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Associate Senior Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Kansas City, MO


  • Eight years of IT and related experience coupled with years of extensive knowledge and proficiency in oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c database administration.
  • Member of teh 24x7 support team; monitored alerts and supported RAC, non - RAC, Data Guard databases on Unix, Linux and Solaris servers using Oracle OEM; analyzed, created solutions for challenging performance-tuning situations; recovered databases; proactively patched and upgraded databases to latest release; performed database change requests; worked closely with Oracle support to debug issues and applied solutions.


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, HP, Sun Solaris, Exadata, Unix.

RDBMS: Oracle (10g, 11g, 12c,18c,19c), Sql server, DB2 and postgresql.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

Tools: TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, AWR, and ADDM, Toad, Delphix, putty, WinSCP, GlodenGate.

Database Utilities: SQL*Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMAN, NetApp, ASM, Transportation Tablespaces, SQL*Loader, RMAN, Data Pump, Export, Import, logdump, defgen, Foglight monitoring tool.


Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Associate Senior Oracle Database Administrator


  • Implemented Oracle Database advanced security practices such as TDE and Data Masking and teh Triple A principles ( Authorization, Autantication and Auditing) to prevent data and security breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Involved in teh installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle. dis support model TEMPhas resulted in 99.9% up time for company critical databases.
  • Designed databases to fit a variety of needs, successfully ensured teh security of those databases, implemented solutions to complex problems in order to meet both back-end and front-end user needs
  • Provided on-going performance monitoring and debugging, resulting in a major reduction in downtime due to these issues.
  • Upgraded from Oracle 11g to 12c and to 18c and 19c, tested its efficiency which offered new functions in almost all areas of teh database such as multitenancy, In-memory, Json, support automatic indexing, hybrid partitioned tables, security and performance enhancements and zero-downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure patching.
  • Used OEM (13c) for monitoring Oracle instances and maintaining database performance.
  • Conducted maintenance, troubleshooting and problem resolution support for supported databases including backup and recovery, database upgrades and technical DBA functions such as table space allocation and management, data storage management, tuning and database management.
  • Utilization of Oracle Exadata Database machine for high performance of Oracle Databases increasing number of databases managed and reducing downtime.
  • Created disaster recovery environment for company critical databases by introducing Data Guard which enabled Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions by providing a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor a standby database.
  • Trained team members and acted as DBA adviser for major HA projects TEMPhas resulted in 95% successful implementations. Teh project TEMPhas reduced downtime for databases by allowing switchover, fail over and recovering databases due to hardware or network failures.
  • Acted as Lead during projects, documented lessons learned on standards and presented training for DBA team improving efficiency in debugging related issues.
  • Maintained Data Guard environment, monitored and troubleshoot lag issues to ensure data integrity and protection.
  • Manage many schemas, create DDLs when needed, optimize and develop complex queries and execute weekly deployments to various environments.
  • Used Rman to automate administration of backup strategies and ensured database integrity and business continuity through restore and recovery. Configured and monitored Net Backups and Netapp backups.
  • Executed and provided ADDM, AWR and database health check reports to information owners and recommended solutions for improved performance.
  • Designed, developed, tested, deployed and maintained database security and audit solution.
  • Took ownership of complex database incidents and problems and provided resolutions in a speedy and timely manner.
  • Engaged subject matter experts and information owners to provide assistance to resolve more complex incidents as required for maximum availability of Oracle applications.
  • Used GlodenGate Oracle Replication for zero downtime database upgrade, High Availability, Load Balancing, disaster Recovery, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Configuration and efficient utilization of Hardware.
  • Apply patches successfully on time for multiple security vulnerabilities.
  • Use of GDS to render better system utilization, better performance, scalability, and availability for application workloads running on replicated databases.
  • Assists programmers with problem determination and resolution.
  • Effective use of Oracle RAC for a number of computers to access Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) of Oracle at teh same time using only a single database resulting to High availability and scalability.
  • Managed ASM by monitoring storage growth, adding luns to ASM and LVM, migrating storage from 3PAR to xp8.
  • Use of Data Pump import and export utilities to enable very high speed movement of data and metadata for backup and from one database to another.
  • Reviewed literature, consulted with experts, and coordinated with vendors to identify appropriate hardware and software solutions to complex problems.
  • Responsible for ensuring database connectivity for all supported Oracle databases.
  • Skilled in analyzing data problems and ability to identify hardware and software problems.

