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Couchbase/mongo Dba Resume

Houston, TX


  • Experienced IT Professional with 8+years Database Administration experience with Couchbase, MongoDB and Oracle database technologies and 4 years hands on with couchbase and MongoDB Administration comprising of Oracle 12c &11g Installation and configuration on Linux & Windows Platform.
  • Experienced with building huge clusters on premise and on AWS cloud, hands with XDCR (cross data center migration.
  • 24 x 7 Production support - on-site & remotely working on couchbase MongoDB and AWS.
  • Couchbase and MongoDB Database: Installation & Configuration couchbase 6.0.4 with Installation, configuring and monitoring couchbase cluster, 90 nodes 3 DC’s.
  • Oracle Database: Installation & Configuration: Oracle 12c/11g Installation for RAC and single node Installation. Patches installation & DB upgrade, Migration 11g to 12c.
  • Backup & Restore: Implemented robust hot backup strategies using Oracle’s RMAN technology, Logical backup using ‘export’ and recovered using ‘import’ features for object level recovery. Flashback of databases using (guaranteed) restore point. Backup & restore using datapump.
  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability: Implemented DR Solution using Oracle ‘Data Guard’ did planned switch-over while setting up DR solution for Production boxes and Maintenance.
  • Performance Tuning: Detecting and diagnosing production system performance problem by Analyzing Oracle trace file, analyzing SQL statements, querying Oracle dynamic data dictionary views; pin plans, SQL statement tuning for OLTP & data warehouse using TKPROF, SQL Trace and EXPLAIN PLAN tools. Generating & Analyzing AWR & ADDM reports. Enhance performance by Table partitioning for large tables.


Platforms: Linux (Red Hart Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux)Sun Solaris 9, 10, AIX 5.x, Windows XP, Windows 7, HP-UX

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, C, N1QL, PromQL

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, 12c, Couchbase 2.x.x to 6.0.1, MongoDB 2.x to 4.2.x

Tools: Golden Gate, EXP/IMP, EXPDP/IMPDP(DATA PUMP), RMAN, SQL Loader, SQL Developer, Toad, OEM, DBCA, DBUA, CBbackup, CBrestore, Mongo Dump and Mongo Restore

Tuning Tools: TKPROF, Statspack, Sql Trace, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQL Tuning Advisors


Confidential, Houston, Tx

Couchbase/Mongo DBA


  • Spinning nosql (couchbase database) clusters
  • Providing security, creating access to users
  • Crating and configuring couchbase clusters on cloud using amazon cloud formation scripts
  • Installing SSL certificates, providing secure access from application sdk
  • Performed live cross data center migration between couchbase clusters in different data centers
  • Worked on setting up couchbase DR2.0 project in two different data centers
  • Creating and configuration of primary secondary secondary (PSS)architecture MongoDB replica set
  • Worked on setting disaster recovery environment for MongoDB replica sets
  • Knowledge on Amazon Document DB and Dynamo DB
  • Granted users access on Amazon Document DB and helped application users to connect document DB from third party tools like Mongo compass, Robo3t and Studio 3t.
  • Install, monitor and upgrade NoSQL (Couchbase and MongoDB)Databases on all environments (DEV, QA, STAGE and PROD).
  • Expertise in setting upMongoDBclusters inAzure and AWScloud Environments.
  • Configuring SSL certificates(Security) toMongo and couchbase Clusters. Creating Users and User defined roles inMongoDatabase.
  • Working and fixing issues related to DBA. Working on MongoDB Ops Manager configuration.
  • Integrate Active Directory to Ops Manager.
  • Installation ofNoSQL MongoDBon physical machines, Virtual machines as well asAWS
  • Setting up MongoDB clusters for Automation, monitoring, backup & restore through Ops Manager.
  • Providing knowledge transfer to other teams onMongoDBtechnology & tools. Help other teams in troubleshooting and fixingMongoDBissues.
  • Couchbase cluster Tuning and Configuration. Operationalization and Runbook Creation. Review & Provide Subject Matter Expertise during the course of the project kickoff.
  • Enabled SSL, PEMKeyFile, CAFile and coordinated withDevopsteam and Linux Admins regards to Root Certificate.
  • Assist with N1QL tuning.
  • Manual Backups and Restore are done using Mongodump, mongoexport and mongoimport depending on the needs.
  • Assist with Performance Testing and Optimization
  • Assist with incident resolution by working withCouchbaseengineering Support team Assist app teams during stress testing application withCouchbase.
  • Assist with designCouchbasehigh availability and failover capabilities, to meet application requirement.
  • Test and provide feedback on new version Features and functionalities Assist with design of XDCR and High availability setup to meet application requirements.
  • Hands on experience working with NoSQL database systems.
  • Designed and developed NoSQL solutions for all users.
  • Managed and Administered NoSQL database, Mongo and Couchbase databases.
  • Suggested latest upgrades and technologies for NoSQL database
  • Performed database migration from on premise NoSQL to AWS Cloud

