidential, Independence, MO

Sr. Oracle Developer


  • Developed various Oracle PLSQL packages, functions, procedures for process design and extensions.
  • Worked on ETL tool IBM Data Stage which are used for data Extraction, Transformation, loading into multiple Databases and also mapping the data.
  • Responsible for writing complex SQL queries and developed the back-end programs in PL-SQL for this application.
  • Effectively handled the exceptions in development phase of Stored procedures code by using the User Defined Exceptions.
  • Worked in build stage with Oracle Data base Administrators and involved in creating Views, Materialized views, Implemented Auditing and reporting Oracle User activity.
  • Created over 20 forms with complex master detail relationships, Triggers and firing events, Custom PLSQL libraries and Database API.
  • Deployed packages, triggers, procedures in DEV, TEST and End to End environment
  • Deployed the scripts into DEV, INTEGRATION using version control software and Release approval process.
  • Authored Business Requirement Documents, Functional and Technical Design documents, Integration Documents and User training Documents.
  • Redesigned and coded some of the existing Procedures in the system to extend the existing functionality according to the Business requirements.
  • Extensively used Dynamic SQL for DDL and DML commands in PL/SQL. The procedures are built to generate reports with dynamically varying conditions based on the input parameters passed.
  • Optimized SQL Queries by performance tuning using Explain plan, creating Indexes for reporting requirements and providing hints as of when required.
  • Supported post production deployments with and code or Database related Issues.
  • Worked in close proximity with business users understanding the need for extensions and acted as key player for understanding and implementation.
  • Extensively involved in various phases of testing the products before migrating Production, from Unit testing through regression, UAT and performance testing.
  • Expertise in Loading in multiple tables data and able to use merge statement of conditional
  • Extensively used Cursors, Ref Cursors and Exceptions in developing Packaged Procedures and Functions.
  • Effective usage of the Bulk Collect while dealing with the large scale of data loading.
  • Created batch jobs in regular maintenance, production support to load the data using UNIX shell scripting.
  • Implemented table and index partitioning of various tables with huge data.
  • Worked with Database Administrator in creating Partition tables using by Range, Hash, List and Interval Partitioning techniques
  • Detected and corrected bugs during system integration and user acceptance testing.

Environment: Oracle Database11g, Linux oracle 6, TOAD, SQL*Developer, UNIX, Reports Builder 11g, Forms Builder 11g, Rational Clear Case, Share point, MOVEIT Central, Informatica Power Center8.0, HP Quality Center.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr.Application Developer and Oracle


  • Analyze the requirements, existing code and suggested the enhancements for business requirements
  • Design flow for the ETL process for building up the data repository.
  • Single handedly handled the production deployment phase of Consumer Business Billing Application project using the ITG Request deployment frame work.
  • Develop and integrate Data Stage jobs
  • Develop Oracle scripts and PL/SQL procedures
  • Customization of code as per the user requirements.
  • Providing status of project by attending daily status call.
  • Followed the Scrum methodology for development of projects and implemented the development in sprints.
  • Worked for the production deployment of the project by working closely with the Business team and deployment assistance team.
  • Design Unix scripts and shell scripting for batch jobs
  • Responsible for developing custom PL/SQL wrappers for fixing the data issues for support team.
  • Worked on TIVOLI Work Scheduler for the scheduling of batch jobs.
  • Separating of tables and indexes on different locations. Reducing Disk I/O Contention etc. Applications Tuning of Database using EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, SQL TRACE, ANALYZE, HINTS etc. Oracle query tuning and optimization
  • Performed some basic database administrative tasks creating users, tables, table spaces, grants, indexes, partitioning tables in DEV and TEST environments.
  • Worked with FTP and SFTP efficiently for processing
  • Performed the requirement gathering from Business Analyst and suggested the crucial data to be loaded in the Master tables.
  • Debugged the complex data stage job errors by using error logs detection
  • Involved in Customizing and testing of Packages.
  • Involved in Concurrent Program Registration and Manual creation of Lookups.
  • Also responsible for system integrity testing and user acceptance testing before final migration of the programs to the PROD instance

Environment: Oracle Database11g, IBM Info sphere Data Stage 8.5, SQL Server 2008, TOAD, SQL*Developer, UNIX, PUTTY, Shell script, HP Quality Center, RALLY, Scrum for Agile Implementation.

Confidential, Tulsa, OK

Oracle Developer


  • Analysis of Sources data, analyzing the Oracle Source Objects and identifying the method for migrating data to target.
  • Created and used EXTERNAL TABLES for migrating flat file data into target.
  • Identified the row migration and row chaining rows and modified the target design to minimize them in the target
  • Built physical data structures like tables, views, constraints & Indexes.
  • Worked with Oracle in enabling Auditing.
  • Created Database links to access remote data
  • Created the Staging tables to avoid the lookup on large tables. Developed procedures to load data from staging tables to Target tables.
  • Responsible for the creation of Packages, Functions and Procedures
  • Performed Testing of the Packages, Procedures and Functions.
  • Extensive use of TOAD for extracting scripts from the dictionary.
  • Worked on Crystal reports. Worked on troubleshooting of database connectivity and performance tuning.
  • Optimized the performance of the database queries and involved in De-normalization of the queries.
  • Extensive use of PL/SQL Collections and Records.
  • Worked on UTL file utility to transfer data from Oracle application to external systems.
  • Exported the reports into the required formats
  • Developed various Oracle Applications using PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Forms, Reports, Workflow Builder, and Application Object Library.
  • Worked with users through all Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) phases
  • Wrote technical design documents for conversions, extensions, interfaces, and reports
  • Recovered troubleshoot issues, including creation/follow-up of Oracle service requests (SRs). Conducted quality reviews of code developed by other development staff.
  • Developed several complex reports using various features like multiple grouping, drill down, parameterized fields, formulas and conditional formatting using Crystal reports

Environment: Oracle Database 9i, Developer 2000, Forms 9i/6i, Reports 9i/6i,Discoverer 2000, Crystal report, TOAD, PLSQL Developer, Sun Solaris 8.0, Windows XP Professional, PL/SQL, Java applications, Shell Scripts.


Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Involved in all phases of software development including gathering requirements, creatingspecs, developing various database objects, developing code and validating programs, etc.,
  • Involved in development of User Interface Objects and Testing of entire module
  • Involved in the creation of database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, functions, packages, DB triggers, Indexes and Collections.
  • Exported the reports into the required formats
  • Performed of conversion extension and installation scripts
  • Extensively used PL/SQL Developer for creating database objects, running the command scripts for inserting the configuration data items.
  • Written many database triggers for automatic updating the tables and views.
  • Responsible for back end stored procedures development using PL/SQL predefined procedures.
  • Used Explain Plan and hints to tune the SQL
  • Implemented proactive database administration to avoid problems such as running out of free space, insufficient space for temporary segments, fragmentation of data segments, etc.
  • Used UNIX Shell scripts to deploy the Oracle forms and reports to production servers.
  • Involved in loading the data from flat files to Oracle tables using SQL*Loader and C.
  • Involved in creating user documentation and providing End user training.
  • Responsible for making the technical documentation, reports related to the application.

Environment: Oracle 9i, Sun Solaris 2.5, Server Manager, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader and Windows NT, Developer 2000

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