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Lead Oracle Apps Dba Principal Consultant Resume Profile


  • Over 19 years of experience in enterprise database applications involving in Oracle technology. Performed multiple implementations, installations, configurations and upgrades of Oracle EBS systems. Strong in data modeling, database design, capacity planning, resource optimization, leading development and administration team. Primarily responsible for administering, managing and supporting corporate Oracle EBS R12.1.x/R11i Applications.
  • In-depth knowledge and great enthusiasm towards Oracle Technology. Self motivating and excellent troubleshooting skills. Very good team player and proven mentor for the development team. Responsible for providing the roadmap for Oracle Apps in IT infrastructure and presenting the high level reports on Oracle Apps to the Executive managers. Formulated the procedures and reports for internal corporate audit and SOX compliance. Worked in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, Warehouse and Utilities Industries supporting the enterprise database systems.
  • Seeking an opportunity with professional growth and career advancement involving enterprise Oracle database applications and Oracle Enterprise Business Suite Applications.


  • Currently working as a Lead Oracle Apps DBA Principal Consultant for the implementation of the multi-million dollar Project INSPIRE for the local utilities company, MLGW Memphis Light, Gas and Water in Memphis, TN.
  • Worked as Database Advisor in Global Data Architecture supporting production, testing and development systems with R12.1.3 EBS in multi-org architecture for FedEx services.
  • Over 19 years of experience managing Oracle ERP Suite Financials, supply chain and Manufacturing system administration and Applications DBA role.
  • Over 19 years of experience in data modeling, database administration, data warehousing, systems analysis, design, SDLC and client server computing in Oracle environment.
  • Expert in upgrades of Oracle E-Business applications from 11i to the latest release R12.x
  • Strong inclination towards Oracle tools and technology.
  • Expert in advanced methodologies in Auto Patching and administration of Oracle EBS.
  • Several functions of EBS Administration are automated thru shell scripts and self-executing alerts.
  • Architected Oracle E-Business suite implementation including planning, design and implementation phases.
  • Managed development team for Oracle financial module customizations.
  • Led the Upgrade of several versions of Oracle E-Business suite applications over the years.
  • Mentored in documenting Oracle EBS testing procedures for all the financial modules.
  • Expert in troubleshooting and resolving the production issues after the major upgrades.
  • Strong experience in managing day to day functional and technical issues of the corporate financials systems.
  • Strong experience in leading to deploy corporate applications using Oracle RDBMS and Oracle application server technologies.
  • Involved in several upgrades and migration of the legacy systems to the open systems using advanced methodologies.
  • Architected and supported the processes for audit functions of the business financial systems according to SOX compliance.
  • Strong knowledge in RDBMS technologies for various versions of Oracle RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL PLUS, SQL Loader, Data Pump, Export/Import, Partitioning, Oracle 9.x/10GR2/11G
  • Performed several database upgrades in the past and well versed with the Oracle upgrade methodologies.
  • Migrated the EBS/RDBMS to Enterprise Linux systems from Solaris/HPUX environments.
  • Implemented SQL Outlines/SQL Profiles/STS over the various RDBMS versions. Utilized SPA to compare the SQL execution plans during the changes.
  • Strong knowledge in Oracle Application utilities, patching technologies and configurations of oracle applications using cloning methodologies.
  • Involved in developing and deploying backup methodologies for Oracle systems using RMAN.
  • Implemented DR policies for Oracle applications for critical business continuity.
  • Implemented Oracle CPU updates keeping Oracle applications baselined with the security alerts.
  • Extensive experience in trouble-shooting the performance issues and strong knowledge in Oracle tuning methodologies such as SQL tuning, TKProf, Oracle Diagnostics.
  • Strong knowledge in analyzing AWR/ADDM reports and dba hist views for performance/measure of workload in the database.
  • Automated custom alerts monitoring Oracle RDBMS processes and resources.
  • Strong knowledge in Shell programming Korn in Solaris/HPUX/Linux environment
  • Possess working knowledge in SUN Solaris/Veritas administration.
  • Possess working knowledge in EMC-BCV technology for storage operations.
  • Functioned as backup BASIS admin for SAP HR applications.
  • Implemented POC installs/configurations for OBIEE, RAC, OEM Grid, Oracle Fusion Middleware/SOA and Integrated SOA Gateway ISG for E-Business suite.


