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Senior Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Denver, ColoradO


  • Oracle Database administrator (DBA) with extensive experience designing, coding, testing and supporting next - generation database solutions in Oracle enterprise solutions.
  • Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DB2, Access, MS SQL Server, JDBC, Visio, Apache Web Server, Java, C++, XML, Windows and Linux.
  • 7 years experience as an Oracle Database administrator mainly in Database Installations, Configuring, Tuning, Administration, Backup, Recovery, Data-Loads, perform database upgrades, managing database's storage structures.
  • Data-Loads, Import/Export, UTL FILE, SQL-Loader, Transform, Transfer.
  • Extensive experience in tuning SQL queries and database modules for optimum performance.
  • Proficient in Loading data from/to the tables by kicking off SQL*LOADER scripts.
  • Created Oracle packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers & views using Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for generating business reports.
  • Experienced to Develop & Maintain ad-hoc queries to do compare analysis using production data against historical data.
  • Knowledge of Oracle replication using Golden Gate and Share Plax.
  • Knowledge of Database Auditing using Audit Trail.
  • Proficient in AD Utilities (adadmin, admrgpch, adctrl, adconfig, adclone, adident, adsplice etc.).
  • Proficient in Troubleshooting of Apache, Forms, Conc. Manager, Reports servers, Database related issues, apps login and connectivity issues and autoconfig issues.
  • Expert in Advance Oracle Database Administration - 11g, 10g, 9i, Managing users and security, Monitored, Maintained, Scalability and database migration.
  • Proficient in Oracle RAC administration, Installation and troubleshooting. Possess precise functional experience in Patch and Data Guard to enhance data & information management.
  • Proficient in Database modeling, Database schema design, Architecture, capacity planning and hardware sizing recommendation for OLAP and DW applications.
  • Proficient in Design Backup strategy. Used RMAN and RMAN scripts.
  • Expert in Database application tuning, performance tuning and optimization.
  • Proficient in Implementation of Table Partitioning, Oracle Advanced Replications and Oracle Data guard.
  • Expert in Planning, coordinating and implementing security measures to safeguard the database.
  • Proactively monitoring the database's health and taking preventive/corrective action
  • Used Various Oracle and Related Tools - Data Guard, RMAN, and EXPORT-IMPORT.
  • Support Web Developers writing stored procedures and returning data to applications.
  • Maintained the databases, Planned and Performed Backup, Recovery & recovery strategies.
  • Expertise in RAC Administration on UNIX.


Confidential, Denver, Colorado

Senior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Regular health checkup of prod, test and development databases of 4TB to 1TB and solving the user tickets and troubleshooting database alerts, stale jobs.
  • Supported the 200 prod databases at a time with 1000+ users creating the users and assigning the responsibilities.
  • Involved in designing & implementing capacity planning, backup/recovery, tuning and monitoring strategies.
  • Data load from flat files into Oracle tables using SQL*Loader, and PL/SQL procedures.
  • Constant monitoring and performance tuning of Oracle database, checking the most expensive queries.
  • Incremental and full database recovery with experience of complex recovery scenarios.
  • Deployed the code on different environments (development, test and production).
  • Detected and corrected bugs during system integration and user acceptance testing.
  • Set up a fail-over environment to support production environment, monitoring stand by server & worked on Linux environment
  • Worked closely with the application development teams to identify and implement continuous improvements and effective problem resolution strategies.
  • Involved in system programming (Shell and SQL) to automate database pickup, monitoring and other DBA functions. Data and schema transfers from Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to flat files vice-versa, SQL server to SQL server, SQL server to text files and vice versa.
  • Backup tasks using OS backups, Oracle backups as well as through export/import and data pump utilities.
  • Created the necessary indexes to improve the query performance.
  • Analyzed and fine-tuned the Oracle performance at regular intervals.
  • Developed batch programs using UNIX shell scripts to generate reports daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and capable of handling responsibilities independently as well as proactive team member.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, TOAD, PL/SQL, OLTP, OLAP, Oracle Applications, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, OEM, AWR, RMAN, UNIX Shell Scripting, UNIX, PL/SQL Developer

