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Dba Resume


  • 8 years of experience in implementing, administering and troubleshooting issues on IBM DB2 databases on UNIX and Windows platform.
  • Experience in high availability solutions like Confidential DB2 HADR with TSA.
  • Experience in administration of data - warehouse environments (DPF).
  • Knowledgeable in SQL Replication and Q Replication
  • Proficient in scripting languages - Shell scripting and Perl
  • Knowledgeable in ITIL framework and support procedures


DB2: Confidential DB2 for LUW (V10.1, V9.7, V9.5), Infosphere Replication Server, Confidential Warehouse Edition(DPF) environments Operating Q replication and SQL Replication on multi-tier and multi-platform (Z/OS to AIX)

Operating System: AIX, Linux, Windows, HP-UX, Z/OS

Monitoring Tools: Foglight for DB2, Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring

Backup and Recovery solutions: Veritas Netbackup, Tivoli Storage Manager

Security tools: Infosphere Guardium, BeyondTrust Powerbroker, BeyondTrust Power-keeper

Scripting languages: Perl, shell scripting





  • Database Engineering team member responsible for the installation and upgrade(version upgrade as well as Fixpak upgrade) of all DB2 binaries and creation of instances and databases including Infosphere Replication Server (ISRS V9.7) and Infosphere Warehouse (DPF) Enterprise Edition.
  • Database Engineering team member responsible for provisioning new database environments (HADR and non-HADR). This includes verifying that the OS pre-requisites are met, designing storage and filesystems, installing binaries, creation of instances and databases, setting up of Netbackup policies and requesting DNS aliases.
  • DBA supporting Q and SQL replication solution that makes up the critical Order Management System. The architecture involves replicating data from the mainframe (Z/OS Q Capture) down to sites (three tier fan-out architecture using external CCD and SQL Replication to distribute data across 250 sites) as well as to Oracle DataMart (using Q Apply on AIX and Federation).
  • DBA playing production support and development support role for DPF databases ensuring proper backups are available for all databases and ensuring that the database is in proper health by executing maintenance utilities (REORG and RUNSTATS) and resolving performance issues with application team
  • DBA responsible for mentoring and training the offshore DBA team and coordinating with them to execute various planned activities. This includes discussing with the client technical leads to assess the scope of work, preparing technical documentation, assigning the tasks to various team members and reporting the status to the client managers.
  • DBA involved in the Field Unix Refresh project migrating databases from old HP-UX platform to new Linux on Intel platform.
  • Database Engineering team member responsible for automation of maintenance and monitoring tasks using shell and perl scripts.
  • DBA involved in analyzing data model changes and implementing them on the databases from DEV to PROD
  • DBA involved in monitoring performance tests done by application and providing inputs regarding poor SQL’s (involving DB2’s built in WorkLoad Management - WLM)
  • Database Engineering team member involved in setting up Foglight for DB2 database monitoring system.
  • Database engineering team member responsible for preparation and execution of annual DR exercise for storage replicated (SRDF) enterprise database systems.
  • DBA responsible for performing security audit and remediating any violations reported on a monthly basis.


Senior System Engineer


  • DBA responsible for supporting a large data-warehousing environment for Bank of Montreal (Production was about 11 TB on 4 physical machines).
  • Application development support role for the data-warehousing application that was designed using Confidential DB2 and the Confidential DB2 Data Partitioning feature.
  • Primary DBA responsible for maintenance activities (BACKUP, REORG and RUNSTATS) on the warehouse databases and setting up database environment for development team (EXPORT, LOAD and REDIRECTED RESTORE)


Senior DB2 DBA


  • Work with incident management team to resolve any critical incidents that arise during offshore hours.
  • Key responsibilities included troubleshooting and resolving issues on production databases, performance tuning of queries using explain plans, recovery of databases using RESTORE and ROLLFORWARD, performing root cause analysis, scripting to automate the monitoring of database activity and weekly maintenance of databases using REORG and RUNSTATS.
  • Pro-actively monitor capacity metrics to ensure that the outages are not caused due to disk full/tablespace full conditions.
  • Investigate and resolve incident tickets related to CPU/memory issues, failure of backup and other maintenance jobs.
  • DBA responsible for creation and maintenance of DB2 Stored Procedures.
  • Co-ordinate with Confidential and vendor application teams to resolve performance issues.
  • Automation of tasks using shell scripts

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