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Database Architect / Consultant Resume

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  • Multifaceted professional with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology
  • Good exposure to domains such as Retail, SCM industry, Financial Services and Banking
  • Hands - on experience in administering and managing large databases, Oracle and DB2 UDB databases
  • Proficient in database design, architecture, oracle database administration and DB2 UDB Database Administration
  • Deft in database performance tuning and architect
  • Conversant with Big Database and Greenplum Data Computing appliance (DCA)
  • Good at setting up Greenplum Database and maintenance
  • Knowledge of GP Database Design/Data Modeling
  • Expertise in Data Modeling using ER Studio and Erwin data modeling tool
  • Well versed in ETL tools such as Pentaho, Informatica
  • Familiar with all phases of Data Modeling - Conceptual, Logical and Physical modeling
  • Hands-on experience in Data modeling in ER Studio and Erwin for Enterprise Data warehouse, Data marts and Multidimensional databases
  • Well acquainted with Oracle database - DBA, Database queries, Triggers, Cursors, Constraints, Procedures, Functions and Packages in Oracle-PLSQL
  • Good at building relational databases with implementation of various normalization forms to (3NF)
  • Expertise in designing and implementing enterprise data architecture and integration methodologies
  • Knowledge of data strategy, data governance, cost-optimization, innovation and efficiency
  • Deft in creating, training and maintaining team for small and medium scaled projects
  • Well versed in reverse engineering database and created 3rd normal form ER diagram
  • Exposure to RDBMS and Oracle
  • Extensive experience in supporting complete cycle of multiple project implementations such as planning, development, implementation, installations, performance tuning and setting operational and backup/recovery strategies
  • Proficient in business requirements analysis, database design and data modeling (Relational and Multi- dimensional)
  • Hands-on experience in data center migrations
  • Possess excellent communication, analytical, project management, leadership and interpersonal skills


Operating Systems: HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 8, 9, 10, AIX 5.1, 5.2, Red Hat Linux RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, Oracle RAC, DB2UDB 8/9 and SYBASE 15.7

Big Database Technologies: Greenplum 4.2

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++ and UNIX Shell Scripting

Tools: RMAN, OEM, SQL*Loader, EXP, IMP, expdp, impdp, TOAD, DBCA and RapidSQL


Database Modeling: ER Studio 8.5, Erwin 4.0 and Rational rose

Other: VERITAS NetBackup and Control-M


Confidential, Dallas

Database Architect / Consultant


  • Involved in Greenplum Database Administration & Performance Tuning
  • Data loading & Unloading using gpfdist, gpload and Copy.
  • Implementing the schema/Table/Object creations or Modifications.
  • Taking the backups & Monitoring the backup procedures
  • Table managements like Vacuum analysis, Re-Distribution of the tables.
  • Managing users, roles & privileges.
  • Maintenance of Workload management
  • Greenplum Database design & Development using Erwin.
  • Database Performance Tuning and SQL Tuning
  • Creating & Managing Partition tables
  • Development of PgPlsql, Perl scripts for reports generation.
  • Architectural Design change for Applications - Data Modeling & Design

Environment: Greenplum 4.2, Oracle 11g, Red hat Linux RHEL, Pivotal VRP, Pgadmin, GP Command Center

Confidential, Austin, Texas

Senior DBA/Data Architect


  • Involved in Performance Testing and SQL Tuning
  • Performing Architectural Design change for applications - Data Modeling and Design
  • Handling Data load Tuning Activity - Materialized views refresh
  • Involved in Database Administration Activities such as Database setup
  • Managing users, roles and privileges, backup and recovery procedures

Environment: Oracle 10g/11g, Red hat Linux RHEL 3.1, SAP BO and SQL Developer

Confidential, City of New York, NY

Senior DBA/Data Architect


  • Involved in business requirement analysis, database design and development for the 3 applications
  • Managing Greenplum Databases on MPP Data Computing Appliance (DCA)
  • Architectural Design for Applications - Data Modeling and Design
  • Designing Greenplum Database and developing using ER studio
  • Taking backup and restoring Greenplum Database
  • Implementing the PostGre SQL DDLs in the GP Appliance
  • Supporting code development
  • Involved in Application performance Testing and SQL and Database Tunings
  • Involved in setting up and implementing database
  • Designing Oracle database and handling performance tuning activities
  • Managing users, roles and privileges, backup and recovery procedures
  • Setting up QA Environment and Production Environment activities
  • Debugging the database related issues for the applications
  • Developing Canonical Data Modeling to present to Enterprise Architects team
  • Creating logical data model and physical data model
  • Generating data model by reverse engineering method
  • Developing Database Design for Conflict Attestation and Management system for Analysts
  • Developing Database Design for Rating Analyst Rotation Tool Project
  • Designing Physical Data Model to DDLs and setting up database
  • Performing Capacity planning or volume calculation
  • Involved in ETL (Pentaho) preparing specifications, development to Implementation
  • Designing new feed repository which accepts any format of csv, xml and tsv

