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Lead Postgres And Oracle Dba Resume

Holmdel, NJ


  • Professional PostgreSQL and Oracle Database Administrator performing core DBA duties including database administration skills of physical structure, SQL and SQL applications, overall architecture and database analysis on AWS, Windows, Linux, and AIX environments.
  • I possess excellent communication skills and have worked as an individual as well as a detail - oriented team player.
  • I am very proactive in nature, excellent in documentation


Confidential, Holmdel, NJ

Lead Postgres and Oracle DBA


  • Install and configure both enterprise edition of Postgres and open source
  • Postgres.
  • Create a Postgres database instance on AWS.
  • Configure the group parameter on amazon RDS.
  • Manage IP traffic using a security group.
  • Create an EC2 instance on AWS.
  • Create and manage Aurora PostgreSQL databases on AWS.
  • Online migration of Postgres databases to AWS using amazon DMS.
  • Migrate EC2 instances to RDS and Amazon Aurora Postgres.
  • Configure PgAdmin to monitor PostgreSQL databases instance on AWS.
  • Test, monitor, upgrade, andtune new and existingPostgreSQL databases on Linux and windows.
  • Create databases, schemas, tables, users, tablespaces, and views
  • Install and configure connection pooling tool like pgbouncer.
  • Configure streaming, logical, and cascading replication for high availability (HA).
  • Installed and setup Repmgr for high availability solutions with a witness for automatic failover.
  • Install and configure Postgres monitoring tools like PEM and PgAdmin.
  • Identify, troubleshoot and tune active database system hardware issues for better performance, optimized queries by creating indexes whenever its necessary, reindexing for unused indexes.
  • Performed logical and physical Backup of Databases using Pgdump, Pgdumpall, pgbasebackup and used pgbackrest for scheduled weekly and daily backups.
  • Test backups to confirm if there are restorable to assure data availability.
  • Implement and test disaster recovery strategies and practices of the production databases.
  • Ability to work under pressure, thrive in a fast-paced and prioritize deadline.
  • Responsible for configuring, integrating, and maintaining all Development, QA, Staging and Production PostgreSQL databases within the organization.
  • Experience with Oracle RAC, Dataguard, GoldenGate and Performance Tuning

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Postgres and Oracle DBA


  • Grant security permission to users on databases, schemas and tables.
  • Detect and diagnosed system problems like CPU, memory, disk space, I/O and other resource contention issues
  • Configure, assign privileges to users, auditing to ensure security and integrity of the databases.
  • Perform backups and point in time recovery using a tool like pgbackrest.
  • Moved databases from Production to Testing and Testing to Production with pgdump.
  • Creating Database Links from Testing to Production databases.
  • Used ETL method to extract databases from different database sources and load to data warehouse for analysis and access data whenever is needed with talent tool.
  • Performed routine tasks like monitoring the database for Index, partitioning Memory and I/O utilization.
  • Monitoring the production PostgreSQL alert logs for database errors and take necessary actions to rectify them.
  • Limiting the memory space and granting the necessary roles.
  • Controlled client connectivity using pg hba.conf files.
  • Upgraded from 9.3 to 9.4, 9.6,10 and changing environmental variables.
  • Creating new clusters and upgrade from one cluster to another.
  • Installed and working with tools like Putty, Mobaxterm, Barman, WinSCP.
  • Implement disaster recovery solutions by setting up a delayed standby for Point in time recovery strategy.
  • Managing tablespaces, data files, redo logs and database objects.
  • Monitor PostgreSQL Performance load testing on lower environment before moving databases to production servers.
  • Creation of Clone Database for Development/Testing Environments.
  • Worked as team member to provide 24x7 on-call production database support to ensure a proactive problem recognition and resolution.
  • Upgrade Postgres database from 11 to 12 using Pgdumpall, logical replication and Pgupgrade utility.
  • Implement data models, database designs, data access, table maintenance and code changes together with our development team.
  • Provide 24/7 production support to the team on critical events and situations outside normal work hours.
  • Work together with development and operation teams to tune production queries for optimal performance.
  • Carryout table partitioning to increase performance.
  • Configuring log analyzation tools like pgbadger.
  • Automate the configuration management of database and big data systems.
  • Setup maintenance plan vacuuming, database sizing, maintaining least privileges, and logging.
  • Tuning autovacuum parameters to ensure up to date table stats and reclaim space consumed by dead tuples
  • Run EXPLAIN and ANALYZE to identify performance issues.
  • Prepares and/or reviews activity, progress, and performance reports
  • Bash shell scripting to automate routine backup and recovery operations.
  • Carryout table partitioning to increase performance.
  • Installing and monitoring PostgreSQL database using the standard monitoring tools like Nagios.
  • Maintain custom vacuum strategies at table and database level
  • Monitoring the bloat report on every table and performing maintenance with minimal downtime.
  • Update security patches to enterprise edition (EDB) of Postgres

Confidential, Evansville, IN

Oracle and Postgres DBA


  • Key contributor to all stages of database development and deployment. Designed, configured, installed, and tuned Oracle databases across multiple environments. Ran diagnostic tools to identify database performance bottlenecks and undertook corrective actions to improve database performance. Executed database management and resource capacity planning. Ensured optimal performance of Oracle databases by creating indexes on large tables, creating SQL profiles, compiling fresh optimizer statistics, and updating materialized views.
  • Installed and configured Golden gate for data replication
  • Took part in the Configuration of RAC for high availability and scalability
  • Expertly designed RMAN Cold Backup Scripts to automate database backup, as well as scripts to monitor databases health-check and tablespaces threshold using Crontab.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained 10g, 11g and 12c RAC databases with ASM file system.
  • Monitored and administered multiple databases and application servers using TOAD, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c Grid Control.
  • Executed efficient system and SQL tuning, as well as monitored production databases using DF command, TOP, AWR, ADDM and ASH, Explain Plan.
  • Troubleshoot Oracle performance and non-performance related issues.
  • Consistently applied Data pump, transportable tablespaces, database links, and import/export utility to complete database transitioning.
  • Optimized database security and functionality by applying security patches (Critical Patch Updates (CPU), Patch Set Updates (PSU), One-off Patch) with RunInstaller and Opatch.
  • Managed Postgres databases on-premise.
  • Test, monitor, upgrade, andtune new and existingPostgreSQL databases on Linux and windows.
  • Work together with development and operation teams to tune production queries for optimal performance
  • Create databases, schemas, tables, users, tablespaces, and views
  • Installing and monitoring PostgreSQL database using the standard monitoring tools like PgAdmin
  • Created EC2 and RDS instances on AWS

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