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Db2 Luw Database Administrator Resume


  • IT experience of 9 years of involving Database administration at all phases of software development lifecycle i.e Development, Analysis, Design, Testing and implementation for various kinds of applications.
  • Worked as DB2 UDB V 8.x, 9.7, 10.1 Database administrator on UNIX, LINUX, and Windows Platforms with expertise in online transaction processing and multi - user systems involving large and distributed databases.
  • Involved extensively in Installation and Configuration, upgrading and troubleshooting DB2 databases.
  • Skilled in database administration tasks like SQL coding, Relational Design, Referential Integrity, Index strategies, and SQL troubleshooting using DB2 UDB.
  • Migrating DB2 UDB databases from old to newer versions and applying FIXPACKS to keep DB2 at most recent level.
  • Replicated data from DB2 OLTP to DB2 DW using Q replication method.
  • Created federation between DB2 ZOs to DB2 LUW, DB2 to DB2 databases and SQL server.
  • Extracted Mainframe data using Federation and Nicknames.
  • Experience in OLTP and OLAP database environments which include Single Partitioned and Multi - Partitioned Databases (DPF).
  • Perform AUDIT on the Databases
  • Experienced in handling DB2 UDB security, establishing Replication between servers, Capacity Planning, Backup and Restore, Shipping archival logs, corruption and Recovery, Managing login / permissions.


Databases: DB2 UDB V8.x, 9.x, 10.1 and SQL server.

Data tools: IBM Data studio 2.x, Toad, DB2pd, DB2haicu, DB2top,DB2look, IBM TSM, BMC Change ManagerOperating Systems AIX 7.x,6.x, 5.x, Redhat, Linux 4.x, 5.x, Solaris 2.8 / 2.7 / 2.6, Windows Server 2008, NT 4.0, HP - UX 10.2 / 11.0

Schedulers: Cron, Autosys, Windows Scheduler.



DB2 LUW Database Administrator


  • Installed, Configured and upgraded DB2 server software and related products
  • Troubleshoot day to day problems encountered on production, development and test database environment.
  • Designed, implemented and administered DB2 UDB for development, test and production environments.
  • Developed and implemented standards to create databases and various database objects.
  • Took online and offline backups as well as wrote shell scripts and scheduled them.
  • Requested space for file system and raw - devices to UNIX group.
  • Wrote shell scripts in UNIX with a good understanding of UNIX servers and architecture.
  • Put AutoSys job scheduling daily based for Backup, reverse engineering, size of table spaces, snapshot and runstats scripts.
  • Cataloged multiple instances and configuring connectivity to databases from remote clients.
  • Tuned Database Manger configuration parameters as needed.
  • Bind the server DB2 utilities to the database.
  • Used DB2 utilities like LOAD, EXPORT, IMPORT, DB2LOOK. To more data between environments.
  • Extensive use of DB2advis and DB2explain to tune expensive SQL queries effecting performance.
  • Using Shell scripts to automate processes for backups and recovery, table space resizing, reorgs.
  • Extensively involved in Application support, Design, User Administration, Security, Performance Tuning, Optimization and Backup / Recovery.
  • Tuned DBM configuration parameters and DB cfg parameters.
  • Drop and add users, logins, aliases, and groups to the databases and granting / revoking permissions on Database objects.
  • Installed DB2 10.1 AESE on sandbox and working on Prototype scenarios for replication.
  • Supported on call weekly based 24/7.

Environment: IBM DB2 V 9.1, 9.5, 9.7, 10.1, IBM Datastudio, AIX 5.x, 6.x, Foglight V4.2, 5.6, Toad, Networker, TSM, BMC Remedy.


DB2 Database Administrator


  • Provide for database administration, design, build and tune mission critical DB2 UDB ESE and DPF environments.
  • Migrating databases from DB2 8.2 to DB2 9.7 and applying fix packs as per industry norm.
  • Implementing backup strategies for point in time recovery for production environment.
  • Working with instance and database configuration parameters to automate tasks for logging, storage and disk management.
  • Provided on call 24/7 support for production database and application related issues.
  • Installed, configured and maintained IBM DB2 9.x on Linux, AIX and Windows.
  • Implement development, QA, Test and production databases and tuning to support the architecture.
  • Work with several development teams to create new databases and tuning to support the architecture.
  • Extensive use of DB2advis and DB2explain to tune expensive SQL queries effecting performance.
  • Using Shell scripts to automate processes for backups and recovery, table space resizing, reorgs.

Environment: IBM DB2 V 9.1, 9.5, IBM Data studio, AIX 5.x, 6.x, Foglight V4.2, 5.6, Toad.

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