Environment: Greenplum DCA, Oracle 11g R2, GreenPlum 4.1, DB2 UDB 9.7 and Red hat Linux RHEL 5

Confidential, Florida

Senior DBA/Data Architect


  • Provided conceptual data architecture of the solution between the interacting applications for projects
  • Defined and implemented the organizational Data Standards
  • Provided Logical Data Model (Entity-Relationship Model) using ER Studio that captures the business data requirements and Data Definition and Relationship Definition to design the database
  • Created dimensional model to support various data warehouse initiatives
  • Defined XML Document Type Definitions and XML Schemas for validating the messages
  • Aligned with Enterprise Conceptual Data Architecture
  • Identified data impacts and data reuse opportunities
  • Implemented data warehousing solutions involving Dimension modeling which Star schema and Snow Flake Schema implementation
  • Converted Physical Data Model to DDLs and set up database for Application Environments (DEV/QA/STG/PROD)
  • Handled Performance Testing and SQL Tuning Activities
  • Involved in existing Oracle and DB2 UDB Database Migrations
  • Took development database backups and restorations
  • Managed users, roles and privileges, backup and recovery procedures

Environment: Oracle 11g R2, DB2 UDB 9.1 and Red hat Linux RHEL 3.1


Senior DBA/Performance Architect


  • Involved in Data Model design of Confidential Bancs products - Back Payments system, Insurance
  • Analyzed performance requirements
  • Identified performance goals/requirements
  • Understood Business Processing, Components, Transactions and Constraints
  • Identified SLAs for different classes of transactions, batches and Peak Workloads
  • Reviewed Architecture and Design from Performance Perspective
  • Incorporated approaches for performance
  • Profiled High Frequency Transactions
  • Conducted Intermediate Scale Tests on Representative Volume
  • Responsible for Oracle/DB2 Administration- Managing users, roles and privileges, backup and recovery procedures Buildup of Representative Data Volumes
  • Involved in Performance Profiling of transactions and batches on Representative Data Volumes
  • Simulated Medium Workload tests & Benchmarked Performance
  • Simulated Peak Workload tests for UI and Batches, Stress tests (Sustained Peak Workload) and UI + Batch Mixed Scenario Workload Tests
  • Involved in analysis and resolution of performance bottlenecks/issues at each stage
  • Handled Application Tuning, SQL Tuning and Code profiling
  • Compiled best practices (Performance oriented, sql, database, Applications)


Database Administrator


  • Provided Primary DBA support for Confidential Applications Development and Administration
  • Provided input to the project and enhancement teams to define database storage structures (tablespaces) after application developers have designed an application
  • Created primary objects (tables, views, indexes, snapshots, database links) once application developers have designed an application
  • Modified the database structure as necessary, from information given by application developers
  • Maintained system security
  • Took database backups and recovery using Import/Export, Data Pump tools
  • Controlled and monitored user access to the database
  • Monitored and optimized the performance of the database and maintained archived data
  • Supported Dev teams to verify all instances are healthy and up
  • Tuned SQL, I/O, Application and Database
  • Reviewed Data Fragmentation and Performance Tuning on Oracle and DB2
  • Created Development/Test Instances
  • Used SQL/PLSQL and UNIX Shell Scripting for monitoring space and extent growth
  • Managed and supported SQL Server instances/databases using SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Installed and maintained oracle database servers and clients different versions 8.1.7, 9i R2, 10g R1/R2 on platforms Red hat Linux, Windows servers and different Unix platforms
  • Installed DB2UDB 9.1 Fix Pack 3 / 8.2 FP2, SYBASE, MSSQL server 2000 on AIX, HPUX and windows 2000 servers
  • Took backup of database and restored test data for testing purpose.
  • Solved Day to day issues related to all the databases such as ORACLE, DB2, SYBASE and MSSQL
  • Created the databases and users for testing purpose with proper privileges

Confidential, CA

Senior Technical Associate/DBA


  • Created DDLs and set up databases in DEV/QA
  • Involved in Project Enhancements (Unix shell scripting)
  • Handled system fine tuning and Performance Management (SQL tuning)
  • Analyzed system troubleshooting and managed change requests
  • Designed, developed and tested the resolution for each Change Requests
  • Documented changes, tested results and updated operating manuals

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