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Senior Oracle Database Administrator Resume

San Francisco, CaliforniA


  • More than 10 years of professional work experience in the Software Industry as an Oracle Database Administrator, Golden gate Administrator and oracle application DBA (EBS).
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle database 12c,11gr2, 10gR2, Oracle 9x, 8i and RAC
  • Installation and configuration of grid infrastructure and database for Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11gr2
  • Implemented cluster configuration on ASM, NFS, OCFS storage
  • Writing shell scripts, database scripts, Awk scripts and PERL scripts required for database maintenance, database synchronization, database refresh, database reporting, system accounting statistics, security fixing, backup and restore jobs and automation jobs
  • Implemented Golden Gate Unidirectional and bidirectional replication.
  • Bidirectional Streams Replication setup and maintenance.
  • Experience working in various domains to deliver new products, upgrades. Resolve application problems to maintain high level ofcustomer satisfaction.
  • Experience in working with huge data centers and Worked on datacenter move projects
  • Experience in Oracle Server installation, configuration, performance tuning, client/server connectivity, query optimization, applying patches and backup/recovery.
  • Excellent experience in various migration techniques like export/import, Datapump, backup restore, cloning, data guard.
  • Developed Recovery Manager (RMAN) scripts for database backup and recovery including hot and cold backup options for both RAC and stand alone instances.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration, troubleshooting GG issues.
  • Experience in Maintaining Oracle Data Guard & Standby Database and providing critical solutions with Strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods.
  • Automated many common tasks using Crontab including Backups, Exports/Imports, archiving old records and verification of such processes.
  • Experience in writing scripts proactive monitoring like monitoring the disk usage and the memory usage of the server and monitoring tablespaces.
  • Hands on experience in applying patches on Oracle and, and upgraded it to Oracle
  • Good understanding of Exadata features like smart scans, HCC, flash cache, Infiniband, ILOM
  • Hands on experience with various tools like SQL*Loader, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle Grid Control.
  • Analyzed Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Active Session History (ASH) reports.
  • Experienced in generating statistics of database using ADDM.
  • Tune the SGA components like buffer cache, shared pool to avoid paging & swapping.
  • Hands on experience working with different FTP clients like Smart FTP, SFTP and SCP.
  • Extensive experience in supporting multiple production databases running 24 x 7 mission - critical / OLTP applications demanding high availability and increased performance.
  • Managing Exadata database for non-prod/prod environment.
  • Hands-on experience on implementing, upgrading and configuring the Golden Gate software for Oracle Database.
  • Extensive experience on Classical, Integrated extract and replicat.
  • Extensive experience on Golden Gate Heterogeneous replication using Golden gate
  • Extensive experience on Golden Gate DDL Replication
  • Troubleshooting golden gate extract/replicat issues like ORA-0001, ORA-1502, ORa-2291 etc.
  • Analyzed Tables, Indexes periodically to optimize the SQL queries.
  • Strong Knowledge and experience of Creating Users, Public Synonyms, Database Links, roles, profiles, privileges and assigning roles to users.
  • Experience in Capacity Planning, Storage Allocation and Space Monitoring & Management.
  • Month end activities and database capacity planning and space management
  • Extensive experience in Creation, maintenance, location, size of tablespaces, rollback segments and retention time for the flashback files.
  • Proficient in SQL, PL/SQL such as Triggers and Stored Procedures.
  • Developing complex shell scripts for backup, rotating logs/files, etc.
  • Highly motivated, excellent team player, enthusiastic, strong initiative and quick learner of new technologies, Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


RDBMS: Oracle database 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c

APPLICATIONS: Oracle 11i (11.5.8 to GOLDENATE 11.x,12.x etc.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Oracle Tools: Oracle Applications Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD, OUI, RMAN, ASMCMD, TKPROF, autoconfig, adadmin, adpatch, FNDLOAD,, STATSPACK, Logminer, SQL Loader, AWR report, Server control Command Line (SRVCTL), Data guard Broker Command line (DGMGRL), Golden Gate, Stream/Xstreams and ADE, GGSCI.