Confidential, Eagan, MN

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed and configured software for Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c on both Windows and UNIX platforms using Oracle OFA. Also Installed, Administered and Maintained SQL Server Instances 2008 and 2012
  • Championed database migration from 10g to 11g and database upgrade from 11g to 12c using teh Oracle Datapump and DBUA respectively.
  • Rewrote and implemented a backup strategy following company SLA; execution of backup schedule for both physical and logical backups using RMAN and DATAPUMP utilities respectively. I also used block change tracking (BCT) which reduced backup time from 8hrs down to 45mins.
  • Supported daily administration, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting on single instance on UNIX/Linux, Windows server 2008 and 20012 (Database sizes range 100GB to 21TB)
  • Monitored AWR, ADDM, ASH, Alert log, dynamic performance views, DBMS STATS, Trace Files, System Event Logs for unusual events and took appropriate action according to company policies of incident reports.
  • Performed disk partitioning to improve performance, mirroring, stripping, clustering.
  • Capacity planning to meet teh demands of teh dynamic aspects of storage and memory for teh databases
  • Deployed Database security policy and installation, using passwords, privileges and user profiles, Used Oracle Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt columns, tables and Tablespaces, I also implemented teh “triple A” (AAA) and database auditing policies as well as data redaction
  • Cloned databases using RMAN and DATAPUMP utilities for all database sizes
  • Installed and administered OraclePhysical Standby Database for single and multiple instances to achieve high availability and DR solution (DATA GUARD)
  • Performed database Refreshes from production environments
  • Performed PL/SQL errors fixes and modified teh applications using PL/SQL
  • Wrote simple PL/SQL and powershell scripts for database tasks automation
  • Maintaining highly reliable 24x7x365 Linux production servers forAWSEC2 instances.
  • Part of teh on-call production support team for 24/7 on-call production support.
  • Deployed and implemented Oracle Grid Control, 10g and 11g, to monitor all databases.
  • Wrote scripts for different database tasks.
  • Managed Oracle RAC for high availability
  • Configured and managed Data Guard for disaster recovery, data protection and high availability. Performed Data Guard failover as required for maintenance. dis is done by coordinating with application owners and sys admins to when teh failover can be performed.
  • Performed data and metadata migration to newly installed servers using Data Pump Expdp/Impdp.
  • Cloned production databases for testing, development using RMAN.
  • Designed and administered data warehousing and Business Intelligence platforms
  • Software Installation, patching and upgrade of MSSQL database server and databases.
  • Developed a backup strategy for our MSSQL Server databases and administered these databases using tools like SS management studio, SS DCA.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SSIS, SSAS, ETL, SSRS
  • Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL
  • Installation, configuration and administration of oracle Exadata appliances. Migration of databases to Exadata appliance X5 and X8.
  • Installed, configured, patched Oracle database 18c and 19c software. Created databases and migrated data on 18c and 19c.
  • Installed, configured, and monitored Oracle gloden gate in my environment.

Confidential, Dublin, OH

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Play a lead role in enterprise-wide database optimization and instance and resource monitoring. Perform root cause analysis on failures.
  • Resolve performance tuning related issues, reports, and queries. Work actively on new 10g features such as AWR, ADDM, and ASH, performance statistics collection, and fine tuning database wait events.
  • Provide on-call support for enterprise databases.
  • Started and managed biweekly optimization meetings with enterprise user groups to address and resolve performance-related issues with a high degree of success.
  • Successfully set up a four-node cluster and RAC data warehouse on Linux (Oracle UBL) using ASM/ OCFS2.
  • Identified, led, and established automation of repetitive processes to minimize errors.
  • Completely eliminated space errors by implementing proactive space monitoring and effective space allocation.
  • Greatly improved performance in daily transforms by identifying and reorganizing indexes on major tables.
  • Set up new databases and provided all database-related support for production as well as test databases.
  • Performed space estimation and calculation, application installation, performance/ memory tuning, server/ database monitoring, configuration, and troubleshooting.
  • Provided design input and interacted with teh design team on teh best database practices.
  • Evaluatedserver/ instance architecture, hardware, system specifications, and capacity planning.
  • Managed, trained, and mentored staff.
  • Formulated recommendations about optimal storage configurations for senior management.
  • Identified and reduced/ eliminated non-idle wait events such as scattered file read, sequential file read wait event, log file completion, in queue, and buffer latch waits.
  • Replicated Oracle database to Snowflake to improve teh performance of SQL queries at scale and to generate custom real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Use of Exadata for workload prioritization and support for more databases in teh same hardware.
  • Responsible for teh granting, administering and revoking user privileges, roles, and profiles.
  • Leading and managing teh development of all technical customizations, modifications and integrations to Shared Applications.
  • Effective utilization of (Enterprise Resource Planning) EPR to eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth.
  • Use of AWS to host enormous number of virtual cluster of computers, which are available 24/7 customers on their choice of operating system, RAM, CPU’s, networking.
  • Proficiency with integrating ETL tools with database load utilities.
  • Performed database security and user administration via roles, profile, privilege, synonyms and auditing.
  • Planned and scheduled Backup/Recovery Strategy using OEM, RMAN and took Logical Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).
  • Implement optimal space management and utilization in tablespaces avoiding fragmentation and connectivity problems.
  • Proficient in administration and monitoring of a variety of databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Data modeling and design for teh data to be stored in a Database.
  • Responsible for managing single and multi-departmental projects and coordinated project staff.
  • Run scripts to update teh supported database within an application area.
  • Responsible for testing of security patches and vendor upgrades.
  • Ensured Database Security, administration, monitoring, reviews, and recommendations for mitigating risks.
  • Working knowledge of Scrum Master methodologies.
  • Proficient with database programming using PL/SQL and Transact-SQL.
  • Applied Oracle's quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU/ PSU application) using Opatch utility to install, test, and deploy patches to all database instances.
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX and Windows scripting languages and shells.
  • Created and managed pluggable databases in teh multitenant container database of teh Oracle 12c architecture and older versions.
  • Experience migrating database objects from development through test and into production environments

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