Oracle E-Business Suite R12/11i, Oracle RDBMS 10G/11G, OEM, Oracle Workflow, Web ADI, Oracle XML Publisher/BI Publisher, RapidClone, System Administration, AutoConfig, OAS, Applications patching technology, Application utilities, Change migration methods, Performance tuning, Data Modeling, Database Design, Resource planning, RDBMS Alerts


Operating Systems : UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT, Veritas

Hardware: SUN Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Oracle Linux

Software: OEM, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Developer suite, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle Application WebServer, Visual Basic

ERP/Applications: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.x/11.5.x, Hyperion, Primavera P6 EPPM, SAP, RedPrairie

RDBMS: Oracle 7.x/8.x/9i/10G/11G, ASM/RAC, SQL Server, Essbase

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, Basic, XML, Korn Shell, Python



Applications: Oracle EBS R12.1.3, Primavera P6, PowerPlan, OBIEE, Hyperion, GIS, SOA, Weblogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware

Modules implemented: GL, AR, IEX, EAM, AP, PO, INV, MFG, Oracle Workflow, EPPM

Environment: Oracle RDBMS 10GR2/11GR2, EMC, HPUX/Oracle Linux, RAC, ASM, OEM, SUN JRE

  • Currently responsible for supporting the Global implementation of the project INSPIRE as Oracle DBA Consultant. Project INSPIRE is multi-million dollar implementation of replacing the Legacy mainframe system with the Oracle EBS, Primavera P6 EPPM, OBIEE, Hyperion, GIS and PowerPlan applications integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA technologies. This project is very complex, challenging and highly visible in the Enterprise applications. Memphis Light, Gas and Water supports the state of art Enterprise Assets Management system supported in the legacy mainframe application MSS .
  • Developed a platform migration plan to migrate the existing Oracle HRMS ERP EBS R12.1.3 from the HPUX environment to Oracle Linux environment.
  • Responsible for all the Apps DBA tasks including Cloning, Patching, Performance tuning, trouble-shooting the issues and configurations for all the INSPIRE instances.
  • Developed and responsible for the roadmap for preparing the existing Oracle HR Payroll system to implement the additional modules scoped for the Project INSPIRE.
  • Installed Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM R8.3.2 and configured the LDAP authentication with the
  • Enterprise AD.
  • Responsible for delivering the CRP instances meeting the project's requirements and providing the Functional SysAdmin support for all the setups and profile changes.
  • Responsible for supporting multiple DEV CRP instances for the implementation of all the functional modules.
  • Responsible for the patch management policies for all the EBS instances for the Project INSPIRE.
  • Responsible for managing and supporting all the technical requirements including the profile options management to meet the business requirements for the Project INSPIRE.
  • Developed the standard policies for the deployment of enterprise JRE supporting all the applications in the Enterprise eco-system.
  • Responsible for up-taking all the instances with all the patches/patchsets and managing migration of the patches thru all the instances.
  • Upgraded the EBS instance's RDBMS to 11GR2 from 10GR2.


Application: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3, Oracle RDBMS 10GR2/11GR2 RAC/ASM

Modules implemented: GL, AR, IEX, Oracle Workflow, XML Publisher, SOA, PCP, SSL

Environment: EMC, HPUX/LINUX-RHEL, RAC, ASM, OEM, SUN JRE, Subversion,

12C Grid

  • Responsible for supporting the enterprise AR for the Global implementation of corporate revenue systems. This is a huge database implemented in Oracle EBS R12.0.x and upgraded to R12.1.3. We have 8 Global EBS instances and supporting a big development/functional teams and users base.
  • Upgraded the EBS to Release 12.1.3 from the version R12.1.2.
  • Supported the conversion rollouts of global regions from legacy system OCEAN into Oracle EBS.
  • Implemented advanced methods troubleshooting the performance issues in parallel dml operations.
  • Developed a utility in shell programming to identify display the top Oracle sessions from the OS in HPUX.
  • Developed custom programs to automate iterative post-cloning steps.
  • Developed programs to automate and expedite the data fix scripts provided by Oracle Support.
  • Extensively used OEM to troubleshoot SQL by implementing SQL Profiles/SQL Performance Analyzer.
  • Involved in migrating the EBS-HPUX to Linux-RHEL platform.
  • Involved in drafting the new architecture for Linux environment with high availability/maximum availability considerations.
  • Tuned the JVMs for OC4J components in R12 architecture.
  • Lead the DBA team for supporting the production and lower level instances.
  • Developed custom scripts for pro-active and re-active monitoring of the system.
  • Developed some Python programs to migrate the RMAN backup sets to speed up the clones.
  • Implemented cloning methodology and procedures for refreshes.
  • Automated migration of the code drivers using subversion.
  • Implemented several monitoring scripts/alerts for better user experience in the EBS.
  • Implemented RMAN for the backup/recovery operations.

Involved in successful implementation of Migration project from HPUX-nonRAC to Linux-RAC based systems including the database upgrade/character set upgrade for the data. This is a huge project involving multiple components and multiple stakeholders. The migration project includes building/migrating of L0/L1/L2/L3/L4/L5/L6/Gold and Production. The foot print for EBS installation is about 80 servers with high availability and redundancy.