Confidential, Newyork

Database Administrator


  • Spinning Couchbase clusters with data and index nodes in QA and DEV environments followed with Production
  • Responsible for upgrading Couchbase servers to latest versions
  • Determined Use Case would bring various data from different applications and create a single view of the data for quick access.
  • Created data model and imported data using mongo import.
  • Granted users authorization and authentication. Backed up databases using Mongodb backup facility in OPS manager.
  • Developed, deployed and managed several MongoDB clusters whilst implementing robustness and scalability via replication, utilize open-source tools for performance tuning and system monitoring.
  • Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, replication, schema design.
  • Developed enhancements to MongoDB architecture to improve performance and scalability.
  • Collaborated with development teams to define and apply best practices for using MongoDB.
  • Consulted with the operations team on deploying, migrating data, monitoring, analyzing, and tuning MongoDB applications.
  • Used various MongoDB utilities (mongostat, mongotop) to monitor database.
  • Changed priority of replicaset nodes to keep Primary on specific data nodes.Worked on BulkWrite operations in MongoDB


Oracle DBA


  • Review the alert log in 12c
  • Determine if there is block level corruption. Report new blocks corrupted and corrupted blocks remaining from the previous report
  • Verify the status of last backup. Report new backup corruption and previous unmitigated backup corruption events.
  • Look for newly invalidated objects and unusable indexes and for any hung resumable sessions and blocked sessions.
  • Backed up control file to trace in 12c.
  • Participated in Oracle Golden Gate 11.2 installation, configuration and management, and supporting Bi-directional data replication.
  • Configured High availability and setup custom monitoring through Heart beat tables using Golden Gate.
  • Upgraded golden gate from 11.1 version to 11.2 version on 11gR2.
  • Worked with application team for setting up conflict handlers in Golden gate.
  • Used BATCHSQL, RANGE functions to improve throughput in Golden gate REPLICATES.
  • Troubleshoot slow running EXTRACTS, REPLICATES and tuning.
  • Performed Oracle 11g RDBMS installation, upgrade, configuration, backup, recovery, archiving & purging activities.
  • Involved in implementing 11g RAC with ASM disk on Linux servers.
  • Migrated database Schemas from Single instance to RAC,Duplicated RAC Databases in non-production environment through RMAN.
  • Implemented and troubleshooting Data Guard (Standby) for high availability/disaster recovery purpose.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Grid Control and installing OEM agents on all the database server hosts.
  • Installed Oracle 10g/11g/12c stand-alone and RAC systems in HA environment in different O.S platforms (AIX, Linux, Solaris, RHEL and VMware).
  • Monitoring the operating system response in terms of CPU usage, disk space, and swap space by using various UNIX utilities like VMSTAT, ISOSTAT and TOP.
  • Database recovering using Veritas, Netbackup and RMAN.
  • Performed backups and recoveries using RMAN/conventional hot & cold backups.
  • Setting up and monitoring RMAN backups that include archive log backups, full database backups, and incremental backups and troubleshooting ORA errors for backup issues.
  • SQL Profiling, SQL Plan Baselines, SQL Trace, ADDM, AWR, ASH and Explain Plan tools to diagnose performance issues.
  • Expertise in upgrading the databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g.
  • Monitoring of the queries with high response time, high disk read per execution, SQL Query performance tuning for optimized results using tools like Explain Plan, SQL TRACE, and TKPROF.
  • Performing daily maintenance tasks like memory management, Tablespace management, Lock conflicts, Indexes and daily health check of Databases.
  • Applied database schema changes in Production and Development environments.


Oracle DBA


  • Installed & Configured Oracle 10g databases on Linux and also Upgraded Oracle databases from 10g to 11g.
  • Responsible for maintenance of around 20 databases combined on all the production, development and testing environments.
  • Performed administrative maintenance, monitoring on Oracle database systems in a global 24x7 operational environment.
  • Implemented Oracle Database 10g Two node Real Application Cluster (RAC) using Oracle Cluster-ware and responsible for high availability and load balancing.
  • Configured Oracle Data guard for Oracle Disaster recovery.
  • Responsible for Restoration and Recovery of databases at the time of occurrence of critical failures.
  • Responsible for installing, upgrading and configuring the Oracle environment by creating databases, storage structures and objects, database backup and recovery, monitoring and optimizing database performance.
  • Achieved High Availability, Data protection and Maximum performance by maintaining a physical standby database.
  • Extensive use of Oracle Data pumps, Exports/Imports utility for moving data among the servers.
  • Performed large batch jobs, and tuning of SQL queries and database systems.
  • Responsible in configuring and backing up database using RMAN, Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups.
  • Expertise in upgrading the databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g and Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c.
  • Performed Point in time recovery using RMAN.
  • Performed automated backups and scheduling using scripting.
  • Management of Objects, Schemas, Partitioning the tables and Indexes.
  • Written Stored Procedures and Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts for backups.
  • Automated the nightly RMAN backups for the Production and Test Databases in Crontab.
  • Implemented advanced features of Oracle 10g such as Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) for monitoring database performance.
  • Analyzed Alert Logs and Trace Files to resolve the errors.
  • Clear documentation was prepared on all the processes like program specification, bugs fixing logs & change requests for future reference.

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