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows x64, Solaris Sparc64, AIX, HP-UX IA


Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Supporting more than 4500 databases including development/production for 24/7.
  • Successfully upgraded Oracle 10g ( to Oracle 11g ( on Oracle Linux 6.
  • Implemented Data guard, creating both Logical and Physical Standby databases in 11g RAC environment for the Production databases.
  • Implemented golden gate bi-direction replication.
  • Install, configure and provides technical support for Oracle 11g Release 2 RAC databases as well as non-RAC databases.
  • Configured OEM 12c enterprise manager cloud control and upgraded various 10g agents to 12c agents.
  • Implemented SQL outline to get the better execution plan for the offending queries. Setting up analyzing scripts and coordinated with development team to gather table statistics.
  • Day to Day General Administration Tablespace Management, Undo Management, Managing Users, Resources, Managing User Privileges and Roles.
  • Diagnosed Oracle bugs and coordinating with Oracle support through metalink to resolve them in timely manner.
  • Scheduled meetings with application team for database migration review to gather legacy information such as type of application, database options, current oracle configuration, capacity and oracle outstanding tasks.
  • Developed, revised and implemented policies, standards, procedures and guidelines necessary to effectively administer the database environments.
  • Capture, Propagation, Apply using Golden Gate and enable real-time data integration and continuous data availability by capturing and delivering updates of critical information as the changes occur and providing continuous data synchronization across heterogeneous environments.
  • Performing responsibility as Oracle Exadata Machine Administration.
  • Oracle10g/11g Migration From Non exadata to Exadata DB with or without GoldenGate.
  • Extensively developed PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Sequences for implementing the business rules
  • Maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures using RMAN. Monitoring the scheduled backup procedures for daily basis using crontab.
  • Database refreshes using export /import and datapump. Used AWR reports to monitor the database performance.
  • Perform Backup and Recovery thru RMAN.
  • Tested the initial data load option of Golden Gate during the environment build.
  • Refreshed multiple databases for Development and Testing upon short request.
  • Oracle services have been used to configure Golden Gate high availability for the RAC nodes.
  • High availability of Golden Gate is achieved by creating Golden Gate vips and services for RAC databases. If one node is failed Golden Gate automatically failovers to the other node.
  • Actively involved in designing/Testing of Disaster Crash recovery.
  • Improving the performance of the database by tuning SQL and database instance parameters using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor and SQL Tuning Advisor in Oracle 12c.
  • Performed Export/Import through Data Pump.
  • Performed Database Refreshes and Database Copies for Development, Test and Production databases.
  • Involved in monitoring the lock processes, releasing locks in case of resource blockage and gathering statistics.
  • Performed database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Created and maintain users, roles and privileges.
  • Involved in discussions with the management regarding the advantages/disadvantages and upgrade plans.
  • Used Oracle 11g AWR & ADDM to monitor database activities and performance tuning.
  • Performed Database Administration using TOAD, Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL scripts.
  • Installed, migrated, configured and tested Oracle 11g databases.
  • Upgraded from 10g to 11gR2 with Golden Gate as the downtime is very less, also configured extract and replicat features.
  • Installed and configured Veridata for monitoring the Golden Gate replication during the upgrade from 10g to 11gR2.
  • Created Wallet on RAC databases.
  • Configured Oracle Data Guard and Streams.