Application: Oracle E-Business Suite

Modules implemented: GL, AR, AP, FA, PO, WebADI, Oracle Workflow, BI Publisher, SSL Environment: EMC Storage, SUN Solaris, OAS, Windows XP, SUN JRE

  • Responsible for administering all Oracle Financials and manufactuting database instances and System Administration operations. Responsible for Oracle workflow operations. Responsible for refreshing Dev/Test applications using RapidClone technologies.
  • Also administered all the corporate Oracle database instances. We had 8 EBS instances and more than dozen Oracle database instances for other corporate applications.
  • Upgraded the EBS to Release 12.1.3 from the version
  • Performed several Oracle applications upgrades for Oracle ERP systems starting from 10.7 SC, 11.0.1, 11.0.x, 11.5.8,, R12.0.6, R12.1.3 over the period successfully.
  • Performed several RDBMS upgrades for Oracle database servers over the period successfully.
  • Implemented OEM for database operations.
  • Implemented Oracle Alerts, WebADI, Oracle Workflow, Oracle XML Publisher/BI Publisher for the Application processing.
  • Involved in all the financials and manufacturing modules implementation in Oracle EBS Application.
  • Implemented Oracle Applications Manager and Oracle Diagnostics for troubleshooting any data issues in Oracle E-Business Suite applications.
  • Currently involved in implementation of Hyperion, GetPaid applications.
  • Implemented Oracle Application Server, Oracle Web Server and Apache web server for intranet applications.
  • Implemented SUN JRE for deploying Oracle Applications in corporate intranet across all the locations.
  • Responsible for SOX compliance and auditing of all the enterprise databases and Oracle E-Business suite.
  • Responsible for administering enterprise users for Oracle Metalink support.
  • Implemented and installed Oracle RDBMS in LINUX environment in IFL Mainframe-zVM
  • Implemented several fast cloning of databases and Oracle E-Business suite applications using RapidClone methodologies and BCV disk operations.
  • Involved in implementing Hyperion 9.3 with various components and supported the Essbase database connecting to Oracle RDBMS server 10GR2 for the metadata storage.


Tools: Oracle Designer 2000, Visual Basic, Net Dynamics, Visual Caf , Visigenic, SC Pricer, ODBC/JDBC, CORBA/IIOP

Environment: UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95, MQ Series

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, Visual Basic, Java, HTML

  • Involved in an application to centralize the pricing and quotation system for all the products and distributors in our corporation. Responsibilities include database design, database development, on going updates from mainframe through MQ interface to Oracle, coordinating development of user interfaces for both web and client-server environments. Visigenic ORB was used for distributed object computing.
  • Maintained and trained users for a data warehousing application, Sales Reporting System which was developed using Oracle tools only. The application was designed and developed using Oracle Designer 2000 and Oracle Developer 2000. This application supported both OLTP and OLAP. Data was extracted from legacy systems and reports are generated for decision supporting. Maintenance included customizing screens, fixing reports, writing stored packages to support the system. This also included implementing the system and training the users as well. Views and roles were created encapsulating security.
  • Designed and developed a relational database engine, DMI known as Distributor Manufacturer Integration. The application provided an intermediate communication layer between distributors and different manufacturers. The system kept track of all the purchase orders, suggested orders, shipments, daily sales, invoices and claims. The application provided the vendor to manage the customer's inventory also known as Vendor Managed Inventory. The whole system was implemented in Oracle environment. The engine also supported EDI transactions. Security was implemented using roles, views and public synonyms. The design and modeling was implemented using Oracle Designer 2000 tools. Screens were generated using Forms generator and further customized using Developer 2000. Also responsible for the repository administration.
  • Developed an application called Remote Report Requester which requests the report server remotely and stacks them in the queue. A daemon was created in Visual Basic to process the queue and sends the report outputs back to the user. This was developed using VB 3.0, MS Access, Oracle Reports, and Crystal Reports. MAPI controls were extensively used for communications.


  • Developed an intranet application to lookup for distributors by name, city, state, and zip code using Oracle web server generating from Oracle Designer 2000.
  • Developed an interface in MS Excel communicating to Oracle database. Oracle GLUE was used for interacting with Oracle database.
  • Designed and developed Project Management software using Visual Basic 3.0 and Oracle 7.1 for a company involving various projects and Employees. Communication with Oracle database was established by setting up an ODBC data source. Graphs were generated dynamically to view and compare the actual growth and proposed growth for each project. A statistical graph could be generated to view the growth of an employee with the company. A generic tool tip was built using API calls to USER and KERNEL libraries in Windows SDK.
  • Designed and developed an e-mail utility tool using Visual Basic 3.0 which was similar to any other available utility with all functionalities and was capable of running on any Network. Database was developed using MS Access 2.0.
  • Developed an interface to edit, update, retrieve and poke the existing data in
  • MS Excel worksheet through Visual Basic 3.0 using DDE link modes.
  • Developed an application about banking system using C in Visual C environment. This application resembles an ATM with all transactions of any bank.
  • Developed an Engineering application to compute the Deflections in beams under different configurations in C.

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