Confidential, Carlsbad, California

Senior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Developed UNIX batch scripts for backend processing which included invoking of SQL Loader and SQL Plus programs to facilitate data extraction and load.
  • Problem management & change management are the primary responsibilities.
  • RAC database creation for 2node and 4node cluster environment.
  • Handling issues related to Oracle Architecture, Backup, recovery, networking, database performance, ODBC.
  • Database test servers configuration, maintenance and support.
  • R&D and implementation of cutting edge technologies related to database performance and business needs.
  • Involving with developers and application team for Plan and coordinate database changes, installation of upgrades, patches and new versions, interacting with Design DBA and other infrastructure teams.
  • Database production support. Backup the databases such as hot backups on regular databases and RMAN backups on RAC databases, Disaster Recovery incremental backups by using the RMAN.
  • Administers all database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Assists with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects.
  • Proactive Performance checking for all production instances.
  • Set the benchmark for developers to avoid any potential performance issue and provide the suggestion based on trend analysis.
  • Fine Grained Access Control, Autonomous Transactions, Table Functions, Materialized Views, Data Bulking Features.
  • Monitored the database jobs such as file system usage, database growth by using the Build in tools such as DSMON and Moving the backup files and archive log files to tape
  • Proficient in Installation, Cloning, Patching, space management issues and user management issues related to Oracle Applications, registration of forms and reports, which were developed as part of customization process with Oracle Applications.
  • Database performance tuning such as memory tuning, database tuning, explain plan, Tkprof, Stats-Pack, SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Monitored production database using automatic workload repository (AWR) and automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM),Creating the DB links.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, TOAD, PL/SQL, OLTP, OLAP, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Data Guard Broker DGMGRL, HPOV, DB Artisan, SQL Developer, OEM, AWR, RMAN, UNIX Shell Scripting

Confidential, Rosemount, IL

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Advance Oracle Database Administration - 9i, 10G, 11G.
  • Managed Table Spaces, data files, rollback segments, temporary segments, archive log files.
  • Implemented RMAN setup and created RMAN scripts for scheduled backups.
  • Security administration by creating users, managing their roles and privileges.
  • Set up Standby database for existing production instance.
  • Performed recovery of databases in development and QA environments.
  • Coordinated with the front-end developer to make the corresponding changes to the back-end.
  • Created Tables, Constraints & Indexes, Sequences and DB Links tailored to business requirements.
  • Developed and tested PL/SQL stored procedures, packages and triggers for the ETL process.
  • Tuned SQL queries leading to significant improvement in efficiency and query response time.
  • Created Shell Scripts to automate repetitive database processes and run as UNIX jobs.
  • Created automated scripts to gather statistics to improve the overall performance by identifying the bottlenecks affecting the system.
  • Performed regular maintenance operations on the database using information from automated scripts.
  • Provided support for the database related issues like configuration, validation of data, generating reports requested by the users and loading data using SQL Loader.
  • Coordinated with other Developers/DBAs performance issues or modifications in applications.
  • Provided regular feedback to peers and management regarding performance improvement through regular monitoring and analysis.
  • Involved in troubleshooting various database issues through Oracle Technical Support.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, TOAD, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, OEM, AWR, RMAN, UNIX Shell Scripting, UNIX, PL/SQL Developer

Confidential, Carlsbad, CA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Data extraction, testing and loading (Informatica).
  • Handling issues related to Oracle Architecture, Backup, recovery, networking, database performance, ODBC.
  • Database test servers configuration, maintenance and production support.
  • Analysis, Design, Develop, Tested and implemented database in Oracle (8i, 9i).
  • Used Designer 2000 for data modeling, applying integrity constraints and code generation.
  • Created database triggers for applying business rules and auditing purposes.
  • Designed and developed GUI for all Applications using Oracle Forms and Reports for General Ledger, Inventory System, Payroll and Attendance, Local and Export Sales System and Procurement.
  • Write ETL scripts to download/upload data from OLTP and Existing Data Warehouse.
  • Used SQL*Loader, Oracle Import/Export and external tables.
  • Forms interface to create roles and grant these roles to individual users.
  • Reports and ad-hoc queries launched under the GUI environment have optional capabilities to provide a variety of download or extract capabilities to permit data imports into MS Office products.
  • Interact with different users to provide expert solutions for their application system.
  • Part of DR (Disaster Recovery) site setup team.
  • R&D and implementation of cutting edge technologies related to database performance and business needs.

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i, TOAD, SQL Developer, Stats-Pack, RMAN, WINSCP, Oracle 10g/9i, TOAD, SQL Developer, Putty, RMAN.

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