Environment: Oracle 11GR2, 10gR2, 9x, SQL, PL/SQL, Golden gate 11x, Sun Solaris, Red Hat, OEM, and RMAN, RAC, OCFS, CRS,ASM, Shell Scripts, Net Backup, NAS

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

Confidential, San Diego, California


  • Installation, maintenance and tuning of RAC and standby databases OLTP,DSS and Data Warehousing using customized shell scripts .
  • Creating ASM instance/maintaining ASM (adding, removing disk to disk group etc)
  • Ensuring that all databases are backed up on a regular basis by monitoring full, differential, transaction log backups for OLTP, warehouse, and business object repositories.
  • Applied patches to Oracle Databases.
  • Upgrading development and production databases to Oracle 11gR2.
  • Proactive database monitoring using 11g grid monitoring tool.
  • Database tuning using SQL-Trace, STATSPACK, EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF.
  • Extensive Performance Tuning, Memory (SGA) Tuning.
  • Performed database cloning to setup test and development databases.
  • Responsible for optimizing the queries and application tuning.
  • Performed SQL tuning and assist developers with coding PL/SQL.
  • Provided support to Application Database Administrators in designing the database.
  • Used RMAN for backup and recovery. Performed Hot, Cold and Logical backups. And performed backup validations using RMAN.
  • Setup Golden Gate parameter files for extraction and replication.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Automation of data load using Korn shell scripting and SQL*Loader.
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, and granting required privileges to users.
  • Recovering GoldenGate corruptions.
  • Performed other DBA activities like including space management and performance monitoring.
  • Replicated Data using Golden data for encrypted columns (Wallet).
  • Experienced in Oracle Database monitoring, troubleshooting and resolve the issues.
  • Experience in installation of Cassandra on 16-node cluster
  • Good understanding of Cassandra architecture like gossip, snitch, seed node, anti entropy, partition key, hash value, etc.

Environment: Oracle 11GR2, 10gR2, SQL, PL/SQL, Golden gate 11x, Red Hat, OEM, and RMAN, RAC, OCFS, CRS,ASM, Shell Scripts, Net Backup, NAS, Exadata.

Senior Database Administrator



  • Configuring Golden gate one-way, 2-way and multi-way replication across the cross version.
  • Configuring Golden gate replication from consolidated database to NON-CDB.
  • Configuring Golden gate replication from older version of database to 12c database.
  • Reviewing Test results, Debugging, logging and closing bugs.
  • Effectively coordinating with development teams for clarification on issues and supporting bugs.
  • Architected created design plan for cross platform migration and upgrades for 10gR2 to 11gR2
  • Installation of 11gR2, two node RAC cluster
  • Installation and configuration of physical, snapshot, active data guard for DR
  • Implemented process for large volume of data archived using data pump to external location
  • Installed and configured 11gr1 Golden Gate, configured unidirectional reporting instance
  • Implemented and applied required patch set to 11gR2 and 10gR2 databases
  • Proactively monitors database system performance and availability across multiple platforms.
  • Performed problem solving and troubleshooting on all database issues
  • Implemented backup and recovery strategy using RMAN utility
  • Developed and establishes policies and procedures governing the use and maintenance of company's database assets
  • Developed sql, pl/sql and shell script for maintenance of databases
  • Designing, developing and execution of Test cases.

Environment: Oracle 12x, 11GR2, 10gR2, SQL, PL/SQL, Golden gate 11x, Steams, Xsteams, Red Hat, Solaris, AIX, Windows, OEM, and RMAN, RAC, OCFS, CRS,ASM, Shell Scripts, Net Backup, NAS, Exadata.

Senior Member Technical Staff



  • 24x7 Production database administration, support and monitoring to ensure a proactive problem recognition and resolution of database issues
  • Installing 9i, 10g and 11g databases on SOLARIS and HP-UX
  • Migration of Database from 9i to 10g and applying patches whenever required.
  • Upgrade of Databases from 10g to 11g
  • Installed and configured Oracle 10g/11g RAC high availability
  • Installation of Oracle cluster ware, Configuring public and private network and VIP
  • Experienced with SRVCTL, OCR and Voting Disk of 10g/11g RAC
  • Developing and Implementing Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan.
  • Implemented DATAGUARD (Standby) for high availability/disaster recovery purpose
  • Monitored and effectively tuned the 11i database instances by utilizing own scripts,
  • Precise In depth for Oracle and the Statspack utilities.
  • Involved in Applications 11i administration including 11i Database/Applications cloning, tuning, patching and monitoring concurrent manager processing etc.
  • Daily Health Check Up of the Database
  • Database cloning from Production to Test and Development environments
  • Configured and maintained huge OLTP databases
  • Monitoring Table spaces and extent Growth
  • Monitoring the Hit Ratios and tuning the System Global Area (SGA) accordingly
  • Monitoring the operating system response in terms of CPU usage, disk space, and swap space by using various UNIX utilities like SAR, VMSTAT, ISOSTAT and TOP.
  • Performance tuning for optimized results using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*Trace, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR and ADDM reports.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SAN related issues
  • Experience in Identifying performance bottlenecks on high volume transaction systems.
  • Analyze SQL statements, reorganize database objects and design indexes to improve response of queries.
  • Job scheduling using crontab
  • Creation of database maintenance plans, rebuild indexes and integrity checks
  • Implemented RMAN Backups, Creation of catalog database.
  • Recovery of Database (Recovering from Media Failure, Recovering tables dropped accidentally, Recovering data files, Recovering from Block Corruption).
  • Performed full and incremental backups using RMAN
  • Ensure high availability of Databases at all time.
  • Support migration and loading of data into oracle database using SQL*Loader
  • Performed and scheduled re-orgs
  • Provided support on performance issues during project development resulting in improved response times and reduced contention
  • Intensively involved in the area of installations of Oracle Software, Configuration for database and day-to-day routine works for database administration.
  • Implemented database auditing, data security and Remediate high-risk violation in production environment.
  • Developed PL/SQL programs (Functions, Procedures, Packages and Triggers).
  • Database Management - Backup, & Recovery, Performance Tuning, Configuration of Database, Table space administration, User management, Index management
  • Created Users, Roles and Managing Security & Concurrent Managers administration.
  • Fixing Printer Issues, Setting Profile Options, Creating &Assigning Responsibilities.
  • Writing UNIX shell scripts for backup and recovery, Import and export procedures

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g/11g RAC, OEM, RMAN, HP-UX, Sun Solaris

Oracle Application Database Administrator



  • Installation of 11.5.9 applications
  • Cloning of 11.5.9 using hot backup and cold backup.
  • Applied 11.5.9 Oracle E-Business Suite Consolidated Update 2
  • Applied India Localization patch(IN60107), Applied Form personalization patch(3358850),Applied AD.I.6 patch
  • Upgrading database from 9.2.03 to
  • Created Additional customization Tops
  • Registered Custom Applications, Compilation of Forms.
  • Registered Custom forms, Menus.
  • Created Concurrent Request Groups.
  • Export and import of database objects( China ERP to India ERP)
  • Installation of Report Designer.
  • Load the Concurrent programs, Request Groups, Menus from China ERP to India ERP using FNDLOAD
  • Installed oracle on Windows server 2003 sp2
  • Monitoring database and applications (Tablespace growths, table lock, kill the locking session, Analyzing tables & index, concurrent managers etc…)
  • Applied patch bugs fixes
  • Schedule the automatic hot backup of database using Crontab.
  • Managing cold backup, hot backup &Archive log files.
  • Configured work flow notification mailer
  • Created database link from oracle database to Anyware SQL and Ms Access
  • Created database link from India ERP to Korea ERP
  • Monitoring database using TOAD
  • Registering Concurrent programs to Request group using DATALOADER
  • Co-ordinate with functional Consultant, Developers, IT support Team and End users

Environment: 11GR2, 10gR2, SQL, PL/SQL, EBS (Oracle Applications) 11x, Red Hat, Solaris, AIX, Windows, OEM, and RMAN, OCFS, Shell Scripts.

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